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Vibe Report March 6, 2018 March 6, 2018

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Threshold Guardians and Solar Flares

Tunnel of Truth
Tunnel of Truth
Oil on canvas, by Leilah

Moving down pathways, twisting and turning,
through caves dark and cold,
dreariness seeping through my pores
making me feel tired and old.
Depression, defeat, despairing and lost,
all of my deepest disempowering thoughts,
condense into self-hatred, anger and grief.
My shadowland
There is no relief

This poem flowed out as I was thinking of how I felt the last few days of February. That last Sunday was a cold, gray, rainy day, the kind of day that holds no comfort. It bore feelings of such profound discouragement and a bit of piteous wailing rose up inside of me. All I do is for nothing. I’m just mediocre, everything I touch is just semi ok, there is no wonderful genius in me, I suck at everything. Sounding suspiciously like me in my pre-teen years, a cold fog of feelings surrounded me, compressing me into a hard lump of despair, anger and resentment. All the feelings I never want to feel and don’t want to look at were amplified. Yes, my shadowland.

And then I wondered, “Is there a solar flare happening?” I’ve come to notice that I feel the magnetic fluctuations of solar activity. I think we all do, actually. It stretches me taut, makes me irritable and brings up feelings of discouragement. So I went to spaceweather.com and sure enough, there was a G1 class geomagnetic storm – considered a minor storm – causing “minor impact on satellites, weak power grid fluctuations, affects migratory animals.” It didn’t feel minor to me, that’s for sure.

Magnetic Unrest
Most of you reading this probably know that solar activity affects the magnetics of Earth and all of life on Earth. It feels like choppy energy to me, and is challenging to navigate. It’s best to be still, to not over-reach, and to soften our expectations of ourselves and others. It’s not easy to do when we have responsibilities that include taking care of people, but even just taking a few minutes to sit and focus on our breath and our heart will help us feel more stability within the chaotic energy.

A day after the solar wind storm, the shadow energy began to lift, and it felt like there was a huge magnet that was drawing out all the stuff I’ve been working on in this life – clearing, healing, releasing. Does it ever get totally cleared? Perhaps I will always be dancing with the darkness of self-doubt and fear, but each time I surrender to it, it becomes less. I could feel it being drawn out of me and I realized that the shadow elements are the guardians at the gate – the threshold guardians that rear up to challenge us as we are about to cross another threshold into our greater being – the deeper fullness of our truth. As we continue on our journey into wholeness, we are tested by our own fears and demons.

Losing Identity
I feel the only way to deal with these moments is to surrender. Surrender to it all and become nothing. Losing my “self”, my story, surrendering to being flattened by the steamroller of my intention to awaken as a spiritual warrior, is a total letting go of everything I’ve chosen to identify with. There is so much freedom in becoming nothing. Resistance only prolongs the pain and turmoil. I see myself as being flattened into liquid and flowing over that threshold like a waterfall. On the other side of the threshold, I observe myself sitting on a rock in the sun as the water flows all around me. I am the water, too, and the rock and the sun. I am all of the All, I am eternal, I am that I am.

Then the journey continues and I take a few steps forward and then I want to write this Vibe Report and work on some paintings, but maybe with a looser grasp on what I think I’m “supposed” to be doing with this life. And so life continues, but who is that DO-ing person? Who is writing this? Who paints the paintings? Who? Who?

Al the Owl2
Al the Owl
Photo by Leilah

Then stuff happens and the person who is me has to deal with my dog who had a fatal encounter with a porcupine (fatal for the poor porcupine) and so chaos continues and life goes on and the person I identify with as me, deals with what comes up and then there are more gray, cold days where I don’t want to leave the house. Moments of upliftment are followed by moments in the mud again! “Remember the Vastness,” I remind myself, remember the vastness of my being. Remember the I AM. And so it goes.

Every time I go through these threshold moments, I forget everything. I forget the vastness of my being and instead feel tethered to the feeling of being compressed and stretched at the same time. But this is OK – this is when the truth gets processed. When immersed in the shadow, that’s all there is, I can’t see the sun of my consciousness. The light of my being can’t reach through the murk of the shadow and, as the poem above states, it feels like there is no relief, no end. Of course, that’s not true, because everything is changing all the time, but it feels that way when we’re in the shadow. All we can really do is surrender to the darkness and each time we come to the threshold, we surrender more quickly and are able to flow through the threshold more gracefully. We have lots of chances to practice this, because it keeps happening over and over as we rise higher and higher.

Cosmic rays
Solar activity, such as solar flares, coronal mass ejections and solar wind, combined with the weakening of the Earth’s magnetosphere is ongoing, creating feelings of depression, anxiety, and hopelessness. Lower back pain – all kinds of physical pain, as well as headaches, heart palpitations and difficulty sleeping are part of our physical reaction to the magnetic storms. Knowing this can help us to navigate the choppy energies.

As always, breath work (pranayama) can help us to stabilize, if we’re feeling anxiety. Conscious breathing while doing yoga or qi gong, meditation – even if just for brief moments throughout the day – helps us to find a calm, centered state of peace. It’s not easy – we’re in a very deeply changing world and it isn’t going to be letting up any time soon.

Conflict and Change
Our world – as in our societies and the structure of all of the systems that we’ve come to rely on – is wobbling, collapsing, and transforming. Looking at events happening in the world, I’m seeing a lot of people rising up and demanding to be heard, demanding and creating change, saying No More Lies. #Me Too and #Time’s Up is expanding and growing into a broader spectrum. More and more people are feeling discontent with the status quo and wanting to create something more meaningful with their lives, besides chasing the money and things money can buy. Many are feeling the limitation of the money matrix as it barely goes far enough to pay the bills and put food on the table. The disparity between those who have the big money, compared to those who are struggling to hold it together while being part of what is holding up the system, is palpable. In other words, there is a parasitic energy that is sucking dry the beings who have been working to uphold the very system that is bleeding them dry. This is not sustainable and Humanity is beginning to feel it deeply.

We will be seeing more and more people standing up, in unity, demanding accountability and action.

The change is everywhere. It is cosmic and it is right here in our “little” lives on Earth. Feeling into compassion in our hearts, connecting with one another, finding unity, helping one another, doing what feels good to our hearts and soul, focusing on positive, loving kindness is what will help us to live together in this changing world. Love is the frequency of the Universe and the frequency of life. Allowing love to flow within us – love, compassion, appreciation, gratitude – is what will help us to navigate through the changes on Earth.

What We Feed Ourselves

I have talked with so many people who can’t stand to watch the usual “entertainment” anymore, because the stories are all filled with violence. NO MORE is being heard throughout our consciousness and the voice of NO MORE is growing in volume. What we feed our minds and hearts, in addition to what we feed our bodies, is of utmost importance in our creative collective consciousness.

Through these changes that we are creating, we will soon be seeing more positive, enriching, inspiring and empowering types of entertainment. We have a growing understanding that when we watch a movie or television show, read a book, play a video game, and so on, the emotions that the stories cause us to feel are interpreted by our brain as real, so our brain sends the chemical reactions through our bodies to deal with the “reality” we are choosing to experience – through entertainment. Then, we witness and experience events in the outer world that reflect what we are focusing on and feeling within. This is how we collectively create our reality. So we, as beings of divine source energy, can create anything.

Sunset Reflections, Rock Lake, Algonquin Park, Ontario
Photo by Leilah

The Goddess is Rising
I am seeing, with inner sight, a tidal wave of light sweeping through our consciousness as the energy of the Divine Feminine is rising within all of us, young, old, male, female, spurred on by the shifting magnetic frequencies. We are losing our identity as all we thought was true is being revealed as false. This is just the beginning. Within the disorder and chaos is a great wave of churning joy and release, because this wave brings freedom. HUmanity is rising on this wave of unity and awareness. We are learning to surf by letting go of what is not our truth. Over and over again. Let us be of support to one another as we ride the wild surf of change. United we stand.


Mindful Journeys Telecalls
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Please visit my website for more information and to register: https://soultransitions.com/meditations/

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Vibe Report, September 12, 2014 September 12, 2014

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Golden Wave photo PB_GoldenWave_zps60b14507.jpg
Golden Wave, oil on canvas
By Nancy Leilah Ward

Greetings All,

It has been awhile since I’ve written a Vibe Report. The prevailing energy has been about integrating higher frequencies and the resulting changes that come into our lives. I feel I’ve been in a cocoon for several months and now my chrysalis is beginning to unfold. For most of this year, it’s been all about release, forgiveness, compassion and being in the now. Wash, rinse, repeat. And now, new projects are beginning to bud. When I sit down to write I realize that I’m working on something bigger than the Vibe Report. A book is beginning to form as I listen to the within and tap into Universal wisdom.

For many years we have been preparing for the times we are in now. There is a feeling at the moment of getting our affairs in order, clearing out and organizing our home and purging things that we’ve held on to for years. We are experiencing opportunities for clearing on an emotional level and purging physical items that are cluttering our home is symbolic of this deeper release.

I’ve also been noticing anxiety for no apparent reason – just a nervous buzz of energy. Some have described it as impending doom or waiting for the other shoe to drop. The message I am getting is that it has to do with energy upgrades – meaning higher frequencies coming in. These frequencies bring change. It helps to navigate them by having the conscious intention of letting go of what no longer serves us (the “uncomfortable comfort zone”). We may feel anxiety about letting go of the familiar, even if it is something that we don’t want to hold onto anymore.

These higher frequencies I often write about come in pulsating waves. We integrate the wave, then there’s a pause before another higher wave comes in, and we integrate that, and so on. These frequencies are often pulsated through the sun. They are moving through the Universe and, through electro-magnetism, the sun draws the energy in and then amplifies it through solar flares, sending it throughout our solar system. When we start to feel the anxiety or restlessness we can try taking a moment to bask in the energy and breathe into our center, tuning in to our experience as we feel chaotic energies spinning around us. It’s time to let our thoughts go – stop trying to describe what’s going on – embrace the chaos and dance with the messy dissonance of change.

 photo PB2014SolarFlare_zps2287f93b.jpg
Solar Flare, pastel on paper, September 12, 2014

Feelings from out of nowhere
There have been times recently when I’ve experienced painful, negative feelings from my early years being triggered within me. I find it amazing that I can still cave into that place of despair or self-recrimination so easily. This is my teaching, this is where my wound is. Perhaps some of you reading this have been experiencing such moments as well. Practicing compassion and forgiveness for ourselves helps us to navigate the higher energies we are integrating. These higher frequencies bring to the surface the dense energies that we assimilated when we were children. Memories rise to the surface and expand into emotions that can feel like poison. It reinforces the sense of our true self to witness the opening of our wounds as we stay in our heart center and allow the emotions wash over us like a tsunami. We can grab onto the feelings and be roiled about in this tsunami, or we can stay in our center, steadfast in our knowing of our own true north, as it were, holding our ground and being strong in our truth as the tsunami dissipates. Awareness and acceptance helps energetic pathways to stay open, so the poison can be purged, helping to heal the wound through deeply experiencing and transforming the poison (fear) into love.

