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The Vibe Report for January 2012 January 11, 2012

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Integral Soul Vibe Report January 2012


January 9, 2012

Out of the Fire and into the Sun

From the Daily Drawings, December 31, 2011

From the Daily Drawings, January 1, 2011

Since June 2011, I have been keeping a visual journal of daily drawings. I open up to receive and follow the energy, intuitively using color and guided by inner visions and sometimes dreams. These two images came through on the last day of 2011 and the first day of 2012. I ask my inner guidance and the Vastness of Being for an interpretation, which I feel applies to all of us:

Fire and Sun
Fiercely and courageously you have been dancing in the fires of transformation. You are now entering further acceleration of energies, which are expanding you into the multidimensionality of the universe. The sun on the horizon is your teacher. The fiery energy of the sun’s radiance is permeating your solar system. We have spoken before about the communication between the stars. Your sun is pulsating energetic frequencies that send messages throughout the galaxy. Your sun is awakening the All That Is within each Soul of the Human Being. Amping up the energy, bringing forth deep and profound shifts within each person and within all structures that are created through energetic thought forms. For example there is a group thought form that creates a government in the energy field that becomes strong enough to appear in the physical reality. The same with all systems – the banking systems, educational systems, religious systems – all concentrations of thought become physical representations. And so as the Human Being integrates the Soul of Humanity, which happens individually and as a group consciousness, the higher frequencies are being established within the Human Consciousness field. And so the structures of thought forms that are remaining in the lower vibration are disappearing and you witness this as something collapsing, imploding, sometimes creating great and sudden change. Rejoice! You are riding a great golden wave that is flowing from the center of your sun. But that is just one aspect of the multidimensional reality of the golden wave.

We will not predict or make much comment on the year 2012, for we feel there is enough talk about what this year means, however we do say that this is a year of radical shifting and sometimes sudden changes. Know that this is Divinely Guided, this is Nature, and this is bringing Humanity into ultimate freedom and sovereignty. The energy coming from the sun cannot be controlled or contained, so we suggest you bravely bask in the radiance of truth and learn to trust and surrender. You have many beings watching over you and you have each other.

There will be many inventions that will take you out of dependence on non-sustainable ways of living on the earth. So many possibilities that will free you from the yoke of lack and fear. Dream it into being! You create the thought forms that become the reality and you are doing it as a group consciousness for you have much power – as the Human Being.

In My Experience
We are calling back the parts of our Soul that have been isolated. The painful wounds that we can’t bear to see or feel. We are reaching out to the essences of our Soul that are still residing in our pain body. Those fragments of our hearts that have been disavowed, hated and despised… by our own selves. Can you feel the flow of softness as the nectar of unconditional love flows into you at the realization of this?

So when we feel “off” and give ourselves the devotional gift of attention, we can allow ourselves to really tune in to the feelings that come up and to allow them to wash through us. When we face our pain and allow ourselves to hold it in the vibration of love, a flow of compassion rises and flows throughout our being and into our energy field. Compassion for ourselves. For our Humanity. For all of Humanity. How could we ever criticize another person, when we’ve finally allowed ourselves to have compassion for our own precious being and all of our so-called faults?

We have so much support in the energies that are ignited around us. As we go through the process of calling back the parts of our being that have separated, creating loneliness and despair, we begin to receive the most beautiful energy healing. I see swirling pale pink light wrapping around us like a cocoon, and then pale golden light begins to spiral down gently raising the vibration. If we need violet light it will begin to glow all around us and as constriction releases and compassion flows through, openings appear which allow the fragmented parts of ourselves to come back home, come into the circle into the center of our hearts where it’s warm with unconditional love. And we say to this part of ourselves, “Tell me of your pain and let me wrap my arms around you and sing you a lullaby of love.”

And so we move deeper into the healing process of integration.

Sacred Humanity
We are being opened to receive more and more of the Christ Energy – the high vibrational frequency that is lifting us into accepting ourselves so that we become the Sacred Human Beings. Actually, we already are Sacred Human Beings. We are going through the process of believing in ourselves in this way. For how can we walk the Earth responsibly if we believe we are bad? Self love radiates outward into loving acceptance of all of Humanity. And when we see denser energies working through our brothers and sisters, the compassion that arises, instead of judgment, will help to raise the vibration of all, will offer redemption to all. For we are all connected and we act as mirrors for one another.

The Shadow Reveals the Light
Newly into the much talked about and anticipated year of 2012, I had the experience of my Shadow looming up all around me like a black mist with tentacles reaching into me. My heart was constricted in pain. I looked down and pulled a shard of glass out of my heart. But no, it’s a shard of a mirror. So I looked into that mirror and was confronted with what I don’t accept about myself and judge in myself and I saw it all related to different moments where I made decisions that I felt great shame about. Wave after wave of memories flooded through me as I squirmed in wrenching pain.

It was a day of pacing the floor, and a day of prayer. And then I received a message from out of the blue. A woman said to me (in relation to a certain incident), “Well, there’s nothing I can do about it now, so I’m not going to think about it.” That comment helped me to let go of the constriction of judgment and fear that I had been feeling. I began to breathe more fully and I felt lighter.

Ancient Healing Deities
Later I went to a yoga class I’d never been to before. The teacher’s energy was gentle and loving and she told us of her devotion to Hanuman, the monkey god of the Hindu pantheon of deities. Hanuman is an incarnation of the Divine and a disciple of Lord Rama. Worshiped as a symbol of physical strength, perseverance and devotion, Hanuman assisted Rama in the struggle against the evil forces of the demon king Ravana.

My friend Jon says that Hanuman is all about devotion, which really means devotion to the self. Hanuman also seems to me to be about eradicating demons in doing so (like the dark energy form with the tentacles that I had seen around me).

In the class, the energy of Hanuman was so present through the devotion of the teacher. I actually felt Hanuman showing me that feeling into my pain brings up waves of compassion, which helped me to open up to receive parts of myself that I’d abandoned through my own judgment against myself.

The reason I mention all this is to show that assistance is always available to us and sometimes it comes from surprising sources. I had heard of Hanuman, but had never felt the healing energies of this Deity before.

A Message From The Vastness of Being
The consciousness of Humanity is moving through a narrower and narrower passage compressing that which is dark into light.

What happens at the end of the passage? There is no end. There is a blending and opening into Radiance. As each person moves through this narrowing passage, they must release, surrender, accept, let go and open to the light of the Christ consciousness within. The brightest, most expanded aspect of Love.

The baggage must stay behind.

Feel yourselves to be wrapped in a cocoon of love, assisting you in this deep process of release.

The narrow pathway we mention may bring people to their knees, in certain aspects in their lives. Surrender to the currents of energy that are bringing change flowing like rivers through your lives. A time of compassion is arising…we say that compassion is the healing balm that will assist you in loving yourselves, shadow and all.

Often we have said that Humanity needs to love itself – each individual unconditionally loving themselves. This does not mean only doing what is considered good by some standard. No this means loving your shadow, loving your entire being with no judgment. So when you find yourself criticizing another, know that you criticize yourself even more harshly. As you see your own pain and foibles, and you love and accept these aspects of self, you will notice a bit of hilarity rising like bubbles to the surface, bursting with glee at the absurdity of it all. For once you know the innocence of unconditional love, there is no other way to be. All are growing towards this. Practice patience. Seek out those who work with energy to assist you in clearing, or shattering illusions that were never yours to begin with. Illusions about yourselves.

You are indeed diving into the sun, into the fire, for purification. It can be painful, but the pain is simply the melting of your hearts. As the ice cracks, the tenderness is revealed and you are the ones to love yourselves back to wholeness.

And so we move on to speak of the journey. Healing the pain is part of the steps along the way as you rise into acceptance and join together in Unity. The path is unfolding. You have all chosen to be here at this time of pivotal change on earth. Many beings from all over the Universe are here to support you, for change is at hand. Many will experience life-changing situations that may come up suddenly. We say, learn to embrace this change, for it is realigning you with truth and freedom.

Smile Often
Laugh – find the humor in this journey. We are so amazed at the Human Being with all your richness of emotion and the splendor of your creativity. If you could but see yourselves as we see you. Lighten up… do your best to not take everything so seriously. We see many people so serious about spiritual growth and we tell you, you already are sacred. Part of enlightenment is being light, so be gentle with yourselves as you journey deeper into Love. The pathway is open, you are moving forward on your journey to the center of the All That Is.

Golden Wave
I have been seeing visions of the golden wave – it has come up in my drawings and in a painting I’m working on. The Golden Wave brings the energy to move us forward into joy. The wave is here, moving through our lives. Courage, trust, love and surrender help us ride this wave. And creativity… our creative pursuits, no matter how the light of creativity shines through us, brings us lightness and a sense of fun and wonder at it all. So trying something new, doing something we’ve never done before helps create energy that moves with this wave.

Lightening Up
And speaking of humor, when I was preparing for my Monday night channeled meditation telecall recently, two guys showed up – they had Jamaican accents and dreadlocks and were very funny, joking around with each other and flying around my energy field. They said they were with me to bring a sense of lightness and effervescence to myself and those who would be participating in the telecall. Caught up in the energy, I laughingly asked them to please don’t make me talk funny (like them). I didn’t actually channel them but their energy was there and as I’m writing this now, they’re saying “We’re serious about silliness.”

Oh yes and they kept saying they are the Brothers of the Nine, even though they are two. They show me nine brothers who fly around and bring their comedy routines to many people, so I thank them for showing up in my playroom! Poking fun at our seriousness, they’re here to help us lighten up.

I wish you remembrance of who you truly are and a deep knowing that we are all connected through the Collective Consciousness of the Human Being.

