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Vibe Report November 2016 November 3, 2016

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Deep Soul Diving


On this journey, there comes a time where we realize that most of what we’ve been taught and learned are untrue. As beliefs and patterns fall away under our scrutiny, we come to beliefs that we cling to as part of our identity. It takes courage to examine beliefs that we have held onto in our search for truth. Maybe everything is false and the only truth we can know is our own unique Soul vibration.

Questioning Everything

During July and August, I was contemplating what it would be like to move beyond belief into a state of pure being. At times I felt like I was in a state of expansion and emptiness, like a river that flowed out to a delta where there were no banks of beliefs to hold it any longer. My awareness was dispersing into a shallow sea. The sun shining through the crystal clear waters loosened dense energetic thought patterns and beliefs as I went about my life feeling like I was flickering in and out of a dream state. I was taking care of the daily tasks while doing my best to maintain inner stillness, and at the same time feeling detached, witnessing the world and sometimes being drawn in to the surreal drama of world events, which magnetically tug at us all. Then, when that got to be too much, which it is (!), I would dive deep under the mayhem to find quiet, regain stillness and come back to myself.

 photo 07_15_16_zpsei2pmfsf.jpg
Daily Drawing “The Wave” July 15, 2016

Towards the end of August, a wave of energy was building, which came to a crest and broke in September. Churning white water carried us into overwhelm through mid September into October. We could hold on to the busy plans we made or let go and release our over-doing into the moment of our presence. Over-doing can come from wanting to be perfect, to be super-human, to be loved. This time has offered us the opportunity to examine why we make the choices we make – to see what is at the foundation of our decisions.

The flow of nature and our own energy forced us into positions where we had no choice but to let go. Injuries, illness, relationships ending, loved ones passing away, having to move, sudden changes and shifts in direction came through, showing us the wisdom of surrendering to what is.

The last week of October brought serious compression, due to solar activity, where we’ve had the opportunity to do some deep Soul diving, healing issues long held in our energy at a soul level. Memories and old feelings have been coming up and releasing through us. Even energy from other lifetimes that has been held within our Soul’s energy field, affecting the shine of our Higher Selves has been coming up for clearing. “The Shine” means our joy, our full-genius vibrancy – the radiance of the truth of our being. The dense energy looks like shadows around our Higher Self, which obscure our inner light (truth) from shining.

We have been clearing what isn’t our truth from the deepest part of our being for years and we are going deeper and deeper with this clearing. It is happening so fast now that there isn’t much time for wallowing because the next wave is rolling in! And there’s no point in holding onto or examining the memories (frequencies) that are being released because, at this point, not only is the energy clearing at the level of other lifetimes of our Soul’s expression, but we are clearing the energy of the Collective – patterns and beliefs – going, going, gone! Because of this, as the frequency accelerates, we no longer feel attached to the stories – the energetic debris – being released. That is the gift of processing all the pain we’ve moved through in different ways for so many years. Just think of yourself as you were 10 years ago, or 15 years ago. What’s that like? Have you changed much? Is your life and your feelings about life any different?

The Journey of Remembrance
The goal of Awakened Human Beings is to embody our Soul Essence completely and to do so has taken us on the journey of remembering who we are. As we move forward on this journey we have had to release patterns of behavior that do not allow our Soul expression to thrive. As we go further into our awakening, we find that we have to release habitual thinking and thought forms. This can be quite challenging. All of life is expanding and our Soul Essence is birthing through us. As we struggle with this expansion and contraction, we feel our Soul filling us with our essence, pushing at our fearful boundaries, revealing what is holding us back from thriving. It is emotionally painful to witness ourselves habitually making choices out of fear, which inhibits the full expression of what is within us.

Moving Beyond Belief
Our Soul essence has never not been part of who we are. Through the experience of being introduced to the world from birth, having the world described to us by others, we begin to shape ourselves to fit the paradigm by gathering to us beliefs and patterns. This is how the structure of life in this timeline was set in place like the bars of a prison, which were of a density that did not allow the Light of our Truth to shine. The paradigm that is changing at this time is actually the bars of that prison that has kept us from shining the light of our Soul completely and fully. The prison bars are crumbling. Sometimes those prison bars give us a false sense of security, and that’s when we argue for our own imprisonment. Allowing ourselves the emptiness of non-belief – in other words, moving beyond belief – brings with it a great sense of freedom, a loosening of identity, and even feelings of mirth.

 photo 06_17_16_zpsa2ozohju.jpg
Daily Drawings, June 17, 2016

There is so much that we Human Beings are capable of doing and we are getting glimpses of this Vastness of Consciousness through our personal experiences of enhanced intuitive guidance, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, kinetic abilities, and even time travel, just to name a few aspects of our totality.

We are witnessing the world falling apart. The house of cards that makes up our governments, monetary systems, societal ideals, health care systems, patriarchal oppression of women and this beautiful earth, are dissolving in the light of truth. The chaotic energies can throw us off our center and it’s very challenging but necessary to pull our focus back in to our center, to our unique vibrational frequency. It’s hard not to let the vibrational frequency of other people and situations knock us off our center. When this happens, we need to breathe, get into a creative pursuit, spend time alone, do mindful exercise – whatever it takes to bring ourselves back into our own inner clarity.