I find that meditation is a practice of awareness that can be focused on at all times during our day – not just when we’re sitting with the intention to meditate. It helps to bring us into a state of presence and witnessing, instead of engaging in emotional turbulence. So that when these moments of triggering dense feelings occur, we can eventually steady and center ourselves with love and compassion.

Steadfast photo Steadfast_PB.jpg
Steadfast, oil on canvas

We are becoming more and more sensitive to energetic vibrations that are radiating through our world. As we release energetic blocks – as in beliefs and patterns that were programmed into us – through this ongoing clearing process, empathy is awakened. This heightened sensitivity to energetic vibrations helps us to quickly discern between what feels good – as in loving, kind, fun, and what feels bad, as in judgment, fear, arrogance. Finding the middle way helps us to navigate the chaotic frequencies that are wafting across the planet. The key to being guided by our own intuition is trust. As we continue to clear away what is not our truth, we have lucid moments of inner knowing and we can tap into that through trusting our feelings and inner voice of truth.

Sometimes we may find ourselves feeling intense emotions for no apparent reason. Some very sensitive people may find themselves feeling grief or deep sadness, bringing on a flood of tears out of the blue. We are connected to one another through the Collective Consciousness and at times we deeply feel the unrest in the world. Sudden bouts of anxiety, nervousness or a general strange vibe is also part of the heightened perception we have now as we sense each other’s energy. This Collective connection can also be tuned into in a positive way. Breathing and connecting to the grid of light that is our consciousness (as in our Light Bodies) and tuning into one another as we hold the higher vibration of Love, helps us to become grounded and find that peace within us.

Love and Appreciation in the moment of NOW
In this time of opening to higher frequencies and deeper awareness, we can slow down “time” and savor the beauty of where we have navigated our life stream. It is simply deep appreciation for what is and deep awareness of the moment as moments move into moments in the flow of love and the light of grace. This practice of appreciation helps us to continue to navigate into situations and places that are in harmony with our energetic vibration, so if you’re not quite happy with your present circumstances, know that even the smallest sparkle of appreciation for yourself and what you have learned in your life, can open up a path of sparkling light to help you navigate to higher ground.

It is up to Humanity as a Collective Consciousness to create the world from awareness, inner knowing and love, which is what comes forth from a conscious awareness perspective. Creation happens all the time. Creation can come from fear as well, of course, which is what would most likely arise from the Collective UNconsciousness. There is much at stake at this time in regards to moving forward with creations of love.

The gift of knowing precedes the gift of experiencing
One may intellectually know that Humanity is One Consciousness and we can consider this and bring it into our vibration by meditating and feeling into this understanding. As we continue to do this we will begin to have experiences of telepathy and synchronicity that will reveal to us the depth of this Unity we are all part of. As we continue to vibrate with this energetic frequency of Unity, birthed through love, which comes forth from compassion and forgiveness, we are preparing ourselves for the Unity Moment – that moment of conscious awareness where we expand into Light, mingling our Consciousness in the One Being. I believe this is what we are approaching. A flash, a moment of knowing, then coming back into our bodies but never again seeing ourselves as separate from one another. Evolution. When will this happen? I don’t know. Will it even happen in my lifetime? Don’t know, but I do cherish this vision for Human Evolution.

Pay Attention
The Collective Consciousness of humanity is like a fabric of energy and all of us are consciously and unconsciously part of this energetic fabric – which can be seen as a grid-work of energy. This is why maintaining and radiating love is so essential to us. All the time; intention, awareness, focus. Being impeccable with our word. Being centered within the core of our being. Becoming Masters of our own energy is what is most important at this time.

Through all the work that we continue to do on ourselves – the work of taking responsibility for our experiences and feelings, the practice of forgiving ourselves and others, this “work” creates the clearing of density – dense beliefs and feelings. I use the word density as a replacement of “negativity” in order to release our minds and hearts from judgment. When we are free of judgment, we are able to observe – or witness – what is wafting through our energy fields in forms of experiences that we are creating – or magnetizing – into our lives.

We can see that what we choose to experience in our lives – in our interactions with each other – are opportunities to release the structures and fog of judgment and beliefs or fears that we have about ourselves. Our interactions with each other reveal to us where we are allowing fear to distort our reality.

World Events
We are seeing chaotic energies coming to a boiling point all over the world. This can trigger a mass awakening on so many levels. With our enhanced sensitivity to energy, we need to place our focus on what is nurturing and nourishing to us and what brings us peace and happiness. Yes there is destruction, corruption, violations of human rights – the list is endless – and of course we care and want to help in some way. One of the most basic ways we can help is by maintaining our own vibrational frequency of love and harmony, because that is the vibration we radiate into the Collective Consciousness – and the world – and the Universe.

When we allow outrage, anger and despair to be what flows through our energy field, we can make ourselves physically ill and that is also what we put forth into the Unified Field, so we are essentially adding gasoline to the fire. This is one of the most difficult concepts to grasp because we also don’t want to sit by and allow injustice to happen. However, hating and judging and righteousness just feeds the flames of discord. Instead, in the physical, we can put forth actions that are solution oriented and love-based as we continue to maintain the vibration of love within our energy field. This is how we create a new world, a world of sovereignty and harmony.

We are evolving into religion-less sovereignty. Love is the joyous expression of the meditation of life.
Many paths and explorations have brought us to where we are now. Some of us have been exploring “spirituality” and different pathways designed to connect us to our spirit and our soul for many years. Like tourists in a maze of spiritual practice, ritual and dogma, some have taken pathways informed by certain spiritual philosophies only to come to a petering out of the energy – a waning interest – and then being sparked by a different philosophy and following that path, and so on. Many have come to a place of letting go of all that exploration, settling in to an inner knowing that is beyond words. It isn’t that those modalities and pathways were wrong, it’s more like we’ve come to higher ground where we are simply be-ing. It is self-respecting to be kind to ourselves and have compassion for the pathways we have chosen that have brought us to where we are now.

Beyond the Unity Moment
There will come a time in human evolution where spiritual philosophies and religions will become unnecessary, as Humanity will be living from the experience of NOW and BEing part of all of life, including one another. Separation will dissolve into an awareness of the Earth and the entire Universe as a living, sentient being that all life force energy flows through, including of course, Humanity. Many of us experience glimpses and moments of this connection and it takes us beyond words. There’s a Cosmic Hilarity that arises when we think of trying to explain direct experiences of One-ness.

With love I dance my words and pictures as an offering to you in the knowing and not-knowing of the crazy mystery of our interplay in this multi-verse.

Nancy Leilah Ward

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Vibe Report July 2013 July 12, 2013

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Soul Transitions Vibe Report, July 2013

Greetings to All. Here is a message I offer to the Consciousness of the All of the All. The Infinite Creator of the I AM as we awaken collectively on this Journey of Remembrance.

The drawings I include in my posts are a visual language and can be used as meditation tools to awaken codes of remembrance within us all. “Remembering what?” you may ask. Remembering our journeys in other dimensions, remembering the Vastness from which we emerged into this physical realm as we continue to awaken to full Consciousness.

6_25_13 photo PB_62513_zpsf51bc435.jpg
Daily Drawing June 25, 2013

Much of what I wrote in my last post (March) is still happening. In addition to the stillness and re-structuring, the energy is finally beginning to move – as if we were in the lock of a canal, waiting as the energy level s-l-o-w-l-y rose and now we’re beginning to flow onward. We are being gifted with a gradual expansion and yet, when we look back to a year or two years ago, many of us will see tremendous change has taken place in our lives.

Creative Inspiration
I am still getting the message to open to receive the energy of renewal and allow it to move through me. I am experiencing wonderful creative expansion through painting and drawing and ideas for working within the context of fiber arts, which is a new exploration for me. This creative play is helping with the integration of the vibrational frequencies of purification that is flowing throughout the Universe. Where is creativity pulsing you in your life? Following some of the promptings of inspiration will bring a playful, fun, lightness of energy to you, as well as opening to new experiences and realms of possibility.

Creativity involves spontaneity and freedom of expression. When we open to the expansiveness by following our intuition and the inner promptings of inspiration, we are allowing ourselves to integrate the high vibrational frequencies. It’s a win-win situation as we are listening to our hearts and having fun and filling our energy field with a dynamic current of life force energy. It’s very important not to judge the creative promptings we are feeling. If our creativity involves working in our garden or cleaning out a room in order to bring in new furniture, or if we have the urge to bake something or embroider something, or dance, or sing in light language – whatever it is, when we honor it, we receive more pure life force energy and we feel so good! We open to our childlike innocent expression. Doing this helps new growth to sprout up within our lives in all kinds of surprising ways.

7_3_13 photo PB_73_13_zpsc8de59b8.jpg
Daily Drawings, July 3, 2013

Endings are Beginnings
All the endings many people are experiencing – relationships, friendships, jobs, etc. are making room for new vistas. I believe we are headed for joy and freedom, so I’m “wearing” that energy – filling myself with it, when I remember to, as well as the feeling of love. We are energy and we are the creators and co-creators of our experience. We are empowered in this time of change to create lives of joy and abundance. We may not know how that will play out, but we can be in the vibration of those feelings anyway.

The Purification Process
I have noticed old feelings – the core of my personal wounding – coming up into my awareness, into my emotional body. “Oh, that again,” I think as I am filled with and surrounded by the wounded part of myself. When I go into the old paradigm of analyzing, I find there’s no energy in thinking about it – it feels like wheel spinning. The wounded aspect of not quite healed frequencies will continue to rise from deep within like bubbles flowing through our emotional body, giving us the opportunity to feel forgiveness and compassion towards ourselves, so the unhealed energy can keep rising up to pop and disappear. As this process happens, I know all I need to do is allow it to flow upwards and out and if it gets stuck anywhere, it’s showing me that I need to sit with the energy and simply feel it. A caution here: this is when our minds reach out, grab on to the wound and start to talk about it. This is where a daily meditation practice helps. I’m learning to bring my mind into my heart where it can rest in being instead of busy doing and thinking. Being, observing, allowing – all these aspects release tension around the wound, letting go, so that energy can flow into healing.

