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Soul Transitions Vibe Report for March March 4, 2009

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March 2009

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“Hit the ground running . . .”

This is how March is feeling to me. I feel like I’m balancing on a surfboard which is being carried along on a really fast moving current of energy and it’s all kind of wobbly because I’m learning how to surf as I go along! In yoga class on Monday I couldn’t do the “tree” balancing pose – one I usually have no difficulty with – I kept falling over. And yesterday I had my second ice skating class, which feels like learning to walk all over again. So, “wobbliness” seems to be the feeling of the energy these days as we move into new territory and challenge our comfort zone. As part of my expansion, I am introducing a teleclass on accessing and expanding our energetic resource so the work we do constantly replenishes us, instead of depleting us.

(This work can be very beneficial for teachers, social workers, counselors, and body workers, to name a few. For more information, click on this link: https://soultransitions.com/classes/)


As I move into new territory and out of whatever comfort zone I thought I had, I’m feeling excited and frightened and energized at the same time. I’m learning about healthy fear and that moving out of our comfort zone is the only way we can grow. The world as we have known it is obviously changing and rearranging, so most of us are finding that our comfort zone is disappearing. Many of us are being called to create a new life – not re-invent one, but starting from a totally new beginning place. Some are experiencing the crumbling of the old, and others of us are simply experiencing a rising of energy, which we have been working with for a long time. We are being called to step further into our authentic selves as we embody our higher self more and more. Now is a good time to do some grounding meditation and calling in our higher self, raising our energetic vibration to match this beam of energy we’re surfing. This will help dispel nervousness as we expand. Moments of fear and doubt are part of this expansion. What an amazing time to be here in the physical Earth plane.


My collaborators, Many of One wish to speak about the “beam” of life/love force energy:


March is a time for you to open to your inner resource and get on the beam. We speak of the beam as a very real beam of energy. This beam is a wellspring of energy direct from Creator Source and when you vibrate yourself into the beam you are on the ‘right track’ as it were; the enlivened state of being where you are energized by what you are doing. You learn to follow the energy and stay within the beam. Don’t think about it too much! It’s more about feeling and being within this energy. You will recognize it by its vibrancy and feeling tone of energizing excitement. This is a true beam of light vibration. It feels childlike and joyful and holds the energies of your truest nature. It is connected to where you direct your focus. It is not about telling the old story over and over. When you direct your focus to denser, heavier energies you move out of the beam. It’s ok, you will be moving in and out of it for a while, but as you consciously work with these energies – matching yourself up to the higher vibration (which is always expanding, by the way), you will find yourselves remaining in the beam more and more. This is about stepping up into the unfoldment of the new story that you are creating in every moment. Surrender to not knowing and open to a feeling of delight. Every moment is new!


When you are in the beam you are not alone and you all add energy to it. Each of you has a unique energetic vibration that adds to the joyful frequency. You are moving beyond joy into bliss and *gasp* ecstasy! This is evolution. This is like a stairway to heaven, a focus to travel within, a wormhole to a dimension of joy and prosperity. Get used to not knowing what’s going on. Get used to not having to understand everything. The rational mind cannot know the heart of the Creator, but the heart can know the Creator’s song.


As you focus more and more on love—loving yourself and finding inner joy—your outer world will change to match the reflection of what you are amplifying. Be mindful of all the people who cross your path or come into your lives even for the briefest of moments. You are meeting yourself over and over again in all you share energy with.


Creating a new life, that is what the energies of March are assisting you with. Some are well on their way in creating their new lives, others are just beginning to feel how deeply the buzz of change is filtering into their lives. Holding onto the past will only cause you pain. Trying to keep things as they were will tear you apart. Trust becomes your lifeboat as you allow the flow to move through your life – trust and spontaneity will bear you up upon the energies of the flowing current of the beam. As you learn to trust in yourself more and more, and learn to trust in the Guidance that comes to you, you will see that you send a beam of light out from your heart and it connects with the larger beam we have been talking about. This helps you to stabilize within the rising energies. The beam from your heart is filled with your heart’s desire – it is filled with the energy of what you want your life to feel like. As you listen to yourself, feel the vibration of your heart, and send it out as a beacon of light before you, you will begin to receive ideas and inspiration – promptings from Spirit. Acting on these ideas will open a gateway and help you to fly within the beam. Putting feelings and ideas into action will energize and empower you.