Loving What Hurts Us

Recently in Savasana (relaxation pose after a yoga practice) I went to a deep place and it was like I was traveling into a terrain that didn’t feel good. It felt old and stuck, unconscious, unhappy, unworthy. It was like I was on a walkway in a cavern and came to a place that felt oppressive. I knew I had to keep going forward but the tunnel I was to enter was almost swollen shut. It was undulating and inflamed. I said “I don’t’ want to be here” and a voice said, “Wait, just be with this. Love it for a moment.” And then I realized this is a place within me – it feels like a street in a city that you wouldn’t want to walk down – a lonely place, a creepy place, a place of neglect and abandonment. Hardship. Grief. Shame. Guilt.

Most of us carry oppressive energy that has accumulated from many lifetimes, encrusting in our Soul energy, clinging to our Higher Self. (Soul is a little “further out” from the physical and Higher Self is a little “further in” – closer to the physical plane.) In my experience, I was sensing and remembering choices, feelings, emotions, and beliefs that were creating patterns that repeated over and over, lifetime after lifetime. I resisted but a message came through: Stay with this. Love this. See if it softens and opens up to the well of fear that is at the base of all the attachments that cling to this energetic vibration of oppression. This energy is magnetic, drawing in feelings, beliefs and experiences of like vibration.

When we allow love to be there in the midst of painful feelings, it helps release the habitual magnetic attraction to powerlessness and victimization. Love slowly seeps in to loosen attachments to what no longer exists. The high frequencies that are being amplified all around us assist in raising us up, accelerating the rate of spin in our energy field like a centrifuge, offering up feelings and memories, “Look at this…. Feel this… Love this…” Witness whatever comes up. Love it all truly and see it dissolve. As we release and rise higher, the next feeling, thought, memory comes. Can you love this, too? Stay the course, bringing love to the dark, swollen inner landscapes you do not want to go to. Love this, and this, and this.

 photo Ahimsa1_zpsnl6plivu.jpg
November 2, 2016

I have chosen Ahimsa as my practice. In every moment. Ahimsa – non-violence. Practicing Ahimsa begins with being mindful of my thoughts and noticing when I am thinking violent thoughts, which could simply mean self-criticism. Focusing on non-violent thoughts diffuses all criticism, whether towards myself, or others, or a situation I might be in. Eventually this leads to non-attachment to expectations.

I looked up Ahimsa on the Internet and found an article with this quote from Buddha:

“The thought manifests as the word; The word manifests as the deed; The deed develops into habit; And habit hardens into character. So watch the thought and its ways with care, and let it spring from love born out of concern for all beings… As the shadow follows the body, as we think, so we become.”

There is much violence in the world and adding to it are the violent words and energies that are moving through social media. Remember, everything is being amplified at this time, so practicing Ahimsa will assist us all in dealing with the falling apart of things. We are energy receivers and transmitters, so it is up to us to be mindful. Transmitting love, through the practice of Ahimsa, will help raise the energetic frequencies and when enough people are doing this practice, the violence in this world will transform. It’s all energy; it’s about transformation and it begins within ourselves.

It seems everywhere we turn, there is something screaming for our attention – the Earth and Humanity are calling out for love. Sometimes love may seem too benign, as if love is not enough of an action. However, when we are united through Ahimsa, love becomes an active, powerful force. It isn’t something we “make” happen; it’s not something that can be forced. It simply grows out of our own individual practice of self-love and gains momentum. When we meet others who are, in their own way, practicing Ahimsa, we entrain (or synch) to each other’s energy and then the energy is uplifted.

A simple principle of physics is that when two objects are entrained with each other, they use less energy, and when two objects are not in synch, more energy is expended.

Sending the vibration of love through the ethers – you might call it prayer – to those that are vibrating with anger and fear will help to diffuse the density. Just as we are called to love those aspects of ourselves that are in fear; those aspects we have rejected, we can love the situations and people in the world that are in fear.

All living beings carry the spark of Divine Spiritual Energy. This is what we can connect to when amplifying the intention of love to all beings – including the ones we don’t agree with – the ones we don’t understand, the ones who seem to be upholding violence, hatred and intolerance. Ahimsa allows us to be love… to radiate love from and to the core of being within all of life. It begins within ourselves. May all beings be happy and free, and may my thoughts and actions contribute to that freedom for all.

Many Blessings,
Nancy Leilah Ward

PS Join me for my bi-monthly Monday Guided Meditations. The next one will be Monday, November 7. For more information, click on this link: https://soultransitions.com/meditations/

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The Vibe Report for February 2012 February 22, 2012

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Loving Ourselves and the Crystalline Energy

Continuing with the feelings of ennui and urgency, February has been a month of turning inside out and shining Light on parts of ourselves that we’ve kept in the dark. This has rendered me frozen in place at times or swirling within whirlpools of emotion. Welcome to the 4th dimension!

