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Vibe Report for August 2012 – Riding the Waves August 16, 2012

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Riding the Waves

So many of us are going through big changes and feeling raw and easily triggered. We are processing and integrating our life experiences from the time we were born. Old feelings, some long denied, others just there as if they are part of us are being amplified. I say “as if” they are part of us because these feelings are often linked to stories that we bought into – beliefs that aren’t true about ourselves, but that we kept alive in our energy field by agreeing with them. Through trying to cope with a world that didn’t want us to be who we truly were, we integrated stories and beliefs and energies that blocked the flow of our Soul’s energetic vibration – this is our unique vibratory signature that is our authentic nature. So now, the energy of truth is flowing through everything – the Universe, the galaxy, our solar system, the Sun, to the Earth and through the core of our beings, igniting our Souls. The radiance is shining through us and what isn’t our truth is being shaken free.

This process of loosening and releasing what isn’t authentic to our Soul vibration is happening in every facet of life on earth. What is unsustainable is dissolving in the radiance of accelerated energetic frequencies. It’s a shake-up and a wake-up call. It’s disorienting and uncomfortable because our dysfunctional comfort zones are collapsing. Everywhere!

Those who have been working consciously with their growth and evolutionary process are still rockin’ and a rollin’ and slipping and sliding, but are able to regain stability before the next wave hits. Others are being buffeted about, still thinking they have no say in what is happening. Wake up! We are the creators of it all.

The Mirror
Sometimes we unconsciously want to hold onto the pain of our experience because it’s tied up with our beliefs about ourselves. It has become part of our identity, which we wrap around ourselves like heavy blankets of despair.

It’s as if there are giant mirrors all around us reflecting ourselves back to us. If we’ve been paying attention and are aware enough to take responsibility for our feelings, we can love ourselves through the difficult moments, thereby diffusing the old energy, integrating the wisdom of our experience and letting it go.

Negative Thought Forms
When a belief about yourself comes into your awareness, ask “Is this my truth? Is this really true? Whose voice is this?” The self talk is so hypnotic and we’ve been doing it all our lives. We integrated and began to repeat negative thought forms that were in our environment when we were small children. We have been separating the wheat from the chaff for years but now we are truly working through “the sticky stuff on the bottom” as the energies of truth are accelerating. Each time we uncover a story and release what isn’t true, we shed a layer of crust and feel lighter and we rise above the cacophony of chaos that is bubbling in the world.

Daily Drawings, August 1, 2012

We are dealing with energy that is volatile and sometimes it feels like there are electric charges zapping in at us from our own experience and also zapping out at one another. Many friends are experiencing flare-ups with one another. The best thing we can do is to be totally honest and communicate with each other in non-confrontational language. When we let things stew inside of us, instead of communicating, we act out in ways that trigger the same feelings in our friend, setting up an electric current that goes back and forth, endlessly stimulating the painful feelings keeping them alive in our energy field and actually feeding them so they grow out of proportion. This highlights issues that are calling for healing, so when it happens, it’s a true opportunity to practice and appreciate the meaning of friendship. All of our relationships are mirrors for us to see our loveliness and our fears. When we talk to that friend and express what we feel, we can clear the situation quickly and gracefully and we often end up crying, hugging and laughing with each other. Or, we may come to realize that we are at the end of the road with certain relationships.

We owe it to ourselves to be honest and to be clear with our own feelings. We need to claim our responsibility in every situation.

Evolution and Expansion
We are all on an evolutionary path. We are rising into unity consciousness. The churning energy is helping us to let go of our stories and rise up, allowing our authentic selves to shine. A new beginning is the gift we give ourselves when we pay attention.

Endings and new beginnings
You may feel like you are in flux – as if there’s a tornado whirling around you, lifting you up from your surroundings and shaking loose what you cannot bring into the new vibration you’re rising into. This is very unsettling, which is why it’s a good idea to practice grounding into the earth all throughout the day. We have a chakra in the Earth – our Earth Star chakra in the center of the Earth. Send your awareness and your energetic vibration down into the Earth for stabilization.

In the midst of this unsettled feeling you may also be receiving inspiration and new ideas – so much is flowing at once. Many of us are going through emotional ups and downs from moment to moment. Crazy stuff! Allow that tornado to swirl around you, helping to clear what needs to be released.

Waves of Energy
We are experiencing rapid compression and expansion as wave after wave of energy flows through. We have “a-ha” moments as we integrate and dissolve beliefs and emotions from our past and then have moments when we can take a breath and appreciate what we just learned and released, feeling lighter and buoyant. And then: Wham! Another wave hits and we’re rising up and finding our balance, or being churned about in the white water looking for our surfboard.

Reaching out to one another, whether it be in the ethers or a phone call, e-mail or through social media – but especially in the physical – really helps us to stabilize. We are in this together and we can support one another – there is strength in numbers.

Working with energy
The Life Force Energy… I also call it the Love Force Energy… and Creator Source energy… also known as God… Christ Consciousness… to me, it is all the same energy. This energy flows through us all. And it’s everywhere – we’re soaking in it! It permeates all of life. We can focus on this energy in Nature and bring it into us – into our Dantian to enhance the Life Force energy within us. (Also known as the Hara in Japanese energy medicine, the Dantian I am referring to is the “lower Dantian” –the area in the lower abdomen, beneath the navel and about a third of the way in to the abdominal cavity. There are Dantian connections at the top of the head, the third eye and the heart as well. The lower Dantian serves as a reservoir of energy, so we fill it with Life Force and then radiate that energy throughout our energy bodies. We replenish the Dantian within us from the Life Force all around us.)

When we clear and release the energy that isn’t our truth, filling with the life force energy helps us to stabilize and also helps to raise our vibration. The more Life Force we have, the healthier we will be; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We grow, evolve, and become lighter.

Daily Drawings August 2, 2012

During the Monday channeling telecalls that I do, we have been given tools for enhancing our Soul energy. As mentioned in last month’s offering, the Sun is a powerful energy source. In the telecalls, we’ve been shown to bring in a steady flow of solar energy through the gateway of the temple of light at the sixth chakra (3rd eye) and flow that energy down into our Dantian. At the same time we are bringing energy up from the Earth (our Earth Star chakra) into our Dantian and bringing the Creator Source energy from the cosmos (our Soul Star chakra) down through our energy field into our Dantian. We vibrate these merging energies with our soul’s vibration. We can do this in an instant. If you choose to play with this, reach in with your intuitive attention and explore what is happening in your Dantian. This energy center is an inter-dimensional portalway, just as the sun is. There will be more information coming through on this in the near future.

The Divine Masculine
For long we have been focusing on the Divine Feminine, bringing love and healing to the density that has suppressed the flow of Feminine energy. Now is the time to blend the Feminine energy, which is dark and mysterious with the power and light of the Divine Masculine energy. This is where the Solar energy comes in – we can call it in to energize our intentions, so that we can bring our intentions into action in the physical. There is much grief around the Divine Masculine energy, which was forced out of its natural flow, just as the Divine Feminine has been. The masculine energy has a strong emotional element, but was coerced into power. The feminine energy is powerful and was coerced into emotion. Both are coming back into loving harmony within each of us.

All of this information is being integrated within us. We do not need to try hard or to work hard, to over-think and over visualize. The energy play presented here can be done in an instant and sustained through intention. We are Masters who are waking up out of a very limiting dream. We are rising, then resting and integrating, then rising again. Sometimes rising, then falling a little, to re-visit, integrate and then rise again. We are rising into the fullness of our being, where we can express our authenticity through allowing the energy of our genius to flow.

Let us be patient with ourselves and kind to one another.

Daily Drawings August 10, 2012

Humanity Arising
I heard a celestial choir last night as I sat outside gazing at the sky surrounded by the tree-symphony of katy-dids. I heard glimpses of singing floating to me on an etheric breeze. In my inner eye I could see beings of light. They looked like angels. It was beautiful and comforting, and then I realized that this choir is always singing. These are beings from a higher dimension and their music… their song transmits the frequency of love. Their song is like a cool breath on a wound. They are with us always. This choir never falters and through the vibration of their upper-dimensional frequencies, they are helping to heal the wound of Humanity.

We are rising into love. The way to enlightenment is the path of love. The beginning of this path is to love thyself.

Blissings to you all…

Nancy Lila Ward

** Every Monday night (almost), I host a Telecall where I channel the Vastness of Being. I tune into the energy of all who have signed up and connect with the energetic vibration so that all who participate, whether live on the call or listening to the recording, receive energies and messages that pertain to their current experience. Often we are led on a visualization journey that helps us raise our energetic vibration through clearing and receiving… emptying and filling.
To read more about it, or to sign up, click on this link: https://soultransitions.com/meditations/

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Vibe Report for July 2012 – Freedom July 16, 2012

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Freedom is our birthright. Allow yourself to vibrate with this word, feel its energy permeating your being. What would it feel like to have freedom flow in every aspect of your life? What would it feel like to be living on a planet where freedom flows through every aspect of everyone’s lives? What would our co-creation in the flow of freedom look like? I love feeling into this flow, allowing it to fill my energy field with this vibration, because within freedom, is love, joy, inspiration, empowerment. This is actually, simply, the life force energy.

The Edge of Immediate Change

The Edge of Immediate Change, oil on canvas 1997

Many of us are creating deep changes in our lives. Waves of high vibrational frequencies are moving through the Universe, rocking our boats and sending us up and down on surges of energy. The swells and troughs of this energetic movement can be felt as uneasiness or excitement, then dropping down into lethargy or inertia; going from inspiration to pointlessness. It is all just vibratory feelings. Observing the movement and the fluctuations, with a sense of humor, laced with the wonder of it all, helps us to remain fluid so we can go with the flow of energy.

In the outer world, these surges are assisting us in consciously forging new pathways, making new choices and alignments and actually integrating new identities. No matter how change comes to us – whether it be in unexpected events, or our conscious creation – it brings endings and new beginnings. All this movement can make us feel like we’re on an emotional roller coaster. These waves of energy can take us into maelstroms of emotion that gradually build up and then crest in outbursts of feeling. If we keep allowing the waves to pass through us, they are highlighting emotions that we have denied. They are rising to the surface and passing through, so don’t hold on and examine, just let it pass over you, like waves in the ocean, and love yourself through it.

