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Soul Transitions: On Channeling April 10, 2010

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I would like to make some comments on “channeling.” This is something we all have the ability to do and I believe that most of us do it every day. To me channeling means to be open to the mystery and to allow Divine Source energy to flow through us unencumbered by judgment. When this energy flows, it brings new ideas and inspirations. As we continue to clear out false beliefs, we open up to the Christ within us or the Creator Source that flows through All That Is. We are the Creators.

We are becoming multidimensional as we allow our Soul to be embodied within us more and more. What do I mean by that? Well, I can only speak from my own experience and it seems to me that as I clear what is not my truth from my energy, I am becoming more “authentic.” And this means that I’m being myself and allowing my unique resonance – or soul signature – to be felt and expressed within me. And so when I consider this, I understand that this unique resonance is the resonance of my Soul. Sometimes I call my Soul to come into me as fully as possible. Maybe I don’t even need to do that, but it feels good to connect in that way. And sometimes I do feel like a child just learning to walk and there’s a loving presence of energy around me as I grow and integrate the truth of my being… this presence – they feel like guides who are very supportive and respectful and they are telling me now that we are all very brave to be the ones to come into this physical experience and assist with the ascension of this planet.

Now, back to channeling, I believe that all art forms – visual, written, music, movement, scientific breakthroughs – are also a form of channeling information from Source. This is Divine Inspiration. That’s one way of channeling, but really it just has to do with being ourselves and being open to the flow of the Divine energy of love, which is our birthright.

And then there are people who choose to open up to receive communication with Ascended Masters or the energies of Archangels or group consciousness energies. They offer themselves as a conduit for information that they never would have “thought” of themselves because it doesn’t exist in their present realm of experience. There is an abundance of guides and teachers in the non-physical who are willing and eager to assist us in this process that is called Ascension and the information they have to share can be very expanding to us on every level. Some of it you may resonate with, other information you may not resonate with. There’s no right or wrong – it is always up to our free will choice and our inner truth as to what expands us or contracts us. What resonates with one person may not resonate with another. Also, if some information is not coming from a high vibrational source, you will probably not even be able to read it – you may feel bored or confused or as if you don’t have the time – the thing is to tune into the feeling you receive when taking in any information. Our hearts and intuition are our truest guides.

It is important when opening up to receive information from non-physical teachers that you know who you are talking to and that they are the highest vibrational beings possible for you to communicate with. If you are so inclined to explore in this way, ask that only the highest beings who are from the Light come through to you.

I have been undergoing a deep transformation and, as I communicated last month, a changing of the Guides. I have recently felt reluctant to continue sharing the vibe report because there is so much being communicated out there and, from some things I’ve read on some discussion boards and forums, a lot of people seem to be tired of hearing words like “Ascension, Consciousness, energy, SHIFT, expansion, channeling,” etc. However, there is a lot of good information being shared that helps us to know who we truly are – giving us a glimpse into our greater reality which is continuing to expand. So I am choosing to continue to add my voice to the sound of the crowd and allow the Vastness of Being to communicate through me – I feel them as loving, patient energies.

Sometimes we need to take a break from all the information that’s available. It’s good to check in and see if we’re on overload. We need to give ourselves time to integrate what we’ve taken in. One of our biggest challenges as human beings is our propensity for judgment. When a person has become overloaded with information, they may negatively judge the information or the person the information is coming through.

So, I suggest – for myself and for anyone else who is receiving this – when you feel saturated with information, just go out and play! Let it all go, have fun, lighten up. Get away from the computer and go out into Nature. And when some new information comes through, trust that if it holds something for your expansion, it will come to you in divine timing.

It is so essential at this time that we practice love and kindness. The place to start is within ourselves. This is the only place to begin. And when our buttons get pushed, we need to look at ourselves and what is unhealed within us. This is our responsibility as we all rise through the changes together. We are all connected and we share this holographic experience.