Expanding with the tide, a wave has turned, come to completion and is spreading its energy across the sand. I feel this within me. The essence of my life expanding with a sigh across the pebbles and shells of long ago experiences, stirring memories, currents of emotions, all of my experience in this life so far. Feelings and memories that have been integrated, softened with love, tenderness, tears of release, all coming up once again, like mist rising from the sand. Not for review. Not for further exploration, just to be in the light of my conscious loving energy. Raw feelings, opening the tenderest places within my experience are triggered, and I realize that all I am to do is love everything that comes up within me.

During this process at the deepest moments of the remembrance of pain, I feel another energy rising within me. It is my expanded self; feeling like a goddess, a wise, loving mother, witnessing the pain with absolutely no judgment. Holding the energy of my life in a sacred chalice, I feel reverence, and a deeper sense of love and acceptance than I’ve ever known. All of these facets – aspects of my Self – shine and shimmer in the light of awareness. This expanded self is vast; it feels like the “real” me. And then I come to a realization that as we continue to expand through the influence of the high frequencies of energy that are coming to us from the Cosmos, we are rising into our multidimensionality and the past as we remember it becomes simply a story. And at this time we have so much support for letting go of our stories.

Wave of Love
The emotions and thought forms of the past are being stirred by the golden wave of light – washing through our being – showing us the parts of ourselves that simply need more love. We are being shown the deepest aspects of our pain – the dark places we have repressed and fought to push away, now revealing themselves for us to envelop in love. No matter how we have tried, these emotions and thoughts cannot be denied. They have been cast out, abandoned by ourselves and they are coming home. Welcome them back into your heart.

The Golden Wave, oil on canvas, 2012 by Nancy Ward

How the Story Grows
We are born into this world and when we are small, wide open to it all, the world is described to us. We accept what we’re told and begin to walk within the thought forms and beliefs that are handed down through generations. We take on the description of “reality” with its limitations and disappointments and often this involves invalidation of our authentic selves. But the thing is that we agree… we make an agreement to invalidate our own authenticity.

As we accept the descriptions of the world – the global story and our own personal family story – the mental and emotional energy filters into our beliefs. We take on this dense energy layer by layer, until we are wearing a heavy blanket or overcoat of stories and beliefs, which we then present to the world as our own. I see an overcoat lined with wiggling tentacles and as we put it on, the tentacles reach in and become part of our organic body, feeding us with the energy of that which invalidates our soul’s truth. It is very heavy, this shroud. Its density weighs on us and feeds us with disempowerment, fear, depression. This energy is not only from this lifetime but it contains the thought forms and beliefs that suppressed our ancestors and has been kept alive in the collective consciousness of Humanity.

The Golden Wave
We assist this wave by embodying the Light of the resonant frequencies within our energy bodies and also through the collective consciousness, which I like to call the Inner Net. And so we rise with the golden wave and we rise as One Being – the Human Being. When we have compassion for ourselves, we also assist one another in that regard, for the compassion flows with the wave of Christ Consciousness energy throughout the Inner Net. We assist the flow of this energy through loving ourselves.

High vibrating frequencies reveal the truth
New information is surfacing, through personal insights, new discoveries and teachings. This Golden Wave of truth is affecting everyone in the conscious human family and we are seeing more people awakening to the truth. Including those who have been involved in government operations, corporate enterprises, academic manipulation of science and history, as well as political and religious organizations. Some are beginning to come forward in truth because they can no longer live within the matrix of lies they have participated in or witnessed.

Paradigm shifting information is coming to the global family and this information comes in gradual increments and will also come through events that will cause beliefs long held by humanity to come crashing down. Think of it as an energetic golden tidal wave that is wiping out false beliefs and allowing us to rise to the crest of the wave in the joy of newfound freedom. We will come to see how powerful we truly are. Humanity and the Earth is being re-born.

Letting go of the story
The Golden Wave of energy washes through all of us, offering us an opportunity to let go of our stories. There may be a little anxiety in letting go. After all, this is part of how we have identified ourselves. We “think” this is who we are. But there is so much more. As we let go of the heaviness of the past, we rise, like the spray on top of a wave, we rise, sparkling in the sunlight, and we integrate with the ocean of consciousness, we integrate with one another, coming into the experience of Unity. In increments, little by little, we experience a gradual awakening, which includes strong surges of energy that push us into new pathways of knowing.

The Earth and the Christ Consciousness
There is a pulsation of energy from the Universe – from a place beyond words – Divine Source. This energy is the Crystalline Energy of Christ Consciousness and it is pulsing into the sun, and the sun is pulsing it into the earth, increasing the heartbeat of the earth. It would be of great assistance to us if we could find that vibration, and allow ourselves to vibrate with the pulsation, or heartbeat of the earth. How do we do this? Taking moments to connect with the Earth energy – when I think of this, I feel my energy spreading through the Earth around me… in addition to sending my grounding cord into the earth, there’s a resonance of spreading out, like the ocean surf as it meets the shore and sinks into the sand.

Visualize sending roots of light into the earth. This can be done anywhere – even if you live in a city – the Earth is still there underneath the concrete and subway system. It helps to connect with trees – to put your spine against a tree and feel the roots going down, as you are surrounded in the aura of the tree. We are sharing this Earth with all the other life forms here, we are sharing consciousness with one another and we are expanding out into the Universe.