Swells and Troughs
The month of June, although busy, was a building of energy, rising up the swell of a great wave. Now we have crested and have been sinking into troughs and rising up swells, cresting again and going down into the trough again. Anyone a little seasick? At times I feel very fast movement then tapering off, then flowing fast again as we move with the motion in the ocean of energy. Many are honoring the need to create change in their lives, beginning to do things differently and to make different choices. The energy can be rather wobbly with many starts and stops along the way, creating feelings of vertigo or motion sickness as we pick up speed and then experience delays. Enthusiasm and excitement give way to frustration or dead calm as we feel that one moment we were so excited about a prospect, the next moment feeling no enthusiasm at all. Remaining observant, with a sense of humor and non-attachment to the ups or the downs is a spiritual practice that leads to inner freedom.

From the Daily Drawings, July 10, 2012

Energetic Sensitivity
You may be feeling discomfort in certain places or situations, which leads to irritability. What doesn’t resonate with our new vibrational frequency becomes unbearable and impossible to tolerate any longer. Our Souls are being infused with Life Force Energy, which is filtering through the dimensional frequencies that we embody. If there are aspects of beliefs or the residue of events from our past and from other lifetimes that disallow the flow of our natural Soul vibration, energy isn’t able to move in these areas. This causes limitation, a feeling of powerlessness or stuck-ness that feels like pain – be it spiritual, mental or emotional – it finally manifests in the physical, whether it is reflected in the health of our physical body, or lack of the flow of energy and freedom in our lives. Pay attention to your feelings and to your intuition. Even the tiniest nudges around situations that feel relatively unimportant can put you on a trajectory of energetic integrity.

Riding the Waves
For example, let’s say someone invites you to a future event and your initial feeling is no, it’s not going to work for you, even though you don’t yet have plans for that time. You just feel it’s not going to happen. Then your friend expresses disappointment, so maybe you say yes, even though you have this feeling. And then the day of the event comes and there’s something else you are wanting to do, or something happens and you’re simply unable to go. Then your friend is even more disappointed because you had promised to be there, bypassing your intuition. Or you’re disappointed because you’re missing doing that other thing that holds higher energy for you. Loss of life force energy occurs when we don’t honor our intuition. We have an opportunity to ride these waves of energy to new experiences and inspiration, and when we follow our intuition and our hearts, we can navigate the flow and catch a wave that takes us into new, higher frequencies. So it is important to remain alert and aware of the energy outside and within us.

Graduate School
We are learning to become masters in discerning energetic shifts and changes in frequencies. I have said this before, we are in an accelerated graduate program, on our way to becoming conscious co-creators, standing our ground when it feels right, and letting go into surrender when that is needed in order to flow.

Divine Selfishness
Part of our experience of Freedom is to honor our intuition and to make choices that feel good to us. This is the practice of Divine Selfishness. When we live always trying to please others, we cause grief to our Souls. This blocks the flow of our Divine Energy. We end up angry or depressed or resentful and these feelings open a floodgate of other lower vibrational energies that often lead to physical dis-ease.

Worm Holes
At times we are travelling through worm holes, taking us into new experiences, a vortex of energy spinning us through these tunnels – or inter-dimensional conduits. We need to have clear intentions so we can release into trust that our intentions are carrying us through the chaotic churning energy into our Soul’s integrity.

If you travel into eddies of fear or despair, allow the feelings to wash through you. Reach your energy or focus outward to people you love and people you feel harmony with – even if you don’t know them well – it’s like reaching out a helping hand or touching someone’s spirit, making a connection in knowing that we are not alone in this experience.

Touching Spirits
So many people are going through turmoil as change tumbles their reality. So many people are in grief as those they love choose to leave this physical plane. As we reach out to each other through the inner net, as if to hold etheric hands, we make those connections in a very real way and we strengthen our resolve and our ability to move through turbulence. The vibration of love helps to calm the waters we are flowing through, even if all around us is chaos and upheaval. So when someone pops into your mind – even if it’s someone you don’t know very well – a passing person you smiled at, or someone who helped you at the market – make the connection and send out the vibrational frequency that feels good. It is like irrigating the human field of consciousness with love and raising our collective vibration.

Dealing with Unconscious Behavior
We are literally diffusers of energy – just like the way a diffuser of essential oils allows the fragrance, which is also an energetic frequency, to permeate the atmosphere, we are constantly diffusing our energy into the world.

There are many people who are living in total unconsciousness about this aspect of themselves, and they diffuse all their emotional frequencies out into the atmosphere without any regard or consciousness about how they are affecting others. Those of us who are energetically sensitive can find it really challenging to live within an environment of chaotic unconscious energies that are pinging our energy fields, like many balls in a pin-ball machine (remember those?). It can feel like being bombarded by little metallic balls of energy constantly irritating us and all those around us. Unconscious people don’t realize this is what is irritating them, causing them to send out these balls of energy, adding to the chaos. This is especially prevalent in crowded environments.

Masters of Energy
If this is what you are experiencing, please find the understanding within you that you are a Master of Energy, and that is why you are in this environment. As you walk through the winds of unconsciousness, you have the chance to diffuse peace and gentleness into the environment. And, being in the Graduate School of Consciousness, you will rise to the thrill – the enlivening challenge – of maintaining stillness, peace and joy within you no matter what’s going on in your environment. Play with this – pay attention: You are in a vibration of extreme irritation and chaos, and you call the Life Force energy into your being, allowing it to permeate your entire energy field, calling up the vibration of peace, playfulness and happiness. Allow it to radiate outward. For example: do this before you enter the retail establishment that is pulsating with people’s unconscious wanting and impatience. Diffuse this energy and see what happens. Some people may become more annoying and angry and may actually storm out of the environment, others may begin to laugh, the person waiting on people may suddenly feel a shift in their energy and begin to feel tension draining away. Remember to smile and connect to people through your eyes. You will witness shifting energy as a feeling of relief spreads throughout the environment. By diffusing the high vibration of love, we are assisting in the Awakening of all.

“Awakening” from the Daily Drawings, July 11, 2012

Freedom vs. Authority
We hear all over the world about governments making decisions and implementing programs to regulate the activities of the Human Beings of Earth. Yes, the Human Beings who are in the position of having the Authority granted through government to do what they can to monitor and control the masses are feeling much fear as structures – be they third dimensional (physical) or 4th dimensional (emotional/mental) – are collapsing. For thousands of years the Authority operated through fear to keep Humanity separate from one another and from nature. All this is changing now. Each Human Being can assist in this process by taking responsibility for their energy and their life situations. This is about growing up, rising into our power.

There is much power when Human beings awaken to the reality of Oneness. When the Human Being acts in Coherence, we become masters of conscious manifestation. Without realizing it, we have been acting in coherence in focusing on negativity and fear. Look at our world. We have created it all. Actually, there is no authority other than our own focus and attention. We, the Masters of Energy, are claiming our power in One-ness, that’s why connecting with one another in the third dimension and in the inner realms is so important.

Politics, Economics and Anger
Further dividing us are our viewpoints, no matter what they are. I know it is difficult in this world to observe political decisions that act against freedom, fairness, and respect for the earth, without getting emotional about it. After all, we are humans and we have emotions. But feeling anger gathering within oneself over elitist political stances and destructive choices does nothing to help the human connection other than to send toxic vibrations throughout our energy fields and the energetic being of Humanity. Anger is a vibrational frequency that moves energy, and it’s better than the powerlessness of depression. We can use the anger to pulse outward through our energy field when we feel it, because repression is not going to serve us either. The drive of the anger that we feel can be put into action to support the energies that sustain life. However, pointing fingers and blaming others is adding gasoline to the fire.

Tuning in to my guides for a vaster perspective, I am shown that the noise of the world, meaning the opinions and control that is trying to be asserted are distractions from the more important work at hand that has to do with loving ourselves. Acting upon that frequency of love in every moment of our lives is the only way we can rise above the churning waters of fear and powerlessness.

Joyful Noise
Again I am given the vision of human light bodies holding hands and strengthening a grid of light and love, creating an actual energy field for other human beings to rise up into.

I am seeing the separation of border crossings, war and government authorities acting upon what the money wielders tell the politicians to do, creating the fear and separation in our world. These “powers that be” are in fear, because the higher energies are collapsing their structures. So they are making a last ditch attempt to assert their control against a tide that is relentless and unstoppable.

Grassroots and solidarity in love and fun is our strength. When I think of Human Beings – the people of the Earth, I see people who love to create, who love to feel good, to taste life, to create music and art, to dance, to share recipes, to make a joyful noise unto the world. This is what we must celebrate and amplify in our individual and collective lives.

Daily Drawings, July 9, 2012

The Sun without and the Sun within
In my Monday Channeling telecalls, the Vastness of Being have been showing us how to work with solar energy. Bringing that energy in through our 6th chakra and sending it down to our Dantian. In Qi Gong, this usually refers to the area in the lower abdomen, beneath the navel and about a third of the way in to the abdominal cavity. Also known as the Hara in Japanese energy medicine, this is considered to be the foundation of life. There are Dantian connections at the top of the head, the third eye and the heart as well. The practice I have been shown is to connect with the Solar energy, bring it in through the third eye and send it down into the abdominal Dantian and then pausing to allow this life force energy to fill us. The Vastness of Being have said that the Sun is a star gate and that the Dantian within us is also a star gate, connecting us to our multidimensionality and also filling us with vitality and life force.

Sharing the Same Sky
And so we are continuously evolving with the Earth, gaining vibrational momentum through our choices and intentions, always connected to one another. Play well, choose love, celebrate, laugh, connect, for all those who we come across in our daily lives, are reflections of ourselves.

