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Soul Transitions Vibe Report for October 2009 October 13, 2009

Posted by Leilah in Expansion and healing, Spiritual Development.

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Shake, Rattle and Roll!

October began with some turbulence which has been felt on the physical plane as earthquakes and resulting tsunamis. These shake ups are being received within our lives and you may have felt like you are on a rollercoaster that is going up, down and sideways. Paradoxically, along with all the shake-ups are feelings of stuckness or inertia; difficulty focusing on the task at hand and moving forward, even though we know what we need to do.

Surges of energy are hitting the earth plane, affecting all the people here. This energy holds the vibration of love, joy, bliss, ecstasy. Surge after surge will continue to pulsate through our lives. Then why (for some, anyway) do we not always feel joyful when this happens? It has been said many times that these energies bring up that which is not of the high vibration for clearing – if we are willing to work with opening to the higher vibration, we must release the denser energies within us. If our intention is to heal what is blocking the flow of love, we will go through the process of clearing and releasing by bringing our pain into our conscious awareness and loving it. It takes courage and self love to do this.

Because of the relentless power of the energy of love, we may find unexpected events shifting our life course in ways that reverberate throughout our psyches, affecting our lives and our world view, offering opportunities for us to show up and face our deepest fears. These are our personal earthquakes. What we do not face will keep showing up and getting louder and louder until we are forced into looking at it. And everything that we held as truth is coming up for review and reconsideration. Yes, the world is shaking!

Another reason we may not feel the beautiful energy is that we’re blocking the flow because our hearts are closed… “protected.” Imagine… you are in the castle of your own creation. Echoing, cold, lonely, but well protected. In time, you may realize that you don’t want to be there all alone. Perhaps you open a window and allow some light in and you like how that light feels and soon it is flowing under the doors and through cracks in the walls. You begin to fill with the warmth of this light, which feels… happy. Yes, so this is what happiness is. The mortar of fear begins to crumble and part of a wall collapses with laughter. Then the great door begins to creek open and radiant light shines in, ushering in a flock of birds… seagulls and crows with their raucous cries, ” Wake up, wake up! Come outside…!” You find you are allowing delight to enter into your heart… taking years off your life, returning you to the childlike innocence you came into this life with. And with that lightness, you leave the castle. On the bridge that crosses the moat you realize you can’t keep your feet on the ground, you float up and begin to fly with this new found freedom as the weight of fear and worry fall away…

Feeling our innocence

This reminds me of something in the Bible about becoming like little children so we can enter heaven. A Google™ search brings up Matthew 18:3 – here it is in the “Bible in Basic English” version: “And said, Truly, I say to you, If you do not have a change of heart and become like little children, you will not go into the kingdom of heaven.”

I don’t read the Bible and rarely quote from it (not that there’s anything wrong with that), but this popped into my head and I feel I know what it means and that in our current evolution we are undergoing this process – receiving and giving love fully as a little child would – innocently, without fear, because it is simply our birthright. This opens up “the kingdom of heaven.” What is that? A place of freedom, empowerment, peace? The “New Earth” people are talking about?

On a good day, when we are open, the surges feel like a delicious influx of energy. You may feel sleepiness overtaking you and when this occurs, take a moment to lie down or sit and close your eyes. Breathe the energy in through your crown chakra and feel it moving all the way down and out your feet. You are receiving a download of energy tuned to the frequency of love. Take this nectar, this elixir and allow it to fill your body, massaging your heart and filling you with golden-pink light. It is so delicious and when it is complete, we feel renewed and energized.

As the surges continue, many people will be awakening to a greater experience of reality and much that has been held as true will be falling away as the unexplainable comes to the surface within us like mysterious islands rising from deep within the ocean. Embrace the unknown, seek the comfort of one another for we each hold a key to the mystery that we are part of.

This awakening is bringing in new information and enhancing psychic, telepathic and intuitive abilities. We are becoming transparent as our vibration quickens. The frequency of love carries divine protection, so hearts can open, protected by love. We need to pay attention to our feelings and nurture ourselves. Allow our hearts to be our guide.

Autumn Leaves on Beaver Pond


[What follows is an excerpt from a reading I did two weeks ago, shared here with permission. My client asked about how do we follow the path of the heart…and how can we retain the high energies we feel when newly “in love.”]

The path of the heart includes but is much vaster than romantic love. It encompasses all the beautiful colors of love that there are and even more than humans have yet known as to what love is. As humanity moves forward on this evolutionary path and as the high frequency of love energy comes forth into humanity, your hearts begin to open. Being open and receptive to love will lead to joy and bliss and you will know more and more of the vastness of what true love is. There is something so freeing in this and you will be able to love one another deeply. It is as if you are floating in an ocean of ecstasy. Open yourself to receive the energy by cultivating love in your heart – self love – this infinite love will set you free. There are beautiful endless possibilities that humanity is coming forth into. Keep clearing the resistance to love. Love is a being-ness that is your birthright. Be love.

The spark of love does not require another person. It can be accessed from deep within, and when you couple with another who is also accessing the Divine energies within themselves, that is when you can reach the ecstatic states together. But it comes from deep self-love and acceptance. A love that does not need another to be complete.


The innocence of love is within our hearts. This is the “surge” of energy we have access to at this time.

Within all the shifts and changes it will be beneficial to spend time doing that which energizes our creativity, this will help to accelerate our energy. Many are receiving the message to play with their creativity, even if it is not an “income-producing” effort. Let go of the worry about the income, the economy. A new way of being in the world of energy is being created – so when we work with our creative energy, we are generating a higher frequency of delight. Allow your creative pursuit to bring in unexpected elements – new thought pathways, new ways of working with new materials… however it flows for you. Also, be sure to stretch your body – doing yoga or any kind of gentle stretching will help the energy to continue to flow.

We have much support around us. Trust your intuition and your inner wisdom. As we grow, we will be able to consciously communicate with each other telepathically. As our conscious awareness increases, we will be a great support for one another. Telepathy works through energy and feeling, not through thought. We are able to amplify energy with each other by tuning in to the inner resource of energy that we all draw from.

Remember it is easy to love without attachment. Many are healing wounds from long ago. As the heart opens, pain is released and washed away with tears. It takes courage to open to receive love. Have patience and hold yourselves in gentleness.

Many blessings to you,

Nancy Leilah Ward
Many of One

“We all need to be nourished by love, both the love that we give and the love that we receive. Allowing that to be present in our lives and being in relationship with people who can open to that is a good road to walk and is honey for the heart.”
– my friend Larry Brown


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