Onward, upward, inward and outward!

Nancy Ward
The Vastness of Being

“We cannot have true compassion for anyone else if we don’t have compassion for ourselves.” Drup Shenpa Elaine

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Rejoice! A Solstice Message from the Angelic Emissaries of the Galactic Councils December 21, 2011

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From the Daily Drawings, 12/12/2011

A Solstice Message from the Angelic Emissaries of the Galactic Councils

As directly received by Nancy Leilah Ward December 21, 2011

The Journey of Souls

Diving down… this Earth experience… many lifetimes – the Soul journey – diving down through layers of timelines into the depth of darkness because that is what grew here – darkness – density. It wasn’t the original design. It wasn’t in the original plan but it became the accumulation of the perversion of the plan and so we work within the matrix of the experiment. A surprise to the Elders of the Councils that have watched and waited through eons of Earth time.

And when it got so bad that destruction was imminent, a call went out throughout the galaxy. A call went out to the Realms of Light where Souls dwell in Bliss. “Who will come and assist? Who will come and assist our sister Gaia and our Human Child? There needs to be light brought into this realm to weave love back into the hearts of Humanity. To give them a chance to rise into Light and then to take their place among the stars.”

And we saw the beauty of the decision to go so deep into darkness and find your way back to love.

And so many Souls answered the call. From the place of Light it seemed simple. “Of course we will help. We are so filled with Light, we can bring it to the Earth plane.”

But once we descended… we had no idea what the density would be like for we did not travel in such realms and we had no idea how heartbreaking it would be. And so we forgot our true nature as lifetime after lifetime we dove deeper into the depths of darkness. Until we came to the bottom. Some, tragically, lost their way. Some lights faded and blinked out and that raised a current of despair for many. And others maintained their light and they have been beacons. And some Masters came down from the Creator of All who dwells in Bliss – like a shot of Light directly into the bottom and then rose up illuminating a path of Light. And then the Force of Darkness found these pathways and corrupted the programs to use against Humanity but the integrity of the Love remained – even if it was a tiny spark – it lived and the ones from the Light recognized that spark because that same spark was still alive within them. And they began to call more of the Light to them until that spark became a flame and a light that illuminated the pathway Home. And so you are rising and the Light within you is guiding you Home. And you are meeting your fellow Light Bearers as your journey becomes clear and you rise together.

And this is what you came here to do. And it has been accomplished with the purest integrity, for you had to forget in order to truly carry the light.

And so now is a time to rejoice as you go through the process of remembering who you are.

And many times you have felt regret and thought, “What was I thinking in coming here?” Because, indeed you were perhaps naive or idealistic as to how deep and compressing the density could be and the forgetting.

You were prepared before you came but each of you knew that there would be surprises, for there was no way to truly know what it would be like here. This had not ever been done before.

So now, you are linked within. You are connected to one another heart to heart, Soul to Soul. And as you live the Light of Truth, you illuminate with one another and light gets brighter and brighter as you arise from the depths into the lighter frequencies. We tell you this now so that you can feel and embody this arising – and so you can know within the fullness of your being – within your multidimensional selves – that your journey has been a beautiful success and you are experiencing the awakening into Light now. And all the lifetimes your Souls have experienced are a beautiful tapestry of emergence and acceptance. For indeed, you have experienced the density though participation in it at times and by doing so you have untied knots of despair and re-woven the tapestry with forgiveness through surrender and acceptance.

Through your direct participation you have allowed the density to move through you and you have transformed it with Love.

Each of you who reads these words wear a mantle of Light and a crown of radiance. Embody this light and know that you are soon to be at the journey’s end when you arise into the Light Realms of Love. It is so beautiful, what you have done here. And the story is not over. There is a continuation and a choice as to what pathways your journeys take you next, according to the Love and Light of your Soul as the Universe opens to receive you!

Rejoice! Redemption is at hand! The Light is rising and carrying you Home.

We are from the Realms of Light – the Watchers, the Angelic dimensions of the Galactic Councils. There is more to come as the journey continues to unfold. Feel our love, feel your heart glowing with this radiance as you awaken to your true selves and see your beautiful missions accomplished!

[This message has a soundtrack – “All You Need is Love…” On this Solstice day of darkness into Light, we bring the Light with us – amplifying this radiance as we arise.]

From the Daily Drawings, December 21, 2011

[The message continues…]

We are the Angelic beings that surround the Galactic Councils. We have been watching and praying for Humanity – for the Light Beings who came to Earth. We promised you we would never leave you and so we have held the radiance to assist you in keeping the spark of love alive within you as you dove deep into the darkness to immerse yourself in the density to change it from within. It was the only way to transform, to awaken the Human Being. You are coming to know that the darkness no longer has any power over you for you are embodying Love instead of fear. Do you not notice now, when fear comes in that you no longer react to it – that it is not able to sink its hook into you like it used to? It is like a fog that has nowhere to connect to you – as you observe it and know that it is not real. That you have a choice to choose love or fear and since the Love/Light is growing exponentially within you, the fear has nothing to attach to. Allow this to happen and grow within you. As you ask yourself “Am I OK right now?” You bring yourself the gift of the present moment and find the Beam of Love there, and then mirth arises within you as you see yourselves unfettered and free. And the realization grows that all you need is love.

Love and Beauty are with you always. You are love; you are magnificent Warriors of the Light.

We are the Angelic Emissaries of the Galactic Councils and we rejoice with you.

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Soul Transitions Vibe Report December 2011 December 7, 2011

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Unifying and Integrating the Body of Humanity

Be sharp, learn to adapt quickly. Fluctuating currents are all around us. One moment feeling inspiration, creative flow, the next moment it’s gone, and we’re like a pendulum swinging from ennui to urgency. And in the middle of all that… the holidaze…

I’ve been drawing and painting my way through the openings and swift movement. November was all about opening and moving into higher frequencies than we’ve ever been in before. Now as I look back I see a huge beam of radiant energy that was/is shining through the fields of energy right into us. This is calling us to be our truth. And so much is falling away.

We are no longer going through transitions. We are in a period of integration. Coming together. Unity. (I am working on a new website – look for Integral Soul in 2012.)

Also, during November I kept hearing the word “Precipice” over and over. A precipice of change. It’s time to take the leap of faith and listen to the truth of our Souls. Stepping off the precipice is like falling down the rabbit hole. All of the familiar moments and things from the past are embedded in the walls of the rabbit hole. Now and then you try to grasp at something familiar but you’re moving too fast. Soon you let go, you have to let go, there’s no other way. Let go and allow this journey to be as it is. You can navigate better that way. In stillness we hear our intuition. In stillness we hear our truth. It is a fine balance between the chaos and inner stillness.

A rather stern message came through one night, which I share with you here. It was a loud male voice. I saw a man with a white beard, fierce eyes. Kind of like Uncle Sam meets God (think Sistine Chapel). Oh, and throw in a little Santa Claus, too.

Here’s the message:
Live In Love
You stand at a precipice. The evolution of consciousness is at hand. You reading this are a small cell in the organism of Humanity. You are Light. Love opens you to radiate more Light.

Go forth and amplify this light with others. Then you – as you gather together inner and outer – shine and illuminate human consciousness. This is your mission. Live in Love.

How much longer will you continue to distract yourselves with the theater of the world that has been overlaid on the consciousness of Humanity? Creating beliefs and illusions that draw you away from the Beam out onto pathways leading to separation, loneliness, fear and despair. Now is the time to rise up to listen to your inner truth. YOU CAN NO LONGER CONTINUE TO WALK THE SLEEP OF THE DEAD.

The longing you feel inside is calling you to dive deeper into the sea of consciousness. Listen to your heart.
Pay attention.
Your Soul is calling you.
Come together.
No longer can you wait for something to happen.
Now is the time to Live in Love.

Creative Flow
During the first few days of December I was really riding high – very inspired, receiving insights and creative visions that blossomed into painting and writing. Then… a corner was turned. And since Monday the energy has felt at times thick and it was difficult – if not impossible – to put the creativity in motion. Talk about fluctuation. I learned when it gets like that, to do some kind of busy work instead of trying to push the river (like finish digitizing the family photos.)

The Human Being
I’ve been thinking a lot about the Body of the Human Being. Humanity as one organic being. The Human Being. And I wonder – can I really see and feel that everyone I talk to, everyone I come in contact with, is a part of me? Can I look into their eyes and see myself? I’m trying it on. And here’s why:

On November 30th I dreamed that I was inside a living organism. I see pinks and pale browns. It’s flesh-like, folding into itself and it’s moving and I see that what is moving are actually white rings of light and small black lines and they’re moving across the flesh-like walls. And then as I look even closer, I’m drawn in to the circles of light and see that each one is a person. I see their faces and I feel their energy. It’s awesome. And we’re just there like that, each person seeing each other within this great organism. And yet there’s a feeling of separation and we all want to come back into alignment. We want to be integrated – connected. It’s just a matter of shifting ever so slightly – I’m not sure about shifting in what way – it’s somewhat beyond words. And it’s like there’s a group of beings we want to connect with. I can see them in the membrane above me and it’s like they’re trying to reach out to reconnect and at some point, something happens and we do it. We make the connection and there’s so much joy. We’re re-united! And it feels like children – there’s this childlike innocence – and yet not an immaturity. And the feeling is that in this reunification, a healthy, vibrant, empowered, conscious being is born… there’s a feeling of coming home. Reunification. Integration.

As I awoke I heard the words, “It’s a success! Reunited!” And I knew that what happened was that we all connected with one another. We made a connection; we connected to the Inner Net.