Blessings, in Love and Light

Nancy Lila Ward

This Vibe Report is dedicated to Susie Pearl, my kitty companion of 16 years who left us (physically, anyway) on July 12.
Thank you my dear, sweet, soft little friend, there’s a void where you were, but we are filling it with love.
Susie Pearl, May 21, 1996 – July 12, 2012

** Every Monday night (almost), I host a Telecall where I channel the Vastness of Being. I tune into the energy of all who have signed up and connect with the energetic vibration so that all who participate, whether live on the call or listening to the recording, receive energies and messages that pertain to their current experience. Often we are led on a visualization journey that helps us raise our energetic vibration through clearing and receiving… emptying and filling.
To read more about it, or to sign up, click on this link: https://soultransitions.com/meditations/

Copyright © 2012 by Nancy Wallace Ward and Smote Hill Press. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to freely redistribute this article as long as the author’s name and website http://www.soultransitions.com are included.

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Vibe Report June 2012 June 25, 2012

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No, that wasn’t a type-o (July 2011)
Somehow my blog took on a life of its own and sent out last year’s July Vibe Report yesterday. I’m laughing because I’ve received several e-mails commenting how “spot-on” the July vibe report is! I guess it needed to be read again, and I must say that the information that came through one year ago hasn’t changed much. In fact, I’ve been feeling like I keep saying the same things over again in different ways, which is one reason why these vibe reports have been coming out later and later in the month. I’m appreciating the Divine wisdom, humor and surprise in re-sending the message of July 2011 while I was in the midst of putting together this June 2012 message. Just in time for the month’s end. So yes, the Spirits wanted us all to read that message again, for it is apropos to what we’re living through now. Hmmm… it’s still now. Last year’s now is today’s now. Time is definitely an illusion.

I also want to say, please bear with me, as I am going through big changes in my life and doing my best to balance all that I’m creating, as well as finding time to integrate and share the energetic messages.

Daily Drawings 6-12-2012

Flux (definition according to http://www.dictionary.com)
A flowing or flow. The flowing of the tide. Continuous change, passage or movement

The word “flux” has been in my awareness all month, like a blinking neon sign in my head. June has been on a fast track of erratic energy. I have found myself re-thinking and changing decisions I had made in May and April. As we become more flexible, our ability to listen to ourselves is being strengthened and refined. Going with the flow of energetic currents that wash through and around us is our challenge. Time is stretching and compressing and in some ways disappearing, and also there’s a feeling of fast moving energy. It has been difficult to fit everything in that I want to accomplish in the course of a day.

Slow It Down
There is a strong influence to slow down and be. To stop all the DO-ing, to let it all go. I am often in the state of feeling like I’m not doing enough. As if there’s a pack of wolves at my heels constantly nipping and barking at me. Lately, I’ve been stopping to breathe, to be still, and to gift myself with the space to do nothing. This is a huge luxury, not provoking guilt but being in the flow of Great Spirit’s Is-ness. I am learning the value of letting go into the current and releasing the badgering voice of should-talk. I am learning that being in the now opens up my energy, allowing me to follow the energy which feels good and inspiring me to do what needs to be done in perfect timing. So what if I’m cleaning out my closet at midnight? This alignment with flow also brings forth the creativity within. It is within all of us, for we are the creators and the co-creators of our collective experience.

We are all creating a new way of being here on planet Earth and we are fully supported in this process. There is a bit of overlap of the old and the new – ways of being that used to serve us are being released as we move into new territory brought on by the higher vibrational energies that continue to flow from the Galactic Center.

Energetic Acceleration
Two weeks ago my body went down for the count for a few days. I had been very busy from the end of May and through the first few weeks of June. I’m in the process of structuring a new path, focusing on figuring out what my next step is as I prepare to move to Canada. I was traveling back and forth from the Catskill Mountains in NY State to the “near north” of Ontario. I also completed training in the Third Level of Soul Realignment™, which brought me to a new energetic vibration. And I traveled to Phoenix to attend a Money and Purpose weekend event that focused on the spiritual path of money. It was a time of acceleration and receiving energy and information.

Daily Drawings 6-14-2012

I can feel when I’m receiving an “acceleration” of energy – and I’m sure all who are reading this have had this experience, as well. It’s a surge of energy flowing through our energy bodies, sometimes you may feel it when you’re lying down before you go to sleep, or when you awaken in the morning. It comes through at times during the day as well – it feels like expansion – it may trigger some solar plexus activity or heart activity. I am describing my experience here so that, for those who don’t understand what’s happening to them, you may recognize the feeling and breathe into it when it happens. I find it to be a warm, delicious feeling – exciting and energizing. After the initial surge of energy, we may feel cold inside, or our bodies may shake. These surges can knock us out for brief moments so that we need to lay down and breathe for fifteen or twenty minutes. I would describe this energy simply as the flow of the Love Force Energy. Love is an energetic frequency that, to me, is what we mean when we refer to “God.” At times it feels as if I’m being lifted out of my body as my conscious awareness is focusing on the Vastness of Being (not the guides I collaborate with, but the vastness of the All of the All).

Rhythmic Surges of Energy
These surges come in waves for a week or two at a time and then they recede, giving us a chance to integrate the higher energy. In the times when the energy draws back, it’s important to listen to our bodies and our intuition. My physical, mental and emotional body was calling for silence after all the activity of May and early June. After my weekend in Phoenix, I gave myself a day of stillness but then immediately afterwards, went into hyper busy-ness, as there was a lot to take care of and catch up on. I was feeling like I was pulled in many directions at once and then my body asserted itself and I was forced into utter stillness for two days. I can say I had some strange “bug” that felt kind of like flu, but not like anything I’d felt before. It began with dizziness that grew in intensity to the point where I had difficulty walking and my vision was fragmented – my depth of field was flattened. It was like the world was cut up and pasted back together at odd angles. All I could do was lay still and sleep. It was actually two days of beautiful quiet and rest. I had no interest in reading anything or taking in any information at all. As I look back on those two days, it was like being in an altered state of timelessness.

After this “bug” subsided, I have felt more energized than ever. I realized my body needed to integrate the energetic frequencies I had been receiving. So often when we “get sick” we tend to be hard on ourselves for “bringing illness on,” or “making ourselves sick.” How about changing those thoughts to a recognition that our physical bodies are detoxifying energetically what does not vibrate with the higher frequencies we are embodying in our Spiritual, mental and emotional energy bodies. That understanding will assist us in allowing our physical body to do what it needs to do to flush out what is being cleared by the high vibration we are embodying.

Stillness…from the Daily Drawings, 6-17-2012

Energetic Sensitivity
In our new way of being, we are finding it imperative to only do what we truly want to do, and in order to do this, we must listen to our bodies as well as our intuition. We are becoming super sensitive to energetic frequencies. Have you noticed that there are certain articles of clothing that you can’t bear to put on anymore? As if that shirt holds the vibration of what used to be and you have risen so far from that vibration, it’s intolerable to be near it anymore. This energetic sensitivity is being felt as far as the foods we eat, as well. You know when you eat something you used to love and now it just feels like a lead weight inside of you.

The clothes we wear, the foods we eat, what we drink, the energetic sensitivity is also being felt in where we’re living, who we share our world with, what work we are doing, what we’re reading, watching on television and in films. What we’re feeding our minds. All of this corresponds to our increased vibrational frequency. Many of us just want to feel good, want to only ingest information that inspires and uplifts us.

Daily Drawings, 6-2-2012

Chaos of Change
Ah yes, the joy of chaos! As we create change to bring in more harmony with our new vibration, we must let go, take that leap of faith and jump into the chaos of change. For a stirring up of our world will happen when we create profound change. This is a beautiful place in which to cultivate stillness, deep breathing and being in the moment of now. Oh I know, when we prepare to move to a new place, leave a relationship, deepen a new relationship, leave a job or a school, start something new, we find our energetic space buzzing with all the things we have to DO in the outer world to move that change forward. It can make us crazy! So we make our lists – it helps to put the mental babble down on paper. But then we really have to be vigilant in maintaining our focus on the moment of now. At 3:00am we can’t call the Department of Motor Vehicles to change the address on our drivers license, but we can breathe ourselves into the present moment. The over active mental body can be calmed through deep, rhythmic breathing… through prayer (ask for help!), and through energy work. How many of those reading this have had at least the Level One of Reiki? Remember to use that energy on yourself. If you’re awake in the wee hours with your eyes wide open and your mind on the crazy-coaster, do a self treatment of energy work. Work with light frequencies, visualization, breath work – we all need to be able to take care of ourselves as we roll through the changes in our lives, for those changes are accelerating as well. So remember to use your tools.

A phenomena I’ve noticed lately is that what we were focusing on, or working on, or creating 6 months ago, at the beginning of the year, is coming back to us at this time. Reappearing for a review, reassessment, reconfiguration, or re-creation. This is an opportunity to take whatever our creation was 6 months ago to the next level – to a higher awareness. The review process may be simply to acknowledge what we were working on, or to tweak it a bit to bring it into the higher vibration. Perhaps we are receiving clarity or a highlighting of something we need to pay more attention to.

Upward Climb
All of the energy surges have been preparing us for worldwide events as the entire planet is being restructured at every energetic level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Even the planet Earth has these energy bodies, just as each of us Humans do. So we receive the high frequencies in our Spirit Body and it flows into our mental, emotional and, finally physical body.

At this time in the last week of June 2012, it feels like we are slowly moving up a steep incline of a roller coaster, almost to the crest. And then, when we crest… woo-hoo! I don’t know what’s going to happen, but the energies astrologically are pointing to sudden, surprising changes. Uranus, which rules radical revolutionary change in structures (which will be manifested in societal structures of every kind and in the physical Earth) and Pluto, which is about transformation and destroying anything that is blocking change, are squaring each other as of June 24. I’m not an astrologer, but I can refer you to some astrologers who have written about this phoneomena:Barbara Hand Clow (www.handclow2012.com), Cathy Pagano of http://www.wisdom-of-astrology.com, and Robert Brown – http://www.writingsinthesky.com whom I recently had a reading with. (One of his specialties is Astro-Cartography and I wanted his input on the energetic lines on the earth regarding my move to Canada. He was very helpful and fun to talk to.)

