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Mindful Journey Telecalls


MONDAY, March 13, and March 27, 2017 AT 8:30PM EST

Raising our spirits, raising our energy, staying in our center, in the present moment and sending our love into the world can be challenging these days. We are witnessing the strength there is in unity and we are faced with choosing what to place our attention on in every moment. As we are called to integrate the high vibrational frequencies, deep change is impacting us personally and collectively. We are coming into a deeper knowing and experience of how connected we all are, and what power we have in our conscious connection.

We will journey together to the Field of Loving Consciousness, connecting with our sisters and brothers who are alive on Earth, and those benevolent beings who are tuning in with us from elsewhere in the cosmos.

As we tune in together, we expand our awareness of love that is the Universe within us and without and consciously connect to our intuitive creative expression. Receiving guidance that will serve our highest purpose, we surrender to the Divine Creator energy, opening to the wisdom of our higher selves and allowing our hearts to open to the vastness of Collective Consciousness.

Deep transformations often bring up old memories, triggers, or feelings of disorientation. Many are experiencing a deep shift happening at this time. On these telecalls, we will ask for guidance and clarity for our journey. We will be looking at self love and reverence as we stay in our center and love ourselves through the process of witnessing all that we have held against ourselves as perfect and in Divine Timing.

We also receive visualizations of sacred geometry to help enhance our energy bodies, which we can play with at any time.

What happens during the call?

I open my heart and energy and tune in to each participant and channel a message from the Vastness of Our Being. Vibrational frequencies flow through the sound of my voice and messages come through that have a special vibration for the participants – even if they aren’t on the actual call but will listen to the recording later. The guided meditation journey incorporates energetic frequencies and visualizations for clearing density and filling with high frequencies.

The Vastness of Our Being is our Higher Selves – our Souls – connected in Unity. We bring our Consciousness into our own vastness and radiate this awareness through the Soul of Humanity and out into the Universe. As we do this, we explore our multidimensionality and our connection in the Collective Consciousness. This is the next step for Humanity – to realize the deep connections we have with one another. We also will play with connecting our Unique Soul vibration with the Earth, the sun and moon and the Center of the Galaxy. Woo-Hoo! It is a beautiful ride and the energy is always enhanced with the group focus (even if you are listening to the recording at another time.)

The call lasts from 45 minutes to an hour. The calls are somewhat interactive – At the beginning, I ask that each participant share, if they want to – in one word or two – what their intention is for the call – and for the next two weeks. At the end of the call participants are invited to share an insight or intuitive response to the message that The Vastness of Our Being shares with us.

If you are not able to physically be on the call, it is recorded and the link is sent to you so you can download it to your computer.

I am now receiving payments through my Canadian paypal account.

Meditation telecall: $15 CAD (Canadian Dollars), which comes to $11.49 US.

To register, process your payment by following these instructions:

Go into your paypal account.

Click on the “Pay or send money” button.

Then click on “Pay for goods and services” in the window that pops up.

In the next window that comes up put this email address into the box: leilah.talise@xplornet.ca

then input $15 CAD as the amount 



The meditations that I’ve been participating in with Leilah have been really awesome. We always start with an amazing exercise to relax us, then the Vastness of Being comes through with their message.  It seems that each time the message has been perfect for me…almost like they were talking directly to me. Their love and concern really comes through, and Leilah’s voice is the perfect conduit for it…very gentle and soothing. I always feel like I’ve gained something from these calls, whether it’s answers to meditate upon, energies to bask in and incorporate, relaxation to enjoy…all of these things, really.  Thank you so much Leilah!  I’m happy to have found you.

Vera, Southern California

I find your [telecalls] to be very powerful… and [that] explains why people don’t have much to say afterward.  Usually I remember things later or the next day. Your work is very sincere, profound and touching. Thanks so much.

Joyce, Syracuse, NY

I really enjoyed the call last night. The Vastness of Being really spoke to a lot of what’s going on in my life, and a lot of times it was at the exact same moment I was thinking about something, that’s what they would address. Pretty cool.

Carol,  New Jersey


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