I recently had the experience of an issue I’ve been working on coming through in mediation, only this time it felt like something that was completely not mine – it was a voice and negative energy that was clearly coming from something implanted in the collective consciousness. It was like a spike of anger and criticism that, being a human raised in the soup of murky consciousness, I took on as part of myself at a very early age. Having embodied this energy and then coming into consciousness and working on releasing these fear-based feelings and thought forms for years, I finally came to be able to isolate the vibration. In the meditation, I consciously asserted that this was not my voice or part of my true essence and I reached up and pulled this out of me – like pulling a spike or a root up out of my energetic field and giving it up to Spirit for healing. Woah! That felt good – and I feel lighter and happier and free of this dense vibration. I share this to illustrate what we can all do when those “old” vibrations of fear come to the surface. And when one of us has a healing experience like this, we are offering it up to the entire Collective Consciousness – for this net of negative fear based energy and any beliefs that are attached to it to be released from the beautiful true essence of the Human Consciousness forever. A-HO!

 photo PB_71213_edited-1_zps3fabf7ec.jpg
Daily Drawings, July 12, 2013

The Vastness of Being
Recently, I tuned in to communicate with my “big picture” friends The Vastness of Being. Their message carries beautiful frequencies of love and comfort.
Here is their message, along with an observation from me that brings in more assistance:

Stand barefoot on the earth
Earthchild, feel the glow
awakening dormant frequencies within you

You are of the earth
All the dimensions of the earth are within you

Turn your face to the sun
Fill your body with the radiance
Feel it flow through you and down
into the center of the Earth

You may be a visitor here
from other dimensions and planetary systems
You may feel a resonant homesickness
for the freedom you knew elsewhere

Remembrance is filtering into you
From Earth and Sun star

You are magnificent
You are Creator
Rise and shine in this world
No matter what is happening in your life
rise and shine the fullness of your being
The Radiance you emit will light your way
And bring to you all you need
and all you don’t know you need

All that will open you to your true expression on Earth
and the Oneness you feel with the All of the All moves throughout Creation,
throughout you, your relations with other humans
and through the earth and all the animals, winged ones, minerals, the beings who
dwell in the waters, the reptiles and insects, trees and flowers, the air you breathe,
all of life exists within the biology of the body you inhabit.

It was a traumatic experience to slowly see your power and awareness slip away and fall into dormancy as you began to lose awareness and felt yourselves drift helplessly into the dream.
Now is the time of Awakening and it feels unsettling and unfamiliar. Fear is drifting up and clutching at the energy centers of many. Remembrance of your vastness dissipates this and helps you to awaken from the dream.

It is so easy to get sucked down into old feelings of “not good enough” or fear of not being able to survive.

This is simply the purification – clearing away the hypnotic energies of the dream state so that the vastness of the I am (you) can be fully present within your physical experience, expressing joyously in whatever way you want to shine your Light.

A great transformation is taking place throughout the Universe and this is how you are experiencing it here on Earth. Remember all people are part of the All of the All. Human beings are not separate from one another and are all experiencing different nuances in the emotional soup. One over there may be experiencing her vastness and connection to all Life on Earth as surges of energy pulse through humanity. Someone else may be having moments of paralysis as these pulsations move through their wounds bringing forward unhealed aspects of their human experience.

There is a nectar of soothing, loving, compassionate consciousness around all that you are experiencing, lubricating, as it were, your flow into your truth. So when the pain arises within, you can embody that compassion and observe and allow for the integration of deep love to permeate your being. When this happens, the nectar of love flows through the pathways of pain, dissipating the electromagnetic circuits that are still active within your energy field, releasing the constriction of fear so that its tentacles no longer have anything to plug into within your field. We are witnessing the painful process of this and encourage you to practice loving yourselves with compassion in all moments. You will see the pain transform into love.

In your daily meditations, begin with the heart, begin with loving yourselves and then sit within that energy. Watch your mind, it will wander, bring it back home into your heart. This is the practice.

You are learning to live authentically. Smile when you feel the smile, be real to yourselves and others. When you are at a loss for words, do not speak. It’s ok to be who you are. Self acceptance is the path to Truth.

Be gentle with yourself and follow the energy. Listen to your heart. Do you hear the child’s voice within? Your inner voice. Sometimes it comes through as your child voice because when you were a child you were still very close to expressing your true essence. That voice needs to be heard and acknowledged. Listen, pay attention to the promptings of your soul. What is this aspect of yourself calling for? Does it want to play in a particular way? When you listen and act upon this inner calling or longing, you will find the energy within you opening up and flowing into new pathways.

Thank you, Vastness of Being, your words are a great comfort.

6_28_13 photo PB_628_13_zps6076635c.jpg
Daily Drawing, Growing within the Life Force, June 28, 2013

Peering out Ahead
Expansion and chaos go hand in hand. Remembering our oneness with All that Is, helps us to navigate choppy waters. We are all going through changes and healing as the ground shifts beneath us. So much change is arising in the world as the truth comes out in all areas of existence. We are calling for truth within ourselves and within the way we live on this planet. Truth can no longer be suppressed as Humanity is awakening. The tide has turned and there is no holding back the waves of change. I feel, as I’ve said so many times, that having fun and laughing and being with others in playful freedom helps to raise up our energy into love. If we are alone for now, we can hold this energy of togetherness in appreciation – “wearing it” or embodying it. And we can seek it out, if we wish, by participating in events that are in our surroundings, or simply by tuning into and communing with the Earth. We are never truly alone, and as we come into this knowingness, we will draw circumstances of togetherness to us, for we are the Creators.

Thank you for sharing this path with me.
Many Blessings.
To our Divinity,

Nancy Leilah Ward

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Copyright © 2013 by Nancy Wallace Ward and Smote Hill Press. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to freely redistribute this article as long as the author’s name and website http://www.soultransitions.com are included.

Vibe Report March 19, 2013 March 19, 2013

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Soul Transitions Vibe Report March 19, 2012
 photo PB_Doorway1304_edited-1_zpse5e11154.jpg
Daily Drawing 1/27/13

Two months have gone by and I have been silent, floating in the stillness of the expansion. It’s felt like an enforced stillness in some ways because I couldn’t have done anything if I tried. Actually, I did try, but my efforts were like trying to push the river.

The intense compression energy at the end of 2012 was like moving through a very narrow passage – a birth canal – and then at the new year we were shot out into a vast lake of stillness. Personally, all I could do was float on my back. This expansion was actually the birthing of our awareness out into the vastness of the Universe – literally into 5th dimensional awareness. It may have felt totally debilitating to some of us, but perhaps that’s because we are still in the habitual thought frequencies of needing to DO something. For me, I was resisting the need for stillness and integration and the resistance took me into physical illness, which lasted for two months. My physical body was processing, integrating, releasing over and over again with a cold that would begin to fade and then come back in full force. (I couldn’t help but wonder if it was a human-made illness. Was it related to chem trail activities?) It seems so many people have been dealing with illnesses such as colds, flu, pneumonia – “Frankencolds” which remind me of the super-storms we’ve witnessed. My guides tell me we humans are good at transforming energy, so it’s OK. Grrr, I say, because as I write this – completing the final editing on March 19 – I am recovering from a wicked flu that slammed into me a few days ago (which is why this wasn’t posted sooner). They tell me it’s part of assimilating the higher vibrational energies. Enough already, I say. Oh, OK, I am reminded to be still, this is part of releasing old vibrational patterns. Patience.

Solstice Energies
That has been the message I’ve been getting since the year began – that the integration of the vibrational frequencies that came through at the Solstice of December required stillness. My restless mind (ego?) has trouble with this because I am sometimes operating on habitual thought forms, which always say that I’m not doing enough or that I should be doing something, and yet I had no motivation. No motivation for creativity, for expression of any kind. And my patient guidance team was telling me to do nothing.

The only thing that I was motivated to do was to teach myself how to knit. I just had to knit, which is interesting because I was never interested in any kind of needlework before. But there were days where that’s all I wanted to do. Knitting is very useful for quieting the mind. It is a very peaceful activity. Perhaps some of you reading this have had a similar impulse. I’d love to hear from you, if you have. Whether it’s knitting or playing games on facebook or computer solitaire or math problems, or constructing model ships. Many of us may have had the impulse to do some kind of focused activity that engages our mind as we expand into the new vibrational territories.

By February, I was feeling very frustrated with this illness and emptiness and my inability to connect out there with a Vibe Report. At that time someone commented on a Vibe Report that I had written in February of 2009, which was titled “Colds and Flu.” There was a lot of wisdom in that report that I could apply to my current circumstance – so it was like a reminder from Home.

And then a few days after that someone commented on the January Vibe Report of 2012, which is also worth re-reading, as it provides a clear assessment of the energies of 2012. I thank these people for taking the time to comment and remind me of teachings that I, myself, can continue to benefit from. [Please see the Archives on my website if you’d like to read these Vibe Reports.]

2012 – Year of Change
Many people’s lives are totally different from the way they were a year ago. The year of 2012 was a year of big change for so many. And change often presents itself as loss of some kind. And now we are facing new lives and we may not yet know what our new lives are about. So in the not knowing we are still releasing old stuff, beliefs, memories, energies that are not our truth. We are still flushing out the old and we need to recognize our habitual thinking and doing. We are in totally different territory now. Perhaps it feels surreal as we traverse the pathways of no time and find ourselves able to stay focused in the now.

 photo PB_NewPath1738_zps4ee4508a.jpg
Daily Drawing 3/13/13
Finding My New Path

2013 Year of Integration and Acceleration
Now is a good time to assess or re-asses your gifts. You may start to fall into an old pattern of hopelessness and self hatred (that’s extreme – self worthlessness might apply) – it’s just an old habit and it isn’t your truth. But stuff like that may come up because it’s being squeezed out of us. And that’s actually good. So when the old pattern appears recognize it for what it is – don’t go down that old road – you’ve been there before and it doesn’t take you to a place of beauty or fun. Instead, stop, refocus, tune into the love in your deep heart… and love yourself into the present moment. Doing so literally changes our neural-pathways. So that road that goes down the slippery slope of despair begins to disappear as we choose a path that takes us to higher ground, to the center of our being.

This can be hard at first, because we may be well along the old familiar discomfort before we wake up and realize that we’re listening to what is not our truth. Asking our guides for help and setting our intentions to loving ourselves will help us to stay vigilant.

Spiraling energy
At this time the energies are building once again. Things are stirring and there’s an increase in solar activity because of the great Divine light that is radiating onto the earth and throughout the entire solar system. Some things are coming together and some things are falling apart. It is time for all of us to know ourselves as infinite beings of Divine Consciousness and connected through time and space in oneness. At one with all that is, all that surrounds us. Separation is dissolving. The spiraling energies are lifting us into Light and this means Conscious Awakening.

 photo PB_LightRays1720_zps24cb60c5.jpg
Daily Drawings, 3/9/13

Vernal Equinox
Since this year began, March 20th has been highlighted in my inner sight. I see beams of light radiating into our Consciousness. (I’m pushing to get this Vibe Report posted in time!) I’m seeing some kind of great shift coming around the Vernal Equinox. A boost of energy, sending us forward, adding momentum to whatever has been turning and beginning to arise deep within. This will clarify new pathways, bringing inspiration and hope along with great change. Up until now, the concept of oneness with All has been an intellectual thing, it’s like we know there’s oneness but we have yet to truly experience it. When we do reach that turning point, it will be like a shell cracking open – nothing will ever be as it was and we will experience a different relationship to each other and the earth. We will see that we are the earth and the earth is us.