Enough Already
We’ve been feeling like something’s about to happen… for several years now. There’s a lot of buzz out there about full disclosure coming from world governments regarding extra-terrestrial visitors, even though most of us have an inner knowing that they’re here and that they’ve been here for eons of time. Also, there’s buzz about the possibility of some event that will bring forth paradigm shifting information regarding the origin of humanity, the nature of the dogma of god (the godma of dog?), the truth of the Great Spirit and our place among the Cosmos. Personally, I feel that information is already out there in the world, however the Uranus/Pluto squares that will be occurring seven times from now until 2015, are the energetic planetary influences that could bring the much needed paradigm shift to the main stream. For those of us who have been looking beyond the veil, so to speak, we are so over the talk-talk-talk and are shouting to the void “Bring it on!” Even if we may not fully know what we’re asking for. For some, the so-called paradigm shift may not be so shocking and they will come to realize that they’ve been preparing for it in order to assist those who will be in shock to move forward and adjust to a new view of the world.

So many people I talk to are making radical changes in their lives – or else they are manifesting radical change by default. I am also witnessing many people leaving the planet, sometimes quite suddenly and unexpectedly. In any case there is a lot of restructuring going on and it requires patience. This brings me back to stillness, because I’m also seeing people who are answering the call within them to live simply, radiating gratitude for the beauty of nature, who enjoy sitting and feeling the flowers grow and unfold.


There’s a robin who has a nest under the upstairs deck off my bedroom. I’ve been watching her from the kitchen window, patiently sitting on the little blue eggs. Soon those eggs will hatch and there will be little beaks poking up from the nest and the mama will be flying about collecting food for those hungry babies. She’ll be quite busy then. I feel that we are in that incubation interval at this time. We need to keep doing the work on ourselves that brings us into alignment with the truth of our Souls, for when we are living from the energetic radiance of who we truly are, the world opens up for us and we are always in the right place at the right time, expressing with joy the vastness of our beings.

For those of us who are going through structural changes in your lives, know that there’s a lot of us who are repositioning ourselves at this time. We can tune into one another to help us all hold that space of change, gathering the momentum together for doing what needs to be done in 3D to move forward. We are not alone – ever – and as we move forward through whatever we are all globally co-creating, we will come to really feel the One-ness and Unity that is within the Human Consciousness.


Nancy Lila Ward
(reconfiguring… playing with change, my ever morphing name is still in flux!)

** Every Monday night (almost), I host a Telecall where I channel the Vastness of Being. I tune into the energy of all who have signed up and connect with the energetic vibration so that all who participate, whether live on the call or listening to the recording, receive energies and messages that pertain to their current experience. Often we are led on a visualization journey that helps us raise our energetic vibration through clearing and receiving… emptying and filling.
To read more about it, or to sign up, click on this link: https://soultransitions.com/meditations/

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Vibe Report May 2012 May 7, 2012

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We are into the 5th month of 2012 and as I sit with the energies scanning the past 4 months I see and feel erratic fluctuations pulling and pushing like a sawing motion, accompanied by drops in elevation down into sinkholes, then popping out like cartoon toast from a toaster boing-ing up and slow spiraling down to land gently on soft moss that soon morphs into mud and turns into a slurry that cascades us with it to the edge of a precipice and off we go because there’s no other choice and instead of falling, we’re floating and then suddenly falling and then going up and on and on it goes. Yikes!

At times I’ve also felt like I’m on a carnival ride – the Cup and Saucer. I’m sitting in the cup and it begins to spin and the larger saucer is also spinning, faster and faster, at different rates and sometimes different directions. Centrifugal forces are bringing up our issues for integration and lightening up.

We may be feeling a little dizzy or nauseous, experiencing digestive issues, sudden feelings of panic, or a general flat-lining feeling that leaves us staring into space. Surges of energy are entering our nervous system affecting our physical bodies, our emotional/mental body and blurring the lines of reality. I’m not even sure I can explain what that means, but so-called reality seems a bit fuzzy at times, along with the flow of time itself. And the sun… what’s up with the sun? The light seems different somehow and yet I can’t quite put my finger on it. It seems “old” or diffused… the shadows seem long even at mid-day.

That old onion analogy
Veneers of the old camouflage we took on as coping mechanisms throughout our lives continue to be brought to our attention through our thoughts and feelings. This can be so uncomfortable but is integral to our rising into the fullness of our being. We need to look at our “faults” and self judgments and bring them into our hearts as we would soothe a crying child. Learning to stop judging ourselves and others, knowing that we’re all on this ride together, helps to bring us back to ourselves and take care of our own process. This also gives rise to deeper compassion for those who seem to be freaking out or holding on to the old, splattering us with their dysfunction (triggering ours!). It’s all an opportunity to love ourselves..

Many people are making life-changing decisions at this time – many are moving to new locations – as one friend said, people are being “re-positioned.” Job changes and relationship changes are ongoing. Flare-ups in relationships, outbursts of anger, and abrupt changes in behavior continue to abound. We are all on notice to really practice not taking things personally.

There has been some silence from Soul Transitions as I undergo shifts and repositionings myself. I often find myself leaning towards the resistance of change. The flow stops, the wheels spin. And then I remember I’m on this great adventure, I find the humor to laugh at my humanity, and gather the courage to continue.

My new website Integral Soul is under construction. I have found a web goddess to assist me in this process and I am so grateful to have come across her through the Soul Realignment™ website (Keena – http://www.PurposeRichBranding.com – see more information below). I expect to launch Integral Soul in June/July. My Vibe Report blog will be moved over to that site and I am hoping to transfer all the subscribers through the RSS feed, however if I’m not able to do that and you are a subscriber, you may be asked to re-subscribe on the new site.

Daily Drawings April 20, 2012

Slippin’ and Slidin’
This is a transitional time where that which is unresolved will be coming to the surface for completion. Loose ends could turn into whips so be sure to take care of any unfinished business and promises not yet fulfilled. Unexpected events from the micro to the macro are bubbling up. Trust that all is well and in alignment with the great shift and adapt a feeling of wonderment as you traverse the terrain of May. We are each on a path and those pathways can become obscured as winds of energy change the landscape. There may be times when you don’t know where you’re going because what once was clear has become cloudy. Uncertainty abounds. Make friends with it.

For some, the outer world may seem to remain the same, but an inner swirling of energy will be felt amplifying a feeling that provokes the question “what’s going on?” This is why having a feeling of wonderment as the world turns around us will help us maintain a state of witnessing the grandeur of life. This helps us to stay in our little boats as the seas churn all around. Conscious breathing and tuning in to love will assist us in stabilizing our equilibrium. This will be an ongoing necessity as our pathways become obscured and the ground underneath slippery. What once was there suddenly disappears and we’re in unknown, never before seen territory. This makes us nervous. But we still contain and embody the integrity of our essence and that is a profound knowing that brings us stability. Know who you are. Support who you are. Speak your truth and live your truth.

When nervous, panicky feelings come into us, we can know for sure that others “out there” are feeling it, too. Through our breath, we can bring in soothing, grounding energy and send it out into the collective consciousness.

Birthing our new lives
Living what isn’t our truth is becoming unbearable, so if you’ve lost your job or are in the process of releasing a relationship, know it as a blessing and an opportunity for you to align with something that brings you joy. Know that for every ending is a beginning.

Emotional currents, and thought forms that give birth to emotions, are swirling around among endings and new beginnings. If you are initiating a major life change, check in to know that you are following your heart, even thought it may waver at times. Us humans do resist change and all that is required to create change at the planetary level, but the heart-guided changes we make in 3D rise up through our dimensional frequencies and re-align us with the original vibration of our Soul. How can this not bring us fulfillment and joy at every level?

We’re not alone
Knowing that all of humanity is connected in the One-ness will help us to stay in the Light and find balance in uncertain and changing times. Reaching out, connecting with one another, calling a friend or going to a gathering can be soothing and supportive in times of change.

The Vastness of Being say, “We see you standing, feet apart, knees slightly bent helping you to stay upright and as the earth moves underneath you, you sway back and forth with the rhythm of the shifting. That is how the energies look at this time. Shaking ground, shifting sands, uprisings rising up.” We all support each other through the energetic web of light that links us to one another.

Daily drawing, May 5, 2012

Dimensional shifts are filtering down into the planetary 3D experience, creating cracks that can be seen in many of our lives and/or in the expanded global picture. New energies are released through the fissures giving us the opportunity to rise up, explore and embody new wisdom and experiences. We, as a collective consciousness, are all going through this together. The journey is all about self love and acceptance.

Resistance is Futile
We need to be as flexible as possible as the energies rock our world inside and out. Grounding into the earth and connecting our heartbeat to the heartbeat of the earth keeps us in harmony. This is our chance to strengthen our ability to remain in the present moment.

Sharing loving, happy moments in our day, radiating gratitude and appreciation, celebrating our friendships and loving connections helps to raise our collective vibration. In mirthful moments, we can send the energy that we’re feeling through the inner net, connecting with other humans… they receive it and feel it and radiate it outwards, others receive it and then send it forward, on and on… this creates a vibration of love energy throughout humanity. We literally pulsate the love vibe throughout ourselves and the inner net of humanity. We will see others being drawn into our lives with serendipity and synchronicity. Radiance is released through these moments of spontaneity and it will be like a party around you… a party of radiance around each of us… a celebration… a joyful energy.

Daily Drawings April 28, 2012

Don’t Look Back
Look to where you are in the present. Much is bubbling up around us. If we stay connected to our hearts and remember who we are – our energetic vibration is the energy of our Soul – if we nurture this energy that is our unique vibration, we will stay in integrity and be able to navigate the ever-changing currents. Joyful celebration with one another, creative expression of our divine gifts – saying YES! to who we are – strengthens the connection we have to one another. It’s like many people holding hands, feet firmly planted on the ground bracing against a strong current, gathering strength through our One-ness.

When we move through the times of uncertainty and maintain our inner integrity, we will find ourselves in new places living a life more aligned to our Soul’s highest path and purpose. Know that you are fully supported in creating your new life.


