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Soul Transitions Vibe Report for January 2010 January 4, 2010

Posted by Leilah in Expansion and healing, Spiritual Development.

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As the holiday season comes to an end and we say goodbye to a tumultuous decade, I feel like my feet are poised on a new path of golden light. The energy of the eclipse on New Year’s Eve felt like it was stretching, stretching, stretching—becoming taut like a drum. It felt very edgy and then it began to dissipate and release and yet I feel strangely disoriented – as if I’m in a new place, even though my surroundings have not changed. There‘s a feeling of slight anxiety and strangeness. I’ve been having dyslexic moments (!) and also time is morphing – it feels like “time” is an energetic blob of something that keeps changing shape – stretching out, then oozing off in one direction and then stretching out again. When someone asks me what I did yesterday, I can’t remember, or else if feels like it was something that happened several days ago. As we all hear over and over again, the moment is NOW the moment of power, the moment of our life is now, NOW is all there is.

We are receiving very high frequencies of energy. This is calling us to be our deepest, truest selves and to act from our authenticity. What is not our truth will come up for release. We can no longer get away with faking it or keeping hidden agendas – even if we’ve been hiding the agenda from ourselves. We have been and will continue to witness this in the outer world as those who are in the spotlight of fame have the truth of their lives revealed for all to see. This is a time to practice compassion for those who are being “caught out.” Send prayers that they may find deep, soul-healing from their experiences, and that all who are involved in their scenario also come to their inner truth.

As we walk our paths of light together, sometimes struggling in darkness and uncertainty, we can know that we are not alone. The fears and doubts and difficulties that seem to block our way are opportunities for deeper commitment to living with Spirit. Personally, I feel less alone when dealing with challenges lately, because an understanding is growing within me that we are living in a hologram and what one of us heals, we all can heal. Or what one of us struggles with, many others are also feeling and so we are never alone.

Many of One
We wish for you to know that this new year of 2010 is filled with opportunities – we suggest you amplify the positive! The energies support building upon the foundations you have been setting in place. For the last 10 years, much has been cleared on a personal level and on a global level. There is still much clearing that will take place in the global arena, but we wish to recognize at this time how much work the Lightbearers have been doing on a personal level. Now is the time to leave your stories of the past behind and focus with appreciation on the moment of now and all that you have created. Celebrate yourselves and your accomplishments. Take a look behind and see how far you’ve come, acknowledge your hard work and dedication, then turn and look at the golden path in front of you. For, indeed, Golden Opportunities will be presenting themselves to you as a reflection of your commitment to your evolution.

The focus is on the positive and on the future that you are co-creating. Feel your Guides – perhaps one guide in particular – standing behind you with a hand on your shoulder pointing out to the vastness before you. What appears before you is white fog of the unknown, as yet unformed reality that is awaiting your creation. Golden light begins to shimmer in the fog like sunlight on water as your Guide says, “Behold, here is your path. This is what you have been preparing for. It is time. Now, is the time to move forward with trust.”

You have been setting your intentions and the Universe has heard you. The resonance of your soul is vibrating with the heightened energy that is flowing forth from Creation. Trust in yourself, your intentions, your intuition and in your abilities. You came here to this Earth at this time to light the way for human evolution. Each person has a gift to bring to the world. As you move forward on this golden path, you may not know exactly where you are going but you feel the resonance of your intention in your heart. Listen deeply. Feel the sacredness of your soul. The intention in your heart lights your path.

The frequency of energy is being heightened at this time. You are surrounded in a vibration that is raising your frequency – it is moving through you – this is a higher vibration than has been experienced before and it may lead to some uncomfortable feelings. Nervousness or a discordant feeling may be experienced as lower vibrations rise up to be cleared.

We offer a visualization for dealing with feelings from the past that may be surfacing at this time. Allow the feeling to be like a cloak around you. Consciously remove the cloak of doubt and put it into the fire of transformation. Consciously remove the cloak of unworthiness and put it into the fire. Consciously remove the cloak of victimhood and drop it into the fire. Whatever the cloak of the past is, when you feel its energy around you, remove it and see it burning in the fire of transformation. You no longer need to tell the stories which are associated with the feelings, just remove it and let it go – move it out of your energy field.

For each of you are moving into new territory. Stepping through a portalway onto a new path. The light—the Golden Light we speak of—is coming from Creator Source. It shines outward, calling each of you forward on your unique journey.

This is a glorious time to be on planet Earth. As the energy rises, more and more people are experiencing the veil being lifted from their eyes. Suddenly you see more clearly than ever before – you see and feel what has been happening “behind the scenes,” so to speak. Seeing within the outer experiences makes everything come alive – more alive than ever before. Music speaks directly to your heart, chance encounters seem orchestrated by an unseen hand, messages come to you through a sign on a billboard, an overheard conversation, something a child says, a book as you open to a page at random that says just what you needed to hear, the lyrics to a song come alive as if it were written just for you in that very moment. Your personal awareness creates a radiance within and around all you experience. You are living within this radiance – the radiance is coming through you from Divine Source, from Great Spirit, from God… there are many names, but one Source. You begin to follow the path of your life from your heart. Trust your guidance, trust the promptings of your Soul. This is a time of miracles and wonder.

Giving Back
It is essential to include in your consciousness a focus on right relationship with the mother Earth. Give offerings and appreciation for the water you drink, the food you eat. Find some way of giving back when you receive the gift of wisdom and nurturance. Do not be a blind consumer, whether it be consumption of food or consumption of wisdom and healing that comes to you through messages like this. Practice appreciation and find some way of giving back or paying it forward. Keep the energy flowing. It is all about energy. Consider what you are giving to the energy of the Earth and humanity at this time. It is each person’s responsibility to live in concordance with Great Spirit, for the Great Spirit flows through you and all living things. All are connected and all are being called to live responsibly and consciously.

The Beam of Light
We have spoken of the beam of light that flows from the center of the circle out into the jungle of human experience. Each of you have a beam of light that shines outward from Source, calling you into the center of your being. This is where you access your genius. This is your path of Light, which calls to your heart. Disregarding this call could produce physical and emotional ailments. When challenges appear in your life, they are wake up calls. The Universe is showing you that you are ready for acceleration to the next level of your awakening. This is not to punish you; it is simply to highlight what needs to be released and it is a call for you to find your authenticity. You are the only one walking your path. When things look like they’re falling apart, it is a sign that you are ready to accept a new pathway. So no matter how dire things may seem, there is a golden opportunity within that is calling to you. In stillness you will find the guidance you need to move forward. If the waters are churned up by heightened over-thinking and emotionality, you will not be able to see your next step. Centering within and finding stillness, letting go of expectation, surrendering to the void, will allow the beam of light to come to you so you can enter into the flow of energy that is your illumined path. The vibration of love accessed in the heart is where you find the stillness. Remember, love saves the day!

We wish you well on your journey and remind you that all the help you need is within you. Humanity is evolving into empowered beings and love is where the empowerment dwells.

May radiance, fruition, self acceptance, humility, attention, kindness, awakened awareness, and laughter light up your soul.

Wishing you beauty and grace,

Nancy Leilah Ward
Many of One

“The guidance within evolves the world towards a heaven that is already here. To know this is to know our destiny.” – The Celestine Prophecy



1. britt - January 5, 2010

So beautiful and fantastic… Thank you. Britt

2. julie - January 7, 2010

Your messages are very comforting, especially the thought that i’m not alone. i have such a huge way to go with many issues, but it’s a help to know that others aren’t in a ‘perfect’ place. Thank you.

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