Sacred Relationship with Earth
I had this experience in meditation recently. I was tuning in to my energetic frequency and was feeling sweetness and innocence and love and then I tuned into the earth and found the same resonance there. She is innocence and love and We, in our purest essence, vibrate at the frequency of the earth. So part of our clearing and loving ourselves is also to connect with and vibrate to our pure essence of innocence and love. When we truly experience this it will change our world profoundly. I tune into this as often as possible and it brings me closer to living the harmonic of One. When we truly experience the Earth as part of ourselves, is when we will arise into true stewards of the Earth and co-create with the Earth for a harmonious, symbiotic existence. I have had the experience of communicating with her and realizing that she would do anything for us. She is our healer, our provider, our sustainer, and we are her healers, providers and sustainers. There is a bond of love there between Humanity and Earth. Below is a vision I had this morning of our link in infinity with Earth.

 photo PB_InfinityEarth1808_zps00a0e9db.jpg
Daily Drawings 3/19/13

I know that I am part of all I see and experience. It is in my prayers to have a deep, direct, lasting experience of this. Is this awareness going to come through a cosmic blast of Light? Or is it a matter of practice, vigilance and intention? At this point, for me, it will remain to be practice. And we shall see what the Light brings.

One thing I do know is that us humans are powerful when we work together and dream together. We are receiving the call to come together in community and, as a friend shared with me recently, it feels so much better to feel us all connected to one another as an extended family, instead of in the loneliness of separation.

Infinite Love and Light to All,

Nancy Leilah Ward

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Vibe Report for August 2012 – Riding the Waves August 16, 2012

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Riding the Waves

So many of us are going through big changes and feeling raw and easily triggered. We are processing and integrating our life experiences from the time we were born. Old feelings, some long denied, others just there as if they are part of us are being amplified. I say “as if” they are part of us because these feelings are often linked to stories that we bought into – beliefs that aren’t true about ourselves, but that we kept alive in our energy field by agreeing with them. Through trying to cope with a world that didn’t want us to be who we truly were, we integrated stories and beliefs and energies that blocked the flow of our Soul’s energetic vibration – this is our unique vibratory signature that is our authentic nature. So now, the energy of truth is flowing through everything – the Universe, the galaxy, our solar system, the Sun, to the Earth and through the core of our beings, igniting our Souls. The radiance is shining through us and what isn’t our truth is being shaken free.

This process of loosening and releasing what isn’t authentic to our Soul vibration is happening in every facet of life on earth. What is unsustainable is dissolving in the radiance of accelerated energetic frequencies. It’s a shake-up and a wake-up call. It’s disorienting and uncomfortable because our dysfunctional comfort zones are collapsing. Everywhere!

Those who have been working consciously with their growth and evolutionary process are still rockin’ and a rollin’ and slipping and sliding, but are able to regain stability before the next wave hits. Others are being buffeted about, still thinking they have no say in what is happening. Wake up! We are the creators of it all.

The Mirror
Sometimes we unconsciously want to hold onto the pain of our experience because it’s tied up with our beliefs about ourselves. It has become part of our identity, which we wrap around ourselves like heavy blankets of despair.

It’s as if there are giant mirrors all around us reflecting ourselves back to us. If we’ve been paying attention and are aware enough to take responsibility for our feelings, we can love ourselves through the difficult moments, thereby diffusing the old energy, integrating the wisdom of our experience and letting it go.

Negative Thought Forms
When a belief about yourself comes into your awareness, ask “Is this my truth? Is this really true? Whose voice is this?” The self talk is so hypnotic and we’ve been doing it all our lives. We integrated and began to repeat negative thought forms that were in our environment when we were small children. We have been separating the wheat from the chaff for years but now we are truly working through “the sticky stuff on the bottom” as the energies of truth are accelerating. Each time we uncover a story and release what isn’t true, we shed a layer of crust and feel lighter and we rise above the cacophony of chaos that is bubbling in the world.

Daily Drawings, August 1, 2012

We are dealing with energy that is volatile and sometimes it feels like there are electric charges zapping in at us from our own experience and also zapping out at one another. Many friends are experiencing flare-ups with one another. The best thing we can do is to be totally honest and communicate with each other in non-confrontational language. When we let things stew inside of us, instead of communicating, we act out in ways that trigger the same feelings in our friend, setting up an electric current that goes back and forth, endlessly stimulating the painful feelings keeping them alive in our energy field and actually feeding them so they grow out of proportion. This highlights issues that are calling for healing, so when it happens, it’s a true opportunity to practice and appreciate the meaning of friendship. All of our relationships are mirrors for us to see our loveliness and our fears. When we talk to that friend and express what we feel, we can clear the situation quickly and gracefully and we often end up crying, hugging and laughing with each other. Or, we may come to realize that we are at the end of the road with certain relationships.

We owe it to ourselves to be honest and to be clear with our own feelings. We need to claim our responsibility in every situation.

Evolution and Expansion
We are all on an evolutionary path. We are rising into unity consciousness. The churning energy is helping us to let go of our stories and rise up, allowing our authentic selves to shine. A new beginning is the gift we give ourselves when we pay attention.

Endings and new beginnings
You may feel like you are in flux – as if there’s a tornado whirling around you, lifting you up from your surroundings and shaking loose what you cannot bring into the new vibration you’re rising into. This is very unsettling, which is why it’s a good idea to practice grounding into the earth all throughout the day. We have a chakra in the Earth – our Earth Star chakra in the center of the Earth. Send your awareness and your energetic vibration down into the Earth for stabilization.

In the midst of this unsettled feeling you may also be receiving inspiration and new ideas – so much is flowing at once. Many of us are going through emotional ups and downs from moment to moment. Crazy stuff! Allow that tornado to swirl around you, helping to clear what needs to be released.

Waves of Energy
We are experiencing rapid compression and expansion as wave after wave of energy flows through. We have “a-ha” moments as we integrate and dissolve beliefs and emotions from our past and then have moments when we can take a breath and appreciate what we just learned and released, feeling lighter and buoyant. And then: Wham! Another wave hits and we’re rising up and finding our balance, or being churned about in the white water looking for our surfboard.

Reaching out to one another, whether it be in the ethers or a phone call, e-mail or through social media – but especially in the physical – really helps us to stabilize. We are in this together and we can support one another – there is strength in numbers.

Working with energy
The Life Force Energy… I also call it the Love Force Energy… and Creator Source energy… also known as God… Christ Consciousness… to me, it is all the same energy. This energy flows through us all. And it’s everywhere – we’re soaking in it! It permeates all of life. We can focus on this energy in Nature and bring it into us – into our Dantian to enhance the Life Force energy within us. (Also known as the Hara in Japanese energy medicine, the Dantian I am referring to is the “lower Dantian” –the area in the lower abdomen, beneath the navel and about a third of the way in to the abdominal cavity. There are Dantian connections at the top of the head, the third eye and the heart as well. The lower Dantian serves as a reservoir of energy, so we fill it with Life Force and then radiate that energy throughout our energy bodies. We replenish the Dantian within us from the Life Force all around us.)

When we clear and release the energy that isn’t our truth, filling with the life force energy helps us to stabilize and also helps to raise our vibration. The more Life Force we have, the healthier we will be; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We grow, evolve, and become lighter.

Daily Drawings August 2, 2012

During the Monday channeling telecalls that I do, we have been given tools for enhancing our Soul energy. As mentioned in last month’s offering, the Sun is a powerful energy source. In the telecalls, we’ve been shown to bring in a steady flow of solar energy through the gateway of the temple of light at the sixth chakra (3rd eye) and flow that energy down into our Dantian. At the same time we are bringing energy up from the Earth (our Earth Star chakra) into our Dantian and bringing the Creator Source energy from the cosmos (our Soul Star chakra) down through our energy field into our Dantian. We vibrate these merging energies with our soul’s vibration. We can do this in an instant. If you choose to play with this, reach in with your intuitive attention and explore what is happening in your Dantian. This energy center is an inter-dimensional portalway, just as the sun is. There will be more information coming through on this in the near future.

The Divine Masculine
For long we have been focusing on the Divine Feminine, bringing love and healing to the density that has suppressed the flow of Feminine energy. Now is the time to blend the Feminine energy, which is dark and mysterious with the power and light of the Divine Masculine energy. This is where the Solar energy comes in – we can call it in to energize our intentions, so that we can bring our intentions into action in the physical. There is much grief around the Divine Masculine energy, which was forced out of its natural flow, just as the Divine Feminine has been. The masculine energy has a strong emotional element, but was coerced into power. The feminine energy is powerful and was coerced into emotion. Both are coming back into loving harmony within each of us.

All of this information is being integrated within us. We do not need to try hard or to work hard, to over-think and over visualize. The energy play presented here can be done in an instant and sustained through intention. We are Masters who are waking up out of a very limiting dream. We are rising, then resting and integrating, then rising again. Sometimes rising, then falling a little, to re-visit, integrate and then rise again. We are rising into the fullness of our being, where we can express our authenticity through allowing the energy of our genius to flow.

Let us be patient with ourselves and kind to one another.

Daily Drawings August 10, 2012

Humanity Arising
I heard a celestial choir last night as I sat outside gazing at the sky surrounded by the tree-symphony of katy-dids. I heard glimpses of singing floating to me on an etheric breeze. In my inner eye I could see beings of light. They looked like angels. It was beautiful and comforting, and then I realized that this choir is always singing. These are beings from a higher dimension and their music… their song transmits the frequency of love. Their song is like a cool breath on a wound. They are with us always. This choir never falters and through the vibration of their upper-dimensional frequencies, they are helping to heal the wound of Humanity.

We are rising into love. The way to enlightenment is the path of love. The beginning of this path is to love thyself.

Blissings to you all…

Nancy Lila Ward

** Every Monday night (almost), I host a Telecall where I channel the Vastness of Being. I tune into the energy of all who have signed up and connect with the energetic vibration so that all who participate, whether live on the call or listening to the recording, receive energies and messages that pertain to their current experience. Often we are led on a visualization journey that helps us raise our energetic vibration through clearing and receiving… emptying and filling.
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Vibe Report for July 2012 – Freedom July 16, 2012

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Freedom is our birthright. Allow yourself to vibrate with this word, feel its energy permeating your being. What would it feel like to have freedom flow in every aspect of your life? What would it feel like to be living on a planet where freedom flows through every aspect of everyone’s lives? What would our co-creation in the flow of freedom look like? I love feeling into this flow, allowing it to fill my energy field with this vibration, because within freedom, is love, joy, inspiration, empowerment. This is actually, simply, the life force energy.