If you feel you do not know what this new vibration feels like for you, or if you do not know where to go or what to do, seek guidance – not only from within but from without as well. There are many practitioners of healing modalities who have been preparing for these times.  We speak of energy workers, psychic/intuitive guides and body workers. They are available to assist you in clearing and opening to your deeper soul self. Begin to look outward for who might be the right person to help you – ask your guides to help you find the assistance that would be most beneficial for you at this time.


Visions and experiences from the past are still coming up for release. Even people from the past will be passing through either in person or in thought. You can release the memories from your energetic experience by sending them out of your energy field and then exploding them. This is not to cause harm to the other, it is simply to release the repeating patterns that are rising to the surface. The clearer you become, the more able to ride the beam you will be. Remember to fill yourselves with golden light each time you experience a release of energy that is no longer harmonious with your higher vibration. Fill the spaces that were vacated with golden Creator Source energy.


Call the energy and light from the sun into your pineal gland. Vision this star in the center of your head, radiant. This will help you to navigate and will open up neuro-pathways upon which information and inspiration flows. Allow the sun to permeate your energy field – either in direct sunlight or reflected sunlight. Of course, protect your skin as you deem necessary. The sun is a powerful source of life force energy. Swami Sivananda said, “The pineal gland is the receptor and sender of the subtle vibrations which carry thoughts and psychic phenomena throughout the cosmos. The pineal gland converts brain waves into subtle electrical energy traveling faster than the speed of light.”


There will be a surge of powerful high vibrational energy towards the end of the month. The clearing that you are doing will allow you to receive and embody this expansion. It may feel like an earthquake – an inner and outer earthquake.


There is so much assistance for you within and without. Ride the wild energies – have fun – seek like-minded people to share your experiences with. You are not alone. All is well.


Radiant Blessings,


Nancy Leilah Ward


Many of One



“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.”

          Eckhart Tolle, The New Earth


Soul Transitions Vibe Report August 2008 August 3, 2008

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Many of you resonate with the energies of the faerie world. These are elemental, joyful earth spirits. Over the centuries these spirits receded deep into the Earth where they nurtured mother earth and kept her alive with love while devastating destruction was happening on her skin. The vibration of destruction wrought by human beings (influenced by the “puppeteers” of dark extraterrestrial forces) brought shadow into the Earth’s aura and destroyed most of the sacred places where the faeries and elementals dwelled. Love and innocence were sucked into the density of fear. These experiences were unbearable for the faeries and for Earth and created grief, loneliness and deep sadness. The disrespect and destruction of the Earth is reflected in the disrespect and suppression of feminine energy through the ages. (When we speak of feminine energy, we include the feminine energy that is within males as well as females.)


Many of you have felt this very grief, loneliness and sadness – feeling like you don’t belong in this world. Yet you came here to be part of the uplifting of the Earth by calling forth the feminine energy and amplifying it within your beings. You agreed to hold a space for the faerie energy here on Earth and it has been very hard for so many years to live within this density and to carry an innocent resonance that has not been respected or acknowledged. This is changing now – this is part of the great shift. Now is your time to arise! Now is your time to know that you do belong here and you are not alone. The healing is taking place within the earth and within men and women of the earth.


This energy is awakening and rising not just in the Earth and within her elementals and faeries, but within the human beings as well. So those who have felt unseen, who have felt somehow “wrong” for being the way they are – sensitive, empathic, innocent – those who may have accused themselves (and been accused) of not being “smart enough” or of being dreamers, idealistic or too sensitive — those who have always felt the possibility of magic in the world, and the mystical, magical feeling of the spirits of nature — you are the ones who resonate with the energies of the faerie realm. Believe in yourselves! This energy carries much joy within it, and playfulness and it is awakening within you. Open to allowing more of this magical energy into your vibration and invite the elementals to rise within you, co-creating the vibration of joy.