The “High Heart” Chakra
This energy is everywhere and is vibrating within our Spirit Body. To help integrate it further, we can consciously receive it through a chakra that exists above our heart in the center of our chest at the Thymus Gland. This has been called the High Heart Chakra. When we open to receive this energy it flows through our physical body. We can consciously flow it through every cell in our body and radiate it out into our emotional and mental bodies and then into our Spirit Body – these are the layers of our energy field. Our spirit body – that part of our energetic field that is furthest away from our physical (about an arm’s distance out) helps to draw the energy through the other layers of our field to maintain coherence with this resonance. This raises our vibration and lifts us onto the top of the Golden Wave.

The Daily Drawings, February 16, 2012

Unity Consciousness
We, the Human Being, are experiencing this together, because we are One, we are not separate from one another. We are rising into and moving towards a moment of Awakening… a Conscious Awakening.

Lightening Up
It will help us to practice feeling ourselves in a state of well-being. To practice the feeling of light-heartedness. To keep our hearts light as a feather. To witness events – and to witness how we may be triggered by them. This can be challenging, as waves of emotion move through us. Are you noticing some people flipping out in anger and lashing out at others? Do you feel the rising tide of anger moving through you at times? It can be very challenging for us to maintain our center when surges of emotion move through us or those we are in contact with. All kinds of emotions get triggered within us and so it helps to witness ourselves during these moments and know it’s an opportunity for us to love ourselves through the experience. Sometimes this awareness may not occur when we’re in the center of the storm, but when the air clears, we can hold the unloved aspects of ourselves that have been revealed as if we are holding an infant, with compassion. It’s like a storm blowing through and removing all our defenses so that we can see the orphaned parts of ourselves that are asking us to simply love them.

From the Daily Drawings, February 5, 2012

Growing Pains
Humanity is at a turning point in growth – the old clothes and shoes have gotten way too tight and are splitting at the seams. Buttons popping off, in all directions as we stretch ourselves into expanded awareness of thought and feeling. Telepathic abilities are coming to be known and understood more deeply. What we call synchronicity are moments of co-creation with one another. Truths about the history of humanity are being revealed, truths about the capabilities of the human being are coming into our awareness. We are outgrowing our belief systems. This is happening, whether or not we try to hold onto the old ideas and beliefs, a new age of awareness is dawning. This is the age of awakening. This is the golden wave, it is here and it is our choice to move with the energy or try to maintain the status quo, which is dissolving.

Oh it’s a joyful and exciting time to be alive on earth. I want to learn not to take things so seriously, to feel myself surfing this golden wave and to celebrate gratitude in every moment.

May we receive the light and radiate!

Sharing Consciousness, we rise together.

Nancy Leilah Ward
and the Vastness of Being

Copyright © 2012 by Nancy Wallace Ward and Smote Hill Press. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to freely redistribute this article as long as the author’s name and website http://www.soultransitions.com are included.

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Soul Transitions Vibe Report for March March 4, 2009

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March 2009

Small Sprite



“Hit the ground running . . .”

This is how March is feeling to me. I feel like I’m balancing on a surfboard which is being carried along on a really fast moving current of energy and it’s all kind of wobbly because I’m learning how to surf as I go along! In yoga class on Monday I couldn’t do the “tree” balancing pose – one I usually have no difficulty with – I kept falling over. And yesterday I had my second ice skating class, which feels like learning to walk all over again. So, “wobbliness” seems to be the feeling of the energy these days as we move into new territory and challenge our comfort zone. As part of my expansion, I am introducing a teleclass on accessing and expanding our energetic resource so the work we do constantly replenishes us, instead of depleting us.

(This work can be very beneficial for teachers, social workers, counselors, and body workers, to name a few. For more information, click on this link: https://soultransitions.com/classes/)


As I move into new territory and out of whatever comfort zone I thought I had, I’m feeling excited and frightened and energized at the same time. I’m learning about healthy fear and that moving out of our comfort zone is the only way we can grow. The world as we have known it is obviously changing and rearranging, so most of us are finding that our comfort zone is disappearing. Many of us are being called to create a new life – not re-invent one, but starting from a totally new beginning place. Some are experiencing the crumbling of the old, and others of us are simply experiencing a rising of energy, which we have been working with for a long time. We are being called to step further into our authentic selves as we embody our higher self more and more. Now is a good time to do some grounding meditation and calling in our higher self, raising our energetic vibration to match this beam of energy we’re surfing. This will help dispel nervousness as we expand. Moments of fear and doubt are part of this expansion. What an amazing time to be here in the physical Earth plane.