The Edge of Immediate Change

The Edge of Immediate Change, oil on canvas 1997

Many of us are creating deep changes in our lives. Waves of high vibrational frequencies are moving through the Universe, rocking our boats and sending us up and down on surges of energy. The swells and troughs of this energetic movement can be felt as uneasiness or excitement, then dropping down into lethargy or inertia; going from inspiration to pointlessness. It is all just vibratory feelings. Observing the movement and the fluctuations, with a sense of humor, laced with the wonder of it all, helps us to remain fluid so we can go with the flow of energy.

In the outer world, these surges are assisting us in consciously forging new pathways, making new choices and alignments and actually integrating new identities. No matter how change comes to us – whether it be in unexpected events, or our conscious creation – it brings endings and new beginnings. All this movement can make us feel like we’re on an emotional roller coaster. These waves of energy can take us into maelstroms of emotion that gradually build up and then crest in outbursts of feeling. If we keep allowing the waves to pass through us, they are highlighting emotions that we have denied. They are rising to the surface and passing through, so don’t hold on and examine, just let it pass over you, like waves in the ocean, and love yourself through it.

Swells and Troughs
The month of June, although busy, was a building of energy, rising up the swell of a great wave. Now we have crested and have been sinking into troughs and rising up swells, cresting again and going down into the trough again. Anyone a little seasick? At times I feel very fast movement then tapering off, then flowing fast again as we move with the motion in the ocean of energy. Many are honoring the need to create change in their lives, beginning to do things differently and to make different choices. The energy can be rather wobbly with many starts and stops along the way, creating feelings of vertigo or motion sickness as we pick up speed and then experience delays. Enthusiasm and excitement give way to frustration or dead calm as we feel that one moment we were so excited about a prospect, the next moment feeling no enthusiasm at all. Remaining observant, with a sense of humor and non-attachment to the ups or the downs is a spiritual practice that leads to inner freedom.

From the Daily Drawings, July 10, 2012

Energetic Sensitivity
You may be feeling discomfort in certain places or situations, which leads to irritability. What doesn’t resonate with our new vibrational frequency becomes unbearable and impossible to tolerate any longer. Our Souls are being infused with Life Force Energy, which is filtering through the dimensional frequencies that we embody. If there are aspects of beliefs or the residue of events from our past and from other lifetimes that disallow the flow of our natural Soul vibration, energy isn’t able to move in these areas. This causes limitation, a feeling of powerlessness or stuck-ness that feels like pain – be it spiritual, mental or emotional – it finally manifests in the physical, whether it is reflected in the health of our physical body, or lack of the flow of energy and freedom in our lives. Pay attention to your feelings and to your intuition. Even the tiniest nudges around situations that feel relatively unimportant can put you on a trajectory of energetic integrity.

Riding the Waves
For example, let’s say someone invites you to a future event and your initial feeling is no, it’s not going to work for you, even though you don’t yet have plans for that time. You just feel it’s not going to happen. Then your friend expresses disappointment, so maybe you say yes, even though you have this feeling. And then the day of the event comes and there’s something else you are wanting to do, or something happens and you’re simply unable to go. Then your friend is even more disappointed because you had promised to be there, bypassing your intuition. Or you’re disappointed because you’re missing doing that other thing that holds higher energy for you. Loss of life force energy occurs when we don’t honor our intuition. We have an opportunity to ride these waves of energy to new experiences and inspiration, and when we follow our intuition and our hearts, we can navigate the flow and catch a wave that takes us into new, higher frequencies. So it is important to remain alert and aware of the energy outside and within us.

Graduate School
We are learning to become masters in discerning energetic shifts and changes in frequencies. I have said this before, we are in an accelerated graduate program, on our way to becoming conscious co-creators, standing our ground when it feels right, and letting go into surrender when that is needed in order to flow.

Divine Selfishness
Part of our experience of Freedom is to honor our intuition and to make choices that feel good to us. This is the practice of Divine Selfishness. When we live always trying to please others, we cause grief to our Souls. This blocks the flow of our Divine Energy. We end up angry or depressed or resentful and these feelings open a floodgate of other lower vibrational energies that often lead to physical dis-ease.

Worm Holes
At times we are travelling through worm holes, taking us into new experiences, a vortex of energy spinning us through these tunnels – or inter-dimensional conduits. We need to have clear intentions so we can release into trust that our intentions are carrying us through the chaotic churning energy into our Soul’s integrity.

If you travel into eddies of fear or despair, allow the feelings to wash through you. Reach your energy or focus outward to people you love and people you feel harmony with – even if you don’t know them well – it’s like reaching out a helping hand or touching someone’s spirit, making a connection in knowing that we are not alone in this experience.

Touching Spirits
So many people are going through turmoil as change tumbles their reality. So many people are in grief as those they love choose to leave this physical plane. As we reach out to each other through the inner net, as if to hold etheric hands, we make those connections in a very real way and we strengthen our resolve and our ability to move through turbulence. The vibration of love helps to calm the waters we are flowing through, even if all around us is chaos and upheaval. So when someone pops into your mind – even if it’s someone you don’t know very well – a passing person you smiled at, or someone who helped you at the market – make the connection and send out the vibrational frequency that feels good. It is like irrigating the human field of consciousness with love and raising our collective vibration.

Dealing with Unconscious Behavior
We are literally diffusers of energy – just like the way a diffuser of essential oils allows the fragrance, which is also an energetic frequency, to permeate the atmosphere, we are constantly diffusing our energy into the world.

There are many people who are living in total unconsciousness about this aspect of themselves, and they diffuse all their emotional frequencies out into the atmosphere without any regard or consciousness about how they are affecting others. Those of us who are energetically sensitive can find it really challenging to live within an environment of chaotic unconscious energies that are pinging our energy fields, like many balls in a pin-ball machine (remember those?). It can feel like being bombarded by little metallic balls of energy constantly irritating us and all those around us. Unconscious people don’t realize this is what is irritating them, causing them to send out these balls of energy, adding to the chaos. This is especially prevalent in crowded environments.

Masters of Energy
If this is what you are experiencing, please find the understanding within you that you are a Master of Energy, and that is why you are in this environment. As you walk through the winds of unconsciousness, you have the chance to diffuse peace and gentleness into the environment. And, being in the Graduate School of Consciousness, you will rise to the thrill – the enlivening challenge – of maintaining stillness, peace and joy within you no matter what’s going on in your environment. Play with this – pay attention: You are in a vibration of extreme irritation and chaos, and you call the Life Force energy into your being, allowing it to permeate your entire energy field, calling up the vibration of peace, playfulness and happiness. Allow it to radiate outward. For example: do this before you enter the retail establishment that is pulsating with people’s unconscious wanting and impatience. Diffuse this energy and see what happens. Some people may become more annoying and angry and may actually storm out of the environment, others may begin to laugh, the person waiting on people may suddenly feel a shift in their energy and begin to feel tension draining away. Remember to smile and connect to people through your eyes. You will witness shifting energy as a feeling of relief spreads throughout the environment. By diffusing the high vibration of love, we are assisting in the Awakening of all.

“Awakening” from the Daily Drawings, July 11, 2012

Freedom vs. Authority
We hear all over the world about governments making decisions and implementing programs to regulate the activities of the Human Beings of Earth. Yes, the Human Beings who are in the position of having the Authority granted through government to do what they can to monitor and control the masses are feeling much fear as structures – be they third dimensional (physical) or 4th dimensional (emotional/mental) – are collapsing. For thousands of years the Authority operated through fear to keep Humanity separate from one another and from nature. All this is changing now. Each Human Being can assist in this process by taking responsibility for their energy and their life situations. This is about growing up, rising into our power.

There is much power when Human beings awaken to the reality of Oneness. When the Human Being acts in Coherence, we become masters of conscious manifestation. Without realizing it, we have been acting in coherence in focusing on negativity and fear. Look at our world. We have created it all. Actually, there is no authority other than our own focus and attention. We, the Masters of Energy, are claiming our power in One-ness, that’s why connecting with one another in the third dimension and in the inner realms is so important.

Politics, Economics and Anger
Further dividing us are our viewpoints, no matter what they are. I know it is difficult in this world to observe political decisions that act against freedom, fairness, and respect for the earth, without getting emotional about it. After all, we are humans and we have emotions. But feeling anger gathering within oneself over elitist political stances and destructive choices does nothing to help the human connection other than to send toxic vibrations throughout our energy fields and the energetic being of Humanity. Anger is a vibrational frequency that moves energy, and it’s better than the powerlessness of depression. We can use the anger to pulse outward through our energy field when we feel it, because repression is not going to serve us either. The drive of the anger that we feel can be put into action to support the energies that sustain life. However, pointing fingers and blaming others is adding gasoline to the fire.

Tuning in to my guides for a vaster perspective, I am shown that the noise of the world, meaning the opinions and control that is trying to be asserted are distractions from the more important work at hand that has to do with loving ourselves. Acting upon that frequency of love in every moment of our lives is the only way we can rise above the churning waters of fear and powerlessness.

Joyful Noise
Again I am given the vision of human light bodies holding hands and strengthening a grid of light and love, creating an actual energy field for other human beings to rise up into.

I am seeing the separation of border crossings, war and government authorities acting upon what the money wielders tell the politicians to do, creating the fear and separation in our world. These “powers that be” are in fear, because the higher energies are collapsing their structures. So they are making a last ditch attempt to assert their control against a tide that is relentless and unstoppable.

Grassroots and solidarity in love and fun is our strength. When I think of Human Beings – the people of the Earth, I see people who love to create, who love to feel good, to taste life, to create music and art, to dance, to share recipes, to make a joyful noise unto the world. This is what we must celebrate and amplify in our individual and collective lives.

Daily Drawings, July 9, 2012

The Sun without and the Sun within
In my Monday Channeling telecalls, the Vastness of Being have been showing us how to work with solar energy. Bringing that energy in through our 6th chakra and sending it down to our Dantian. In Qi Gong, this usually refers to the area in the lower abdomen, beneath the navel and about a third of the way in to the abdominal cavity. Also known as the Hara in Japanese energy medicine, this is considered to be the foundation of life. There are Dantian connections at the top of the head, the third eye and the heart as well. The practice I have been shown is to connect with the Solar energy, bring it in through the third eye and send it down into the abdominal Dantian and then pausing to allow this life force energy to fill us. The Vastness of Being have said that the Sun is a star gate and that the Dantian within us is also a star gate, connecting us to our multidimensionality and also filling us with vitality and life force.

Sharing the Same Sky
And so we are continuously evolving with the Earth, gaining vibrational momentum through our choices and intentions, always connected to one another. Play well, choose love, celebrate, laugh, connect, for all those who we come across in our daily lives, are reflections of ourselves.