From the morning drawings, November 30, 2011

No More Snooze Button
It has come to my attention that the black lines I saw in my dream are people who are still asleep. They haven’t become aware of the Inner Net. I saw that the shining circles of light radiate outward and have the capacity, simply through radiance, to begin to spread light to those “portals” that have not felt the electromagnetic current of energy yet, which will enable them to come “on line.”

I wrote the dream down and when I was finished, the following message came through:

If there are holes in the Human Being, forces of negative polarity may fester there. You can view this from your own personal experiences – and as you begin to release and repel thought forms and false beliefs you are able to bring the Love Light in, which is the Life Force Energy, which is your Divine Source. And this Life Force Energy fills the holes and heals the breaches, just like the way a cut to your skin heals and comes together and re-establishes itself. So this happens energetically in your energy field and on a greater scale this happens in the entire Human Being.

This is how you, Humanity, learn how powerful you are -when you are united – co-creating your world in cooperation with one another.

There are those of you who are radiating light without being aware of it. When you walk through your world, in your day to day experience, you are sending out this radiance – you are like enzymes – cleaning enzymes – to help cleanse the wound that is within the Human Being – on an individual level and in the bigger picture of the living organic biological organism that is Humanity. From micro to macro this healing process works. So we say you can use a microscope or a telescope, it is the same thing… you are looking at the same elements. As above, so below.

Again we say, as we have said many times before, there will come a time when you will look into another’s eyes and see yourself looking back at you. For the Love Force Energy flows through all, no matter what part of the world you’re from or what “race” your genetic material is made up of.

Begin now the practice of seeing yourselves as co-creators – not separate from one another but in coherence… in partnership in creating the world experience. Stop criticizing yourselves and one another. Stop judging yourselves and one another.

Observe the world with acceptance of what is – for as you do this, you will be able to hear your own thoughts which will reveal to you what needs love… the balm of love and acceptance for healing.

There will come a time when energy sources will be made available to all of humanity. Look towards that time. Feel what freedom will be like as you feel into the release from paying money for energy. Free energy.

A long time ago, the great pyramids were power generators. Inventions have been made and still exist – of machines that operate and harness free energy which is part of the electromagnetic energy of Earth. It will come to be that humanity will move into a cohesiveness where these machines will be utilized, freeing you from a prison of fear and lack.

Begin to fantasize about this. Vision it for yourselves and as you do, also imagine a world of Human Beings – each with their unique individual energetic signature – living in harmony and love with one another, walking through a beautiful harmonic blissful vibration, within the polarity of opposites, for that provides the friction to move – but still living within this high vibrational, creative energy.

Riding the Wild Surf
So now, it’s December 7 and I just had a realization: We’re in the Ocean. For most of this year, we’ve been traveling swift currents of energy – waterways, rapids, waterfalls, churning, fast water. And there have been a lot of natural life-changing occurrences involving water, which I have heard described as “Biblical.”

And today, I’m feeling like I’m in a big dip in the water. I don’t know what the technical ocean term is for that but there’s a sucking feeling … as if we are being pulled into a Great Wave. A Golden Wave. Got a surfboard?

Out of the River and Into the Sea

The ocean. That’s what the Integration is about.

I feel that the Visionary part of the message above is showing us a world where there is more harmony than there is now and where we will live very creatively within the polarity of negative and positive. I feel we will be in a time where we will be learning about our relationship to the Earth, as well as our own inner nature. Integrating with the circadian rhythm of the Earth and ourselves. So there’s work to be done, but we will be doing it from a state of grace. In the harmony of cooperation. It sounds like a very healthy organism to me.

We’re connected. This is our strength.

So, let’s go forth and amplify.

Nancy Ward
The Vastness of Being

“Surprise, surprise!” – Gomer Pyle

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On November 17th, I was honored to appear on Blog Talk Radio on “Another Reality Show” hosted by Golden Hawk. I had a great time – Thank YOU Goldie! To listen to the episode, click on this link:

Ancestral Lineage Clearing Channeled Meditation, October 31, 2011 November 1, 2011

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This powerful meditation came through on my Monday Channeled Meditation on Halloween and I would like to share it with you at this time of honoring our Ancestors.

We are in a time of acceleration, where waves of high vibrational frequencies are flowing through the Universe and through our Solar System, affecting our Sun, our planet and ourselves. This is helping to lift us out of 3D into higher dimensions. As we undergo this process, dense energy is being released from our energy bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical). This includes energy that has been accumulated through our Ancestral Lineage. So as we uncover and release blocks and restrictions, we are releasing false beliefs and patterns that have been held at the Ancestral level.

Have you had negative thoughts that have persisted all your life? Have you come to realize that these thoughts are not yours? This guided meditation and channeling will help you to release the density of false beliefs and patterns, all the way down through your ancestral lineage. You may meet an ancestor or two who will most likely thank you and assist you in this process. As we do this, we are clearing energies for the Earth, because the Earth holds the Akashic records for all the time lines that happen here. As we do this clearing work for our ancestral lineage, we are literally changing the “past” and assisting in the creation of the new Earth!

I begin the meditation process by helping you tune in to the Light within you, which is the Divine Creator Source energy. Then we ground our energy into the Earth and circulate the Earth energy through our energy bodies. We call upon the Divine Creator energy from the Cosmos, bringing it into us, enhancing the Light within. We fill our energy bodies with the Earth and Cosmic energy. By this point, you will be in a high vibrational meditative, receptive state and my collaborators, the Vastness of Being, join the circle to take us on the journey.

I hope you enjoy the gift of this channeled meditation. (55 minutes long.)


I conduct channeled meditation telecalls every Monday at 8:30pm EST. For more information, or to sign up, go here: https://soultransitions.com/meditations/

Recordings of the calls are always provided, so if you can’t actually be on a call, you can listen to it at your convenience.

Soul Transitions Vibe Report September 2011 September 11, 2011

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Small Sprite

September 7, 2011

In late August, as I was writing the article below, an earthquake shook the Eastern coast of North America. A very unusual event for this region which amplified the sense of unreality I’d been feeling for weeks. A day after the earthquake my mother in Florida had a stroke and was hospitalized. (She’s back home now and recovering very well.) And then, three days later, Hurricane Irene came through the region where I live. The great winds that were expected weren’t as intense as the rain which caused severe flooding. My road was washed away and many towns have been ravaged – some literally wiped out. The powerful force of water has rearranged the landscape – inner and outer. As I feel myself to be within the flowing waters of change, I am reminded to amplify the practice of gratitude and appreciation. (For information about how to help flood experiencers, go here: https://www.facebook.com/#!/SaveTheCatskills.)

I’ve noticed in myself – and heard reports from other people – that there’s a feeling of ennui that many are experiencing. Feeling unmotivated, as if we’re swirling around in an eddy of energy, not going anywhere, just spinning in the same spot. To move out of this, I am receiving messages to do what is fun, what makes me feel good.

In my meditation this morning I was floating around, attempting to bring Light into my being and nothing was happening. Then I just focused on my breath and suddenly found the light within me. Ah yes, I remembered messages that have come through during my Monday channeling telecalls that the Light is within us. That is were we need to go to find ourselves. So as I focused my attention on this Light, it began to grow within me and to spread through my physical energy body and radiate outward. Aah, there I am, I thought to myself, as I found my center. Connecting with our center, the stillpoint within, may need some extra vigilance to maintain at this time, as we ride the wild energies of Nature. Connecting with each other in group gatherings will also help us to stabilize as we are carried along in the chaotic energies of change.

There is such an acceleration happening now all over the world with continued humanitarian uprisings and much upheaval due to nature. In this year, many people have experienced transformation in their lives due to wild winds, wild water and wild fires, in addition to massive shifting of the earth through earthquakes and volcanoes. I saw a friend a few days after the hurricane who said “Stay in the wonderment,” as we parted company. Her words have become a mantra to me. The wonderment of wild, powerful nature, which includes the consciousness of humanity, for all are connected. We see this more and more as energetic and physical structures of separation collapse around us.

Nature is our Mirror
The nature of the earth is being reflected in the nature of humanity. What needs to change will change. I have witnessed big shifts and changes in relationships as some people blow significant others out of their lives. Not always gentle endings but explosive blasts of emotion as if they are embodying the energy of hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires. So as we deal with our personal tsunamis, we need to do our best to continue to stay on the beam of love that shines through the multi-dimensions that we exist within. For the last few months, we have been bumping up and down in our Life Boats on a fast moving current of energy that has been compressing us through a channel, which is like a birth canal. And now it feels like we’re in a holding pattern, waiting for the next contraction to push us forward.

This explains the feeling of being stuck in an eddy, just swirling around in a circle. The feeling of ennui can be a resting place, a time to practice being in the moment and maintaining inner stillness. It’s also a time to nurture ourselves and listen to our hearts, doing only that which we really want to do. The energies are building, gathering strength, for what, we do not know, but many people have been saying they feel like they’re waiting for the other shoe to drop. The practice of being in the vibration of love and acceptance, loving ourselves and being in gratitude and appreciation, will help us to weather whatever the next wave of energy brings forth.

We also need to practice surrender at this time. There are some things we can do nothing about and surrendering to the experience keeps us in the flow, trusting in the prevailing winds of love.


From the Daily Drawings, July 19, 2011

What follows are messages I’ve been receiving in the past month.

A pause… the in breath…
Gathering energies swirl on the horizon like a wavering mirage

Lately, my guides have been communicating to me through inner visions. These visions carry frequencies of information that expand into thought and feelings in an instant of knowing. One such vision showed me the Milky Way Galaxy with Light radiating out of the center. The vision then expanded to show me a vaster viewpoint with Light shining through the center of every Galaxy in the Universe. Science tells us that at the center of every Galaxy is a black hole. My guides tell me that the center of every galaxy contains a portalway to other Universes. Light from beyond our Universe is shining forth and the radiance is spreading and expanding all it touches. It is as if the membrane of our Universe has holes in it that are being opened by an intelligent consciousness, which is the Radiance of the Light of Truth of the Christ Consciousness.

