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During a series of strange, wonderful, sometimes frightening experiences in the early 1980s, I was opened to receive higher vibrational energies and began to experience a deeper connection to life and spirituality.

Thus began my journey into conscious spiritual awareness. I moved within the world of light and shadow as I learned to own responsibility for my life experience and open to a deeper connection with Spirit.

Over the years since my psychic opening – or spiritual awakening – I began practicing Reiki Usui, Shiki Ryoho (Level 2) and became an ARCB certified reflexologist. I went on to learn Reiki Jin Kei Do Levels I and II, and Buddho Enersence™.  


I then trained with the channel and author Rev. Terra Sonora in channeling, mediumship and intuitive guidance. In the year 2000 I began writing messages that were channeled through me from an androgynous being called Mirabai. After this practice, my guides began training me in allowing them to speak through me. They are a “group consciousness” – a group of souls and conscious beings who call themselves Many of One. They consist of non-physical beings, some of whom have lived physical lives on Earth and other planets, as well as angelic presences, joyful sprites from the faerie world and some flower essences. There have also been “guest appearances” by energies that are part of the energetic matrix of Ascended Masters and Archangels.


Many of One chose this name to remind us that we are all Many of One. Since the year 2003, we collaborated on the monthly Soul Transitions Vibe Report.


In early 2010, as I continue on my spiritual journey of expansion, my guidance team expanded into the Vastness of Being, offering messages on navigating the expanding energies as we continue on our journey of evolution. The Vastness of Being are exactly how they sound – vaster, more expansive and multidimensional. They radiate love and acceptance and have a good sense of humor, too! 


As a conscious channel, I offer guided meditation and channeling gatherings in addition to readings to help people navigate the energies of their lives. By tuning in to my client’s energy field, I establish a connection, resonating empathically with their energetic matrix. I open up to receive information regarding my client’s concerns. Often I hear words and see pictures that help to clarify the intuitive guidance.  At times, the Vastness of Being comes through with direct guidance.   


Since 2007, after participating in a training program, I became a Soul Realignment practitioner (http://tinyurl.com/69sjpd). Through reading your Soul’s history in the Akashic records, I discover your soul’s origin in the Universe and what Archangelic Realm your soul is aligned with. Through the help of Guides and Angels, negative blocks and restrictions are cleared at a soul level. This is very powerful and empowering work and going through the training has deepened my sense of connection to my soul and my life path.


 I am also a visionary artist and writer. I offer soul portraits from the visions I see in the Akashic records. These unique portraits are rendered in gouache paint on black velvet, which give them an ethereal quality. They become a gently powerful meditation tool.


To learn more about Soul Realignment™, click on the link at the bottom of my Intuitive Guidance page.

I offer readings by telephone or online and I travel to do meditation/channeling gatherings. Please check out the Intuitive Guidance page or email me at leilah.nward@gmail.com for more information.

Wishing you wings of light, a buoyant heart and sublime smiles.

Nancy Leilah Ward



1. Cynthia - March 2, 2008

Nancy, I truly enjoyed your reading last week and felt “lifted up” from it. I actually slept very well that night because your insight and intuition brought me some joyous thoughts that have been supressed for so long. Thank you!

2. Kelly - March 14, 2008

Hola chica! this looks GREAT! I’m so proud of you 😉 I resonated deeply with March’s SoulTransitions, especially the very last paragraph. You articulate the current energy so beautifully. When are you going to host a tele-class? You are a pure channel and a blessing to many!! Keep doing what you’re doing 😉 Lots of Love & Light, Kelly (your sista in the LIGHT!!)

3. Barbara Upton - January 2, 2009

Hi Leilah!
Lovely and timely messages of love and spirit- thank-you! I also see we have a friend in common- Terra Sonora and we must be neighbors- I’m in Kerhonkson too.
Feel we are all on the cusp of so much- sometimes it all feels a bit overwhelming! Maybe I need a Soul Realignment!
Blessings to you,

4. Nancy Eos, MD, JD - October 14, 2009

Hello, Leilah! – the play of God in time…
You and I have been dancing around fires in the Olive area. Thank you for this share of your website and readings. Thank you for what you do and are. Let’s get together sometime for share and care. Maybe with Larry over a fire. I feel so honored that we have met. Until our next meeting in Fire…

5. giovekathie - August 2, 2010

Hello, Leilah

Kelly Beard has been trying to get us together. I am just now getting to your site. Thank you for your messages and beautiful truths. They are very confirming. I hope to talk to you soon. Kathie Giove


6. giovekathie - March 28, 2012

Hello Leilah

Everyday I feel and see the results of your Soul Realignment process. I no long respond in a emotional way to challenges. I am able to respond in a clear way and disconnected from the outcome. I no longer have to fix my clients, friends, or loved ones but I am able to give the answers ( only when asked) they need to hear. I am so grateful for you in my life. Thank you Leilah.

Love Kathie

7. anne coleman johnson - March 20, 2013

Just about a year ago I received a Soul Realignment with Nancy. My beingness and my whole life have changed so much for the better since then. I believe the Realignment and Nancys love and care had much to do with this and I am forever grateful. Thank you and Blessings to you.

Nancy - March 20, 2013

Anne, Thank you so much for your comment. I see you on Faceook and how you are having fun, doing what you love. You look radiant and happy and I’m so happy for you. Shine on!

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