Blessings, in Love and Light

Nancy Lila Ward

This Vibe Report is dedicated to Susie Pearl, my kitty companion of 16 years who left us (physically, anyway) on July 12.
Thank you my dear, sweet, soft little friend, there’s a void where you were, but we are filling it with love.
Susie Pearl, May 21, 1996 – July 12, 2012

** Every Monday night (almost), I host a Telecall where I channel the Vastness of Being. I tune into the energy of all who have signed up and connect with the energetic vibration so that all who participate, whether live on the call or listening to the recording, receive energies and messages that pertain to their current experience. Often we are led on a visualization journey that helps us raise our energetic vibration through clearing and receiving… emptying and filling.
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Vibe Report May 2012 May 7, 2012

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We are into the 5th month of 2012 and as I sit with the energies scanning the past 4 months I see and feel erratic fluctuations pulling and pushing like a sawing motion, accompanied by drops in elevation down into sinkholes, then popping out like cartoon toast from a toaster boing-ing up and slow spiraling down to land gently on soft moss that soon morphs into mud and turns into a slurry that cascades us with it to the edge of a precipice and off we go because there’s no other choice and instead of falling, we’re floating and then suddenly falling and then going up and on and on it goes. Yikes!

At times I’ve also felt like I’m on a carnival ride – the Cup and Saucer. I’m sitting in the cup and it begins to spin and the larger saucer is also spinning, faster and faster, at different rates and sometimes different directions. Centrifugal forces are bringing up our issues for integration and lightening up.

We may be feeling a little dizzy or nauseous, experiencing digestive issues, sudden feelings of panic, or a general flat-lining feeling that leaves us staring into space. Surges of energy are entering our nervous system affecting our physical bodies, our emotional/mental body and blurring the lines of reality. I’m not even sure I can explain what that means, but so-called reality seems a bit fuzzy at times, along with the flow of time itself. And the sun… what’s up with the sun? The light seems different somehow and yet I can’t quite put my finger on it. It seems “old” or diffused… the shadows seem long even at mid-day.

That old onion analogy
Veneers of the old camouflage we took on as coping mechanisms throughout our lives continue to be brought to our attention through our thoughts and feelings. This can be so uncomfortable but is integral to our rising into the fullness of our being. We need to look at our “faults” and self judgments and bring them into our hearts as we would soothe a crying child. Learning to stop judging ourselves and others, knowing that we’re all on this ride together, helps to bring us back to ourselves and take care of our own process. This also gives rise to deeper compassion for those who seem to be freaking out or holding on to the old, splattering us with their dysfunction (triggering ours!). It’s all an opportunity to love ourselves..

Many people are making life-changing decisions at this time – many are moving to new locations – as one friend said, people are being “re-positioned.” Job changes and relationship changes are ongoing. Flare-ups in relationships, outbursts of anger, and abrupt changes in behavior continue to abound. We are all on notice to really practice not taking things personally.

There has been some silence from Soul Transitions as I undergo shifts and repositionings myself. I often find myself leaning towards the resistance of change. The flow stops, the wheels spin. And then I remember I’m on this great adventure, I find the humor to laugh at my humanity, and gather the courage to continue.

My new website Integral Soul is under construction. I have found a web goddess to assist me in this process and I am so grateful to have come across her through the Soul Realignment™ website (Keena – http://www.PurposeRichBranding.com – see more information below). I expect to launch Integral Soul in June/July. My Vibe Report blog will be moved over to that site and I am hoping to transfer all the subscribers through the RSS feed, however if I’m not able to do that and you are a subscriber, you may be asked to re-subscribe on the new site.

Daily Drawings April 20, 2012

Slippin’ and Slidin’
This is a transitional time where that which is unresolved will be coming to the surface for completion. Loose ends could turn into whips so be sure to take care of any unfinished business and promises not yet fulfilled. Unexpected events from the micro to the macro are bubbling up. Trust that all is well and in alignment with the great shift and adapt a feeling of wonderment as you traverse the terrain of May. We are each on a path and those pathways can become obscured as winds of energy change the landscape. There may be times when you don’t know where you’re going because what once was clear has become cloudy. Uncertainty abounds. Make friends with it.

For some, the outer world may seem to remain the same, but an inner swirling of energy will be felt amplifying a feeling that provokes the question “what’s going on?” This is why having a feeling of wonderment as the world turns around us will help us maintain a state of witnessing the grandeur of life. This helps us to stay in our little boats as the seas churn all around. Conscious breathing and tuning in to love will assist us in stabilizing our equilibrium. This will be an ongoing necessity as our pathways become obscured and the ground underneath slippery. What once was there suddenly disappears and we’re in unknown, never before seen territory. This makes us nervous. But we still contain and embody the integrity of our essence and that is a profound knowing that brings us stability. Know who you are. Support who you are. Speak your truth and live your truth.

When nervous, panicky feelings come into us, we can know for sure that others “out there” are feeling it, too. Through our breath, we can bring in soothing, grounding energy and send it out into the collective consciousness.

Birthing our new lives
Living what isn’t our truth is becoming unbearable, so if you’ve lost your job or are in the process of releasing a relationship, know it as a blessing and an opportunity for you to align with something that brings you joy. Know that for every ending is a beginning.

Emotional currents, and thought forms that give birth to emotions, are swirling around among endings and new beginnings. If you are initiating a major life change, check in to know that you are following your heart, even thought it may waver at times. Us humans do resist change and all that is required to create change at the planetary level, but the heart-guided changes we make in 3D rise up through our dimensional frequencies and re-align us with the original vibration of our Soul. How can this not bring us fulfillment and joy at every level?

We’re not alone
Knowing that all of humanity is connected in the One-ness will help us to stay in the Light and find balance in uncertain and changing times. Reaching out, connecting with one another, calling a friend or going to a gathering can be soothing and supportive in times of change.

The Vastness of Being say, “We see you standing, feet apart, knees slightly bent helping you to stay upright and as the earth moves underneath you, you sway back and forth with the rhythm of the shifting. That is how the energies look at this time. Shaking ground, shifting sands, uprisings rising up.” We all support each other through the energetic web of light that links us to one another.

Daily drawing, May 5, 2012

Dimensional shifts are filtering down into the planetary 3D experience, creating cracks that can be seen in many of our lives and/or in the expanded global picture. New energies are released through the fissures giving us the opportunity to rise up, explore and embody new wisdom and experiences. We, as a collective consciousness, are all going through this together. The journey is all about self love and acceptance.

Resistance is Futile
We need to be as flexible as possible as the energies rock our world inside and out. Grounding into the earth and connecting our heartbeat to the heartbeat of the earth keeps us in harmony. This is our chance to strengthen our ability to remain in the present moment.

Sharing loving, happy moments in our day, radiating gratitude and appreciation, celebrating our friendships and loving connections helps to raise our collective vibration. In mirthful moments, we can send the energy that we’re feeling through the inner net, connecting with other humans… they receive it and feel it and radiate it outwards, others receive it and then send it forward, on and on… this creates a vibration of love energy throughout humanity. We literally pulsate the love vibe throughout ourselves and the inner net of humanity. We will see others being drawn into our lives with serendipity and synchronicity. Radiance is released through these moments of spontaneity and it will be like a party around you… a party of radiance around each of us… a celebration… a joyful energy.

Daily Drawings April 28, 2012

Don’t Look Back
Look to where you are in the present. Much is bubbling up around us. If we stay connected to our hearts and remember who we are – our energetic vibration is the energy of our Soul – if we nurture this energy that is our unique vibration, we will stay in integrity and be able to navigate the ever-changing currents. Joyful celebration with one another, creative expression of our divine gifts – saying YES! to who we are – strengthens the connection we have to one another. It’s like many people holding hands, feet firmly planted on the ground bracing against a strong current, gathering strength through our One-ness.

When we move through the times of uncertainty and maintain our inner integrity, we will find ourselves in new places living a life more aligned to our Soul’s highest path and purpose. Know that you are fully supported in creating your new life.


Nancy Ward
Aka: Lila
(pronounced Lee-la)
and my collaborators The Vastness of Being

“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.”
– Eckhart Tolle, The New Earth

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The Vibe Report for March, 2012 March 17, 2012

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Wave after wave of energy is rolling through our multidimensional physical reality, pushing us toward new experiences and sometimes wiping out the old. Many of us are facing changes deep within our consciousness and/or in our outer lives. This can leave us feeling wobbly and off balance. It’s helpful to practice grounding our energy into the earth, to spend some time in nature, to breathe deeply and call the light of the cosmic consciousness into us, to experience ourselves as part of the All That Is.

Change is flowing into my life in many ways. I am personally feeling that these Vibe Reports are taking on a different aspect. Since 2012 began, when I sit to write, I feel more like I’m writing to a book that is being birthed within me. The Vibe Report may appear as audio or video messages in the future. The experience of channeling is now more of a blending of inspiration from the Vastness of Being and my Soul consciousness. In fact, I am feeling “my consciousness” as very expansive – part of the Human consciousness and then expanding into the nature of Earth. When I think of the Oneness of the Human Being, the concept of collective consciousness moves outward to the galactic and universal level. No wonder we’re losing our memories and our stories! We are glimpsing ourselves as part of the All of the All.

When I tune into this, I feel the flow like a wind blowing through me, loosening attachments to defining myself. And then an old wound might loom up, like a huge boulder blocking my flow, saying, “You can’t pass until you deal with this.” Have you noticed you keep coming up against the same feelings – things you feel you’ve already dealt with? It seems that all we can do is surrender and ask for help in releasing resistance so we can integrate the wound into our essence with love.

Precipice of Change
Back here on Earth, I am in the process of creating a major change in my life. I’ve been writing about changes and the Precipice that many are facing and I am on the edge of a precipice as well. My friends and collaborators in the non-physical tell me that when we step off the precipice; don’t be surprised if we rise! Like fledgling birds taking that step out of the nest and finding we have wings as a whole new landscape opens before us.

The Love-Force Energy
I have been consciously visualizing and opening to receive the crystalline Christ Consciousness energy in my high heart – the upper chest, below the trachea and above the heart – at the thymus gland. To me, this energy is the “God-force” energy. There are many names that describe it: Divine Creator, Source, Spirit, Chi, Life Force Energy, All that Is… God. Whatever we call it, it is a flow of love. Sometimes I like to refer to it as the Love Force Energy, which, to me, is the life force that animates the physical body bringing life and consciousness to the physical. It exists within and beyond the physical, flowing through the All of the All… the Universe, the Multi-verse… it is that which cannot be explained. The mystery… The Great Spirit.

Innocent Hearts
I have always been aware of the feeling of innocence when opening up to this energy. Early on in my awakening experience I was frightened because I felt “not good enough” to receive this energy. And then I was even more afraid because I realized I felt resistance to love. This is the tragedy of the wounded Human. To become so confused about our truth that we actually resist the vibration of love.