Nancy Ward
Aka: Lila
(pronounced Lee-la)
and my collaborators The Vastness of Being

“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.”
– Eckhart Tolle, The New Earth

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The Vibe Report for March, 2012 March 17, 2012

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Wave after wave of energy is rolling through our multidimensional physical reality, pushing us toward new experiences and sometimes wiping out the old. Many of us are facing changes deep within our consciousness and/or in our outer lives. This can leave us feeling wobbly and off balance. It’s helpful to practice grounding our energy into the earth, to spend some time in nature, to breathe deeply and call the light of the cosmic consciousness into us, to experience ourselves as part of the All That Is.

Change is flowing into my life in many ways. I am personally feeling that these Vibe Reports are taking on a different aspect. Since 2012 began, when I sit to write, I feel more like I’m writing to a book that is being birthed within me. The Vibe Report may appear as audio or video messages in the future. The experience of channeling is now more of a blending of inspiration from the Vastness of Being and my Soul consciousness. In fact, I am feeling “my consciousness” as very expansive – part of the Human consciousness and then expanding into the nature of Earth. When I think of the Oneness of the Human Being, the concept of collective consciousness moves outward to the galactic and universal level. No wonder we’re losing our memories and our stories! We are glimpsing ourselves as part of the All of the All.

When I tune into this, I feel the flow like a wind blowing through me, loosening attachments to defining myself. And then an old wound might loom up, like a huge boulder blocking my flow, saying, “You can’t pass until you deal with this.” Have you noticed you keep coming up against the same feelings – things you feel you’ve already dealt with? It seems that all we can do is surrender and ask for help in releasing resistance so we can integrate the wound into our essence with love.

Precipice of Change
Back here on Earth, I am in the process of creating a major change in my life. I’ve been writing about changes and the Precipice that many are facing and I am on the edge of a precipice as well. My friends and collaborators in the non-physical tell me that when we step off the precipice; don’t be surprised if we rise! Like fledgling birds taking that step out of the nest and finding we have wings as a whole new landscape opens before us.

The Love-Force Energy
I have been consciously visualizing and opening to receive the crystalline Christ Consciousness energy in my high heart – the upper chest, below the trachea and above the heart – at the thymus gland. To me, this energy is the “God-force” energy. There are many names that describe it: Divine Creator, Source, Spirit, Chi, Life Force Energy, All that Is… God. Whatever we call it, it is a flow of love. Sometimes I like to refer to it as the Love Force Energy, which, to me, is the life force that animates the physical body bringing life and consciousness to the physical. It exists within and beyond the physical, flowing through the All of the All… the Universe, the Multi-verse… it is that which cannot be explained. The mystery… The Great Spirit.

Innocent Hearts
I have always been aware of the feeling of innocence when opening up to this energy. Early on in my awakening experience I was frightened because I felt “not good enough” to receive this energy. And then I was even more afraid because I realized I felt resistance to love. This is the tragedy of the wounded Human. To become so confused about our truth that we actually resist the vibration of love.

Back to that boulder, it is our resistance to receiving love. It is our fear, our “not good enough” beliefs. It isn’t just our personal stuff, it’s ancestral – genetic – it’s in the Human DNA.

I now realize that we all come into this life fully embodying the energy of innocence and love. In my experience of acclimating myself to the vibrational frequencies of life on earth in the mid 1950s, I learned that the energy of innocence was not well received here. It was not respected, it was not strong enough or aggressive enough to compete, to get ahead. In my unawareness, I felt like I was wrong for being who I was – my true non-competitive nature was wrong. I grew to believe that others were better than me and so began the process of building up hard layers around my heart to hide that innocence. Crying inside, this little part of me curled up in a fetal position, orphaned and lonely. Now, I see this experience differently. The layers that had built up were protecting the innocence of my heart from a world that believed in competition and survival of the strongest.

The Daily Drawing March 9, 2012

As I began healing into loving myself – a process that began at least 30 years ago – I witnessed the flow of love coming up against this barrier of energy around my heart, which vibrated with such pain, so that love actually hurt. It was horrifying to me to realize that I was afraid of allowing love into my heart. I was literally afraid of the fear I felt. Little by little, with much assistance from non-physical guides, from teachers and from various modes of therapy and energy work, I have been able to release the density that had built up around me, so that I could receive love and BE love.

The waves of high vibrational energy we are receiving strip the denser vibrations from us so, sometimes bringing us to our knees. It is up to us to surrender into loving ourselves. When we do this, we are lifted up into the energy flow of love.

There are some people who are feeling anxiety that they will not “ascend” or move into the vibration of the “New Earth.” As if that journey is reserved for a select few who have been “on the path” for a long time, or who are somehow “better” or “spiritual masters.” I remember feeling that way at one time. It is one of the ways that we allow fear to hold us in density. It also is of the third dimensional vibration of competition and survival of the fittest, which is not our true nature. We are co-creators, learning to live in cooperation not competition. Turning our focus back into love will help us to move into that vibration. There is no one who is going to be “left behind.” Eventually, we come to trust in our hearts and our Souls and the divine timing of our awakening.

The high vibrational energies that are currently on the Earth plane have been anchored by many who came to Earth in the years after World War II. They brought the Light of love and truth into the density and helped to usher in the momentously creative times of the 1960s. The music and energy of those times is still so alive and vibrant. Now, the path to Love is greatly accelerated. So don’t worry; what took me 30 years of gaining clarity and self love will take others a much shorter time – days, weeks, whatever time is needed, it is in Divine Timing.

The Inner Net
A few months ago I wrote about a dream I had where I was within the living organism of the Human Being. I was looking at a membrane all around me and there were white circles and black dash lines that were flowing in that membrane. As I looked closer I saw radiant faces within the white circles and I realized that each circle was an awake person on Earth and the black lines represented those who were still asleep.

11-30-2011 small
From the Daily Drawings, Nov. 30, 2011

I often speak about the Inner Net and I see it as lines of heart connections that we in those white circles of light have between us. I find it of great comfort to meditate on these connections when I feel a little “off” or disconnected. It’s like I’m looking out from my window of light and saying hello to all of you looking out of your windows of light. Feeling the heart to heart connection with all my sisters and brothers of Humanity in the Inner Net fills me with love and playfulness and comfort as I know I’m not alone. It is simply at the speed of thought – or conscious intention – that the connection can be made. And when we do this – send Love through the Inner Net – we are strengthening our connection to one another and radiating that energy through the membrane of humanity, helping to illuminate and awaken. And that is how the Human Being rides the wave of love into the higher frequency of the New Earth. To me, this is what is meant by ascension. The point I want to make is that we are rising together in Unity. Creating a cooperative, thriving organism. And everyone is invited to the party!

From the Daily Drawings, March 14, 2012

We are all born into this world with an innocent open heart. We are coming back to that very vibration at this time. Opening to love, to be-ing in love. Returning to love, we are loving ourselves awake.

Nancy Leilah Ward
and the Vastness of Being

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The Vibe Report for February 2012 February 22, 2012

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Loving Ourselves and the Crystalline Energy

Continuing with the feelings of ennui and urgency, February has been a month of turning inside out and shining Light on parts of ourselves that we’ve kept in the dark. This has rendered me frozen in place at times or swirling within whirlpools of emotion. Welcome to the 4th dimension!

Expanding with the tide, a wave has turned, come to completion and is spreading its energy across the sand. I feel this within me. The essence of my life expanding with a sigh across the pebbles and shells of long ago experiences, stirring memories, currents of emotions, all of my experience in this life so far. Feelings and memories that have been integrated, softened with love, tenderness, tears of release, all coming up once again, like mist rising from the sand. Not for review. Not for further exploration, just to be in the light of my conscious loving energy. Raw feelings, opening the tenderest places within my experience are triggered, and I realize that all I am to do is love everything that comes up within me.

During this process at the deepest moments of the remembrance of pain, I feel another energy rising within me. It is my expanded self; feeling like a goddess, a wise, loving mother, witnessing the pain with absolutely no judgment. Holding the energy of my life in a sacred chalice, I feel reverence, and a deeper sense of love and acceptance than I’ve ever known. All of these facets – aspects of my Self – shine and shimmer in the light of awareness. This expanded self is vast; it feels like the “real” me. And then I come to a realization that as we continue to expand through the influence of the high frequencies of energy that are coming to us from the Cosmos, we are rising into our multidimensionality and the past as we remember it becomes simply a story. And at this time we have so much support for letting go of our stories.

Wave of Love
The emotions and thought forms of the past are being stirred by the golden wave of light – washing through our being – showing us the parts of ourselves that simply need more love. We are being shown the deepest aspects of our pain – the dark places we have repressed and fought to push away, now revealing themselves for us to envelop in love. No matter how we have tried, these emotions and thoughts cannot be denied. They have been cast out, abandoned by ourselves and they are coming home. Welcome them back into your heart.

The Golden Wave, oil on canvas, 2012 by Nancy Ward

How the Story Grows
We are born into this world and when we are small, wide open to it all, the world is described to us. We accept what we’re told and begin to walk within the thought forms and beliefs that are handed down through generations. We take on the description of “reality” with its limitations and disappointments and often this involves invalidation of our authentic selves. But the thing is that we agree… we make an agreement to invalidate our own authenticity.

As we accept the descriptions of the world – the global story and our own personal family story – the mental and emotional energy filters into our beliefs. We take on this dense energy layer by layer, until we are wearing a heavy blanket or overcoat of stories and beliefs, which we then present to the world as our own. I see an overcoat lined with wiggling tentacles and as we put it on, the tentacles reach in and become part of our organic body, feeding us with the energy of that which invalidates our soul’s truth. It is very heavy, this shroud. Its density weighs on us and feeds us with disempowerment, fear, depression. This energy is not only from this lifetime but it contains the thought forms and beliefs that suppressed our ancestors and has been kept alive in the collective consciousness of Humanity.

