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Vibe Report Video, October 2012 October 27, 2012

Posted by Leilah in Ascension, Christ Consciousness, Earth Energies, Expansion and healing, Soul Realignment™, Spiritual Development, Spiritual Expansion.


Hello out there!
It’s been awhile since I posted a Vibe Report. I needed some time and space as I went through the process of packing and moving from a place I’d lived in for the last 18 years. Now I’m settling in to a new home with a new partner and creating a new life. A deep clearing and integrating of a past deep wound that I had been holding onto was part of this process. It wasn’t easy, but so worth it. And I needed to retreat for awhile – retreating from what I’d been doing so I could work out the re-visioning aspect of this new path I’m on.

As I become more and more settled into my home and life, I’m ready to take my work to a new level. I’m commencing work on my new website [Integral Soul] and I will be featuring some audio recordings to assist in working with the energy that is available to us. I also plan to post some images from my drawings. These images hold a resonance of energy that go beyond words and can be used as focusing or meditation tools. And there will be more offerings as I evolve. Soul Realignment™ readings are still available as well as mediumship and psychic/intuitive readings.
Go to http://www.soultransitions.com for more information.

In observing and talking with people, I’ve noticed that there has been a re-calibration going on with many of us. We’re looking at what we’ve been doing up to now, and making changes that move us forward onto new pathways and new ways of communicating and expressing ourselves. Changes in jobs, relationships of all kinds and even locations are up for many of us as we are re-positioned for our next step. What we have been doing has either ended, as in loss of job, or we no longer feel excited or energized by what we have done in the past. Go into what feels good to you and follow the energy.

Below is my first Vibe Report Video, which is a new format I’m playing with. Please bear with me as I move through learning curves and into a level of comfort with this medium. I start off a little self-consciously, but do get past that. And I am beginning a practice of embracing Divine Imperfection. This is a big one for me as I have a perfectionist tendency. So, there are some divinely imperfect moments in the video that are part of the spontaneity!

Beginning November 5th, I am starting up my Monday evening Channeling Telecalls. I will be doing these calls the first and third Monday of every month. You can sign up for the calls here: https://soultransitions.com/meditations/
And remember, if you can’t be on the call, you will receive the link so you can hear the recording in your own Divine Timing.

Remember, we are all connected through the Inner Net… connected to one another and to all of Life. At the time of this writing there is what is being called a Perfect Storm (Hurricane Sandy) making its way up the Atlantic Seaboard. I am initiating a group energy effort to focus together on sending a beam of white light into the eye of this storm and guiding it out to sea – way out to sea far from any islands – where it will dissolve harmlessly. I believe in our power – the power of our group consciousness and am also surrendering this to the highest good of all concerned. So, come what may, all will be where they need to be for the integrity of their experience and the highest growth of their Soul.

Nancy Leilah Ward


1. Anne Bertoldi - October 27, 2012

Dear Nancy, thank you for sending this video. It was just what my jarred mind needed. I am so happy for your move. I, too, have moved to a “perfect” home, although I am not with a partner – only my great teacher, Roma – my Great Dane service animal. As I look in your eyes, I remember your joy at sharing my father’s glowing appreciation of me AND of your seeing my stillborn daughter jumping for joy and clapping her hands because I “knew” she catches the babies that cross over traumatically. With many near death experiences, I seem to have returned with Christ light each time. This helps me when I am sharing my gifts, but it also evokes great attack. I am learning to “shift” and discern so that I remain in a serene place. I underline “learning”!! Much love to you. I see such beauty in your eyes, the kind of beauty that appears only after walking through valleys of tears. Annie

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