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Vibe Report July 2013 July 12, 2013

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Soul Transitions Vibe Report, July 2013

Greetings to All. Here is a message I offer to the Consciousness of the All of the All. The Infinite Creator of the I AM as we awaken collectively on this Journey of Remembrance.

The drawings I include in my posts are a visual language and can be used as meditation tools to awaken codes of remembrance within us all. “Remembering what?” you may ask. Remembering our journeys in other dimensions, remembering the Vastness from which we emerged into this physical realm as we continue to awaken to full Consciousness.

6_25_13 photo PB_62513_zpsf51bc435.jpg
Daily Drawing June 25, 2013

Much of what I wrote in my last post (March) is still happening. In addition to the stillness and re-structuring, the energy is finally beginning to move – as if we were in the lock of a canal, waiting as the energy level s-l-o-w-l-y rose and now we’re beginning to flow onward. We are being gifted with a gradual expansion and yet, when we look back to a year or two years ago, many of us will see tremendous change has taken place in our lives.

Creative Inspiration
I am still getting the message to open to receive the energy of renewal and allow it to move through me. I am experiencing wonderful creative expansion through painting and drawing and ideas for working within the context of fiber arts, which is a new exploration for me. This creative play is helping with the integration of the vibrational frequencies of purification that is flowing throughout the Universe. Where is creativity pulsing you in your life? Following some of the promptings of inspiration will bring a playful, fun, lightness of energy to you, as well as opening to new experiences and realms of possibility.

Creativity involves spontaneity and freedom of expression. When we open to the expansiveness by following our intuition and the inner promptings of inspiration, we are allowing ourselves to integrate the high vibrational frequencies. It’s a win-win situation as we are listening to our hearts and having fun and filling our energy field with a dynamic current of life force energy. It’s very important not to judge the creative promptings we are feeling. If our creativity involves working in our garden or cleaning out a room in order to bring in new furniture, or if we have the urge to bake something or embroider something, or dance, or sing in light language – whatever it is, when we honor it, we receive more pure life force energy and we feel so good! We open to our childlike innocent expression. Doing this helps new growth to sprout up within our lives in all kinds of surprising ways.

7_3_13 photo PB_73_13_zpsc8de59b8.jpg
Daily Drawings, July 3, 2013

Endings are Beginnings
All the endings many people are experiencing – relationships, friendships, jobs, etc. are making room for new vistas. I believe we are headed for joy and freedom, so I’m “wearing” that energy – filling myself with it, when I remember to, as well as the feeling of love. We are energy and we are the creators and co-creators of our experience. We are empowered in this time of change to create lives of joy and abundance. We may not know how that will play out, but we can be in the vibration of those feelings anyway.

The Purification Process
I have noticed old feelings – the core of my personal wounding – coming up into my awareness, into my emotional body. “Oh, that again,” I think as I am filled with and surrounded by the wounded part of myself. When I go into the old paradigm of analyzing, I find there’s no energy in thinking about it – it feels like wheel spinning. The wounded aspect of not quite healed frequencies will continue to rise from deep within like bubbles flowing through our emotional body, giving us the opportunity to feel forgiveness and compassion towards ourselves, so the unhealed energy can keep rising up to pop and disappear. As this process happens, I know all I need to do is allow it to flow upwards and out and if it gets stuck anywhere, it’s showing me that I need to sit with the energy and simply feel it. A caution here: this is when our minds reach out, grab on to the wound and start to talk about it. This is where a daily meditation practice helps. I’m learning to bring my mind into my heart where it can rest in being instead of busy doing and thinking. Being, observing, allowing – all these aspects release tension around the wound, letting go, so that energy can flow into healing.

I recently had the experience of an issue I’ve been working on coming through in mediation, only this time it felt like something that was completely not mine – it was a voice and negative energy that was clearly coming from something implanted in the collective consciousness. It was like a spike of anger and criticism that, being a human raised in the soup of murky consciousness, I took on as part of myself at a very early age. Having embodied this energy and then coming into consciousness and working on releasing these fear-based feelings and thought forms for years, I finally came to be able to isolate the vibration. In the meditation, I consciously asserted that this was not my voice or part of my true essence and I reached up and pulled this out of me – like pulling a spike or a root up out of my energetic field and giving it up to Spirit for healing. Woah! That felt good – and I feel lighter and happier and free of this dense vibration. I share this to illustrate what we can all do when those “old” vibrations of fear come to the surface. And when one of us has a healing experience like this, we are offering it up to the entire Collective Consciousness – for this net of negative fear based energy and any beliefs that are attached to it to be released from the beautiful true essence of the Human Consciousness forever. A-HO!

 photo PB_71213_edited-1_zps3fabf7ec.jpg
Daily Drawings, July 12, 2013

The Vastness of Being
Recently, I tuned in to communicate with my “big picture” friends The Vastness of Being. Their message carries beautiful frequencies of love and comfort.
Here is their message, along with an observation from me that brings in more assistance:

Stand barefoot on the earth
Earthchild, feel the glow
awakening dormant frequencies within you

You are of the earth
All the dimensions of the earth are within you

Turn your face to the sun
Fill your body with the radiance
Feel it flow through you and down
into the center of the Earth

You may be a visitor here
from other dimensions and planetary systems
You may feel a resonant homesickness
for the freedom you knew elsewhere

Remembrance is filtering into you
From Earth and Sun star

You are magnificent
You are Creator
Rise and shine in this world
No matter what is happening in your life
rise and shine the fullness of your being
The Radiance you emit will light your way
And bring to you all you need
and all you don’t know you need

All that will open you to your true expression on Earth
and the Oneness you feel with the All of the All moves throughout Creation,
throughout you, your relations with other humans
and through the earth and all the animals, winged ones, minerals, the beings who
dwell in the waters, the reptiles and insects, trees and flowers, the air you breathe,
all of life exists within the biology of the body you inhabit.

It was a traumatic experience to slowly see your power and awareness slip away and fall into dormancy as you began to lose awareness and felt yourselves drift helplessly into the dream.
Now is the time of Awakening and it feels unsettling and unfamiliar. Fear is drifting up and clutching at the energy centers of many. Remembrance of your vastness dissipates this and helps you to awaken from the dream.

It is so easy to get sucked down into old feelings of “not good enough” or fear of not being able to survive.

This is simply the purification – clearing away the hypnotic energies of the dream state so that the vastness of the I am (you) can be fully present within your physical experience, expressing joyously in whatever way you want to shine your Light.

A great transformation is taking place throughout the Universe and this is how you are experiencing it here on Earth. Remember all people are part of the All of the All. Human beings are not separate from one another and are all experiencing different nuances in the emotional soup. One over there may be experiencing her vastness and connection to all Life on Earth as surges of energy pulse through humanity. Someone else may be having moments of paralysis as these pulsations move through their wounds bringing forward unhealed aspects of their human experience.

There is a nectar of soothing, loving, compassionate consciousness around all that you are experiencing, lubricating, as it were, your flow into your truth. So when the pain arises within, you can embody that compassion and observe and allow for the integration of deep love to permeate your being. When this happens, the nectar of love flows through the pathways of pain, dissipating the electromagnetic circuits that are still active within your energy field, releasing the constriction of fear so that its tentacles no longer have anything to plug into within your field. We are witnessing the painful process of this and encourage you to practice loving yourselves with compassion in all moments. You will see the pain transform into love.