The Golden Wave
We assist this wave by embodying the Light of the resonant frequencies within our energy bodies and also through the collective consciousness, which I like to call the Inner Net. And so we rise with the golden wave and we rise as One Being – the Human Being. When we have compassion for ourselves, we also assist one another in that regard, for the compassion flows with the wave of Christ Consciousness energy throughout the Inner Net. We assist the flow of this energy through loving ourselves.

High vibrating frequencies reveal the truth
New information is surfacing, through personal insights, new discoveries and teachings. This Golden Wave of truth is affecting everyone in the conscious human family and we are seeing more people awakening to the truth. Including those who have been involved in government operations, corporate enterprises, academic manipulation of science and history, as well as political and religious organizations. Some are beginning to come forward in truth because they can no longer live within the matrix of lies they have participated in or witnessed.

Paradigm shifting information is coming to the global family and this information comes in gradual increments and will also come through events that will cause beliefs long held by humanity to come crashing down. Think of it as an energetic golden tidal wave that is wiping out false beliefs and allowing us to rise to the crest of the wave in the joy of newfound freedom. We will come to see how powerful we truly are. Humanity and the Earth is being re-born.

Letting go of the story
The Golden Wave of energy washes through all of us, offering us an opportunity to let go of our stories. There may be a little anxiety in letting go. After all, this is part of how we have identified ourselves. We “think” this is who we are. But there is so much more. As we let go of the heaviness of the past, we rise, like the spray on top of a wave, we rise, sparkling in the sunlight, and we integrate with the ocean of consciousness, we integrate with one another, coming into the experience of Unity. In increments, little by little, we experience a gradual awakening, which includes strong surges of energy that push us into new pathways of knowing.

The Earth and the Christ Consciousness
There is a pulsation of energy from the Universe – from a place beyond words – Divine Source. This energy is the Crystalline Energy of Christ Consciousness and it is pulsing into the sun, and the sun is pulsing it into the earth, increasing the heartbeat of the earth. It would be of great assistance to us if we could find that vibration, and allow ourselves to vibrate with the pulsation, or heartbeat of the earth. How do we do this? Taking moments to connect with the Earth energy – when I think of this, I feel my energy spreading through the Earth around me… in addition to sending my grounding cord into the earth, there’s a resonance of spreading out, like the ocean surf as it meets the shore and sinks into the sand.

Visualize sending roots of light into the earth. This can be done anywhere – even if you live in a city – the Earth is still there underneath the concrete and subway system. It helps to connect with trees – to put your spine against a tree and feel the roots going down, as you are surrounded in the aura of the tree. We are sharing this Earth with all the other life forms here, we are sharing consciousness with one another and we are expanding out into the Universe.

The “High Heart” Chakra
This energy is everywhere and is vibrating within our Spirit Body. To help integrate it further, we can consciously receive it through a chakra that exists above our heart in the center of our chest at the Thymus Gland. This has been called the High Heart Chakra. When we open to receive this energy it flows through our physical body. We can consciously flow it through every cell in our body and radiate it out into our emotional and mental bodies and then into our Spirit Body – these are the layers of our energy field. Our spirit body – that part of our energetic field that is furthest away from our physical (about an arm’s distance out) helps to draw the energy through the other layers of our field to maintain coherence with this resonance. This raises our vibration and lifts us onto the top of the Golden Wave.

The Daily Drawings, February 16, 2012

Unity Consciousness
We, the Human Being, are experiencing this together, because we are One, we are not separate from one another. We are rising into and moving towards a moment of Awakening… a Conscious Awakening.

Lightening Up
It will help us to practice feeling ourselves in a state of well-being. To practice the feeling of light-heartedness. To keep our hearts light as a feather. To witness events – and to witness how we may be triggered by them. This can be challenging, as waves of emotion move through us. Are you noticing some people flipping out in anger and lashing out at others? Do you feel the rising tide of anger moving through you at times? It can be very challenging for us to maintain our center when surges of emotion move through us or those we are in contact with. All kinds of emotions get triggered within us and so it helps to witness ourselves during these moments and know it’s an opportunity for us to love ourselves through the experience. Sometimes this awareness may not occur when we’re in the center of the storm, but when the air clears, we can hold the unloved aspects of ourselves that have been revealed as if we are holding an infant, with compassion. It’s like a storm blowing through and removing all our defenses so that we can see the orphaned parts of ourselves that are asking us to simply love them.

From the Daily Drawings, February 5, 2012

Growing Pains
Humanity is at a turning point in growth – the old clothes and shoes have gotten way too tight and are splitting at the seams. Buttons popping off, in all directions as we stretch ourselves into expanded awareness of thought and feeling. Telepathic abilities are coming to be known and understood more deeply. What we call synchronicity are moments of co-creation with one another. Truths about the history of humanity are being revealed, truths about the capabilities of the human being are coming into our awareness. We are outgrowing our belief systems. This is happening, whether or not we try to hold onto the old ideas and beliefs, a new age of awareness is dawning. This is the age of awakening. This is the golden wave, it is here and it is our choice to move with the energy or try to maintain the status quo, which is dissolving.

Oh it’s a joyful and exciting time to be alive on earth. I want to learn not to take things so seriously, to feel myself surfing this golden wave and to celebrate gratitude in every moment.

May we receive the light and radiate!

Sharing Consciousness, we rise together.

Nancy Leilah Ward
and the Vastness of Being

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The Vibe Report for January 2012 January 11, 2012

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Integral Soul Vibe Report January 2012


January 9, 2012

Out of the Fire and into the Sun

From the Daily Drawings, December 31, 2011

From the Daily Drawings, January 1, 2011

Since June 2011, I have been keeping a visual journal of daily drawings. I open up to receive and follow the energy, intuitively using color and guided by inner visions and sometimes dreams. These two images came through on the last day of 2011 and the first day of 2012. I ask my inner guidance and the Vastness of Being for an interpretation, which I feel applies to all of us:

Fire and Sun
Fiercely and courageously you have been dancing in the fires of transformation. You are now entering further acceleration of energies, which are expanding you into the multidimensionality of the universe. The sun on the horizon is your teacher. The fiery energy of the sun’s radiance is permeating your solar system. We have spoken before about the communication between the stars. Your sun is pulsating energetic frequencies that send messages throughout the galaxy. Your sun is awakening the All That Is within each Soul of the Human Being. Amping up the energy, bringing forth deep and profound shifts within each person and within all structures that are created through energetic thought forms. For example there is a group thought form that creates a government in the energy field that becomes strong enough to appear in the physical reality. The same with all systems – the banking systems, educational systems, religious systems – all concentrations of thought become physical representations. And so as the Human Being integrates the Soul of Humanity, which happens individually and as a group consciousness, the higher frequencies are being established within the Human Consciousness field. And so the structures of thought forms that are remaining in the lower vibration are disappearing and you witness this as something collapsing, imploding, sometimes creating great and sudden change. Rejoice! You are riding a great golden wave that is flowing from the center of your sun. But that is just one aspect of the multidimensional reality of the golden wave.

We will not predict or make much comment on the year 2012, for we feel there is enough talk about what this year means, however we do say that this is a year of radical shifting and sometimes sudden changes. Know that this is Divinely Guided, this is Nature, and this is bringing Humanity into ultimate freedom and sovereignty. The energy coming from the sun cannot be controlled or contained, so we suggest you bravely bask in the radiance of truth and learn to trust and surrender. You have many beings watching over you and you have each other.

There will be many inventions that will take you out of dependence on non-sustainable ways of living on the earth. So many possibilities that will free you from the yoke of lack and fear. Dream it into being! You create the thought forms that become the reality and you are doing it as a group consciousness for you have much power – as the Human Being.

In My Experience
We are calling back the parts of our Soul that have been isolated. The painful wounds that we can’t bear to see or feel. We are reaching out to the essences of our Soul that are still residing in our pain body. Those fragments of our hearts that have been disavowed, hated and despised… by our own selves. Can you feel the flow of softness as the nectar of unconditional love flows into you at the realization of this?

So when we feel “off” and give ourselves the devotional gift of attention, we can allow ourselves to really tune in to the feelings that come up and to allow them to wash through us. When we face our pain and allow ourselves to hold it in the vibration of love, a flow of compassion rises and flows throughout our being and into our energy field. Compassion for ourselves. For our Humanity. For all of Humanity. How could we ever criticize another person, when we’ve finally allowed ourselves to have compassion for our own precious being and all of our so-called faults?

We have so much support in the energies that are ignited around us. As we go through the process of calling back the parts of our being that have separated, creating loneliness and despair, we begin to receive the most beautiful energy healing. I see swirling pale pink light wrapping around us like a cocoon, and then pale golden light begins to spiral down gently raising the vibration. If we need violet light it will begin to glow all around us and as constriction releases and compassion flows through, openings appear which allow the fragmented parts of ourselves to come back home, come into the circle into the center of our hearts where it’s warm with unconditional love. And we say to this part of ourselves, “Tell me of your pain and let me wrap my arms around you and sing you a lullaby of love.”

And so we move deeper into the healing process of integration.

Sacred Humanity
We are being opened to receive more and more of the Christ Energy – the high vibrational frequency that is lifting us into accepting ourselves so that we become the Sacred Human Beings. Actually, we already are Sacred Human Beings. We are going through the process of believing in ourselves in this way. For how can we walk the Earth responsibly if we believe we are bad? Self love radiates outward into loving acceptance of all of Humanity. And when we see denser energies working through our brothers and sisters, the compassion that arises, instead of judgment, will help to raise the vibration of all, will offer redemption to all. For we are all connected and we act as mirrors for one another.

The Shadow Reveals the Light
Newly into the much talked about and anticipated year of 2012, I had the experience of my Shadow looming up all around me like a black mist with tentacles reaching into me. My heart was constricted in pain. I looked down and pulled a shard of glass out of my heart. But no, it’s a shard of a mirror. So I looked into that mirror and was confronted with what I don’t accept about myself and judge in myself and I saw it all related to different moments where I made decisions that I felt great shame about. Wave after wave of memories flooded through me as I squirmed in wrenching pain.