Back to that boulder, it is our resistance to receiving love. It is our fear, our “not good enough” beliefs. It isn’t just our personal stuff, it’s ancestral – genetic – it’s in the Human DNA.

I now realize that we all come into this life fully embodying the energy of innocence and love. In my experience of acclimating myself to the vibrational frequencies of life on earth in the mid 1950s, I learned that the energy of innocence was not well received here. It was not respected, it was not strong enough or aggressive enough to compete, to get ahead. In my unawareness, I felt like I was wrong for being who I was – my true non-competitive nature was wrong. I grew to believe that others were better than me and so began the process of building up hard layers around my heart to hide that innocence. Crying inside, this little part of me curled up in a fetal position, orphaned and lonely. Now, I see this experience differently. The layers that had built up were protecting the innocence of my heart from a world that believed in competition and survival of the strongest.

The Daily Drawing March 9, 2012

As I began healing into loving myself – a process that began at least 30 years ago – I witnessed the flow of love coming up against this barrier of energy around my heart, which vibrated with such pain, so that love actually hurt. It was horrifying to me to realize that I was afraid of allowing love into my heart. I was literally afraid of the fear I felt. Little by little, with much assistance from non-physical guides, from teachers and from various modes of therapy and energy work, I have been able to release the density that had built up around me, so that I could receive love and BE love.

The waves of high vibrational energy we are receiving strip the denser vibrations from us so, sometimes bringing us to our knees. It is up to us to surrender into loving ourselves. When we do this, we are lifted up into the energy flow of love.

There are some people who are feeling anxiety that they will not “ascend” or move into the vibration of the “New Earth.” As if that journey is reserved for a select few who have been “on the path” for a long time, or who are somehow “better” or “spiritual masters.” I remember feeling that way at one time. It is one of the ways that we allow fear to hold us in density. It also is of the third dimensional vibration of competition and survival of the fittest, which is not our true nature. We are co-creators, learning to live in cooperation not competition. Turning our focus back into love will help us to move into that vibration. There is no one who is going to be “left behind.” Eventually, we come to trust in our hearts and our Souls and the divine timing of our awakening.

The high vibrational energies that are currently on the Earth plane have been anchored by many who came to Earth in the years after World War II. They brought the Light of love and truth into the density and helped to usher in the momentously creative times of the 1960s. The music and energy of those times is still so alive and vibrant. Now, the path to Love is greatly accelerated. So don’t worry; what took me 30 years of gaining clarity and self love will take others a much shorter time – days, weeks, whatever time is needed, it is in Divine Timing.

The Inner Net
A few months ago I wrote about a dream I had where I was within the living organism of the Human Being. I was looking at a membrane all around me and there were white circles and black dash lines that were flowing in that membrane. As I looked closer I saw radiant faces within the white circles and I realized that each circle was an awake person on Earth and the black lines represented those who were still asleep.

11-30-2011 small
From the Daily Drawings, Nov. 30, 2011

I often speak about the Inner Net and I see it as lines of heart connections that we in those white circles of light have between us. I find it of great comfort to meditate on these connections when I feel a little “off” or disconnected. It’s like I’m looking out from my window of light and saying hello to all of you looking out of your windows of light. Feeling the heart to heart connection with all my sisters and brothers of Humanity in the Inner Net fills me with love and playfulness and comfort as I know I’m not alone. It is simply at the speed of thought – or conscious intention – that the connection can be made. And when we do this – send Love through the Inner Net – we are strengthening our connection to one another and radiating that energy through the membrane of humanity, helping to illuminate and awaken. And that is how the Human Being rides the wave of love into the higher frequency of the New Earth. To me, this is what is meant by ascension. The point I want to make is that we are rising together in Unity. Creating a cooperative, thriving organism. And everyone is invited to the party!

From the Daily Drawings, March 14, 2012

We are all born into this world with an innocent open heart. We are coming back to that very vibration at this time. Opening to love, to be-ing in love. Returning to love, we are loving ourselves awake.

Nancy Leilah Ward
and the Vastness of Being

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Soul Transitions Vibe Report October 2011 October 6, 2011

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Small Sprite

Live in Love

This simple message is being sent deep into the hearts of those who wish to receive and stay in the high vibrational frequencies. To hold the vibration, you bring yourself into the vibration of love. Live in Love. This practice transforms the habitual energies of fear and worry into love. You know you can shift your vibration in an instant. You have been shown this and you have practiced this. So we remind you to keep up the good “play” and no matter what is going on, bring yourself into the frequency of love.

Sometimes you are operating on auto pilot and you forget to shift your energy. Perhaps you’re feeling impatient, angry, frustrated and you radiate those frequencies out into the situation you’re in and to the other human beings you are interacting with. Some time later, you look back and see how edgy you were. In those moments of retrospection, you can access the frequency of love and beam it back to that moment which appears to be in the past. Love will act as a healing balm, giving yourself what you weren’t able to receive at the time. This will fill the frequency of energy you were vibrating in (such as frustration, anger, annoyance, worry) with sustenance, love force energy, so that the next time you move into that frequential band of energy, which compresses and squeezes you, there will be another vibration contained there and your memory will awaken to remind you to stop, take a moment and find the frequency of love once again. You feel your heart open and the tightness releases.

This energy is within you at all times, it never leaves you. It is up to you to practice finding it and allowing it to flow throughout your entire being – throughout all your energy bodies (spirit, mental, emotional and physical).

Wild Horses
Being on Earth at this time may feel like riding a wild horse that is going through deep and profound change. The phenomena of nature seems to take on biblical proportions through weather, earthquakes and volcanoes. As you observe the wild nature you have an opportunity to tune into the wildness and feel the joy and freedom there. This energy is moving through your physical bodies as well. Adjustments are being made within the earth and within your energy bodies. These adjustments are being felt within you as the energy moves through your spirit, mental, emotional and, finally, physical body.

It takes the physical a longer time to catch up with the high vibration. Many of you have been having health issues with your physical bodies as a byproduct of upholding the higher vibration. Inflammation is at the center of these health issues. Inflammation is related to anger and frustration. This inflammation has to do with feeling that there’s not enough room within your physical body for all this high vibrational energy. It is as if you are trying to grow within a limited structure.

As you are expanding by leaps and bounds in the spiritual energy body, there is much frustration that the mental, emotional and physical is taking a “long time” to catch up. Gentleness, softness, doing what you feel in the moment, nurturing yourselves in whatever way you can, will help you move through the dimensional shift with grace.

The Void
Spending moments in the void will help to release inflammation. The void is a place of nothingness you can navigate your way to in meditative moments. It is a place where you let go of caring about anything… you release the desire to “save the world.” Let it all go into the stillness of the void.

We wish for you to see, feel and experience your physical bodies as perfection. Tune into your commitment for being here in your body on the body of Earth at this time… in this timeline of miraculous change as the Earth and humanity shift into 5th dimensional beingness in the conscious evolution party.

Vitruvian Man, Leonardo DaVinci

Believe in Your Sovereignty
We understand the frustration many of you are going through – you the Lightworkers who have been carrying and holding the higher vibrations for so many years. You who never fully bought into the structural constraints of society – the socio-political and religious order that was presented to you from the time you were born. It seemed like the only option, but deep within, you knew there were other perspectives.

You have moved against the current, following instead a deeper current in your hearts… listening to the rhythm of pulsations that sing of freedom. This rhythm moved within you and often you felt like you didn’t belong here, that you were somehow wrong for not flowing with the mainstream. You may have felt like an outcast or a “loser” because you found it difficult to play the game. And now at this time of the world many have found ways to assist in turning the tide of consciousness into conscious awareness.

Still, you may sometimes feel as if the support of Spirit or the Universe is not with you as you feel unseen or unheard in the vastness of the void. Please understand that you are still moving forward into the darkness … you are still forerunners following the love in your heart as you move ever forward into the unknown of the Void. And we watchers of the unfoldment can only stand on the sidelines praying for you, sending our love with you. We in the non physical, or in other dimensions are here to encourage you to keep tuning in to love and sharing your wisdom and taking restful moments in the void. Letting it all go and be-ing. You will find so much inner strength and courage, for you have come so far and you know you do not want to give up now when you are so close to breaking through into the endless fields of Light, love, joy… bliss… ecstasy.

Sound the Clarion Call
Addressing the frustration a little more deeply, there are still many people on earth who are sleepwalking, or trying to maintain the status quo, which is dissolving. We know that many of you feel you can no longer do this… carry this high energy “alone” (you are never alone, of course, although it may feel that way at times). We remind you of the Unity… the Oneness… that is your true nature. Yes indeed, human beings are a collective consciousness. Each of your unique vibrations enliven the entire Being of Humanity.

So it is helpful for you to tune in to one another in your meditations, as well as finding each other in the outer world. Call your tribe to you and reach out into the world – pray to Spirit to guide you to finding your people. Gather together to raise up the energy. And in your meditations, send the vibration and Light of Love and awakening out through the network of light – the web of the Inner Net. Call to your brothers and sisters to awaken… to listen to their hearts.

You communicate telepathically all the time; begin to do it consciously by sending out an inner Clarion Call to Humanity to awaken to the truth of their being. Send out prayers, intentions for Love to awaken within … the alarm clock is sounding and there is no longer a snooze button! All are being called to awaken and those of you who have been upholding the Light and the Higher energies can send it forth for inner awakening for all.

Evolution of Consciousness
You stand at the precipice. The evolution of consciousness is at hand. You reading this are a small cell in the organism of humanity. You are Light – Love opens you to radiate more Light. Go forth and amplify!


Nancy Leilah Ward
The Vastness of Being

“…Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” – Steve Jobs… (may peace be with you.)

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Soul Transitions Vibe Report September 2011 September 11, 2011

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Small Sprite

September 7, 2011

In late August, as I was writing the article below, an earthquake shook the Eastern coast of North America. A very unusual event for this region which amplified the sense of unreality I’d been feeling for weeks. A day after the earthquake my mother in Florida had a stroke and was hospitalized. (She’s back home now and recovering very well.) And then, three days later, Hurricane Irene came through the region where I live. The great winds that were expected weren’t as intense as the rain which caused severe flooding. My road was washed away and many towns have been ravaged – some literally wiped out. The powerful force of water has rearranged the landscape – inner and outer. As I feel myself to be within the flowing waters of change, I am reminded to amplify the practice of gratitude and appreciation. (For information about how to help flood experiencers, go here: https://www.facebook.com/#!/SaveTheCatskills.)

I’ve noticed in myself – and heard reports from other people – that there’s a feeling of ennui that many are experiencing. Feeling unmotivated, as if we’re swirling around in an eddy of energy, not going anywhere, just spinning in the same spot. To move out of this, I am receiving messages to do what is fun, what makes me feel good.