This has been illuminating our lives, for many years, inviting us to expand our vision of the world, to clear away what isn’t our personal truth and to make the necessary changes in our lives in order to embody our Soul Essence, which is our truth. So many people are restructuring their lives at this time. Those who choose to consciously re-structure their lives are affecting those who want to maintain the status quo, for as one makes changes, the ripple effect goes out and touches all. And the nature of Earth is restructuring our lives, as well.

Star Light
This light shining into our Universe is being absorbed by the stars, which are pulsating with the higher frequencies that travel upon the light waves. There is a great rhythmic cadence taking place throughout our Universe, just as we live within circadian rhythms of changing seasons on Planet Earth and just as the birds know when to fly North or South, and animals know when to mate or hibernate, there is a galactic and universal rhythm and we humans are part of that rhythm.

This is the time of the Great Awakening and all of us are being called to live our truth. After thousands of years of mind control and lies that have been fed to us and our ancestors, the truth is rising from within us. Codes of awakening are lighting us up from deep within our genetic matrix. How we experience this awakening is up to us. “Live vibrantly” is something a friend who is moving through many challenges said to me recently. We participate in expanding the rhythm of Truth by living it ourselves.

Our Souls’ life “expressions” are culminating in this timeline
Due to a misunderstanding of time, we refer to the lives our Souls have expressed through as “past” lives. Actually, our Souls are radiating awareness out into several different timelines at once. These other lifetimes are culminating within us in the current timeline we are in now. When we flow into the channel of the birth canal, all of our Soul’s lives are being compressed into our awareness in this current timeline. This is part of the Great Shift we are participating in. That is why, during “past life” regression sessions, we have opportunities to come to a healing and integration of trauma from the life or lives we are bringing into our awareness. By doing clearing practices we can release negative or dense energy held at the Soul level, that influences destructive patterns in our lives. This allows us to embody our soul essence completely by integrating all the other lifetimes our Souls have experienced.

Heroic Human Beings
The destructive patterns that have accumulated in our Soul’s energetic field are not our natural way of being; they are energetic codes that were implanted into our energy fields through illusions held in the collective consciousness which led to false beliefs of fear and limitation. We are powerful creator beings who consciously decided as a group to go through the illusional experience of losing our connection to Divinity, and then make the journey back home to the truth of our being. As we continue to disable these codes through conscious intention, awareness, and our natural drive towards love, we rise in consciousness into our multidimensionality, embodying our Soul Essence more completely.

As humanity awakens and each person embodies their truth, we will become more and more empowered into living as sovereign beings, free and heroic, expressing the creative essence of our genius on the Earth.

Helios… our beautiful star…
The high frequency of energy coming from the galactic center of the Milky Way is beaming deep into Helios, causing activations that lead to solar flares and other solar emissions. This energy is then pulsed out into our solar system affecting every planet. Down here on Earth, the radiance is going into the core of the earth and heating up the energy there. When I place my attention into the Earth I feel and see a lot of heat and churning energy. The essence of this energy is rising to the surface, causing the earth to move and causing extreme weather anomalies. We are connected through consciousness and energy to All That Is. This energy is moving through our lives, so in effect, the energy or Light coming through the Galactic Center lights up the sun which lights up the Earth which lights up us. And so we are seeing many changes and realignments in our lives as this Radiance calls us to our Truth.

The Chakras
The seven major chakras – actually I’d like to count 9 major chakras including our Earth Star chakra and our Cosmic Star chakra. I see these two chakras as stars of light, one beneath our feet in the Earth and the other above our heads in the ethers. These energy vortices are where our life force energy, which is our Spiritual Essence, connects with the physical. So as we continue to clear our energy fields of untruth (represented by false beliefs), we are making room for our Soul Essence to dwell more completely in our physical body. Our Soul Essence connects energetically into the vortices of our chakra system. Not just in the major chakras, but in all the smaller energetic vortices that exist in the etheric energy around our physical bodies.

And so, we are lighting up from within. The Divine Life force energy has always been within us, it was dimmed over the centuries through the lies that have become what we think of as our history. Be prepared to have your mind blown as more and more information comes to the surface illuminating the lies and manipulation that we have come to believe as truth – such as the true origin of humanity… the extraterrestrial influences that have existed on this planet and contribute to our DNA… the influences of religions that have kept us from knowing ourselves as expressions of Divine Source.

Truth Out
All structures built upon lies are collapsing. As we witness a rearrangement in our lives and the lives of those around us, so that we can live authentically, we are also witnessing the Truth OUT phenomena happening in governments, political arena, economics, religion, science and the medical establishment. We are in a time of chaos where all these aspects are churning.

The Beingness of Love

The frequency of love is becoming our ultimate truth. I’m talking about freedom, joy, bliss, ecstasy, without conditions, constraints or strings attached. The Beingness of Love. I see this energy, this Light that is radiating from the center of all Galaxies as the frequency of love.

All that is of a lower vibration will not be able to survive in this high frequency.

As the untruth falls away, feelings of panic can shake us up from within. If you can see this experience as the high vibrational light coming into your being and activating your chakra system, you will be able to surrender to the experience… breathe into the panic, bring your focus to your heart and see yourself on a wild ride through the rapids on the river of Consciousness – as you journey through the white waters in your Life Boat.

Sink holes and mine fields
Our journey carries us through mine fields of sink holes that teach us to maintain and grow the love within us, which is our essence of Divine Source. These sink holes can be seen as open wounds in our mental and emotional energy fields. They resonate with the energy of our “injuries” in life and also with ancestral wounding. If there’s something in our vibration that still needs healing, we will be drawn to the energies of the sinkhole.

It’s a beautiful experience when you feel yourself being drawn towards a sink hole of old dense feelings, and you stay conscious in your truth, finding your stillpoint and releasing into the vibration of love and well-being. When you do this, you feel yourself dissolving the electromagnetic connection to the energy of the sinkhole and you are lifted up and away from its influence. You can see it rapidly receding as you flow in the current of the Great River of Consciousness. And trust that the love that you resonated with is clearing and healing the sink hole. And when that happens, it’s like the100th monkey effect, clearing and healing all the sink holes that held the energy of the particular wounding you loved yourself out of.

No matter where we’re at on our journey, when we love ourselves and surrender to the moment, we realize who we truly are. It’s the self criticism, the lack of acceptance, the endless mind-talk of what’s wrong with us that punches holes in our lifeboats. As we release what is not our truth, we strengthen our lifeboats – trusting and accepting ourselves.


From the Daily Drawings August 10, 2011

Radiance: the Big Picture
The Light of awakening that is pulsing out of the Galactic Center of the Milky Way, is helping us to integrate and embody the essence of the Christ Consciousness. What I am being shown is that at some point we are to receive a blast of Light that we will expand us into complete one-ness. We need to be ready for that… I think that’s what the ascension looks and feels like. A complete surrender into the Light in which we will experience ourselves to be at one with All of Life in multi-dimensions and multiple Universes. It might be just a flash and an experience of expansion, and then we’ll be back in the physical but in a more expansive dimension where love and bliss are within and without us and we know ourselves to be connected to one another and All That Is, dissolving all feelings of separation. It takes an open, light heart to be able to maintain that state. The challenge is that the light reveals what we fear within us. Witnessing and accepting the fear whenever it shows up is a way of continually moving into surrender, forgiveness, acceptance and love, which keeps us in the light. The Light is so all encompassing; it lifts us up in an embrace of ecstasy.

Reach out to one another, making heart to heart connections. Gather together and amplify the energy and remember to stay in the Wonderment!

Nancy Leilah Ward
The Vastness of Being

“When One feels really out of sorts, queasy, helpless, unable to breathe to move, to think or do anything and suddenly consciousness – the vibration of love – comes in the body – consciousness for a split second – Everything lights up.” – The Mother of Pondicherry

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Soul Transitions Vibe Report May 2011 May 17, 2011

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Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m on a speeding motorcycle, but it’s not the motorcycle that’s moving; it’s the landscape that is moving and creating itself as I go. The motorcycle is just this thing I’m sitting on. The road takes unpredictable dips and turns as the scenery of trees, rocks and structures race by my field of awareness.

Events in the world have a similar ambiance of unreality as they speed by. Mostly I feel like a detached observer. But sometimes I get hooked in by the spin doctors’ game of trying to engage us yet again in fear. As I question the truth of stories that are being spun out through the media, I feel the thin flatness of some of the events that engage my attention. It’s like I’m watching a movie, a film projected on the screen of my awareness. There’s a cloying, sticky energy as I feel my fellow humans being sucked into the maelstrom of untruth. At times I’ve struggled to shake off this energy, but the only way to shift it is to tune into the core of my being and bring myself back into stillness where I tap into the deep, ancient wisdom of BE-ing. I feel gratitude for the Master Teachers who have incarnated on Earth through the centuries, sharing the simple wisdom of love, maintaining energetic currents of clarity and truth and leaving behind pathways of light for us to follow, reminding us of who we truly are in Spirit.

The latest drama is the alleged killing of Osama Bin Laden. I am aware that this man fostered hatred and was the orchestrator of much destruction in the world, but I feel sickened by the way he was supposedly killed and the way his death is being held up as something for Americans to be proud of. Yesterday, I saw his photograph on the cover of Time Magazine with a red X through it. I find this image disturbing, childish and shameful. I question whether this story is just more manipulation by our government and the media. I observe with disgust the ignominious, low vibrational energy of judgment based on lies of the great manipulator.