In your daily meditations, begin with the heart, begin with loving yourselves and then sit within that energy. Watch your mind, it will wander, bring it back home into your heart. This is the practice.

You are learning to live authentically. Smile when you feel the smile, be real to yourselves and others. When you are at a loss for words, do not speak. It’s ok to be who you are. Self acceptance is the path to Truth.

Be gentle with yourself and follow the energy. Listen to your heart. Do you hear the child’s voice within? Your inner voice. Sometimes it comes through as your child voice because when you were a child you were still very close to expressing your true essence. That voice needs to be heard and acknowledged. Listen, pay attention to the promptings of your soul. What is this aspect of yourself calling for? Does it want to play in a particular way? When you listen and act upon this inner calling or longing, you will find the energy within you opening up and flowing into new pathways.

Thank you, Vastness of Being, your words are a great comfort.

6_28_13 photo PB_628_13_zps6076635c.jpg
Daily Drawing, Growing within the Life Force, June 28, 2013

Peering out Ahead
Expansion and chaos go hand in hand. Remembering our oneness with All that Is, helps us to navigate choppy waters. We are all going through changes and healing as the ground shifts beneath us. So much change is arising in the world as the truth comes out in all areas of existence. We are calling for truth within ourselves and within the way we live on this planet. Truth can no longer be suppressed as Humanity is awakening. The tide has turned and there is no holding back the waves of change. I feel, as I’ve said so many times, that having fun and laughing and being with others in playful freedom helps to raise up our energy into love. If we are alone for now, we can hold this energy of togetherness in appreciation – “wearing it” or embodying it. And we can seek it out, if we wish, by participating in events that are in our surroundings, or simply by tuning into and communing with the Earth. We are never truly alone, and as we come into this knowingness, we will draw circumstances of togetherness to us, for we are the Creators.

Thank you for sharing this path with me.
Many Blessings.
To our Divinity,

Nancy Leilah Ward

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Copyright © 2013 by Nancy Wallace Ward and Smote Hill Press. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to freely redistribute this article as long as the author’s name and website http://www.soultransitions.com are included.

Vibe Report for July 2012 – Freedom July 16, 2012

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Freedom is our birthright. Allow yourself to vibrate with this word, feel its energy permeating your being. What would it feel like to have freedom flow in every aspect of your life? What would it feel like to be living on a planet where freedom flows through every aspect of everyone’s lives? What would our co-creation in the flow of freedom look like? I love feeling into this flow, allowing it to fill my energy field with this vibration, because within freedom, is love, joy, inspiration, empowerment. This is actually, simply, the life force energy.

The Edge of Immediate Change

The Edge of Immediate Change, oil on canvas 1997

Many of us are creating deep changes in our lives. Waves of high vibrational frequencies are moving through the Universe, rocking our boats and sending us up and down on surges of energy. The swells and troughs of this energetic movement can be felt as uneasiness or excitement, then dropping down into lethargy or inertia; going from inspiration to pointlessness. It is all just vibratory feelings. Observing the movement and the fluctuations, with a sense of humor, laced with the wonder of it all, helps us to remain fluid so we can go with the flow of energy.

In the outer world, these surges are assisting us in consciously forging new pathways, making new choices and alignments and actually integrating new identities. No matter how change comes to us – whether it be in unexpected events, or our conscious creation – it brings endings and new beginnings. All this movement can make us feel like we’re on an emotional roller coaster. These waves of energy can take us into maelstroms of emotion that gradually build up and then crest in outbursts of feeling. If we keep allowing the waves to pass through us, they are highlighting emotions that we have denied. They are rising to the surface and passing through, so don’t hold on and examine, just let it pass over you, like waves in the ocean, and love yourself through it.

Swells and Troughs
The month of June, although busy, was a building of energy, rising up the swell of a great wave. Now we have crested and have been sinking into troughs and rising up swells, cresting again and going down into the trough again. Anyone a little seasick? At times I feel very fast movement then tapering off, then flowing fast again as we move with the motion in the ocean of energy. Many are honoring the need to create change in their lives, beginning to do things differently and to make different choices. The energy can be rather wobbly with many starts and stops along the way, creating feelings of vertigo or motion sickness as we pick up speed and then experience delays. Enthusiasm and excitement give way to frustration or dead calm as we feel that one moment we were so excited about a prospect, the next moment feeling no enthusiasm at all. Remaining observant, with a sense of humor and non-attachment to the ups or the downs is a spiritual practice that leads to inner freedom.

From the Daily Drawings, July 10, 2012

Energetic Sensitivity
You may be feeling discomfort in certain places or situations, which leads to irritability. What doesn’t resonate with our new vibrational frequency becomes unbearable and impossible to tolerate any longer. Our Souls are being infused with Life Force Energy, which is filtering through the dimensional frequencies that we embody. If there are aspects of beliefs or the residue of events from our past and from other lifetimes that disallow the flow of our natural Soul vibration, energy isn’t able to move in these areas. This causes limitation, a feeling of powerlessness or stuck-ness that feels like pain – be it spiritual, mental or emotional – it finally manifests in the physical, whether it is reflected in the health of our physical body, or lack of the flow of energy and freedom in our lives. Pay attention to your feelings and to your intuition. Even the tiniest nudges around situations that feel relatively unimportant can put you on a trajectory of energetic integrity.

Riding the Waves
For example, let’s say someone invites you to a future event and your initial feeling is no, it’s not going to work for you, even though you don’t yet have plans for that time. You just feel it’s not going to happen. Then your friend expresses disappointment, so maybe you say yes, even though you have this feeling. And then the day of the event comes and there’s something else you are wanting to do, or something happens and you’re simply unable to go. Then your friend is even more disappointed because you had promised to be there, bypassing your intuition. Or you’re disappointed because you’re missing doing that other thing that holds higher energy for you. Loss of life force energy occurs when we don’t honor our intuition. We have an opportunity to ride these waves of energy to new experiences and inspiration, and when we follow our intuition and our hearts, we can navigate the flow and catch a wave that takes us into new, higher frequencies. So it is important to remain alert and aware of the energy outside and within us.

Graduate School
We are learning to become masters in discerning energetic shifts and changes in frequencies. I have said this before, we are in an accelerated graduate program, on our way to becoming conscious co-creators, standing our ground when it feels right, and letting go into surrender when that is needed in order to flow.

Divine Selfishness
Part of our experience of Freedom is to honor our intuition and to make choices that feel good to us. This is the practice of Divine Selfishness. When we live always trying to please others, we cause grief to our Souls. This blocks the flow of our Divine Energy. We end up angry or depressed or resentful and these feelings open a floodgate of other lower vibrational energies that often lead to physical dis-ease.

Worm Holes
At times we are travelling through worm holes, taking us into new experiences, a vortex of energy spinning us through these tunnels – or inter-dimensional conduits. We need to have clear intentions so we can release into trust that our intentions are carrying us through the chaotic churning energy into our Soul’s integrity.

If you travel into eddies of fear or despair, allow the feelings to wash through you. Reach your energy or focus outward to people you love and people you feel harmony with – even if you don’t know them well – it’s like reaching out a helping hand or touching someone’s spirit, making a connection in knowing that we are not alone in this experience.