It was a day of pacing the floor, and a day of prayer. And then I received a message from out of the blue. A woman said to me (in relation to a certain incident), “Well, there’s nothing I can do about it now, so I’m not going to think about it.” That comment helped me to let go of the constriction of judgment and fear that I had been feeling. I began to breathe more fully and I felt lighter.

Ancient Healing Deities
Later I went to a yoga class I’d never been to before. The teacher’s energy was gentle and loving and she told us of her devotion to Hanuman, the monkey god of the Hindu pantheon of deities. Hanuman is an incarnation of the Divine and a disciple of Lord Rama. Worshiped as a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and devotion, Hanuman assisted Rama in the struggle against the evil forces of the demon king Ravana.

My friend Jon says that Hanuman is all about devotion, which really means devotion to the self. Hanuman also seems to me to be about eradicating demons in doing so (like the dark energy form with the tentacles that I had seen around me).

In the class, the energy of Hanuman was so present through the devotion of the teacher. I actually felt Hanuman showing me that feeling into my pain brings up waves of compassion, which helped me to open up to receive parts of myself that I’d abandoned through my own judgment against myself.

The reason I mention all this is to show that assistance is always available to us and sometimes it comes from surprising sources. I had heard of Hanuman, but had never felt the healing energies of this Deity before.

A Message From The Vastness of Being
The consciousness of Humanity is moving through a narrower and narrower passage compressing that which is dark into light.

What happens at the end of the passage? There is no end. There is a blending and opening into Radiance. As each person moves through this narrowing passage, they must release, surrender, accept, let go and open to the light of the Christ consciousness within. The brightest, most expanded aspect of Love.

The baggage must stay behind.

Feel yourselves to be wrapped in a cocoon of love, assisting you in this deep process of release.

The narrow pathway we mention may bring people to their knees, in certain aspects in their lives. Surrender to the currents of energy that are bringing change flowing like rivers through your lives. A time of compassion is arising…we say that compassion is the healing balm that will assist you in loving yourselves, shadow and all.

Often we have said that Humanity needs to love itself – each individual unconditionally loving themselves. This does not mean only doing what is considered good by some standard. No this means loving your shadow, loving your entire being with no judgment. So when you find yourself criticizing another, know that you criticize yourself even more harshly. As you see your own pain and foibles, and you love and accept these aspects of self, you will notice a bit of hilarity rising like bubbles to the surface, bursting with glee at the absurdity of it all. For once you know the innocence of unconditional love, there is no other way to be. All are growing towards this. Practice patience. Seek out those who work with energy to assist you in clearing, or shattering illusions that were never yours to begin with. Illusions about yourselves.

You are indeed diving into the sun, into the fire, for purification. It can be painful, but the pain is simply the melting of your hearts. As the ice cracks, the tenderness is revealed and you are the ones to love yourselves back to wholeness.

And so we move on to speak of the journey. Healing the pain is part of the steps along the way as you rise into acceptance and join together in Unity. The path is unfolding. You have all chosen to be here at this time of pivotal change on earth. Many beings from all over the Universe are here to support you, for change is at hand. Many will experience life-changing situations that may come up suddenly. We say, learn to embrace this change, for it is realigning you with truth and freedom.

Smile Often
Laugh – find the humor in this journey. We are so amazed at the Human Being with all your richness of emotion and the splendor of your creativity. If you could but see yourselves as we see you. Lighten up… do your best to not take everything so seriously. We see many people so serious about spiritual growth and we tell you, you already are sacred. Part of enlightenment is being light, so be gentle with yourselves as you journey deeper into Love. The pathway is open, you are moving forward on your journey to the center of the All That Is.

Golden Wave
I have been seeing visions of the golden wave – it has come up in my drawings and in a painting I’m working on. The Golden Wave brings the energy to move us forward into joy. The wave is here, moving through our lives. Courage, trust, love and surrender help us ride this wave. And creativity… our creative pursuits, no matter how the light of creativity shines through us, brings us lightness and a sense of fun and wonder at it all. So trying something new, doing something we’ve never done before helps create energy that moves with this wave.

Lightening Up
And speaking of humor, when I was preparing for my Monday night channeled meditation telecall recently, two guys showed up – they had Jamaican accents and dreadlocks and were very funny, joking around with each other and flying around my energy field. They said they were with me to bring a sense of lightness and effervescence to myself and those who would be participating in the telecall. Caught up in the energy, I laughingly asked them to please don’t make me talk funny (like them). I didn’t actually channel them but their energy was there and as I’m writing this now, they’re saying “We’re serious about silliness.”

Oh yes and they kept saying they are the Brothers of the Nine, even though they are two. They show me nine brothers who fly around and bring their comedy routines to many people, so I thank them for showing up in my playroom! Poking fun at our seriousness, they’re here to help us lighten up.

I wish you remembrance of who you truly are and a deep knowing that we are all connected through the Collective Consciousness of the Human Being.

Onward, upward, inward and outward!

Nancy Ward
The Vastness of Being

“We cannot have true compassion for anyone else if we don’t have compassion for ourselves.” Drup Shenpa Elaine

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Rejoice! A Solstice Message from the Angelic Emissaries of the Galactic Councils December 21, 2011

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From the Daily Drawings, 12/12/2011

A Solstice Message from the Angelic Emissaries of the Galactic Councils

As directly received by Nancy Leilah Ward December 21, 2011

The Journey of Souls

Diving down… this Earth experience… many lifetimes – the Soul journey – diving down through layers of timelines into the depth of darkness because that is what grew here – darkness – density. It wasn’t the original design. It wasn’t in the original plan but it became the accumulation of the perversion of the plan and so we work within the matrix of the experiment. A surprise to the Elders of the Councils that have watched and waited through eons of Earth time.

And when it got so bad that destruction was imminent, a call went out throughout the galaxy. A call went out to the Realms of Light where Souls dwell in Bliss. “Who will come and assist? Who will come and assist our sister Gaia and our Human Child? There needs to be light brought into this realm to weave love back into the hearts of Humanity. To give them a chance to rise into Light and then to take their place among the stars.”

And we saw the beauty of the decision to go so deep into darkness and find your way back to love.

And so many Souls answered the call. From the place of Light it seemed simple. “Of course we will help. We are so filled with Light, we can bring it to the Earth plane.”

But once we descended… we had no idea what the density would be like for we did not travel in such realms and we had no idea how heartbreaking it would be. And so we forgot our true nature as lifetime after lifetime we dove deeper into the depths of darkness. Until we came to the bottom. Some, tragically, lost their way. Some lights faded and blinked out and that raised a current of despair for many. And others maintained their light and they have been beacons. And some Masters came down from the Creator of All who dwells in Bliss – like a shot of Light directly into the bottom and then rose up illuminating a path of Light. And then the Force of Darkness found these pathways and corrupted the programs to use against Humanity but the integrity of the Love remained – even if it was a tiny spark – it lived and the ones from the Light recognized that spark because that same spark was still alive within them. And they began to call more of the Light to them until that spark became a flame and a light that illuminated the pathway Home. And so you are rising and the Light within you is guiding you Home. And you are meeting your fellow Light Bearers as your journey becomes clear and you rise together.

And this is what you came here to do. And it has been accomplished with the purest integrity, for you had to forget in order to truly carry the light.

And so now is a time to rejoice as you go through the process of remembering who you are.

And many times you have felt regret and thought, “What was I thinking in coming here?” Because, indeed you were perhaps naive or idealistic as to how deep and compressing the density could be and the forgetting.

You were prepared before you came but each of you knew that there would be surprises, for there was no way to truly know what it would be like here. This had not ever been done before.

So now, you are linked within. You are connected to one another heart to heart, Soul to Soul. And as you live the Light of Truth, you illuminate with one another and light gets brighter and brighter as you arise from the depths into the lighter frequencies. We tell you this now so that you can feel and embody this arising – and so you can know within the fullness of your being – within your multidimensional selves – that your journey has been a beautiful success and you are experiencing the awakening into Light now. And all the lifetimes your Souls have experienced are a beautiful tapestry of emergence and acceptance. For indeed, you have experienced the density though participation in it at times and by doing so you have untied knots of despair and re-woven the tapestry with forgiveness through surrender and acceptance.

Through your direct participation you have allowed the density to move through you and you have transformed it with Love.

Each of you who reads these words wear a mantle of Light and a crown of radiance. Embody this light and know that you are soon to be at the journey’s end when you arise into the Light Realms of Love. It is so beautiful, what you have done here. And the story is not over. There is a continuation and a choice as to what pathways your journeys take you next, according to the Love and Light of your Soul as the Universe opens to receive you!

Rejoice! Redemption is at hand! The Light is rising and carrying you Home.

We are from the Realms of Light – the Watchers, the Angelic dimensions of the Galactic Councils. There is more to come as the journey continues to unfold. Feel our love, feel your heart glowing with this radiance as you awaken to your true selves and see your beautiful missions accomplished!

[This message has a soundtrack – “All You Need is Love…” On this Solstice day of darkness into Light, we bring the Light with us – amplifying this radiance as we arise.]

From the Daily Drawings, December 21, 2011

[The message continues…]

We are the Angelic beings that surround the Galactic Councils. We have been watching and praying for Humanity – for the Light Beings who came to Earth. We promised you we would never leave you and so we have held the radiance to assist you in keeping the spark of love alive within you as you dove deep into the darkness to immerse yourself in the density to change it from within. It was the only way to transform, to awaken the Human Being. You are coming to know that the darkness no longer has any power over you for you are embodying Love instead of fear. Do you not notice now, when fear comes in that you no longer react to it – that it is not able to sink its hook into you like it used to? It is like a fog that has nowhere to connect to you – as you observe it and know that it is not real. That you have a choice to choose love or fear and since the Love/Light is growing exponentially within you, the fear has nothing to attach to. Allow this to happen and grow within you. As you ask yourself “Am I OK right now?” You bring yourself the gift of the present moment and find the Beam of Love there, and then mirth arises within you as you see yourselves unfettered and free. And the realization grows that all you need is love.

Love and Beauty are with you always. You are love; you are magnificent Warriors of the Light.