The emotions of humanity are continuing to be harvested for the nourishment of a dark cabal. This “dark cabal” is a non-physical parasitic entity that feeds off of the human emotion of fear. It manipulates humanity through low vibrational energies. We have come a long way in raising our vibration and focusing on the energy of love. This dark one doesn’t want us to succeed in raising our vibration, because it cannot live in the high energies. As we do all we can to amplify love within us, we turn away from the fear and no longer hold it in our vibration. It may come back from time to time, because the dark cabal is doing what it can to draw us back into feelings from our past, but we are no longer in thrall to its density and we have many tools to bring us back onto the beam of light that is the Divine Energy Stream of Love.

The Aurora of Love
We are a group consciousness, connected to one another through the web of life, which also connects us to the energies of the Earth. We have so much going for us! So many tools at our fingertips, and when we connect with one another through the emotion of love and our intention for freedom, we create an aurora of love that fills the Earth’s energy field with beautiful flowing colors of Light. We are midwives of Light, assisting in the ascension of the Earth and of ourselves.

As I write this, I am seeing a vision of us swimming upward in murky water, rising from the depth of the darkness of our past into lighter waters above. Like superheroes, we rise with one arm reaching upward, into clarity. We each have a radiance that lights up the darkness around us. I see lights and colors all around – popping fireworks of energy and dark, gooey blobs that used to pull me downward but can no longer reach into my energy field. The energy all around is pulsing – pushing in at us and then pulling outward – causing some turbulence. I see myself rising upward through this stormy energy and I see many others doing the same. The stuff of the world will continue to vie for our attention, but I know that if I practice bringing my attention to what feels good within me, no matter what is going on in the theater around me, I will continue to rise into love and freedom.

The Sea Refuses No River
Regarding Osama Bin Laden or any other persons that are up for judgment either in the bigger world picture or our communities – who of us can comment on another’s Soul journey? Perhaps Osama Bin Laden’s job was to lift much darkness from the Earth as he passed. It is not for any of us to judge another’s journey for there may be deeper reasons regarding their actions that have to do with soul level agreements among all concerned.

Within the cacophony of drama of the world there is another sound ringing out through time and space. A clarion call to open our hearts to focus on love and acceptance of ourselves and others. Now more than ever we are called to create love and joy. To follow the urges of creation and fun. Play; be like a child, innocent and free. Focus not on the hardship of the world but instead celebrate the light sparkling on water, shining through the leaves of trees. The warmth of sunlight on your skin; the magnificent beauty of this earth. The gift of radiating love out to one another.

A Message From The Vastness of Being
Ah yes and we have been observing the bumping energy relating to the alleged killing of a man upon whom much fear has been heaped. This man was diminished… was not as powerful as those who spin webs of lies would have people believe. More fear is intended to be engendered – fear of backlash – but he did not have an army or large following that has power to wield.

There have been many stories woven through the experience of 9/11 that have nothing to do with the truth of that event. Through grief, people have been manipulated into a frenzy of fear and hatred. But many have been disturbed by the report of the killing of this one man. Many are not participating in the hate-mongering. We remind you all that the Spirit of Divine Creator does not turn away the energy of any soul, Spirit does not judge, Spirit – Creator Source – is a flow of Divinity – a flow of love, purity and innocence.

Osama Bin Laden did take much fear and hatred with him when he left the physical plane and we say this out of the utmost respect for his soul. There is a great mystery as to what appears to be negative acts –soul level agreements with all involved. It is very difficult for many to understand – that even the one known as Hitler who lived during a time of much darkness, was a facilitator of experiences for the soul growth of Humanity. There was a choice made by the critical mass of Humanity to go through the experience of the Second World War. Some souls signed on to be the “bad guy” but there is no judgment against these souls. Is the one who designed the Atomic bomb the “bad guy” or are those who used it for destruction the “bad guys?” Is the pilot who released the bomb that wiped out Hiroshima a “bad guy?” It is considered that the detonation of the atomic bomb put a final end to that war but what of those who lived at ground zero and those who suffered from radiation poisoning in the years after? Were they “bad guys” for being Japanese? How can anyone judge another’s experience? There are layers of experience being acted out in the physical that have deeper meaning to each soul involved.

We will not answer your question as to whether Osama Bin Laden was killed two weeks ago or 10 years ago. Instead, we see a wave of light and energy lifting you above the grasping hooks and lies of the patriarchal energy that is decaying. Like a floodwater flowing through the structures of a prison, the truth of love loosens the claws of fear, raising the consciousness up into a higher vibration that feels happy, that doesn’t care about focusing on the lies… this is a place where One wants to celebrate being free, rising above the noise and drama of the world into a consciousness of heart-centered collaboration, letting go of the drama and focusing on creating a world that is self-sustaining and harmonious.

When you look at the stories of governments and banking families that have been manipulating events of the world, creating what looks to be so complicated and confusing, you feel overwhelmed and at last turn your back on the noise and float into the simplicity of love, no longer putting your attention towards the drama, but rising into the truth of Divine Spirit… the innocent truth of Be-ing in the higher dimensions. And all else falls away, it simply doesn’t matter. If you put yourselves into this vibration, you will see your lives, your world change.

Witnessing the Divine Play
Play with this, feel into the idea of simply witnessing the noise of the world and focusing your attention on a higher vibration. What you place your attention on is what you create. Try maintaining a focus of tenderness, of love.

It is with much love and respect that we communicate with you. Know that you have support from Divine Source at all times and that you are the creators of your experience. Collaborate, share your experiences, shine your light for all to see.

Nancy Leilah Ward
The Vastness of Being

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”
– Mohandas Ghandi

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Soul Transitions March 2011 Vibe Report March 6, 2011

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So… what happened to February? It turned out to be a month of retreat from doing. I was traveling through tunnels where the reception was fuzzy. Tunnel travel is when we go deep into pathways long unvisited in the terrain of the inner world. We bring the light of our consciousness there, leaving a luminous trail. In the tunnels we feel disconnected, cut off from Source and our inner guidance. This is a solitary part of our journey. Trust and patience helps us to navigate these realms. Trust in ourselves as we feel disconnected to our guidance. No one is holding our hands; we have to go it alone. It strengthens our resolve, strengthens our belief in ourselves and our journey. When we tune into trust we strengthen our connection to Divine Source, the life force energy that flows through us directly from the Source of all Creation. Therefore, we are the Creators and we are rising into this responsibility.

During the last weeks of February I was called to let go of much of what I wanted to do. I have difficulty with that – being constantly driven by feelings that I’m not doing enough. So to help me let go, I got caught by a cold that knocked me out for two weeks. At the same time, changes in consciousness were beginning to manifest in the outer world and a tremendous amount of information was flooding through me. I barely had enough time to integrate it before the next turn carried me forward on swift currents of energy. There were not enough hours in the day to integrate it all and to write and take care of other aspects of physical life. Writing this now I hear a voice within saying, “Get used to it.”

Physical Manifestations
As we enter into March, many of us are feeling a buzz of anxiety shaking us up from within. We are at the edge of big change as we move up the spiral, awaiting take-off into further awakening on a global scale. The accelerated energies are building and you may be feeling this as a quaking inside – often when we lay down to sleep it feels like a mini earthquake shimmering inside of us – tremors of energy that are causing us to expand. This may be followed by a feeling of coldness deep within – an inner coldness making us tremble and stiffen at the same time. This is because our energy has opened and we haven’t yet filled with the high, more refined light frequencies. It’s helpful to vision yourself gently filling with light when you feel the cold, and know that all is well. You may also feel a fluttering at the heart chakra. All this is part of the opening. The buzz of anxiety that some are feeling is heralding the coming changes as the familiar falls away. We are also feeling the reflections of the current changes that are happening in the world. We’ve witnessed much upheaval through uprisings and the massive earthquake in New Zealand. So quaking is happening inside and out in many different forms – as above, so below.

Conscious Intentional Prayer
During this time of retreat I did a lot of meditation. It all began with Egypt. I was sending the energy of love to those in conflict – sending peace and praying for them to maintain their peaceful demonstration whilst demanding their freedom. I found myself tuning in to the Divine Masculine energy and calling for healing of this energy stream. We need each other’s loving energy – men and women – and we need to balance these energy streams that flow within each of us. As I sent love to those protesting I called for the spirits of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and John Lennon to assist the protestors to maintain a peaceful commitment to stand up for the rights of freedom. And then I began to tune into those who chose the position to maintain the status quo with guns and force. I could see the Love Force Energy flowing up from the Earth and rising up around the people of the military and police forces. I called upon Mother Theresa, Mary Magdalene and the Divine Feminine energy to assist in reaching the hearts of these men and women – for them to remember who they truly are. The Vastness of Being have more to say about this in their transmission.

Radiant Light Beam
We are feeling the beginning of a surge of energy that is coming forth at this time. I see the Earth passing through a beam of light in the next few weeks, ushering in a great awakening. I see veils being peeled away from the eyes of human beings. This radiant beam of light was written about in the Vibe Report for January.

There has been a feeling of anxiety which I believe to be part of this increasing energy. Feeling emotional with sudden, brief moments of crying, and feeling ungrounded, disconnected, as if everything is different. Some of us are experiencing inner change and so we feel disoriented and strange. Others are going through massive shifts in energy and consciousness as relationships end – intimate relationships, friendships, jobs, and homes. So many people of Earth are experiencing a clearing out of their lives and we are all feeling this shifting and change, because we are all connected through the web of light – the inner net – the consciousness that flows through us all.