Touching Spirits
So many people are going through turmoil as change tumbles their reality. So many people are in grief as those they love choose to leave this physical plane. As we reach out to each other through the inner net, as if to hold etheric hands, we make those connections in a very real way and we strengthen our resolve and our ability to move through turbulence. The vibration of love helps to calm the waters we are flowing through, even if all around us is chaos and upheaval. So when someone pops into your mind – even if it’s someone you don’t know very well – a passing person you smiled at, or someone who helped you at the market – make the connection and send out the vibrational frequency that feels good. It is like irrigating the human field of consciousness with love and raising our collective vibration.

Dealing with Unconscious Behavior
We are literally diffusers of energy – just like the way a diffuser of essential oils allows the fragrance, which is also an energetic frequency, to permeate the atmosphere, we are constantly diffusing our energy into the world.

There are many people who are living in total unconsciousness about this aspect of themselves, and they diffuse all their emotional frequencies out into the atmosphere without any regard or consciousness about how they are affecting others. Those of us who are energetically sensitive can find it really challenging to live within an environment of chaotic unconscious energies that are pinging our energy fields, like many balls in a pin-ball machine (remember those?). It can feel like being bombarded by little metallic balls of energy constantly irritating us and all those around us. Unconscious people don’t realize this is what is irritating them, causing them to send out these balls of energy, adding to the chaos. This is especially prevalent in crowded environments.

Masters of Energy
If this is what you are experiencing, please find the understanding within you that you are a Master of Energy, and that is why you are in this environment. As you walk through the winds of unconsciousness, you have the chance to diffuse peace and gentleness into the environment. And, being in the Graduate School of Consciousness, you will rise to the thrill – the enlivening challenge – of maintaining stillness, peace and joy within you no matter what’s going on in your environment. Play with this – pay attention: You are in a vibration of extreme irritation and chaos, and you call the Life Force energy into your being, allowing it to permeate your entire energy field, calling up the vibration of peace, playfulness and happiness. Allow it to radiate outward. For example: do this before you enter the retail establishment that is pulsating with people’s unconscious wanting and impatience. Diffuse this energy and see what happens. Some people may become more annoying and angry and may actually storm out of the environment, others may begin to laugh, the person waiting on people may suddenly feel a shift in their energy and begin to feel tension draining away. Remember to smile and connect to people through your eyes. You will witness shifting energy as a feeling of relief spreads throughout the environment. By diffusing the high vibration of love, we are assisting in the Awakening of all.

“Awakening” from the Daily Drawings, July 11, 2012

Freedom vs. Authority
We hear all over the world about governments making decisions and implementing programs to regulate the activities of the Human Beings of Earth. Yes, the Human Beings who are in the position of having the Authority granted through government to do what they can to monitor and control the masses are feeling much fear as structures – be they third dimensional (physical) or 4th dimensional (emotional/mental) – are collapsing. For thousands of years the Authority operated through fear to keep Humanity separate from one another and from nature. All this is changing now. Each Human Being can assist in this process by taking responsibility for their energy and their life situations. This is about growing up, rising into our power.

There is much power when Human beings awaken to the reality of Oneness. When the Human Being acts in Coherence, we become masters of conscious manifestation. Without realizing it, we have been acting in coherence in focusing on negativity and fear. Look at our world. We have created it all. Actually, there is no authority other than our own focus and attention. We, the Masters of Energy, are claiming our power in One-ness, that’s why connecting with one another in the third dimension and in the inner realms is so important.

Politics, Economics and Anger
Further dividing us are our viewpoints, no matter what they are. I know it is difficult in this world to observe political decisions that act against freedom, fairness, and respect for the earth, without getting emotional about it. After all, we are humans and we have emotions. But feeling anger gathering within oneself over elitist political stances and destructive choices does nothing to help the human connection other than to send toxic vibrations throughout our energy fields and the energetic being of Humanity. Anger is a vibrational frequency that moves energy, and it’s better than the powerlessness of depression. We can use the anger to pulse outward through our energy field when we feel it, because repression is not going to serve us either. The drive of the anger that we feel can be put into action to support the energies that sustain life. However, pointing fingers and blaming others is adding gasoline to the fire.

Tuning in to my guides for a vaster perspective, I am shown that the noise of the world, meaning the opinions and control that is trying to be asserted are distractions from the more important work at hand that has to do with loving ourselves. Acting upon that frequency of love in every moment of our lives is the only way we can rise above the churning waters of fear and powerlessness.

Joyful Noise
Again I am given the vision of human light bodies holding hands and strengthening a grid of light and love, creating an actual energy field for other human beings to rise up into.

I am seeing the separation of border crossings, war and government authorities acting upon what the money wielders tell the politicians to do, creating the fear and separation in our world. These “powers that be” are in fear, because the higher energies are collapsing their structures. So they are making a last ditch attempt to assert their control against a tide that is relentless and unstoppable.

Grassroots and solidarity in love and fun is our strength. When I think of Human Beings – the people of the Earth, I see people who love to create, who love to feel good, to taste life, to create music and art, to dance, to share recipes, to make a joyful noise unto the world. This is what we must celebrate and amplify in our individual and collective lives.

Daily Drawings, July 9, 2012

The Sun without and the Sun within
In my Monday Channeling telecalls, the Vastness of Being have been showing us how to work with solar energy. Bringing that energy in through our 6th chakra and sending it down to our Dantian. In Qi Gong, this usually refers to the area in the lower abdomen, beneath the navel and about a third of the way in to the abdominal cavity. Also known as the Hara in Japanese energy medicine, this is considered to be the foundation of life. There are Dantian connections at the top of the head, the third eye and the heart as well. The practice I have been shown is to connect with the Solar energy, bring it in through the third eye and send it down into the abdominal Dantian and then pausing to allow this life force energy to fill us. The Vastness of Being have said that the Sun is a star gate and that the Dantian within us is also a star gate, connecting us to our multidimensionality and also filling us with vitality and life force.

Sharing the Same Sky
And so we are continuously evolving with the Earth, gaining vibrational momentum through our choices and intentions, always connected to one another. Play well, choose love, celebrate, laugh, connect, for all those who we come across in our daily lives, are reflections of ourselves.

Blessings, in Love and Light

Nancy Lila Ward

This Vibe Report is dedicated to Susie Pearl, my kitty companion of 16 years who left us (physically, anyway) on July 12.
Thank you my dear, sweet, soft little friend, there’s a void where you were, but we are filling it with love.
Susie Pearl, May 21, 1996 – July 12, 2012

** Every Monday night (almost), I host a Telecall where I channel the Vastness of Being. I tune into the energy of all who have signed up and connect with the energetic vibration so that all who participate, whether live on the call or listening to the recording, receive energies and messages that pertain to their current experience. Often we are led on a visualization journey that helps us raise our energetic vibration through clearing and receiving… emptying and filling.
To read more about it, or to sign up, click on this link: https://soultransitions.com/meditations/

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Soul Transitions March 2011 Vibe Report March 6, 2011

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Small Sprite


So… what happened to February? It turned out to be a month of retreat from doing. I was traveling through tunnels where the reception was fuzzy. Tunnel travel is when we go deep into pathways long unvisited in the terrain of the inner world. We bring the light of our consciousness there, leaving a luminous trail. In the tunnels we feel disconnected, cut off from Source and our inner guidance. This is a solitary part of our journey. Trust and patience helps us to navigate these realms. Trust in ourselves as we feel disconnected to our guidance. No one is holding our hands; we have to go it alone. It strengthens our resolve, strengthens our belief in ourselves and our journey. When we tune into trust we strengthen our connection to Divine Source, the life force energy that flows through us directly from the Source of all Creation. Therefore, we are the Creators and we are rising into this responsibility.

