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Harmonic Convergence *Free* Meditation Gathering August 16, 2009

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Dear ones…

Waves of love are floating through the ethers today… I feel like I’m being lifted and expanded… as I open to receive… we are being gifted with the high vibrational energy of joy which has the potential of deep healing and creative inspiration.

Today and tomorrow is the 22nd anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence, which was first celebrated on August 16 and 17, 1987. At that time the Sun and Moon were in an alignment with Mars, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, forming a grand trine, which indicates harmony and creative expression. The convergence has been said to be a turning point, the beginning of the great shift on this planet from war-like to peaceful.

At this time, people from all around the world gather to amplify the vibration of love. The concept of the Harmonic Convergence is that if many people are focusing on Universal Peace, Love, Joy, Harmony and Balance, we can literally raise the vibration of our energies, which fill the Earth’s aura, thereby raising the vibration of the entire planet, creating a powerful force of Divine Love, which will help to accelerate the Ascension of Earth and all life forms. In his book, Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation, Physicist Gregg Braden writes about the raising of the Earth’s vibration, which is consistently being tracked and measured. It has been noted that, during global meditations such as the Harmonic Convergence, there is a measurable rise in the Earth’s frequency.

Astrologically this year, there is a T-square, which indicates a challenge – we are moving into new territory – creating our new selves and our new lives. We are all at different phases of deep change and expansion. Many are undergoing grief due to deep life changes. The energy of love has the potential to act as a balm to heal and soothe the raw emotions that people may be feeling.

“Peace will guide our planet, and love will steer the stars…”

Now is a time that has been prophesied by Mayan and Hopi peoples to be the joining of the Eagle and the Condor, which signifies the harmony of the male and female energies.

Please join me on Monday night for my weekly channeling/meditation gathering. I am offering this evening for **free** for all who feel guided to gather and help amplify the energies of love, peace and harmony. I ask that you e-mail me at leilah.nward@gmail.com to let me know you will be joining us.

Many Blessings and lots of love,

Nancy Leilah Ward

Channeling and meditation telecall access information:
Monday, August 17, 2009
8:30 PM EST
Conference Dial-in Number: (218) 339-3600
Participant Access Code: 120053#



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