In my meditation this morning I was floating around, attempting to bring Light into my being and nothing was happening. Then I just focused on my breath and suddenly found the light within me. Ah yes, I remembered messages that have come through during my Monday channeling telecalls that the Light is within us. That is were we need to go to find ourselves. So as I focused my attention on this Light, it began to grow within me and to spread through my physical energy body and radiate outward. Aah, there I am, I thought to myself, as I found my center. Connecting with our center, the stillpoint within, may need some extra vigilance to maintain at this time, as we ride the wild energies of Nature. Connecting with each other in group gatherings will also help us to stabilize as we are carried along in the chaotic energies of change.

There is such an acceleration happening now all over the world with continued humanitarian uprisings and much upheaval due to nature. In this year, many people have experienced transformation in their lives due to wild winds, wild water and wild fires, in addition to massive shifting of the earth through earthquakes and volcanoes. I saw a friend a few days after the hurricane who said “Stay in the wonderment,” as we parted company. Her words have become a mantra to me. The wonderment of wild, powerful nature, which includes the consciousness of humanity, for all are connected. We see this more and more as energetic and physical structures of separation collapse around us.

Nature is our Mirror
The nature of the earth is being reflected in the nature of humanity. What needs to change will change. I have witnessed big shifts and changes in relationships as some people blow significant others out of their lives. Not always gentle endings but explosive blasts of emotion as if they are embodying the energy of hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires. So as we deal with our personal tsunamis, we need to do our best to continue to stay on the beam of love that shines through the multi-dimensions that we exist within. For the last few months, we have been bumping up and down in our Life Boats on a fast moving current of energy that has been compressing us through a channel, which is like a birth canal. And now it feels like we’re in a holding pattern, waiting for the next contraction to push us forward.

This explains the feeling of being stuck in an eddy, just swirling around in a circle. The feeling of ennui can be a resting place, a time to practice being in the moment and maintaining inner stillness. It’s also a time to nurture ourselves and listen to our hearts, doing only that which we really want to do. The energies are building, gathering strength, for what, we do not know, but many people have been saying they feel like they’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. The practice of being in the vibration of love and acceptance, loving ourselves and being in gratitude and appreciation, will help us to weather whatever the next wave of energy brings forth.

We also need to practice surrender at this time. There are some things we can do nothing about and surrendering to the experience keeps us in the flow, trusting in the prevailing winds of love.


From the Daily Drawings, July 19, 2011

What follows are messages I’ve been receiving in the past month.

A pause… the in breath…
Gathering energies swirl on the horizon like a wavering mirage

Lately, my guides have been communicating to me through inner visions. These visions carry frequencies of information that expand into thought and feelings in an instant of knowing. One such vision showed me the Milky Way Galaxy with Light radiating out of the center. The vision then expanded to show me a vaster viewpoint with Light shining through the center of every Galaxy in the Universe. Science tells us that at the center of every Galaxy is a black hole. My guides tell me that the center of every galaxy contains a portalway to other Universes. Light from beyond our Universe is shining forth and the radiance is spreading and expanding all it touches. It is as if the membrane of our Universe has holes in it that are being opened by an intelligent consciousness, which is the Radiance of the Light of Truth of the Christ Consciousness.

This has been illuminating our lives, for many years, inviting us to expand our vision of the world, to clear away what isn’t our personal truth and to make the necessary changes in our lives in order to embody our Soul Essence, which is our truth. So many people are restructuring their lives at this time. Those who choose to consciously re-structure their lives are affecting those who want to maintain the status quo, for as one makes changes, the ripple effect goes out and touches all. And the nature of Earth is restructuring our lives, as well.

Star Light
This light shining into our Universe is being absorbed by the stars, which are pulsating with the higher frequencies that travel upon the light waves. There is a great rhythmic cadence taking place throughout our Universe, just as we live within circadian rhythms of changing seasons on Planet Earth and just as the birds know when to fly North or South, and animals know when to mate or hibernate, there is a galactic and universal rhythm and we humans are part of that rhythm.

This is the time of the Great Awakening and all of us are being called to live our truth. After thousands of years of mind control and lies that have been fed to us and our ancestors, the truth is rising from within us. Codes of awakening are lighting us up from deep within our genetic matrix. How we experience this awakening is up to us. “Live vibrantly” is something a friend who is moving through many challenges said to me recently. We participate in expanding the rhythm of Truth by living it ourselves.

Our Souls’ life “expressions” are culminating in this timeline
Due to a misunderstanding of time, we refer to the lives our Souls have expressed through as “past” lives. Actually, our Souls are radiating awareness out into several different timelines at once. These other lifetimes are culminating within us in the current timeline we are in now. When we flow into the channel of the birth canal, all of our Soul’s lives are being compressed into our awareness in this current timeline. This is part of the Great Shift we are participating in. That is why, during “past life” regression sessions, we have opportunities to come to a healing and integration of trauma from the life or lives we are bringing into our awareness. By doing clearing practices we can release negative or dense energy held at the Soul level, that influences destructive patterns in our lives. This allows us to embody our soul essence completely by integrating all the other lifetimes our Souls have experienced.

Heroic Human Beings
The destructive patterns that have accumulated in our Soul’s energetic field are not our natural way of being; they are energetic codes that were implanted into our energy fields through illusions held in the collective consciousness which led to false beliefs of fear and limitation. We are powerful creator beings who consciously decided as a group to go through the illusional experience of losing our connection to Divinity, and then make the journey back home to the truth of our being. As we continue to disable these codes through conscious intention, awareness, and our natural drive towards love, we rise in consciousness into our multidimensionality, embodying our Soul Essence more completely.

As humanity awakens and each person embodies their truth, we will become more and more empowered into living as sovereign beings, free and heroic, expressing the creative essence of our genius on the Earth.

Helios… our beautiful star…
The high frequency of energy coming from the galactic center of the Milky Way is beaming deep into Helios, causing activations that lead to solar flares and other solar emissions. This energy is then pulsed out into our solar system affecting every planet. Down here on Earth, the radiance is going into the core of the earth and heating up the energy there. When I place my attention into the Earth I feel and see a lot of heat and churning energy. The essence of this energy is rising to the surface, causing the earth to move and causing extreme weather anomalies. We are connected through consciousness and energy to All That Is. This energy is moving through our lives, so in effect, the energy or Light coming through the Galactic Center lights up the sun which lights up the Earth which lights up us. And so we are seeing many changes and realignments in our lives as this Radiance calls us to our Truth.

The Chakras
The seven major chakras – actually I’d like to count 9 major chakras including our Earth Star chakra and our Cosmic Star chakra. I see these two chakras as stars of light, one beneath our feet in the Earth and the other above our heads in the ethers. These energy vortices are where our life force energy, which is our Spiritual Essence, connects with the physical. So as we continue to clear our energy fields of untruth (represented by false beliefs), we are making room for our Soul Essence to dwell more completely in our physical body. Our Soul Essence connects energetically into the vortices of our chakra system. Not just in the major chakras, but in all the smaller energetic vortices that exist in the etheric energy around our physical bodies.

And so, we are lighting up from within. The Divine Life force energy has always been within us, it was dimmed over the centuries through the lies that have become what we think of as our history. Be prepared to have your mind blown as more and more information comes to the surface illuminating the lies and manipulation that we have come to believe as truth – such as the true origin of humanity… the extraterrestrial influences that have existed on this planet and contribute to our DNA… the influences of religions that have kept us from knowing ourselves as expressions of Divine Source.

Truth Out
All structures built upon lies are collapsing. As we witness a rearrangement in our lives and the lives of those around us, so that we can live authentically, we are also witnessing the Truth OUT phenomena happening in governments, political arena, economics, religion, science and the medical establishment. We are in a time of chaos where all these aspects are churning.

The Beingness of Love

The frequency of love is becoming our ultimate truth. I’m talking about freedom, joy, bliss, ecstasy, without conditions, constraints or strings attached. The Beingness of Love. I see this energy, this Light that is radiating from the center of all Galaxies as the frequency of love.

All that is of a lower vibration will not be able to survive in this high frequency.

As the untruth falls away, feelings of panic can shake us up from within. If you can see this experience as the high vibrational light coming into your being and activating your chakra system, you will be able to surrender to the experience… breathe into the panic, bring your focus to your heart and see yourself on a wild ride through the rapids on the river of Consciousness – as you journey through the white waters in your Life Boat.

Sink holes and mine fields
Our journey carries us through mine fields of sink holes that teach us to maintain and grow the love within us, which is our essence of Divine Source. These sink holes can be seen as open wounds in our mental and emotional energy fields. They resonate with the energy of our “injuries” in life and also with ancestral wounding. If there’s something in our vibration that still needs healing, we will be drawn to the energies of the sinkhole.

It’s a beautiful experience when you feel yourself being drawn towards a sink hole of old dense feelings, and you stay conscious in your truth, finding your stillpoint and releasing into the vibration of love and well-being. When you do this, you feel yourself dissolving the electromagnetic connection to the energy of the sinkhole and you are lifted up and away from its influence. You can see it rapidly receding as you flow in the current of the Great River of Consciousness. And trust that the love that you resonated with is clearing and healing the sink hole. And when that happens, it’s like the100th monkey effect, clearing and healing all the sink holes that held the energy of the particular wounding you loved yourself out of.

No matter where we’re at on our journey, when we love ourselves and surrender to the moment, we realize who we truly are. It’s the self criticism, the lack of acceptance, the endless mind-talk of what’s wrong with us that punches holes in our lifeboats. As we release what is not our truth, we strengthen our lifeboats – trusting and accepting ourselves.


From the Daily Drawings August 10, 2011

Radiance: the Big Picture
The Light of awakening that is pulsing out of the Galactic Center of the Milky Way, is helping us to integrate and embody the essence of the Christ Consciousness. What I am being shown is that at some point we are to receive a blast of Light that we will expand us into complete one-ness. We need to be ready for that… I think that’s what the ascension looks and feels like. A complete surrender into the Light in which we will experience ourselves to be at one with All of Life in multi-dimensions and multiple Universes. It might be just a flash and an experience of expansion, and then we’ll be back in the physical but in a more expansive dimension where love and bliss are within and without us and we know ourselves to be connected to one another and All That Is, dissolving all feelings of separation. It takes an open, light heart to be able to maintain that state. The challenge is that the light reveals what we fear within us. Witnessing and accepting the fear whenever it shows up is a way of continually moving into surrender, forgiveness, acceptance and love, which keeps us in the light. The Light is so all encompassing; it lifts us up in an embrace of ecstasy.

Reach out to one another, making heart to heart connections. Gather together and amplify the energy and remember to stay in the Wonderment!

Nancy Leilah Ward
The Vastness of Being

“When One feels really out of sorts, queasy, helpless, unable to breathe to move, to think or do anything and suddenly consciousness – the vibration of love – comes in the body – consciousness for a split second – Everything lights up.” – The Mother of Pondicherry

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