During the last weeks of February I was called to let go of much of what I wanted to do. I have difficulty with that – being constantly driven by feelings that I’m not doing enough. So to help me let go, I got caught by a cold that knocked me out for two weeks. At the same time, changes in consciousness were beginning to manifest in the outer world and a tremendous amount of information was flooding through me. I barely had enough time to integrate it before the next turn carried me forward on swift currents of energy. There were not enough hours in the day to integrate it all and to write and take care of other aspects of physical life. Writing this now I hear a voice within saying, “Get used to it.”

Physical Manifestations
As we enter into March, many of us are feeling a buzz of anxiety shaking us up from within. We are at the edge of big change as we move up the spiral, awaiting take-off into further awakening on a global scale. The accelerated energies are building and you may be feeling this as a quaking inside – often when we lay down to sleep it feels like a mini earthquake shimmering inside of us – tremors of energy that are causing us to expand. This may be followed by a feeling of coldness deep within – an inner coldness making us tremble and stiffen at the same time. This is because our energy has opened and we haven’t yet filled with the high, more refined light frequencies. It’s helpful to vision yourself gently filling with light when you feel the cold, and know that all is well. You may also feel a fluttering at the heart chakra. All this is part of the opening. The buzz of anxiety that some are feeling is heralding the coming changes as the familiar falls away. We are also feeling the reflections of the current changes that are happening in the world. We’ve witnessed much upheaval through uprisings and the massive earthquake in New Zealand. So quaking is happening inside and out in many different forms – as above, so below.

Conscious Intentional Prayer
During this time of retreat I did a lot of meditation. It all began with Egypt. I was sending the energy of love to those in conflict – sending peace and praying for them to maintain their peaceful demonstration whilst demanding their freedom. I found myself tuning in to the Divine Masculine energy and calling for healing of this energy stream. We need each other’s loving energy – men and women – and we need to balance these energy streams that flow within each of us. As I sent love to those protesting I called for the spirits of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and John Lennon to assist the protestors to maintain a peaceful commitment to stand up for the rights of freedom. And then I began to tune into those who chose the position to maintain the status quo with guns and force. I could see the Love Force Energy flowing up from the Earth and rising up around the people of the military and police forces. I called upon Mother Theresa, Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine energy to assist in reaching the hearts of these men and women – for them to remember who they truly are. The Vastness of Being have more to say about this in their transmission.

Radiant Light Beam
We are feeling the beginning of a surge of energy that is coming forth at this time. I see the Earth passing through a beam of light in the next few weeks, ushering in a great awakening. I see veils being peeled away from the eyes of human beings. This radiant beam of light was written about in the Vibe Report for January.

There has been a feeling of anxiety which I believe to be part of this increasing energy. Feeling emotional with sudden, brief moments of crying, and feeling ungrounded, disconnected, as if everything is different. Some of us are experiencing inner change and so we feel disoriented and strange. Others are going through massive shifts in energy and consciousness as relationships end – intimate relationships, friendships, jobs, and homes. So many people of Earth are experiencing a clearing out of their lives and we are all feeling this shifting and change, because we are all connected through the web of light – the inner net – the consciousness that flows through us all.

Let’s Get Physical
Yesterday I awoke feeling extreme anxiety. As if I am losing my home and my livelihood. Granted, I live on the edge, but I’m not losing my home or my livelihood, and yet the anxiety was palpable. I brought my focus to my heart over and over again, breathing into my heart, creating the circle of stillness around me. I tried sending the energy of peace out on the lines of light that connect us all – sending peace and love to all those in turmoil – to those who are or have lost their homes, jobs and relationships. I have to say that it was very difficult to shift. I knew I was feeling what many are feeling in the continuum, and I was caught up in those feelings, too. Our minds can find all kinds of reasons to be afraid, so I kept bringing my attention back into my heart. It took getting busy with some outer task to help shift the energy. So, sometimes the inner work isn’t enough. This is when I, who focus very much on the spiritual, need to remember that I’m physical as well and grounding is very important. Physical tasks, like cooking, cleaning house and exercising are very grounding. The more we move into the changes, the more important staying grounded is.

We are feeling each other’s feelings, whether we are aware of it or not. For we exist in a sea of consciousness. Humanity is a group consciousness and we are opening to this awareness. Our technology, the Internet, is a reflection of what we really are capable within…organically. As we expand further we may come into the realization that we are also sharing group consciousness with members of the Star Nations. The ones who are not of this Earth. Indeed, many of us are not of the Earth, either – at the level of our Souls.

It’s important for us all to find the stillness within and expand it outward to a circle of calm around us. And to gather together to focus our intentions towards connecting with each other through what I call the Inner Net. There is strength in numbers – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

And now a message from The Vastness of Being

Much is changing and shifting in the energy upon the Earth. You are feeling it swirling around you and it may feel that there is nothing you can grasp onto. We say let it go. When you find the stillpoint within you create an opening around you so that you are sitting within the eye of the storm. Find this place of stillness. It is from there that you can create clearly. It is in this circle of stillness that you access joy, indeed, and wonder and this is where you connect to the adventure of your life. Feel the smile playing about your lips as you tune into this truth and feel yourself in the circle of light. This circle opens up pathways of energy and brings refined frequencies into your being. As you tune into these highly refined frequencies, you receive a clearing of worry and anxiety.

Inner Connections
When you are in this energetic space you are able to telepathically communicate through the pathways of connection that is the web of human consciousness which connects all humanity. This is the Oneness that many speak of. The inner work you do – the prayer and intentions that you send out through the lines of light is vital and much needed in the world. You may feel like it is having no effect, but we tell you it is real and your energy does go to where it is most needed. You are the creators of this world and you are stepping into that responsibility.

Send the energy of love to the hot spots of the world – to the places where people are standing up for their freedom, calling for the end of oppression. These uprisings are just beginning and such uprisings will be gaining in momentum in the times to come. We say to all who read these words, continue to send love to all who are engaged in conflict and who are in exodus and turmoil. The work you do in prayer, in the inner planes is very powerful, especially as more and more of you are engaged in connecting within. Send the vibration of love to all who are in turmoil, worry and fear on the earth – whether they are in the hot spots of conflict, or whether they are experiencing shifts in their personal lives. When you send the energy of love out to those who are experiencing turmoil, the energy gathers strength and goes to where it is most needed. As you do this, you are opening pathways, conduits for the energy to flow through. There is strength in numbers, so as more of you do this, you are connecting with one another in the inner planes and the energy of your intention grows in strength.