Let’s Get Physical
Yesterday I awoke feeling extreme anxiety. As if I am losing my home and my livelihood. Granted, I live on the edge, but I’m not losing my home or my livelihood, and yet the anxiety was palpable. I brought my focus to my heart over and over again, breathing into my heart, creating the circle of stillness around me. I tried sending the energy of peace out on the lines of light that connect us all – sending peace and love to all those in turmoil – to those who are or have lost their homes, jobs and relationships. I have to say that it was very difficult to shift. I knew I was feeling what many are feeling in the continuum, and I was caught up in those feelings, too. Our minds can find all kinds of reasons to be afraid, so I kept bringing my attention back into my heart. It took getting busy with some outer task to help shift the energy. So, sometimes the inner work isn’t enough. This is when I, who focus very much on the spiritual, need to remember that I’m physical as well and grounding is very important. Physical tasks, like cooking, cleaning house and exercising are very grounding. The more we move into the changes, the more important staying grounded is.

We are feeling each other’s feelings, whether we are aware of it or not. For we exist in a sea of consciousness. Humanity is a group consciousness and we are opening to this awareness. Our technology, the Internet, is a reflection of what we really are capable within…organically. As we expand further we may come into the realization that we are also sharing group consciousness with members of the Star Nations. The ones who are not of this Earth. Indeed, many of us are not of the Earth, either – at the level of our Souls.

It’s important for us all to find the stillness within and expand it outward to a circle of calm around us. And to gather together to focus our intentions towards connecting with each other through what I call the Inner Net. There is strength in numbers – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

And now a message from The Vastness of Being

Much is changing and shifting in the energy upon the Earth. You are feeling it swirling around you and it may feel that there is nothing you can grasp onto. We say let it go. When you find the stillpoint within you create an opening around you so that you are sitting within the eye of the storm. Find this place of stillness. It is from there that you can create clearly. It is in this circle of stillness that you access joy, indeed, and wonder and this is where you connect to the adventure of your life. Feel the smile playing about your lips as you tune into this truth and feel yourself in the circle of light. This circle opens up pathways of energy and brings refined frequencies into your being. As you tune into these highly refined frequencies, you receive a clearing of worry and anxiety.

Inner Connections
When you are in this energetic space you are able to telepathically communicate through the pathways of connection that is the web of human consciousness which connects all humanity. This is the Oneness that many speak of. The inner work you do – the prayer and intentions that you send out through the lines of light is vital and much needed in the world. You may feel like it is having no effect, but we tell you it is real and your energy does go to where it is most needed. You are the creators of this world and you are stepping into that responsibility.

Send the energy of love to the hot spots of the world – to the places where people are standing up for their freedom, calling for the end of oppression. These uprisings are just beginning and such uprisings will be gaining in momentum in the times to come. We say to all who read these words, continue to send love to all who are engaged in conflict and who are in exodus and turmoil. The work you do in prayer, in the inner planes is very powerful, especially as more and more of you are engaged in connecting within. Send the vibration of love to all who are in turmoil, worry and fear on the earth – whether they are in the hot spots of conflict, or whether they are experiencing shifts in their personal lives. When you send the energy of love out to those who are experiencing turmoil, the energy gathers strength and goes to where it is most needed. As you do this, you are opening pathways, conduits for the energy to flow through. There is strength in numbers, so as more of you do this, you are connecting with one another in the inner planes and the energy of your intention grows in strength.

Regarding the uprisings, it is important for those involved in demanding their freedom to maintain peaceful demonstrations. You can send energetic support to these people to feel the love flow through them. Call upon those who have gone before as teachers. Invoke the presence of the way-showers to assist in helping the ones who are demanding change to maintain peaceful measures. And then, focus on those of the military and police whose choice it has been to maintain the status quo. See the energy of love flowing up from the earth into these people. See this energy flowing through their being, reminding them of how they felt as children, before their heads were filled with words and rules and rigid principles. Many of these people will be releasing the codes that command them to follow the rules of oppressive regimes that are led by self serving billionaires who are attempting to maintain corporate rule with no regard for humanity. Many will see that they have been servants to a ruler who cares not for their well-being, and you will see defectors leaving the military forces and joining with those who are rising into the strength of freedom.

The Radiant Beam of Light
All that is occurring is related to the great beam of light that is radiating from the cosmic center – this beam of radiance will be experienced more strongly in the weeks to come, for in this month of March, Earth moves into this galactic beam of highly refined energy. It flows through the sacred geometric form of the star dodecahedron in rainbow colors. The geometry contains vibrational frequencies that refine the truth throughout the Earth and all her inhabitants. You are feeling the frequencies already, like the light that glows before the sun rises over the horizon. You are already witnessing the effects of this frequency through earth changes and the behavior of people and animals. Earth will move directly into this beam beginning around March 9, 10, 11.These days are portalways of expansion. This is the light of awakening, triggering codes of remembrance deep within your souls. Many who have not yet awakened will begin to do so and they will move through the gateways and thresholds of change more quickly than did those of you who have been working on your conscious evolution for all these years. You who have been doing this work have lit up the pathways for others to follow. You are the Wayshowers who chose to be the scouts journeying through the lonely pathways of remembrance that had been disused and forgotten over thousands of years of human devolution and evolution.

Ancient Future
What is being remembered is from the ancient future of your soul’s experience. We speak a paradox here and it is not about understanding with your mind, but feeling with your heart, which awakens the truth of your being – your multidimensionality. Do not try to make logical sense of what you perceive. Instead, feel into your changing reality with the innocent eyes of a child. Observe with wonder and tune into the joy and the freedom of your awakening awareness.

The effect of the Radiant Beam is that structural aspects of past thought forms and belief systems collapse and fall away from the mass consciousness as humanity is given an opportunity to rise into clarity, into the fullness and truth of your being.

Oppressive regimes and corporate governments that operate on self-serving greed will be challenged by the people of the world as they unite as One and shake off the yoke of slavery to a system that fosters separation from one another and from Nature. Again we say there is strength in numbers and there are more people of the earth than rulers of the people of the earth.

Change and Miracles
Miracles will be part of your every day life – synchronicities that bring expansion, joy and laughter to you as you delight in the unfolding of your truth. You move easily on pathways of light. When you ask a question, you will see the answer come to you almost instantly, and the answer will come in many different forms, bringing more delight, raising your spirit, your vibrational resonance. Allow it to unfold. It is joyous beyond words as you move into this radiance. We tell you there is nothing to be afraid of as you rise into sovereignty.

New inspirations will be coming to you as you feel renewed passion for life and adventure, fun and creativity rise within your being. You will be witnessing much change and restructuring – some of it may cause fear and trembling but you know deep within that this is what is necessary for the new earth to be born.

Follow the energy that rises from the light of truth within you. Bring peace into your heart and radiate it out into your aura and into the inner net. Gather together to talk about your feelings, and to consciously generate the energy for humanity rising into freedom. Know that you are already free.

Much love and support is being sent to you from us of the Star Nations.

Peace to all,

Nancy Leilah Ward
The Vastness of Being

“The crossed-swords of Cosmic Law in a free-will universe require every celestial body and its attendant life forms to assume responsibility for maintaining themselves in pitch attunement (at-one-ment) at each individual’s level of spiritual attainment.”
Malantor, from Songs of Malantor, Volume Three of the Arcturian Star Chronicles by Patricia Pereira

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Soul Transitions Vibe Report for November 2010 November 6, 2010

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Alchemy of Awareness

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As we continue our journey of evolution, it feels to me that we are in a tunnel of transition – we’ve been traveling through this tunnel since last spring. It is organic and alive – conscious. During August it felt like this tunnel became very narrow and was sloughing off those bits of our “story” that we were ready to release. It was painful and some of us may have felt deep discouragement or disconnection from who we’ve thought ourselves to be. This tunnel seems to be pulsating and moving us through terrain that helps us to see our deepest truth. But where does that take us? I have been contemplating this because I have been working with releasing a “discordant energy” that I have felt all my life. For so long it was a part of me and I believed it and so I barely saw it because I was so accustomed to this feeling of disempowerment. I won’t go into the details, but I feel we all have our own version of this energy that eats away at our self esteem and makes it very difficult to love ourselves.

This feeling is now something I recognize when it shows up. An old, familiar vibration that seems to surround me and flow within me. I’ve been given a vision of a golden harp with one string that is either disconnected and whipping around or loose and covered with dust and tarnish. It’s associated with memories of my life that, when I’m vibrating in this discordant energy, spin around and around in my head.

A deeper understanding came to me during the recent Monday evening Channeling/Meditation telecall that I facilitate. Since it was November 1, the Day of the Dead when the veils between the worlds are thin, we tuned into our ancestors on our Father’s side and then on our Mother’s side and opened up to receive messages from whoever wanted to come forth. It was very powerful and during the experience, I realized that this “discordant vibration” I’ve been looking at really comes from deep within my ancestral line. It rose up within my life experience because it’s an energy that has gathered in strength through my ancestral bloodline for thousands of years. It is not my Truth. It is an accumulation of energy of unworthiness that is the great lie that has been foisted upon humanity for centuries. I believe that we all have our own version of this within our energy and now is the time that “the buck stops here.” In our evolutionary journey, it is time to release the lie at the deepest level of our Soul.

I have been “working on myself” for years to clear what is not my truth and in this last year, this work has gotten deeper and deeper – as my guides have said, we are clearing the tincture of our personal experience with the untruth. Or, as my friend and colleague Kelly Beard calls it, “the sticky stuff on the bottom.” So I’ve been thinking and feeling about what we do with this stuff. Is it “healing” is it “clearing” is it “releasing?” Where does it go? I’ve come to realize that it’s more about acknowledging and integrating the energy. So as we witness the discordance it loses its magnetic attraction. As we acknowledge whatever it is within us that shows up and triggers our shadow, we can come to a feeling of detachment from it – because we are loving ourselves and not judging ourselves.