Dance with the earth energy; meditate on traveling deep within her core and radiating love. The past devastation is being released and removed from the Earth’s aura as the shadow of fear dissipates. Through this process, many human beings are leaving the physical. This is not a punishment or a sign that they have been wrong somehow, or haven’t carried “enough” of the high vibrational energies. This is their way of participating in the healing of Earth and of humanity. In the non-physical, they are concentrating energies of love into the Earth dimension. There are many facets to this. The grief left behind is part of this cleansing process. The cycle of endings and beginnings is constant on Earth and there is so much more going on behind the scenes. You will begin to realize on a deeper and deeper level that what is happening to someone on the other side of the planet is being felt by you. You will begin to reach out and communicate telepathically with each other. You will truly understand that you are not alone… you are all one. And those that leave suddenly are trying to communicate with their loved ones. We send energy to help facilitate this communication – to pour the love down through the grief – like a thin conduit of light going down through the crown into the heart. If they will pause for a moment and listen… they will hear the whisperings of love coming from their dear ones who have transitioned into the non-physical and they will know that no one truly “dies.” Each of you are a wave-form of energy, your energetic signature, which continues in and out of physicality.


Please take a moment to send waves of love and comfort to those around the world who have lost loved ones. May they receive love and a deeper connection to the spirit that flows through all of life, through all realities throughout the Universe. 


More and more you will realize how vast you are – how your consciousness transcends time and space.


The energies will continue to rise during August – many changes and re-routing opportunities will be spurred on by the eclipses (Total solar, new moon August 1, partial lunar, full moon August 16). What needs to be released will find its way – if you resist the changes, you will only make it more difficult to navigate. Many are experiencing memories and feelings from the past surfacing at this time. Remember: regrets will hold you back from moving forward – you cannot bring in new energies if you are regretting past decisions. Now is the time to honor all past choices you have made – to know that they brought you to where you are now and that in every moment you have a chance to begin again. Practice gratitude for what you have accomplished and what you have created and trust that Spirit has been guiding you all along.


In order to create your new life of joy and freedom, it is necessary to engage in activities that bring this feeling in. Do what you love to do – take steps, however small, in the direction of your goals. Listen to the whisperings of your soul – take measures to remove whatever restrictions are blocking the full expression of your soul – and embody your true power.


Look to the new — in modes of communication and collaboration — which includes collaboration with Mother Earth. The old structures are crumbling. Old structures built on competition, fear and consumption are collapsing from within. Look for what is founded and grounded in love and a focus on living in harmony. Place your bounty behind efforts that focus on creating a new earth of love, not fear. The new way of living on Earth is through love and collaboration instead of fear and competition.


We send you love and we see you melting into Mother Earth – what we mean by this is for you to spend time in nature and blend your energy with Earth – she has powerful healing for all. Look for the fairies dancing among the flowers, trees, rocks and flowing water. Allow the awakening to rise within you, dear ones.


Practice daily meditation – connecting to your soul essence, and connecting to the earth energies. It’s all about resonance. Know that your guides and angels are always with you – reach out to them, feel their presence. Go within, find the still point. You have the potential to carry so much joy – open to joy – you do not have to try, you will begin to feel it more and more if you ask for love and joy to rise within you.


Arising in love and freedom,


Nancy Leilah Ward


Many of One



“In the veils between the worlds, I remember the fairy folk who guard the ancient places. May we walk lightly and with courtesy upon the earth, may no being stay their progress or block their path, so that the hidden household of the earth may be peaceful.”

                                                                                    – Caitlín Matthews, Celtic Devotional






Soul Transitions Vibe Report July 2008 July 10, 2008

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July 2008

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Soul Transitions




It is with joy that we connect with you – all who are reading these words at this very moment. We touch into your hearts and plant a seed of light, love and truth that it may grow within you as you expand in these times of change.


Many people’s soul vibrations are rising, which makes it more difficult to deal with living in the third dimension. The feeling of being “over it” or “enough already” as we shared in a previous vibe report is very strong. As the vibration rises, the outer, 3D world changes, people’s lives change and you will find you can no longer tolerate living the way you used to live – certain situations or behaviors no longer fit with who you are and you will feel it – you will feel the discord within when you continue to engage with the behaviors that are no longer resonant with your higher vibration.


We see a swirling of energy, like a tornado pulling people into the higher vibration. This will create freedom for many and a feeling of disruption and confusion for others – some people’s lives have turned inside out and there are those who are refusing to release the past and allow the new energies to rise within them. For those who have people in their lives who are going through this, know that you cannot help them, you cannot make them change, you can only continue with your own growth and acceleration. You will not be able to stay with those who are refusing the energy – they may try to hold you back but it will be as if you are being sucked away into a higher vibration and indeed, you are rising into a higher dimension.