Regarding the uprisings, it is important for those involved in demanding their freedom to maintain peaceful demonstrations. You can send energetic support to these people to feel the love flow through them. Call upon those who have gone before as teachers. Invoke the presence of the way-showers to assist in helping the ones who are demanding change to maintain peaceful measures. And then, focus on those of the military and police whose choice it has been to maintain the status quo. See the energy of love flowing up from the earth into these people. See this energy flowing through their being, reminding them of how they felt as children, before their heads were filled with words and rules and rigid principles. Many of these people will be releasing the codes that command them to follow the rules of oppressive regimes that are led by self serving billionaires who are attempting to maintain corporate rule with no regard for humanity. Many will see that they have been servants to a ruler who cares not for their well-being, and you will see defectors leaving the military forces and joining with those who are rising into the strength of freedom.

The Radiant Beam of Light
All that is occurring is related to the great beam of light that is radiating from the cosmic center – this beam of radiance will be experienced more strongly in the weeks to come, for in this month of March, Earth moves into this galactic beam of highly refined energy. It flows through the sacred geometric form of the star dodecahedron in rainbow colors. The geometry contains vibrational frequencies that refine the truth throughout the Earth and all her inhabitants. You are feeling the frequencies already, like the light that glows before the sun rises over the horizon. You are already witnessing the effects of this frequency through earth changes and the behavior of people and animals. Earth will move directly into this beam beginning around March 9, 10, 11.These days are portalways of expansion. This is the light of awakening, triggering codes of remembrance deep within your souls. Many who have not yet awakened will begin to do so and they will move through the gateways and thresholds of change more quickly than did those of you who have been working on your conscious evolution for all these years. You who have been doing this work have lit up the pathways for others to follow. You are the Wayshowers who chose to be the scouts journeying through the lonely pathways of remembrance that had been disused and forgotten over thousands of years of human devolution and evolution.

Ancient Future
What is being remembered is from the ancient future of your soul’s experience. We speak a paradox here and it is not about understanding with your mind, but feeling with your heart, which awakens the truth of your being – your multidimensionality. Do not try to make logical sense of what you perceive. Instead, feel into your changing reality with the innocent eyes of a child. Observe with wonder and tune into the joy and the freedom of your awakening awareness.

The effect of the Radiant Beam is that structural aspects of past thought forms and belief systems collapse and fall away from the mass consciousness as humanity is given an opportunity to rise into clarity, into the fullness and truth of your being.

Oppressive regimes and corporate governments that operate on self-serving greed will be challenged by the people of the world as they unite as One and shake off the yoke of slavery to a system that fosters separation from one another and from Nature. Again we say there is strength in numbers and there are more people of the earth than rulers of the people of the earth.

Change and Miracles
Miracles will be part of your every day life – synchronicities that bring expansion, joy and laughter to you as you delight in the unfolding of your truth. You move easily on pathways of light. When you ask a question, you will see the answer come to you almost instantly, and the answer will come in many different forms, bringing more delight, raising your spirit, your vibrational resonance. Allow it to unfold. It is joyous beyond words as you move into this radiance. We tell you there is nothing to be afraid of as you rise into sovereignty.

New inspirations will be coming to you as you feel renewed passion for life and adventure, fun and creativity rise within your being. You will be witnessing much change and restructuring – some of it may cause fear and trembling but you know deep within that this is what is necessary for the new earth to be born.

Follow the energy that rises from the light of truth within you. Bring peace into your heart and radiate it out into your aura and into the inner net. Gather together to talk about your feelings, and to consciously generate the energy for humanity rising into freedom. Know that you are already free.

Much love and support is being sent to you from us of the Star Nations.

Peace to all,

Nancy Leilah Ward
The Vastness of Being

“The crossed-swords of Cosmic Law in a free-will universe require every celestial body and its attendant life forms to assume responsibility for maintaining themselves in pitch attunement (at-one-ment) at each individual’s level of spiritual attainment.”
Malantor, from Songs of Malantor, Volume Three of the Arcturian Star Chronicles by Patricia Pereira

Copyright © 2010 by Nancy Wallace Ward and Smote Hill Press. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to freely redistribute this article as long as the author’s name and website http://www.soultransitions.com are included.

If these messages are helpful to you, please consider making a gratitude donation. ♥


Soul Transitions June 2009 Vibe Report June 5, 2009

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A lot of people have been feeling like they’re suspended between the old and what’s next – as if we are on the trapeze and have let go of one bar and are reaching for the other in verrrrrry sloooooow motion. However, if it hasn’t happened already, that other trapeze bar is going to come smashing to your hand and you’ll grab it and… whoosh!

During the month of June there is an opening – a gateway of energy and all we have gathered around us energetically will be shooting forth to be manifested on the physical plane. There are very powerful energies at work and in this manifestation there are opportunities to expand and grow – to release. What we see outside of us is a reflection of what we are within so whatever shows up reveals where there is light and where there is density—contrasting and revealing each other in the glory that is physical life on Earth.

Light and dark reveal each other and are needed – we have said this before – if all was Light you would be blinded and if all was dark, you wouldn’t be able to see. Accept and play within the beauty of the contrast. It is most magnificent to observe how the light from the sun and the moon play upon this beautiful Earth and the light of love and awareness plays within our consciousness as well.

That which appears in our life is a direct result of our own focus and if you do not like what you see, know that you can change it. Do not feel badly if you don’t like your creation, do not turn against yourself for it is that very energy that creates pain and confusion. Instead, nurture yourself, be kind and loving to yourself, do something nice for yourself to soothe your heart. Look at your experience and bless it for revealing to you that which needs your attention, that which is calling out to be transformed through your awareness and understanding.

As the energetic floodgates open during the month of June, much will be shifting and rearranging in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies of everyone. Intimate relationships are going through deep transformation. That which is not in harmony with your heart can no longer be ignored. This includes relationships with jobs, business and living spaces as well. Allow that transformation to find its place and within the transition is a great deal of love, even though it may seem very painful, know that as you allow your life situations to transform and as you enter into a more authentic expression of your Soul, those who are affected by your transformation have the opportunity to find their authenticity as well.

As energies shift and reconnect to authentic expression they will flow into creative endeavors, new partnerships and collaborations that help accelerate the energy of love that is being amplified throughout the Universe. This energy is vibrating at a high frequency and is affecting your sun, your Earth and all the planets of the Solar System.

There will be much prosperity flowing to those who have been listening to the call of their Soul. Your time has come, dear ones as that which you have been focusing on begins to flower. Send out seeds of light through your desire – send out seeds of light for this flowering to occur.

Those who are receiving energies of prosperity, we ask that you be jubilant and to shine your joy out into the world so that others can pick up on it and be carried along on the waves of creation, prosperity and transformation. You are all connected in a web of one-ness within your unique individuality and the telepathic abilities that have been ignored within you are growing stronger and stronger. Trust what you feel and trust the messages that you are receiving. There will be many miraculous occurrences and we see you lighting up – we see the activation of the pineal gland like a star within the center of your head awakening your intuition, inner sight and psychic abilities. You will begin to know more and more that you are creating and co-creating all that you see around you.

Love, freedom and prosperity are at hand as well as the turmoil of transformation. You will be experiencing both extremes. Support through prayer those who are going through the pain of transformation and amplify the joy of the abundance you are creating. It is all part of the same frequency. For as the higher energies become more anchored within you and are radiated through you out into the earth plane, the more the denser energies are being pulled away, which can be very painful. Open up to this joyful ride! Allow your expansion to happen with a sense of play. Yes, lighten up— if you are in a place of suspension, of not knowing where to go and what to do— be still, focus on being, not doing.