The Vastness of Being

The Perfect Storm
This is a time when all are being called to look deeply within… to pay attention to feelings that are brought up with your interactions with others. You will be pushing each other’s buttons, so to speak. Old issues are rising to the surface

At times the energy may feel like a wild ocean battering at you and you may feel as if everyone is going mad! Emotions are raw as you are being stripped of defenses so that you can look at your wounds and find healing. None are victims and as you have been working on yourselves you are able to see where divine experiences are being played out for your personal evolution. Allow yourselves to see every experience as a divine opportunity for the revelation of truth.

Relationships of all kinds are being examined or shaken up. Opportunities abound for healing and release of the old codependent behaviors that have prevailed among humanity, causing people to feel like victims and to blame others, abdicating personal power and freedom. Taking responsibility for your feelings and actions is the way to navigate the stormy seas. Each confrontation or conflict that arises is an opportunity for you to love yourselves into wholeness. You have been clearing that which is not your truth for many years. Now, as you deal with the reduction or tincture of your issues, you can heal through loving and supporting yourselves on every level.

Shattered Mirrors
As you journey into your wounding you will find yourself as a child. Listen to what this child has to tell you and give this child your love and support. You are calling the fragmented parts of yourself back home. We give you a visual: you are a small child, dependent on your parents or caregivers, and in an act of unconsciousness, a caregiver does something that causes a wound in you. You can picture it as the shattering of a mirror and as you go through the process of reclaiming yourself, you bring that mirror back into wholeness. As you integrate the bits of yourself that were shattered, causing disassociation and fragmentation, the glue which heals is love. And to take it a little further, that parent was coming from their own shattered mirror which was never healed, which came from their parents, and on and on through the ancestral lineage. The wounding of humanity is the shattered mirror, or hologram. And this wounding is also reflected in the earth herself. You are not separate from each other or from the earth.

So you can look at every challenge that is brought forth from your interactions with one another as an opportunity to love yourselves. In doing so, you will be able to see your “adversary” as the one who is offering you an opportunity to grow and as you face your truth and communicate your truth from your heart, integrating your authenticity back into the core of your being, you are offering them a gift to heal their own fragmentation, as well. And so it is that you are all bouncing off one another as you travel through a narrow conduit in the tunnel of transformation. We have spoken of this before – all are being condensed… compressed, flowing through a narrow channel that will eventually take you out into a vaster ocean of beingness.

The Alchemy of Transformation

That is how the energy looks to us. It can also be described as an activation of molecules just as the microwave rays cause friction so that molecules rub up against one another, creating heat. You can see this happening among yourselves. Heat – fire – is a transformative element. So another metaphor is that you are all “cooking” and it is an alchemical process.

There is no room for blame and victimhood in this transformation. Each must look into their own hearts to see their participation in the co-creation of whatever the drama is that you are experiencing. Compassion is like a lubricant that can help you move through challenging situations.

The wounding of humanity is deep – each person is affected in some way, hurt in some way. Acknowledging this wounding will open up compassion for one another as you interact and communicate from the truth of your being. For, to be sure, you will be drawing circumstances to you that will show you where your wounds are. We speak of it as magnetic energy. You have a resonance and it will draw to it similar resonances and in this way you are mirrors for one another.

It is not easy to face yourselves. It can be painful and uncomfortable, but you will see that as you come from your inner truth and your intention to love yourself into healing, each time you honestly deal with a challenge, it will be like passing through a tunnel where unexpected experiences reach out to you to assist you in seeing yourselves. As you pass through the experience you will cross a threshold that opens into light. You will have a moment to bask in the experience before going into another tunnel. It is like a leach field as you continue the cleansing and purification process.

The Game of Life
We suggest you view your experience as a “fun house” at a fair ground. You never know what might pop out at you – and you best believe you will always be challenged with your deepest issue when you least expect it. That is when your defenses are down and you are most open to the experience, so you will have the most authentic response. It can ease your journey a bit if you view your lifewalk as a game. Not a school, but a game. For this “clearing” process is what you came here to experience. And most of you came here to turn the tide and assist with the rising of humanity into the Truth of your being – that you are all the “Godhead.” You are all bringing forth your Higher Selves, your Soul into your awareness, allowing your authenticity to be revealed so you can live within the truth of your being. We speak of this often. And this is how you clear the discordance of the lie that humanity has received and amplified for thousands of years. Good game you’re playing, no?

This is where intuition comes into play. Use your intuition to guide you. This is a gift you have, from moment to moment, your intuition – your inner feeling – prompts you, inspires you to do certain things, go certain places, call certain people. This is the fun part of the game, for as you allow your intuition and your heart to guide you, you will experience moments of synchronicity with yourself and with other people, which will bring you a feeling of great joy and wonder. You will also come to see more and more how you are all co-creating your experiences. No one is an island, all are connected through beams of light that create a web of human thoughts, emotions, and experiences. You can tune into this beam and find strength – remember there is strength in numbers and you are not alone.

You have chosen this journey and as you pass through your wounding with the intention to find wholeness, you will enter into joy more and more. As you let go of the wounds, and of the emotions and thought patterns that keep you trapped and circling around and around in your story, you will become more buoyant which will enable you to journey on top of the energies of change. Your love and authenticity will be like a boat that will carry you along. There will be some rapids to go through and some waterfalls to free-fall down and some churning waters of chaos, but the more you are free of the heaviness that weighs you down, the more lightly you will be able to navigate the unknown.

It is a blessing to be on Earth at this time and as you face and heal your wounds, you are providing healing for your ancestors out through time, you are providing healing for your so-called “past” lives. The healing through love, radiates outward through time and space. This will actually create what is being called the New Earth – so as the wounds are healed through all the different timelines, the stories that are called history will change or be forgotten… as you become more and more focused in the moment of now.

This is the healing process that humanity is going through and there is so much support that you have for one another and that you receive from the non physical guides, teachers and Angels that watch over each and every one of you.

Blessings and love,

The Vastness of Being

“It is awareness that heals, because within that awareness is Love.”
– The Michael Teachings through Karen Murphy http://www.polarisrising.com

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Soul Transitions Vibe Report for January 2010 January 4, 2010

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As the holiday season comes to an end and we say goodbye to a tumultuous decade, I feel like my feet are poised on a new path of golden light. The energy of the eclipse on New Year’s Eve felt like it was stretching, stretching, stretching—becoming taut like a drum. It felt very edgy and then it began to dissipate and release and yet I feel strangely disoriented – as if I’m in a new place, even though my surroundings have not changed. There‘s a feeling of slight anxiety and strangeness. I’ve been having dyslexic moments (!) and also time is morphing – it feels like “time” is an energetic blob of something that keeps changing shape – stretching out, then oozing off in one direction and then stretching out again. When someone asks me what I did yesterday, I can’t remember, or else if feels like it was something that happened several days ago. As we all hear over and over again, the moment is NOW the moment of power, the moment of our life is now, NOW is all there is.

We are receiving very high frequencies of energy. This is calling us to be our deepest, truest selves and to act from our authenticity. What is not our truth will come up for release. We can no longer get away with faking it or keeping hidden agendas – even if we’ve been hiding the agenda from ourselves. We have been and will continue to witness this in the outer world as those who are in the spotlight of fame have the truth of their lives revealed for all to see. This is a time to practice compassion for those who are being “caught out.” Send prayers that they may find deep, soul-healing from their experiences, and that all who are involved in their scenario also come to their inner truth.

As we walk our paths of light together, sometimes struggling in darkness and uncertainty, we can know that we are not alone. The fears and doubts and difficulties that seem to block our way are opportunities for deeper commitment to living with Spirit. Personally, I feel less alone when dealing with challenges lately, because an understanding is growing within me that we are living in a hologram and what one of us heals, we all can heal. Or what one of us struggles with, many others are also feeling and so we are never alone.

Many of One
We wish for you to know that this new year of 2010 is filled with opportunities – we suggest you amplify the positive! The energies support building upon the foundations you have been setting in place. For the last 10 years, much has been cleared on a personal level and on a global level. There is still much clearing that will take place in the global arena, but we wish to recognize at this time how much work the Lightbearers have been doing on a personal level. Now is the time to leave your stories of the past behind and focus with appreciation on the moment of now and all that you have created. Celebrate yourselves and your accomplishments. Take a look behind and see how far you’ve come, acknowledge your hard work and dedication, then turn and look at the golden path in front of you. For, indeed, Golden Opportunities will be presenting themselves to you as a reflection of your commitment to your evolution.

The focus is on the positive and on the future that you are co-creating. Feel your Guides – perhaps one guide in particular – standing behind you with a hand on your shoulder pointing out to the vastness before you. What appears before you is white fog of the unknown, as yet unformed reality that is awaiting your creation. Golden light begins to shimmer in the fog like sunlight on water as your Guide says, “Behold, here is your path. This is what you have been preparing for. It is time. Now, is the time to move forward with trust.”

You have been setting your intentions and the Universe has heard you. The resonance of your soul is vibrating with the heightened energy that is flowing forth from Creation. Trust in yourself, your intentions, your intuition and in your abilities. You came here to this Earth at this time to light the way for human evolution. Each person has a gift to bring to the world. As you move forward on this golden path, you may not know exactly where you are going but you feel the resonance of your intention in your heart. Listen deeply. Feel the sacredness of your soul. The intention in your heart lights your path.