My collaborators, Many of One wish to speak about the “beam” of life/love force energy:


March is a time for you to open to your inner resource and get on the beam. We speak of the beam as a very real beam of energy. This beam is a wellspring of energy direct from Creator Source and when you vibrate yourself into the beam you are on the ‘right track’ as it were; the enlivened state of being where you are energized by what you are doing. You learn to follow the energy and stay within the beam. Don’t think about it too much! It’s more about feeling and being within this energy. You will recognize it by its vibrancy and feeling tone of energizing excitement. This is a true beam of light vibration. It feels childlike and joyful and holds the energies of your truest nature. It is connected to where you direct your focus. It is not about telling the old story over and over. When you direct your focus to denser, heavier energies you move out of the beam. It’s ok, you will be moving in and out of it for a while, but as you consciously work with these energies – matching yourself up to the higher vibration (which is always expanding, by the way), you will find yourselves remaining in the beam more and more. This is about stepping up into the unfoldment of the new story that you are creating in every moment. Surrender to not knowing and open to a feeling of delight. Every moment is new!


When you are in the beam you are not alone and you all add energy to it. Each of you has a unique energetic vibration that adds to the joyful frequency. You are moving beyond joy into bliss and *gasp* ecstasy! This is evolution. This is like a stairway to heaven, a focus to travel within, a wormhole to a dimension of joy and prosperity. Get used to not knowing what’s going on. Get used to not having to understand everything. The rational mind cannot know the heart of the Creator, but the heart can know the Creator’s song.


As you focus more and more on love—loving yourself and finding inner joy—your outer world will change to match the reflection of what you are amplifying. Be mindful of all the people who cross your path or come into your lives even for the briefest of moments. You are meeting yourself over and over again in all you share energy with.


Creating a new life, that is what the energies of March are assisting you with. Some are well on their way in creating their new lives, others are just beginning to feel how deeply the buzz of change is filtering into their lives. Holding onto the past will only cause you pain. Trying to keep things as they were will tear you apart. Trust becomes your lifeboat as you allow the flow to move through your life – trust and spontaneity will bear you up upon the energies of the flowing current of the beam. As you learn to trust in yourself more and more, and learn to trust in the Guidance that comes to you, you will see that you send a beam of light out from your heart and it connects with the larger beam we have been talking about. This helps you to stabilize within the rising energies. The beam from your heart is filled with your heart’s desire – it is filled with the energy of what you want your life to feel like. As you listen to yourself, feel the vibration of your heart, and send it out as a beacon of light before you, you will begin to receive ideas and inspiration – promptings from Spirit. Acting on these ideas will open a gateway and help you to fly within the beam. Putting feelings and ideas into action will energize and empower you.


If you feel you do not know what this new vibration feels like for you, or if you do not know where to go or what to do, seek guidance – not only from within but from without as well. There are many practitioners of healing modalities who have been preparing for these times.  We speak of energy workers, psychic/intuitive guides and body workers. They are available to assist you in clearing and opening to your deeper soul self. Begin to look outward for who might be the right person to help you – ask your guides to help you find the assistance that would be most beneficial for you at this time.


Visions and experiences from the past are still coming up for release. Even people from the past will be passing through either in person or in thought. You can release the memories from your energetic experience by sending them out of your energy field and then exploding them. This is not to cause harm to the other, it is simply to release the repeating patterns that are rising to the surface. The clearer you become, the more able to ride the beam you will be. Remember to fill yourselves with golden light each time you experience a release of energy that is no longer harmonious with your higher vibration. Fill the spaces that were vacated with golden Creator Source energy.


Call the energy and light from the sun into your pineal gland. Vision this star in the center of your head, radiant. This will help you to navigate and will open up neuro-pathways upon which information and inspiration flows. Allow the sun to permeate your energy field – either in direct sunlight or reflected sunlight. Of course, protect your skin as you deem necessary. The sun is a powerful source of life force energy. Swami Sivananda said, “The pineal gland is the receptor and sender of the subtle vibrations which carry thoughts and psychic phenomena throughout the cosmos. The pineal gland converts brain waves into subtle electrical energy traveling faster than the speed of light.”


There will be a surge of powerful high vibrational energy towards the end of the month. The clearing that you are doing will allow you to receive and embody this expansion. It may feel like an earthquake – an inner and outer earthquake.


There is so much assistance for you within and without. Ride the wild energies – have fun – seek like-minded people to share your experiences with. You are not alone. All is well.


Radiant Blessings,


Nancy Leilah Ward


Many of One



“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.”

          Eckhart Tolle, The New Earth


Soul Transitions September 2008 Vibe Report September 9, 2008

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September 2008

Soul Transitions

Small Sprite




This month of September is a time of integration. Since the summer solstice, much of the past has come up to be released – lower frequencies have surfaced and been cleared. Higher, more refined energies are now being integrated into your being. As this process continues it would serve you well to surrender and allow a sense of being-ness to permeate your … being.


This is a time of finishing what has been stirred up, evaluating, rectifying and beginning to harvest the new energies – creating new pictures and feelings of what is your next step.

There is a relentless striving and doing that has been the way of many – as if there is a taskmaster or slave driver behind you with a whip. This is accompanied by a feeling of never being able to do “enough.” Allow yourself the freedom of doing “nothing.” Let go of the never ending list of tasks that need to be accomplished. Connect with a deeper, more subtle being-ness. There will always be the “to-do list” to maintain life in the third dimension. These “have-to-dos” are a distraction from a deeper reality. Make your list, then set it aside. For, again, this time of September is about integrating the new energies that have been growing inside you – nurture yourself – nurture the newness with peace and surrender. Time is speeding up and soon you will be busy with new projects as the energies begin to take off in October. For now, the ground of your being is fertile and this is a time to get clear on what it is you want your new life to feel like.