Listen to the children, for they carry much wisdom and magic and they are close to their Higher Selves and the creative source of being. They will be speaking simple gems of truth as the higher energies are home to them.

With Radiant Love and Blessings,

Nancy Leilah Ward


Many of One

“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.”

–         Eckhart Tolle, The New Earth

Vernal Equinox Message March 19, 2009

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It is time for us to step into your greater selves. We are being called to live authentically with the full empowerment and awareness of ourselves at the soul level. With this calling comes happiness, joy and an expansive sense of freedom.


We have cleared so much of the energies that were keeping us small. Now is the time to inhabit the fullness of our being. We are not just a humans living on planet Earth. We come from the stars; we are multidimensional beings. Fear has kept us from knowing ourselves – fear and all the accoutrements, such as doubt, judgment and guilt. We have been consciously releasing aspects that have held us back and kept us in guilt and fear. Much of our past experience and the stories we have told has been flooding out of us. Now it is time to open to our true nature and remember who we are – remember the magnificence of our being.


Does this awaken your inner smile? Feel that glow of awareness and feel the freedom that is contained within the knowing that you are so much more – you always knew you were greater than the small container you’ve tried to squeeze yourself into – the container of the past – the container of the dictates of society and the cultural/social configurations we were provided with when we entered into this physical realm. Now we are free to be as big as we know ourselves to be. As we come into knowing ourselves more deeply, we will begin to travel inner realms of mystery, spontaneity and creativity. Our intuition awakens further and telepathic abilities become enhanced.


There is much joy and freedom as the shackles of the past disappear. For, just as the confines of systems of thought and behavior related to money are collapsing, so are the energies that have formed structures around our lives and our feelings and thoughts. The familiar no longer is familiar – there may be a feeling of strangeness as you look out at your world and you may feel emotions fluctuating from one moment to the next.


Our spirits are expanding and as the outmoded energies collapse, they are reforming, for energy cannot be destroyed. We are being called to rise to the occasion – to find the freedom in not knowing from moment to moment what is happening or going to take form. Everything is up in the air, swirling around and as these energies gather and collect together they form into new matrices of energy according to our collective thoughts and feelings. Witness yourself as the creator of all you see. Open to the freedom that comes with this responsibility. Create with joy.


I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone, which feels pretty scary, but I know it’s part of the expansion. We can’t stay where we’ve been – the tide is high and it’s time to move on. It feels to me that we need to surrender to uncertainty.


The energies of the Vernal Equinox speak of creating new lives. As we move into the unknown we are creating from the source of our being. Think of what you most love to do and feel how it enlivens you. This energetic source is available within you and can be amplified and sent out into your world. Go within and find the sparkle of happiness – it may come from a memory of a happy moment, or the feeling you have when you are doing something you love to do – however you access this feeling is up to you – find the doorway into the feeling of happiness and fill yourself with this feeling. It is a childlike, spontaneous, joyful feeling that makes you feel free and expansive. Send this feeling out into your energy field and then out into the world. Feel this energy linking to aspects in the world that carry the same resonance, then bring this feeling back into your energy field. Practice sending this energy outward and receiving it back – consciously open to receive gifts from the world through the love and happiness you send outward.


As we practice this energy expansion, we will begin to receive in many different ways, the gifts of the universe that match our energetic vibration.


The Spring Equinox, which is considered the New Year to many people, is all about new beginnings and rebirth. I am on my way to Florida and will be joining forces with astrologer Kelly Beard of www.karmictools.com to celebrate and initiate the energies of the equinox. We are holding a free Spring Equinox live event in St. Petersburg. This event will be available to all via telephone. For more information and to register, click on this link: http://www.karmictools.com/TeleFREE/Spring-Equinox-2009.html


Here is what Kelly has to say about the Equinox:


“Every year we initiate a new annual cycle when the Sun enters Aries, the Infant on the Karmic Wheel, Spring Equinox honors the Light and initiates forward movement and the planetary alignments of the time assist by contributing their power and lessons to the energetic mix. This year, there are many assistants to your *process* of unfoldment, but the *stars* of this initiation are: Pluto, Venus and Mars. (Bigger themes still apply, like the Saturn/Uranus, but herein I am referring to the current ANNUAL cycle.)


“The whole year is about rhythm! And just imagine if you start off on a GOOD FOOT! You have excellent support from Mars (action) and Pluto (transformation), as your lower will and Higher will are in alignment and you have the energy to apply much of what you’ve learned lately into anchoring your new Being. This energy will give you the determination to succeed despite the tough choices you have to make about the essence of who you are (Sun) and what is most important and valuable to you (Venus). You are *READY*!! Don’t look back, practice presence & mindfulness and apply new strategies for living. I hope you’ll join us for this celebration.”


Many blessings to you all as we rise and shine!


Nancy Leilah Ward


Soul Transitions Vibe Report for March March 4, 2009

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March 2009

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“Hit the ground running . . .”

This is how March is feeling to me. I feel like I’m balancing on a surfboard which is being carried along on a really fast moving current of energy and it’s all kind of wobbly because I’m learning how to surf as I go along! In yoga class on Monday I couldn’t do the “tree” balancing pose – one I usually have no difficulty with – I kept falling over. And yesterday I had my second ice skating class, which feels like learning to walk all over again. So, “wobbliness” seems to be the feeling of the energy these days as we move into new territory and challenge our comfort zone. As part of my expansion, I am introducing a teleclass on accessing and expanding our energetic resource so the work we do constantly replenishes us, instead of depleting us.

(This work can be very beneficial for teachers, social workers, counselors, and body workers, to name a few. For more information, click on this link: https://soultransitions.com/classes/)


As I move into new territory and out of whatever comfort zone I thought I had, I’m feeling excited and frightened and energized at the same time. I’m learning about healthy fear and that moving out of our comfort zone is the only way we can grow. The world as we have known it is obviously changing and rearranging, so most of us are finding that our comfort zone is disappearing. Many of us are being called to create a new life – not re-invent one, but starting from a totally new beginning place. Some are experiencing the crumbling of the old, and others of us are simply experiencing a rising of energy, which we have been working with for a long time. We are being called to step further into our authentic selves as we embody our higher self more and more. Now is a good time to do some grounding meditation and calling in our higher self, raising our energetic vibration to match this beam of energy we’re surfing. This will help dispel nervousness as we expand. Moments of fear and doubt are part of this expansion. What an amazing time to be here in the physical Earth plane.


My collaborators, Many of One wish to speak about the “beam” of life/love force energy:


March is a time for you to open to your inner resource and get on the beam. We speak of the beam as a very real beam of energy. This beam is a wellspring of energy direct from Creator Source and when you vibrate yourself into the beam you are on the ‘right track’ as it were; the enlivened state of being where you are energized by what you are doing. You learn to follow the energy and stay within the beam. Don’t think about it too much! It’s more about feeling and being within this energy. You will recognize it by its vibrancy and feeling tone of energizing excitement. This is a true beam of light vibration. It feels childlike and joyful and holds the energies of your truest nature. It is connected to where you direct your focus. It is not about telling the old story over and over. When you direct your focus to denser, heavier energies you move out of the beam. It’s ok, you will be moving in and out of it for a while, but as you consciously work with these energies – matching yourself up to the higher vibration (which is always expanding, by the way), you will find yourselves remaining in the beam more and more. This is about stepping up into the unfoldment of the new story that you are creating in every moment. Surrender to not knowing and open to a feeling of delight. Every moment is new!