We are the Angelic Emissaries of the Galactic Councils and we rejoice with you.

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Soul Transitions Vibe Report December 2011 December 7, 2011

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Unifying and Integrating the Body of Humanity

Be sharp, learn to adapt quickly. Fluctuating currents are all around us. One moment feeling inspiration, creative flow, the next moment it’s gone, and we’re like a pendulum swinging from ennui to urgency. And in the middle of all that… the holidaze…

I’ve been drawing and painting my way through the openings and swift movement. November was all about opening and moving into higher frequencies than we’ve ever been in before. Now as I look back I see a huge beam of radiant energy that was/is shining through the fields of energy right into us. This is calling us to be our truth. And so much is falling away.

We are no longer going through transitions. We are in a period of integration. Coming together. Unity. (I am working on a new website – look for Integral Soul in 2012.)

Also, during November I kept hearing the word “Precipice” over and over. A precipice of change. It’s time to take the leap of faith and listen to the truth of our Souls. Stepping off the precipice is like falling down the rabbit hole. All of the familiar moments and things from the past are embedded in the walls of the rabbit hole. Now and then you try to grasp at something familiar but you’re moving too fast. Soon you let go, you have to let go, there’s no other way. Let go and allow this journey to be as it is. You can navigate better that way. In stillness we hear our intuition. In stillness we hear our truth. It is a fine balance between the chaos and inner stillness.

A rather stern message came through one night, which I share with you here. It was a loud male voice. I saw a man with a white beard, fierce eyes. Kind of like Uncle Sam meets God (think Sistine Chapel). Oh, and throw in a little Santa Claus, too.

Here’s the message:
Live In Love
You stand at a precipice. The evolution of consciousness is at hand. You reading this are a small cell in the organism of Humanity. You are Light. Love opens you to radiate more Light.

Go forth and amplify this light with others. Then you – as you gather together inner and outer – shine and illuminate human consciousness. This is your mission. Live in Love.

How much longer will you continue to distract yourselves with the theater of the world that has been overlaid on the consciousness of Humanity? Creating beliefs and illusions that draw you away from the Beam out onto pathways leading to separation, loneliness, fear and despair. Now is the time to rise up to listen to your inner truth. YOU CAN NO LONGER CONTINUE TO WALK THE SLEEP OF THE DEAD.

The longing you feel inside is calling you to dive deeper into the sea of consciousness. Listen to your heart.
Pay attention.
Your Soul is calling you.
Come together.
No longer can you wait for something to happen.
Now is the time to Live in Love.

Creative Flow
During the first few days of December I was really riding high – very inspired, receiving insights and creative visions that blossomed into painting and writing. Then… a corner was turned. And since Monday the energy has felt at times thick and it was difficult – if not impossible – to put the creativity in motion. Talk about fluctuation. I learned when it gets like that, to do some kind of busy work instead of trying to push the river (like finish digitizing the family photos.)

The Human Being
I’ve been thinking a lot about the Body of the Human Being. Humanity as one organic being. The Human Being. And I wonder – can I really see and feel that everyone I talk to, everyone I come in contact with, is a part of me? Can I look into their eyes and see myself? I’m trying it on. And here’s why:

On November 30th I dreamed that I was inside a living organism. I see pinks and pale browns. It’s flesh-like, folding into itself and it’s moving and I see that what is moving are actually white rings of light and small black lines and they’re moving across the flesh-like walls. And then as I look even closer, I’m drawn in to the circles of light and see that each one is a person. I see their faces and I feel their energy. It’s awesome. And we’re just there like that, each person seeing each other within this great organism. And yet there’s a feeling of separation and we all want to come back into alignment. We want to be integrated – connected. It’s just a matter of shifting ever so slightly – I’m not sure about shifting in what way – it’s somewhat beyond words. And it’s like there’s a group of beings we want to connect with. I can see them in the membrane above me and it’s like they’re trying to reach out to reconnect and at some point, something happens and we do it. We make the connection and there’s so much joy. We’re re-united! And it feels like children – there’s this childlike innocence – and yet not an immaturity. And the feeling is that in this reunification, a healthy, vibrant, empowered, conscious being is born… there’s a feeling of coming home. Reunification. Integration.

As I awoke I heard the words, “It’s a success! Reunited!” And I knew that what happened was that we all connected with one another. We made a connection; we connected to the Inner Net.

From the morning drawings, November 30, 2011

No More Snooze Button
It has come to my attention that the black lines I saw in my dream are people who are still asleep. They haven’t become aware of the Inner Net. I saw that the shining circles of light radiate outward and have the capacity, simply through radiance, to begin to spread light to those “portals” that have not felt the electromagnetic current of energy yet, which will enable them to come “on line.”

I wrote the dream down and when I was finished, the following message came through:

If there are holes in the Human Being, forces of negative polarity may fester there. You can view this from your own personal experiences – and as you begin to release and repel thought forms and false beliefs you are able to bring the Love Light in, which is the Life Force Energy, which is your Divine Source. And this Life Force Energy fills the holes and heals the breaches, just like the way a cut to your skin heals and comes together and re-establishes itself. So this happens energetically in your energy field and on a greater scale this happens in the entire Human Being.

This is how you, Humanity, learn how powerful you are -when you are united – co-creating your world in cooperation with one another.

There are those of you who are radiating light without being aware of it. When you walk through your world, in your day to day experience, you are sending out this radiance – you are like enzymes – cleaning enzymes – to help cleanse the wound that is within the Human Being – on an individual level and in the bigger picture of the living organic biological organism that is Humanity. From micro to macro this healing process works. So we say you can use a microscope or a telescope, it is the same thing… you are looking at the same elements. As above, so below.

Again we say, as we have said many times before, there will come a time when you will look into another’s eyes and see yourself looking back at you. For the Love Force Energy flows through all, no matter what part of the world you’re from or what “race” your genetic material is made up of.

Begin now the practice of seeing yourselves as co-creators – not separate from one another but in coherence… in partnership in creating the world experience. Stop criticizing yourselves and one another. Stop judging yourselves and one another.

Observe the world with acceptance of what is – for as you do this, you will be able to hear your own thoughts which will reveal to you what needs love… the balm of love and acceptance for healing.

There will come a time when energy sources will be made available to all of humanity. Look towards that time. Feel what freedom will be like as you feel into the release from paying money for energy. Free energy.

A long time ago, the great pyramids were power generators. Inventions have been made and still exist – of machines that operate and harness free energy which is part of the electromagnetic energy of Earth. It will come to be that humanity will move into a cohesiveness where these machines will be utilized, freeing you from a prison of fear and lack.

Begin to fantasize about this. Vision it for yourselves and as you do, also imagine a world of Human Beings – each with their unique individual energetic signature – living in harmony and love with one another, walking through a beautiful harmonic blissful vibration, within the polarity of opposites, for that provides the friction to move – but still living within this high vibrational, creative energy.

Riding the Wild Surf
So now, it’s December 7 and I just had a realization: We’re in the Ocean. For most of this year, we’ve been traveling swift currents of energy – waterways, rapids, waterfalls, churning, fast water. And there have been a lot of natural life-changing occurrences involving water, which I have heard described as “Biblical.”

And today, I’m feeling like I’m in a big dip in the water. I don’t know what the technical ocean term is for that but there’s a sucking feeling … as if we are being pulled into a Great Wave. A Golden Wave. Got a surfboard?

Out of the River and Into the Sea

The ocean. That’s what the Integration is about.

I feel that the Visionary part of the message above is showing us a world where there is more harmony than there is now and where we will live very creatively within the polarity of negative and positive. I feel we will be in a time where we will be learning about our relationship to the Earth, as well as our own inner nature. Integrating with the circadian rhythm of the Earth and ourselves. So there’s work to be done, but we will be doing it from a state of grace. In the harmony of cooperation. It sounds like a very healthy organism to me.

We’re connected. This is our strength.

So, let’s go forth and amplify.

Nancy Ward
The Vastness of Being

“Surprise, surprise!” – Gomer Pyle

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On November 17th, I was honored to appear on Blog Talk Radio on “Another Reality Show” hosted by Golden Hawk. I had a great time – Thank YOU Goldie! To listen to the episode, click on this link:

Ancestral Lineage Clearing Channeled Meditation, October 31, 2011 November 1, 2011

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This powerful meditation came through on my Monday Channeled Meditation on Halloween and I would like to share it with you at this time of honoring our Ancestors.

We are in a time of acceleration, where waves of high vibrational frequencies are flowing through the Universe and through our Solar System, affecting our Sun, our planet and ourselves. This is helping to lift us out of 3D into higher dimensions. As we undergo this process, dense energy is being released from our energy bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical). This includes energy that has been accumulated through our Ancestral Lineage. So as we uncover and release blocks and restrictions, we are releasing false beliefs and patterns that have been held at the Ancestral level.

Have you had negative thoughts that have persisted all your life? Have you come to realize that these thoughts are not yours? This guided meditation and channeling will help you to release the density of false beliefs and patterns, all the way down through your ancestral lineage. You may meet an ancestor or two who will most likely thank you and assist you in this process. As we do this, we are clearing energies for the Earth, because the Earth holds the Akashic records for all the time lines that happen here. As we do this clearing work for our ancestral lineage, we are literally changing the “past” and assisting in the creation of the new Earth!

I begin the meditation process by helping you tune in to the Light within you, which is the Divine Creator Source energy. Then we ground our energy into the Earth and circulate the Earth energy through our energy bodies. We call upon the Divine Creator energy from the Cosmos, bringing it into us, enhancing the Light within. We fill our energy bodies with the Earth and Cosmic energy. By this point, you will be in a high vibrational meditative, receptive state and my collaborators, the Vastness of Being, join the circle to take us on the journey.

I hope you enjoy the gift of this channeled meditation. (55 minutes long.)


I conduct channeled meditation telecalls every Monday at 8:30pm EST. For more information, or to sign up, go here: https://soultransitions.com/meditations/

Recordings of the calls are always provided, so if you can’t actually be on a call, you can listen to it at your convenience.