This is also a time to cease old habits, to let go of activities that no longer resonate with the higher energies. There will be people that you no longer feel in harmony with. It is time to gently let go of people, jobs and patterns that no longer serve your greatest good. It will not be difficult, the bonds have been loosening these many months. Resistance and persistent holding on to the past creates blocks and a feeling of rigidity. You may see examples of this in people in your world. Little can be done for those who are stubbornly clinging to the past – other than to pray for them that they find peace.


Nurture yourself, feed yourself with love. Feel your feelings – no matter what they are – honor all you feel. If something feels painful or uncomfortable, there’s usually a feeling of being stuck. When you allow yourself to respectfully be there in that place of discomfort, you will find that the acknowledgement will soon bring a softening and then the energy will begin to flow again. You can find the inner still point and breathe love into your being by focusing on loving memories or visions of beautiful earth moments – like a breeze rippling the calm water of a lake – find within you that which brings a feeling of space around the cacophony of life. This will help to lubricate and open your aura, to move you from fear into wholeness. Little by little, love and nurture yourselves.

So many who read these words are high vibrational beings living in the dense energies of Earth – this denseness has been created by the people living in the Earth realm, not of the Earth herself. Many have tried in this lifetime – without knowing it – to lower their frequency in order to “fit in.” This leads to depression and disempowerment as one’s true essence is repressed. It has been very difficult for so many of you to be here, but you are here to shift the balance and the time is now.


Remember, also, that this is not all there is! You are multidimensional and vast. You don’t vibrate to the energies that have been rampant on Earth for so many eons. You bring a higher tone to this experience and have suffered because of it – by trying to fit in and feeling you don’t belong. We tell you, if you didn’t belong here, you wouldn’t be here! There are so many of you now, who resonate with the Earth’s vibration. There is strength in numbers – find others that are of similar vibration and who want to “raise it up” through gatherings – sing, dance and drum together, prepare meals together, create rituals together. If you don’t find this within your community, you can create it, or you can move to a place that holds this kind of resonance, which is created by the people in collaboration with the energy of Earth herself.


Many people are expressing the desire to live in community with others – maintaining their own personal space, but within a greater, sustainable community. Many do not know what this will look like, but feel the desire within. This will unfold as you come together – collaborating with Earth and each other. So we say to you, find your spirit family. You are not alone.


You have heard that your thoughts become real. It is important to catch your thoughts when they move into the realm of fear. This relates to the dense energy that floats through the earth plane – the density of fear and poverty consciousness is a conglomeration of thought forms coming from the people of Earth. These thought forms become an entity – an etheric entity which multiplies and attaches to us when we are resonating with fear. This entity is a parasite that feeds on fear. It will whisper words of fear to exacerbate our feelings. Be aware of when this is happening to you. You can turn and say, “Enough! Be gone with you!”


Just as negative, fearful thoughts create negative, fearful experiences in our outer world, so will positive, loving thoughts create positive, loving experiences.


So many on Earth feed fear into themselves through movies, video games, music – many forms of entertainment. Most of you who read this already discern what you will and will not feed yourselves in this way; however you are still living on the earth where those negative energies waft through the energies. This negativity can be transmuted by you, through meditation and intention. Recently, as hurricane Gustav threatened New Orleans, many Lightworkers gathered in the etheric realms to consciously diffuse the energy of that storm. And it worked, for the storm’s force weakened and, although it was still devastating to many people, it was not nearly as strong as it had started out to be. There is power in our numbers – group conscious intention is powerful – you have always been living within this, but the intention has been more negative. It is time to turn it around!


A few symptoms to be mindful of – extreme fatigue and feeling as if your energy has been drained – also aches and pains. My upper back/shoulders, back of my head are very sore. I have been working with a wonderful friend who does cranio-sacral massage. She is an intuitive healer and is helping me release some very old energy that has been gripping me in this area, which is why it’s so sore now. I believe that letting go of that grip and relaxing the muscles is bringing on the soreness because so much has been held there for so long. I recommend some kind of body/energy work to help move the energy of the past that we’ve been releasing. For those who are local to the Hudson Valley, Deeber Burke lives in Olivebridge (near the Ashokan Reservoir). She does Swedish massage and reflexology in addition to cranio-sacral. She is very intuitive and can help you get to the center of what you need to release in order to step into your empowered self. Her telephone number is 845/657.7408.


In closing, September is a time for realigning with your authentic self. Take the time to do nothing! To relax – if you’re feeling drained – honor your feelings and get cozy with a good book or take a nap. We are integrating the new, higher vibrating energy that we have been making room for throughout the summer. October is waiting out there – humming – the engines are revving – we’re going to be building up to some fast traveling, so now is the time to get ready by being still – yes – and integrating all we’ve gathered.


For the Fall Equinox I will be doing a live FREE telecall with astrologer Kelly M. Beard (www.karmictools.com) on Wednesday, September 17 at 8:45 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. I will channel information from the Akashic records and will do a guided meditation and Kelly will talk about what is going on in the energies of the dance of the planets. It will be an empowering, grounding, loving experience, so do consider calling in. I will send the access telephone number when we get it set up.