When you are in the beam you are not alone and you all add energy to it. Each of you has a unique energetic vibration that adds to the joyful frequency. You are moving beyond joy into bliss and *gasp* ecstasy! This is evolution. This is like a stairway to heaven, a focus to travel within, a wormhole to a dimension of joy and prosperity. Get used to not knowing what’s going on. Get used to not having to understand everything. The rational mind cannot know the heart of the Creator, but the heart can know the Creator’s song.


As you focus more and more on love—loving yourself and finding inner joy—your outer world will change to match the reflection of what you are amplifying. Be mindful of all the people who cross your path or come into your lives even for the briefest of moments. You are meeting yourself over and over again in all you share energy with.


Creating a new life, that is what the energies of March are assisting you with. Some are well on their way in creating their new lives, others are just beginning to feel how deeply the buzz of change is filtering into their lives. Holding onto the past will only cause you pain. Trying to keep things as they were will tear you apart. Trust becomes your lifeboat as you allow the flow to move through your life – trust and spontaneity will bear you up upon the energies of the flowing current of the beam. As you learn to trust in yourself more and more, and learn to trust in the Guidance that comes to you, you will see that you send a beam of light out from your heart and it connects with the larger beam we have been talking about. This helps you to stabilize within the rising energies. The beam from your heart is filled with your heart’s desire – it is filled with the energy of what you want your life to feel like. As you listen to yourself, feel the vibration of your heart, and send it out as a beacon of light before you, you will begin to receive ideas and inspiration – promptings from Spirit. Acting on these ideas will open a gateway and help you to fly within the beam. Putting feelings and ideas into action will energize and empower you.


If you feel you do not know what this new vibration feels like for you, or if you do not know where to go or what to do, seek guidance – not only from within but from without as well. There are many practitioners of healing modalities who have been preparing for these times.  We speak of energy workers, psychic/intuitive guides and body workers. They are available to assist you in clearing and opening to your deeper soul self. Begin to look outward for who might be the right person to help you – ask your guides to help you find the assistance that would be most beneficial for you at this time.


Visions and experiences from the past are still coming up for release. Even people from the past will be passing through either in person or in thought. You can release the memories from your energetic experience by sending them out of your energy field and then exploding them. This is not to cause harm to the other, it is simply to release the repeating patterns that are rising to the surface. The clearer you become, the more able to ride the beam you will be. Remember to fill yourselves with golden light each time you experience a release of energy that is no longer harmonious with your higher vibration. Fill the spaces that were vacated with golden Creator Source energy.


Call the energy and light from the sun into your pineal gland. Vision this star in the center of your head, radiant. This will help you to navigate and will open up neuro-pathways upon which information and inspiration flows. Allow the sun to permeate your energy field – either in direct sunlight or reflected sunlight. Of course, protect your skin as you deem necessary. The sun is a powerful source of life force energy. Swami Sivananda said, “The pineal gland is the receptor and sender of the subtle vibrations which carry thoughts and psychic phenomena throughout the cosmos. The pineal gland converts brain waves into subtle electrical energy traveling faster than the speed of light.”


There will be a surge of powerful high vibrational energy towards the end of the month. The clearing that you are doing will allow you to receive and embody this expansion. It may feel like an earthquake – an inner and outer earthquake.


There is so much assistance for you within and without. Ride the wild energies – have fun – seek like-minded people to share your experiences with. You are not alone. All is well.


Radiant Blessings,


Nancy Leilah Ward


Many of One



“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.”

          Eckhart Tolle, The New Earth


Soul Transitions Vibe Report January 1, 2009

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Soul Transitions November 2008 Vibe Report November 3, 2008

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November 2008


Soul Transitions

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Hello everybody. We in the USA are poised on a moment of great change. A buzz of anxiety is in the air. One moment feels filled with hope, another despair. We are holding the highest vision for our country and the entire planet as we move into more and more of a heart centered consciousness of Global proportions. We are People of Earth. One way or another, love will always save the day.


Many of One and I collaborate on these messages. Here is what they have to say.


We wish to speak to you about the purge and release spin cycle that has been happening. As we have been saying for many months, that which is not in harmony with the high vibrational energies that are steadily increasing is continuing to come up for clearing. The purge has been getting stronger, and this was felt in the last weeks of October. That which is not in harmony with your heart’s resonance will make itself known in no uncertain terms. Relationships are leaving or changing and this is in accord with your true heart. New relationships are also being created. True friends and lovers are gravitating towards each other as if a great magnetization has been set in motion.


There are energetic triggers which are igniting on the grid of the golden web that surrounds the earth. The Golden Web is an energetic membrane consisting of sacred geometrical energy lines which surround the physical body of the Earth. Each intersection point where the energy lines cross is a point of possible activation of energies. The high vibrational energies that are pulsing through the galaxy trigger certain intersection points along the gridlines surrounding Earth. This activity is out-pictured in events happening in the world and, in turn, these triggers affect the golden webs that surround each individual being on earth. For each person also has an energetic golden web which surrounds their subtle energy bodies. As trigger points on the earth web are ignited, they correspond to points on each individual’s energetic web. This in turn creates changes in vibration, which pictures out as shifts and changes in the outer world.


Not every trigger or activation affects each individual, however you may sometimes feel as if something is different and yet all on the surface appears unchanged. Other times you will see the changes out-pictured in the relationships in your life, or in the greater world picture. Many may feel that they are emptying out. Jobs are ending, as are other relationship forms. Even beloved animal friends are leaving the earth plane. We understand these kinds of events happen all the time; however it is at a more accelerated rate at this time. Remember all these “losses” are making room for something new to enter into your life. This is a time to plant seeds. What are the new elements you want to grow in your life? Listen to your dreams and know that you can manifest your heart’s desire. Consciously connecting yourself to earth’s core will help you to stabilize as the energy swirls around you.


In the midst of the changes and chaos, it is essential to find stillness and to listen to your true heart to hear what your deepest desire is. You are being called to face yourself in the totality of your being – to let go of blame and anger regarding the changing situations and see all as an opportunity to create a new life. Embrace responsibility for your unique path. Certain situations, friendships and family members may no longer be available for you to lean on in the old ways. You always have your spirit guides and posse of angels to call on for help, but in another way you are essentially alone within yourself. There is a paradox here, in that you are also part of the whole of creation – the one-ness of the creative life force. However in this life on planet earth, you hold a unique energy signature that is like your fingerprints – one of a kind. Stand firm within your essence, breathe into the feeling that is you and draw upon the deep faith within. Your presence on earth is no accident. Your unique vibration is needed here. All is being brought down to the fundamental aspect of love. Love is God, Love is Spirit, Love is within all living beings. Love is within the Earth. Love is the foundation of creation. Love does not judge right or wrong. Love (God) is simply an is-ness of flowing energy. We call this the Divine Indifference of Spirit, for Spirit is a flow of being-ness, of love energy. It judges not right or wrong. You can draw this energy into your beings consciously. Do not judge yourselves, just be within the flow of love inside of you. Call upon it, enliven it, embody it, believe it is part of your essence. Love yourself and love one another.