The frequency of energy is being heightened at this time. You are surrounded in a vibration that is raising your frequency – it is moving through you – this is a higher vibration than has been experienced before and it may lead to some uncomfortable feelings. Nervousness or a discordant feeling may be experienced as lower vibrations rise up to be cleared.

We offer a visualization for dealing with feelings from the past that may be surfacing at this time. Allow the feeling to be like a cloak around you. Consciously remove the cloak of doubt and put it into the fire of transformation. Consciously remove the cloak of unworthiness and put it into the fire. Consciously remove the cloak of victimhood and drop it into the fire. Whatever the cloak of the past is, when you feel its energy around you, remove it and see it burning in the fire of transformation. You no longer need to tell the stories which are associated with the feelings, just remove it and let it go – move it out of your energy field.

For each of you are moving into new territory. Stepping through a portalway onto a new path. The light—the Golden Light we speak of—is coming from Creator Source. It shines outward, calling each of you forward on your unique journey.

This is a glorious time to be on planet Earth. As the energy rises, more and more people are experiencing the veil being lifted from their eyes. Suddenly you see more clearly than ever before – you see and feel what has been happening “behind the scenes,” so to speak. Seeing within the outer experiences makes everything come alive – more alive than ever before. Music speaks directly to your heart, chance encounters seem orchestrated by an unseen hand, messages come to you through a sign on a billboard, an overheard conversation, something a child says, a book as you open to a page at random that says just what you needed to hear, the lyrics to a song come alive as if it were written just for you in that very moment. Your personal awareness creates a radiance within and around all you experience. You are living within this radiance – the radiance is coming through you from Divine Source, from Great Spirit, from God… there are many names, but one Source. You begin to follow the path of your life from your heart. Trust your guidance, trust the promptings of your Soul. This is a time of miracles and wonder.

Giving Back
It is essential to include in your consciousness a focus on right relationship with the mother Earth. Give offerings and appreciation for the water you drink, the food you eat. Find some way of giving back when you receive the gift of wisdom and nurturance. Do not be a blind consumer, whether it be consumption of food or consumption of wisdom and healing that comes to you through messages like this. Practice appreciation and find some way of giving back or paying it forward. Keep the energy flowing. It is all about energy. Consider what you are giving to the energy of the Earth and humanity at this time. It is each person’s responsibility to live in concordance with Great Spirit, for the Great Spirit flows through you and all living things. All are connected and all are being called to live responsibly and consciously.

The Beam of Light
We have spoken of the beam of light that flows from the center of the circle out into the jungle of human experience. Each of you have a beam of light that shines outward from Source, calling you into the center of your being. This is where you access your genius. This is your path of Light, which calls to your heart. Disregarding this call could produce physical and emotional ailments. When challenges appear in your life, they are wake up calls. The Universe is showing you that you are ready for acceleration to the next level of your awakening. This is not to punish you; it is simply to highlight what needs to be released and it is a call for you to find your authenticity. You are the only one walking your path. When things look like they’re falling apart, it is a sign that you are ready to accept a new pathway. So no matter how dire things may seem, there is a golden opportunity within that is calling to you. In stillness you will find the guidance you need to move forward. If the waters are churned up by heightened over-thinking and emotionality, you will not be able to see your next step. Centering within and finding stillness, letting go of expectation, surrendering to the void, will allow the beam of light to come to you so you can enter into the flow of energy that is your illumined path. The vibration of love accessed in the heart is where you find the stillness. Remember, love saves the day!

We wish you well on your journey and remind you that all the help you need is within you. Humanity is evolving into empowered beings and love is where the empowerment dwells.

May radiance, fruition, self acceptance, humility, attention, kindness, awakened awareness, and laughter light up your soul.

Wishing you beauty and grace,

Nancy Leilah Ward
Many of One

“The guidance within evolves the world towards a heaven that is already here. To know this is to know our destiny.” – The Celestine Prophecy


Soul Transitions Vibe Report for November 2009 November 6, 2009

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There’s so much going on, so much up in the air – many sudden changes – the roller coaster effect has gotten really interesting. It spirals up, moves side to side and takes sudden dips – some influences take us up and other influences drop us down – it can be exhausting and frustrating. But if you’ve been through enough of the sudden changes, you begin to find humor in it and maybe even come to the realization that we’re better off (as always) not taking things too seriously, because you never know what’s around the corner. In fact you never know where the corner is! They seem to be springing up out of nowhere – it’s like being in a maze. It’s helpful if we can find our center and keep grounded and focused as the winds of change blow around us.

There are a lot of relationship difficulties arising as we correct our courses – adjusting to who we are becoming, and letting go of who we were. Many are in transition between their old life and their new life – trying to adjust to the accelerating energies. Add economic challenges and changing income streams to the mix and we have a vibe of fear, insecurity and uncertainty wafting through Earth’s aura. We need to get used to it. We’re on the move and reinventing ourselves. Step lively – make friends with spontaneity.

Some people are in places of peace and stabilization – like being on an oasis in a desert or an island in the middle of a churning sea. These people are holding and anchoring the energies of calmness and serenity, whether they know it or not. Practicing gratitude and appreciation for what we have which holds the vibration of love will help us to find stability. So, gathering together, sharing in friendship – creating the oasis of community – is very helpful for our navigation through the wild waters of instability and change.

As the energy continues to rise in frequency you may find yourselves awakening in the early hours of morning with a disquieting feeling inside. Many find themselves awakening consistently at 4:00 am. During sleep time, the physical body releases resistance and there is no distraction. This is when the high frequencies of energy that are infusing the Earth plane have a chance to enter into the energetic system of the body. Receiving this energy is what is awakening us in the hours before dawn. When our bodies have received all we can hold, we wake up suddenly as waves of emotional energy wash over us. This is the releasing of density. Your first feelings upon awakening may be anxiety or deep discomfort. Your mind will often take you into further discomfort by thinking that something might be “wrong” with you on a physical or emotional level. Bring yourself back to your center through your breath and fill yourself with love.

We are being expanded as we integrate the higher frequencies and it can be very uncomfortable. As has been said many times, this energy brings up that which is not in harmony with our higher self. For indeed as we open to the higher vibration, our higher self, our Soul, is coming into our being more and more. The density that has accumulated through the earth experience cannot exist within the higher vibration. Pay attention to the swirling feelings that float within you. Sometimes you may feel what you would call a “bad feeling” come to the surface. This deep pain is something you have carried for most of your life and often you have covered it up. No longer can we do this. When you have this experience of pain and discomfort arising from deep within, draw upon all of your love and compassion and allow the wound of that pain to be within you. Witness this feeling; do not try to push it away. Visualize placing it in a golden bowl and honoring it for what it has to teach you. Bring a feeling of reverence and sacredness to this experience and ask Great Spirit for help in healing this wound consciously. That which is arising for healing through love may be your deepest pain, your deepest shame… something that seemed so very big when you were a small child – something for which you were judged and you learned to judge yourself for. Don’t be afraid of the feelings that come up and remember that the integration of the accelerated vibrational energy can be very unsettling.

The ability to face ourselves, our wounds and our judgments against ourselves brings us great strength, humility and compassion and helps us to grow into deep, abiding self love. This is part of the process of evolution. And when we allow the feelings to come up and be, they dissipate. Like a big bubble rising to the surface and popping.

Don’t worry if you are not waking up at 4am (give or take an hour). Everyone is at different stages of opening and we go through rest periods between openings – it’s a pulsation, just like the rhythm of our heartbeat. If you ever have the opportunity to sit by a stream and you place your hand in it you can feel the pulsation of the moving water. The flow of energy moves in a spiraling pulsation, like a heartbeat.

Now, in the recent months many people have experienced strange or “freak accidents” that left them with physical injuries which are still in the process of healing. There have also been many who have had bladder infections, back or shoulder pain, leg and foot pain and general fatigue. These experiences are our physical reactions to the expanding energies. Look within to where you may be resisting the flow. You may catch yourself in habitual negative thought patterns or feeling fear of change. Or you may realize that you haven’t been listening to the promptings of your heart, so something is showing up in your physical body to get your attention. Practice mindful breathing to calm your heart and mind. Changes are all around, as always, but perhaps more profoundly than ever. Inner changes and outer changes abound – even small changes during your daily activities. You may find yourself suddenly doing something that was not on your list for the day, such as making soup, or cleaning a closet, or visiting a friend. Allow yourself to go with the flow. You will feel the delight of freedom by doing so and as you practice spontaneity in small ways, you will be able to flow with the bigger changes with more grace.

Through the silence of meditation, connect to the vibration of your Soul… this is your energetic signature – the unique resonance of your being. Breathe into this feeling and allow it to permeate your body and all of your energy fields. Call upon your Higher Self or your Soul to come to you. Doing so will allow you to feel the vastness of your being. This connects you to the Universe, indeed the Multiverse from which you are ever being born. For we are all continually moving and growing throughout all of existence – being born and reborn in every moment.

Know that you have much support in the non-physical realm and ask for help whenever you need it. Allow the nectar of love and comfort to surround you and fill you.

You are most brave and courageous to be on Earth at this time. This is the Big Show that you are participating in. See if you can get a feeling or a glimpse of the bigger picture. Consider that if you were to “leave the stage” at this time, you might, on the other side, have a feeling of disappointment – for it all looks and feels so different in the non-physical. The feeling there is that we can do anything we want in the physical – anything that we intend, we can create. Put that in your cauldron and let it simmer! This is indeed a grand play that we are all participating in. To maintain flow, let go of expectations. To maintain flow, stay in the present moment and follow the energy that brings vitality to you.

Many Blessings,

Nancy Leilah Ward
Many of One

“I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge you see all the kinds of things you can’t see from the center. “
– Kurt Vonnegut