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Akashic Record Readings

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1. Erin Dougherty - January 4, 2013

Hi Leilah,

I found your website while doing a search for other sites that offer Soul Realignment Property Clearings. I just finished the Level I Soul Realignment course and just developed my website. I was very interested in some of your posts on here. You say that you sometimes hear words when you tune into someone’s energy field. I’ve had this experience before when doing a Reiki healing session, but I sometimes doubt the messages because it can seem like mental chatter. I do feel a slight difference energetically when a clairaudient message comes in. How have you differentiated these messages from mental chatter?

Nancy - January 5, 2013

Hello Erin,
When I read your comment, one word came up – TRUST. When I tune in to that, I feel it also has to do with self love and acceptance. Instead of rejecting the mind and mental chatter, it is about accepting it, bringing our attention into our heart and then taking our focus deeper. This, to me is the practice. The words that I hear are being spoken through the Akashic Record that I’m in – through my client’s energy field, or the energy field of the property I’m working with. But, really, in doing psychic work it is all about trusting what you receive and that takes practice. When I first began to open up to do readings for people – this was before I found out about Soul Realignment – I practiced on friends and I had a lot of self-doubt. This is where this kind of work becomes a healing path for the practitioner. Now the psychic channels are so open and the information that is most needed comes through instantaneously. I don’t second guess anymore. I flow with what comes through, knowing and trusting that there’s a reason why a certain word or phrase or picture comes into my awareness. And it’s important to remember that the messages we get are for the person we’re working with, so they may not make sense to us. Sometimes a message may not make sense to the client, but later, as they think about the information they received, they may come to a deeper understanding – an “Ah-ha” moment that they may have been blocking from their awareness. So that brings me back to trusting whatever comes up and then letting it go. This also involves surrendering the part of ourselves that wants to “get it right.” That can be a tough one! That’s the beauty of doing this kind of work, because we really grow from it just as much as our clients can.
I hope this helps.

birdsongreadings - January 5, 2013

Thank you so much for that answer. Trust is a huge lesson for me I know. I’m sure with practice, that trust will grow deeper. Letting go of getting it right is good advice.



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