You are rising into a fifth dimensional vibration and yet still living in the third dimension. This brings on physical side effects such as difficulty sleeping – or needing a lot of sleep, but not feeling well rested upon awakening. Sometimes the mind goes into overdrive with thinking about all the things that have to be done. Is there something that you have wanted to do and yet have not acted upon? Have you been procrastinating on some project that you are being nudged to do? It is time to begin listening to the inner prompting and to act upon it. The mind is not the enemy – the restless waters are from inspirations long ignored. The mind may focus on some minutia of 3D life that needs to be done, but there is a deeper core to the restlessness. It comes from an inner motivation – an appeal from your very soul – which you are not acting upon. The clearing that has been happening for the last few years is to get all the sluggish muckiness out of the way so you can hear your soul’s call.


Another side effect is that of the expansion and contraction of energy. The body experiences a deep cold within and then extreme heat, fluctuating between the two. The contractions feel like pressure and too much to do with not enough time. The expansion carries the feeling of disorientation and it is a time when new information, inspiration and new feelings about life, existence and multidimensionality come into your awareness. It is all part of the same process. It helps to allow the discomfort of the pressure to be there – not to fight or resist what is – and to know that this is helping you to expand towards your ascension.


With the expansion and contraction comes a feeling of nervousness as if something is about to happen. Also there is a feeling of being pulled out of your body – you’re still in your body but there is a “far away” feeling as if you are looking through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars. Along with this comes a strange feeling of unfamiliarity with your surroundings – even if you have lived there for years.


There are times that feel like a lull, like nothing is happening – this is a time of absorption and integration of the energies you have been downloading.


New connections are being made between people – new people coming into your lives and you may have a sense of your guides and their guides rejoicing at your meeting. There will also be old friends returning to your life.


This is a good time to experience body work and energy healing, such as reiki, cranio-sacral or polarity treatments.

You may also experience changes in your dietary needs. Perhaps you are wanting to eat more crunchy, watery foods such as raw fruits and vegetables, then having a sudden need for protein. Listen to what your body is telling you.


Things are changing from the inside out. If you are experiencing a falling apart of what you have long known, look for the shining doorway of new energy. There is always another choice. The old is falling away, look elsewhere for something new and shining – something that gives you energy and makes you feel alive. Many are being called to find new pathways yet they feel tied to monetary chains – feeling they cannot make any change because they need the money. You have heard the expression “all structures are unstable?” This especially applies to the economic structures at this time.


You are experiencing an inner calling. Listen, listen – what magic adventure is calling to you? Listen to what your mind says and begin to tell a new story. So many feel unfulfilled in work they have been doing for years – feeling it is meaningless. Look in a new direction. List all the things you love to do – focus on what gives you energy. If nothing comes to you, find the stillness within and ask your higher self or your soul and your guides to show you a new way of living. Be patient in receiving the answer. Remember, it is not what you do, but how you do it. Where are you “coming from” deep within? The changes that are happening are deep, indeed.


We have said before that collaboration and community are becoming more and more important and necessary for humans to continue living on earth. This is the shining new energy that is beckoning to you. The human family is coming together to find a new, holistic way of living with each other. Love is the feeling that is growing from within. A sense of well-being, a childlike feeling of freedom. Embrace these inner feelings as the outer structures fall away.


Within the spiraling energy is a new vibration. The pain body is losing its hold as more and more of you release it through acceptance… you feel it fading away. It will lash out through those who are actively holding on to the past, to the pain, to the stories of pain that are told over and over again. As part of this shift, many can no longer tolerate images of violence in the entertainment world — stories of war, destruction and hatred.


Much of what we say here, you have heard before. This is a time to go within and really look at yourself and what you want your life to feel like. This is a time of letting go, the final days of letting go and preparing to create a new life, a new story. What is your deepest desire for your life? What is it? You can make it real. You can be ecstatically happy within your own being – it is your heritage, it is your birthright.


Remember, too, that you have support from the invisibles. The helpers in the non physical realm are with you always.


Join those who are holding a vibration of love for the earth and all her peoples. Surrounding the earth are people holding hands in the etheric energies – they circle the earth – they send love through the circle and into the Earth’s aura, and down into Earth, sending love to the people of earth. Join them when you can – know that you are never alone, these are your brothers and sisters in spirit. You are part of the family of One.


With love, in joy…



Nancy Leilah Ward


Many of One






“Do not train a child to learn by force or


harshness; but direct them to it by what


amuses their minds, so that you may be


better able to discover with accuracy the


peculiar bent of the genius in each.”