Last night I saw a film called “What on Earth” at a cozy space called A.I.R. Studio Gallery in Kingston, NY. The owners, Jim and Melissa, open up their home for gatherings of all kinds. I feel so happy and hopeful after being there last night – thank you! The film is about the crop circle phenomena and I recommend that you check it out. For me, the film ended with a question: “what can I do?” Actually, as I write this now, it’s not a question but a calling to step up and take my place with courage, to realize who I am and what I’m here for. I asked myself what I could do and the only thing I could think of was to love. Some of you who are over-saturated with information may be rolling your eyes right now, but really, the resonance we send out into the Earth’s aura has a powerful effect on our world and, since we are holographic, we are sharing it all. So, yes, love big, love well, love yourself, love your life, love the earth, love the moment…and so on. It’s so simple and it helps to know that, when the Big Shift seems so overwhelming and so out of our control, all we need to do is love. At least that’s how it looks to me down here in the trenches.

And so, instead of thinking badly about us humans and how we’re committing ecocide, we can focus on healing our individual wounds. Part of this evolutionary journey we are on is to bring back a connection between our minds and our hearts – the physical and the spiritual. We are healing the separation between these two elements of our Nature. When I meditate and bring the energy of Creator Source – Spirit – into my body and draw up the energy of the Earth into my body I feel the energies of the spiritual and the physical uniting within me and it feels like God and Nature are loving through me – how beautiful! This reminds me of a message I received a few days ago – that we are healing our Nature – the Nature within us. I think the Vastness of Being may have a message about this next time.

And so for now, today is my birthday (being an Aries I guess I have to let everyone know that!) and I am going to follow my heart’s desire. Anyone know where I can get my hands on a pink tiara?

Much love and blessings,
Nancy Leilah Ward


1. Jill Marie - April 11, 2010

Thank you for this information!!!. Thank you For your honesty and your Love and for being you and sharing your journey, your channeled messages and your personal thoughts. And thank you for that insight about sharing that today is your birthday and that as an Aries you have to let everyone know that. I too am an Aries and despite being almost 42 I still get very excited and start a birthday count down in my mind starting in March 🙂 I still find myself telling many people that it is my b-day month and I never knew why 🙂

Happy Birthday to you 🙂

Peace and Grace,

Nancy - April 11, 2010

Hi Jill – Happy birthday to you, too! I’m into the birthday stretch… two more weeks of it being my birthday and today I’m having a big party!
I appreciate your message to me.

2. Karen - April 11, 2010

Oh, Nancy, I love reading your “transitions”. I am an Aquarian with Mercury and Gemini in Aquarius (61 years old), and I preface everything I say or think with “please take what you can use and discard what you don’t choose to believe right now. There will come a time when you might see things differently.” You are soooo right on. Thank you for your candid insight.
All blessings and love,

Nancy - April 11, 2010

Thank you Karen!♥♥♥

3. ZuVuYah - April 11, 2010

Dear ONE!
I am giggling away as I write, for your post is quite synchronous for me. When asking about tingles on the left side of my head & neck, I got the advice from one of my spiritual teachers last evening to get back to practicing channeling. My body had a big yes! to that. And, my Beloved & I will be returning to UK this summer, to once again walk in the crop formations in the Wiltshire area. Last year was quite amazing. I thank you for continuing to write. Yes, life can be overwhelming, yet, I never find myself choosing to pass over your writings. They are consistently nourishing to me. With Huge Gratitude & the Light of Love, ZuVuYah

Nancy - April 11, 2010

Dear ZuVuYah
Thank you so much for your message – it means so much to me to hear from people who read my messages! After seeing the crop circle movie my friend and I looked at each other and said “we have to go to England!” It’s wonderful that you will be going there this summer. We’ve decided to see if we can get some to appear here – some of the people in the film asked for them and they appeared! I’ll be reporting in when we get ours!
Much love to you and thank you for the birthday wishes – I’m in the birthday stretch now, which will last for the next two weeks!

4. ZuVuYah - April 11, 2010

OMG! I forgot to wish you a spectacular, fabulous Birthday!!! XXOO

5. Lisa - April 11, 2010

Hi Nancy
birthday blessings to you, thanks for the wonderful message which is full of purity and light.

6. Selma Catalano - April 19, 2010

Mentalmente coloquei uma tiara de rosas cor-de-rosas na sua cabeça. Parabéns à você. I dont speak englaise . I my sorrie.

Nancy - April 19, 2010

Dear Selma –
Eu vestimenta meu “etheric” tiara de violeta luz!
Muito obrigado…

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