With gratitude and love,


Nancy Leilah Ward


Many of One


“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.”

– His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama





The passage through summer solstice to the eclipses of August August 22, 2008

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The eclipses of the past two weeks have taken us through a journey of release, acceleration and integration. In preparation, after the summer solstice, the past came up for processing and assessment. Some of us have undergone a spiritual battle in a sense, between feeling overwhelming regret for past choices and coming back to the moment of now, which is all any of us truly have.

Now is a river that is always moving. It is not something we can grasp or hold onto, so we learn to let go into the flow. If we are holding onto regrets, we cannot move forward. Personally, I experienced this very thing. In July I visited my family by the ocean on Long Island, N.Y. There were terrible rip tides that week and several people’s lives were claimed by the mighty ocean. While swimming one day, I felt the pull of that current as I fought my way back in to shore. During this visit I found myself being confronted with regrets from my past and I realized that the energy of regret is just like a riptide, carrying us out into perilous, lonely waters far from shore.

After a conversation with a friend, I realized that if I keep playing the “re-runs” of the same old regrets over and over, I cannot possibly move forward. Holding on to decisions that I’d made when I was younger and less conscious was holding me back – the regrets were taking up room that could be filled with happiness and light, and situations that I want to bring in. I’ve focused on forgiving and releasing my past and owning that all the decisions I’ve made have brought me to where I am now. My life is graced by dear friends and family, and wisdom and creative expression.

There are also some aspects that I don’t like regarding where my life is now, which has to do with my desire to move to a different area. I don’t feel in harmony with the energetic resonance of my current location, and this is bringing my energy down. This is something I can change right here and now and I can move forward into my future being conscious of my decisions – with the knowledge that every decision I have ever made is in alignment with my highest path and purpose.

The energy of the solar eclipse felt like an uplifting, upsurge of possibilities. It was a time of creating intensions for the new life we are creating. The energy of the lunar eclipse was about going inward and truly releasing the old stuff that has been loosening up throughout the month of July – releasing whatever is in the way of our creation of our new life.

During the week between the eclipses I felt stillness within – and a lull. I was unable to do certain tasks that were part of my responsibility to the outer world – I felt like all I could do was be. I just wanted to sink into the stillness within and be in nature and enjoy the last days of summer. I was fiercely “there” for myself, and said “No” to things that were tugging at me which I couldn’t bring my heart to. If I felt the burden of responsibility for something I felt I “had to” do, I gave myself permission to say “no, I’m not doing that today.”

Now, I am feeling re-energized. I look back on the lunar eclipse and feel as if I have traveled through a very narrow conduit – the energy in this passageway was sloughing off all the stuff of the past that has been rising from within in this past year.

In the new clarity around me, I became aware of an entity – a dark force energy – that has been whispering words of despair to me when activated by my thoughts. An “entity” is a thought form created by our thoughts. The dark energy that feeds off of our energy is part of this negativity and it reaches into the places within us that are holding negativity. The whisperings of this entity were echoing my own fears, taking me deeper into despair and hopelessness.

The clarity gained through the clearing experience allowed me to see more lucidly than ever before. I did a burning bowl ritual of releasing the past and through a Soul Realignment process, I went to the Akashic Records and did a soul level clearing and sent the dark entity away—contained in an orb and sent to the appropriate astral. The energetic spaces within me where the darkness had reached its tendrils have been filled with the Divine Light of Creator substance.

I will be writing more on the subject of entities, thought forms and energetic resonance in the September Vibe Report.

There are people in my world who are going through very intense difficulties. This is part of the clearing and realignment process. For anyone who reads this who is undergoing changes that seem extremely painful and difficult, know that you will get through the passageway. Consciously ask for what is ready to be released to be cleared and begin to focus on what you want your life to look and feel like. Call on your Guides, Teachers and Angels for help, guidance and comfort. They are there, waiting to assist you.

Deep within we are all connected through Divine Source. I send comfort, love and softness to all, laced with fierce strength and a prayer that we remember just who we are – Creators of our lives and our world!


With love, light and peace,


Nancy Leilah Ward




I am raising funds for moving, so I am offering an


– from now until September 5, if you purchase a psychic/intuitive reading or a Soul Realignment reading, you will get a bonus twenty minute reading to be used any time within the year. Thank you for your support and words of encouragement.


Soul Transitions Vibe Report July 2008 July 10, 2008

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July 2008

Small Sprite


Soul Transitions




It is with joy that we connect with you – all who are reading these words at this very moment. We touch into your hearts and plant a seed of light, love and truth that it may grow within you as you expand in these times of change.


Many people’s soul vibrations are rising, which makes it more difficult to deal with living in the third dimension. The feeling of being “over it” or “enough already” as we shared in a previous vibe report is very strong. As the vibration rises, the outer, 3D world changes, people’s lives change and you will find you can no longer tolerate living the way you used to live – certain situations or behaviors no longer fit with who you are and you will feel it – you will feel the discord within when you continue to engage with the behaviors that are no longer resonant with your higher vibration.