Relationships of all kinds are where the magic lies – enjoy creating fun and happy times with one another. Laugh often. Human beings are amazing creatures. Their capacity for the embodiment of Light and Dark is something to behold. Much work is being done regarding embracing the shadow side of self. The shadow and the light that is within consciousness dance together, revealing themselves and creating movement and constant transformation. Many feel they should only focus on the Light. We say to you if all was light, it would be too blinding to see, just as if all was dark, you would be blind as well.


For November we see you rising to a new plateau after the first week – a place of assimilating the new energy you have been making room for. A feeling of renewal, more surges of high vibrational energies. We are seeing jubilation in some sectors – much applauding and cheering. Also, more collapsing of old structures that are based in fear. People rising to the occasion to assist one another. It is helpful to be spontaneous. Within chaos or fear, there is an opportunity for connecting to inner faith, turning your attention to your heart – the rhythm of your heart – and allowing it to guide the rhythm of your lives. The heart connection is where to focus your energies at this time. The grip of fear is weakening, even though there will be feelings of hitting bottom, it will have a different emotional color tone – it will carry with it a feeling of relief for some, because there is a vibration – a feeling tone of not being able to go on as things have been, for truth is surfacing. Some sectors will be rising in anger and fear, but many others, at the grass roots level will welcome the chance to bring more community into their lives and share their resources. This will open up the heart centers as well.


This is what you came here to participate in and to assist with. Rejoice! The times of miraculous change and magic are at hand.


Many Blessings to all,


Nancy Leilah Ward

and Many of One


“We are being ignited from above and below.”

The Voices of SourceSelf and aRa Miles





Meditation Telecall Monday, Oct. 20 at 8:45 p.m. (EST) October 15, 2008

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We have entered a time of purging – not just releasing old energies no longer serving our greater good, but actually purging these energies. Many have been having strange dreams when sleeping or visions when relaxed. I have been aware of dumping lots of energetic gunk – it has come up in bodywork sessions and in dreams. This purge will continue for some time. We will be witnessing it more and more in the outer world, as well.

In these times of swirling, shifting energies, it is helpful to tune into yourself at a soul level, connecting with your higher self and asking for clarity. Know that you are loved and supported by your non-physical guides. Listen, through stillness, to your inner knowing and trust the promptings and information that comes to you. Trusting yourself fosters honor and respect and this radiates through your energy field, attracting the same to you.

Much fear is wafting about in the ethers. To bring yourself out of fear it is helpful to sit and breathe into your heart. Then allow your energy to expand and send your attention up to Spirit. Get a feeling of your “big picture” – the vastness of your self beyond who you know yourself to be in this life on this physical plane. Then send your energy down into the heart of the earth. Feel the similarity of your vibration with the earth. Breathe. Remember who you are and know that you are not alone.

October is beginning to accelerate. It is helpful to get clear on what you want to bring in. As the leftover “gunk” from your entire life experience is purged, you are making room for the new.

Love is the feeling of the energy of Creative Life Force. Please join me for my meditation telecall on Monday, October 20 at 8:45 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time). We will receive messages from Many of One and will join in a guided meditation to open to receive love and to send love to the Earth and the Universe, as well as asking for clarity regarding our highest path and purpose and creating a clear path ahead in the energies. Joining together as a group and amplifying the energy of love will bring healing to us in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies. It will nurture us emotionally and connect us with each other as the soul family that we are. Many of One will speak to us about our multidimensionality and our purpose in being on Earth during this time of change.

A recording of the telecall will be emailed to all participants.

To register, please visit http://www.soultransitions.com and scroll down to the “Upcoming Events” box on the right side. The cost is $15 and you can pay through paypal by clicking on the “Buy Now” link. After you register, you will be sent the call-in telephone number and access code. If you wish to pay other than through paypal, please email me at Leilah.nward@gmail.com.

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Soul Transitions October 2008 Vibe Report October 8, 2008

Posted by Leilah in Abundance Consciousness, Spiritual Development.

October 2008


Soul Transitions


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There is an element of chaos in the energies. We see you all moving forward on a rather bumpy path and there are fireworks in the air – like static popping and snapping. This energy can create fearful thoughts, as well as unexpected encounters, delays and re-routing. As always, going with the flow and being present, being mindful of your multidimensionality – the vastness of the self – will help you to navigate the churning energies.


The fear within the chaos triggers thought patterns that build upon another and soon become an avalanche of panic. Remember your connection to Source Self. Breathe, do something physical, talk with a friend. Remember that you are so much more than the physical body you are in. Faith in the Divine Spirit that lives within you will help you move out of fear and panic, for a new feeling is also in the air and many are connecting to this feeling of freedom and delight. Yes it is there like a wave of energy that can take you above the churning chaos. What does it take to ride that wave? Letting go of that which is dissolving and passing away. Being willing to stand with nothing other than your connection to Spirit. This allows joy to well up within, for a new era is dawning, a new way of being and walking on Earth. The feeling is akin to a “snow day” – or some unexpected time off from something you “have to” do. The word is “YAY!”


Many of you have inherited a way of looking at life from your ancestors and this way is not in harmony with the resonance of love that is growing stronger and stronger. The old way is imploding. This is good news, dear ones, for love will prevail.


You see the structures of the monetary system collapsing. Great change is upon you. This is for the greatest good – the structures that have been built upon fear and greed are crumbling, for that vibratory frequency can not resonate with the higher energies that are being beamed to earth. These higher energies are anchored into the earth plane by you. In meditation, bring the energy of love into yourselves and then into the Earth. Anchor them there and send the love out through the Earth and then out into the Universe. You are amplifiers of energy.


Dear ones, you have been working diligently for so many years to clear the way within so you can hold the higher vibrational energies of pure love, and you are succeeding in doing so. Your efforts have not been in vain.


The changes that are being brought upon the earth through this higher vibrating frequency look scary. What you will see when the structures collapse and people who were living within these structures tumble to earth, is that the beauty of the human heart will shine through. Humanity will gather together to assist one another in an outpouring of compassion and togetherness. The high vibrational frequency of love will fill those who share the resonance and you will come to know that you are not alone, you are all one.


We have been saying for quite awhile that meeting together in groups to meditate and amplify the love is very important at this time. So do not hesitate – start a group gathering for this purpose. There are also groups on the Internet who meet on the “Innernet” together in meditation from all over the world. [For example: www.lightworkers.org has a global meditation every Sunday at 7 a.m. Eastern Time. People from all over the world at whatever time it is for them meditate together and then share their experiences on blogs at Lightworkers.org. It is amazing how their experiences are similar. Check the website on Fridays for more information.]


Power to the People is one of our favorite sayings – there are so many of you and you outnumber the ones who have been controlling world situations through fear. You are stronger than you realize! And that is why group consciousness is so important at this time. Groups amplifying love together gather more and more strength and serve to soften the transition. Utilize this empowerment at your fingertips!


Remember the Divine Source within you.


With gratitude and love,


Nancy Leilah Ward


Many of One


“There’s nothing you can know that isn’t known.

Nothing you can see that isn’t shown.

There’s nowhere you could be that isn’t where you’re meant to be.

It’s easy. . . All you need is love. . .”

– The Beatles