We see a swirling of energy, like a tornado pulling people into the higher vibration. This will create freedom for many and a feeling of disruption and confusion for others – some people’s lives have turned inside out and there are those who are refusing to release the past and allow the new energies to rise within them. For those who have people in their lives who are going through this, know that you cannot help them, you cannot make them change, you can only continue with your own growth and acceleration. You will not be able to stay with those who are refusing the energy – they may try to hold you back but it will be as if you are being sucked away into a higher vibration and indeed, you are rising into a higher dimension.


You are rising into a fifth dimensional vibration and yet still living in the third dimension. This brings on physical side effects such as difficulty sleeping – or needing a lot of sleep, but not feeling well rested upon awakening. Sometimes the mind goes into overdrive with thinking about all the things that have to be done. Is there something that you have wanted to do and yet have not acted upon? Have you been procrastinating on some project that you are being nudged to do? It is time to begin listening to the inner prompting and to act upon it. The mind is not the enemy – the restless waters are from inspirations long ignored. The mind may focus on some minutia of 3D life that needs to be done, but there is a deeper core to the restlessness. It comes from an inner motivation – an appeal from your very soul – which you are not acting upon. The clearing that has been happening for the last few years is to get all the sluggish muckiness out of the way so you can hear your soul’s call.


Another side effect is that of the expansion and contraction of energy. The body experiences a deep cold within and then extreme heat, fluctuating between the two. The contractions feel like pressure and too much to do with not enough time. The expansion carries the feeling of disorientation and it is a time when new information, inspiration and new feelings about life, existence and multidimensionality come into your awareness. It is all part of the same process. It helps to allow the discomfort of the pressure to be there – not to fight or resist what is – and to know that this is helping you to expand towards your ascension.


With the expansion and contraction comes a feeling of nervousness as if something is about to happen. Also there is a feeling of being pulled out of your body – you’re still in your body but there is a “far away” feeling as if you are looking through the wrong end of a pair of binoculars. Along with this comes a strange feeling of unfamiliarity with your surroundings – even if you have lived there for years.


There are times that feel like a lull, like nothing is happening – this is a time of absorption and integration of the energies you have been downloading.


New connections are being made between people – new people coming into your lives and you may have a sense of your guides and their guides rejoicing at your meeting. There will also be old friends returning to your life.


This is a good time to experience body work and energy healing, such as reiki, cranio-sacral or polarity treatments.

You may also experience changes in your dietary needs. Perhaps you are wanting to eat more crunchy, watery foods such as raw fruits and vegetables, then having a sudden need for protein. Listen to what your body is telling you.


Things are changing from the inside out. If you are experiencing a falling apart of what you have long known, look for the shining doorway of new energy. There is always another choice. The old is falling away, look elsewhere for something new and shining – something that gives you energy and makes you feel alive. Many are being called to find new pathways yet they feel tied to monetary chains – feeling they cannot make any change because they need the money. You have heard the expression “all structures are unstable?” This especially applies to the economic structures at this time.


You are experiencing an inner calling. Listen, listen – what magic adventure is calling to you? Listen to what your mind says and begin to tell a new story. So many feel unfulfilled in work they have been doing for years – feeling it is meaningless. Look in a new direction. List all the things you love to do – focus on what gives you energy. If nothing comes to you, find the stillness within and ask your higher self or your soul and your guides to show you a new way of living. Be patient in receiving the answer. Remember, it is not what you do, but how you do it. Where are you “coming from” deep within? The changes that are happening are deep, indeed.


We have said before that collaboration and community are becoming more and more important and necessary for humans to continue living on earth. This is the shining new energy that is beckoning to you. The human family is coming together to find a new, holistic way of living with each other. Love is the feeling that is growing from within. A sense of well-being, a childlike feeling of freedom. Embrace these inner feelings as the outer structures fall away.


Within the spiraling energy is a new vibration. The pain body is losing its hold as more and more of you release it through acceptance… you feel it fading away. It will lash out through those who are actively holding on to the past, to the pain, to the stories of pain that are told over and over again. As part of this shift, many can no longer tolerate images of violence in the entertainment world — stories of war, destruction and hatred.


Much of what we say here, you have heard before. This is a time to go within and really look at yourself and what you want your life to feel like. This is a time of letting go, the final days of letting go and preparing to create a new life, a new story. What is your deepest desire for your life? What is it? You can make it real. You can be ecstatically happy within your own being – it is your heritage, it is your birthright.


Remember, too, that you have support from the invisibles. The helpers in the non physical realm are with you always.


Join those who are holding a vibration of love for the earth and all her peoples. Surrounding the earth are people holding hands in the etheric energies – they circle the earth – they send love through the circle and into the Earth’s aura, and down into Earth, sending love to the people of earth. Join them when you can – know that you are never alone, these are your brothers and sisters in spirit. You are part of the family of One.


With love, in joy…



Nancy Leilah Ward


Many of One






“Do not train a child to learn by force or


harshness; but direct them to it by what


amuses their minds, so that you may be


better able to discover with accuracy the


peculiar bent of the genius in each.”