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Soul Transitions Vibe Report August 2009 August 5, 2009

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The Poetry of My Soul

My prayer is to express the poetry of my soul.
To live a deeper life.
More than taking care of business, the surface of things
but to dive deep into the mystery
to awaken visions within.
To travel on the beam of light
that shines through the center of my being.
We each have something drawing us forward
dancing on points of light as our feet come down.
If it made a sound, it would be like bells
or ice flowing on top of a river.
My soul calls out for more, more, more.
I know there is more than this.

My prayer is to live my life like a prayer.
Every breath sacred.
Tapping into the infinite depth within.
Deeper than the stars.
Deep as the Universe.
The deeper I travel within,the further out I go.

Moving through exploding fractals
of light
colored by emotion
in motion.

My life is a prayer.
My actions consciously honor the mystery;
that which is beyond words
As I chop wood, carry water.

This to all…
May our breath be blessed with love.
All this and more.
Dancing on diamond lights
our footsteps light our path,
disappear behind us.

This is how I’ve been feeling lately. What’s going on? A potent download of cosmic energy on July 21-22, as well as three eclipses have been affecting us all. Opening ourselves to new energy brings up big change at the cellular, at the atomic, at the sub-atomic levels. Many of us have been feeling very strange. For the last week, I have been having moments of fever and achiness and sometimes digestive problems on and off. I’ll wake up with a fever and then an hour or so later I’ll feel absolutely fine, with my usual energy. One day will go by and I’ll be fine, then the fever will show up again for an hour or so, or I’ll have to lie down and rest because of feeling achy. Of course my mind goes to thoughts of Lyme’s disease, West Nile virus or swine flu, but I keep hearing “ascension symptom” from the wise voice within. Some of the symptoms I’ve been hearing about from others are fever, nausea, aching backs, aching arms and joints, feeling disoriented and lightheaded, feelings of inertia, panic, deep grief and sleeplessness.

Many people are feeling like they no longer know what to do with their lives – they know that things are changing and they don’t know exactly what to do but that they want to do something different. Others, after feeling this way for the past year, have found their paths and are moving forward with conviction and commitment. This includes people who a few months ago felt completely lost and unsure of what they wanted to do. Everyone is at their own place in Divine timing of the evolutionary process.

We are being triggered by energy surges and sometimes this feels like we’re being pulled out of our bodies.

Many of One
Indeed you are in for a ride, dear ones. As you ride the waves of change, trust your instincts. Trust your guidance, trust your “gut.” Trust in your ability to discern what is your highest path and purpose. And when you don’t know, do nothing. Many are diving deep into their beings to experience the heart of their soul. We see relationships changing as people can no longer hide from the truth in themselves. This can create much confusion and upset, but know that the path within is paved with love.

Dear ones you are being called to a deeper experience of yourself as you integrate the energies and open to receive your soul. You will find you cannot do what doesn’t resonate with your heart. This is causing much upset and change among many people. We wish for you to know with the deepest love that everything is going to be OK. Listen to your hearts. Spend time in nature. Retreat to gain clarity. Allow the emotions to flow through you, hide nothing from yourselves. For it is with the deepest expression of your truth that you will find freedom and clarity. Much is changing and shifting. Bring in the energies of love. Be your deepest authenticity – you are being called to greater levels of awareness. Many are feeling the need for a deeper connection with Source.

You are Source
The very Universe exists within you and without you. You are truly one with everything. To maintain your connection in the 3rd dimension you experience feelings of separation and defined boundaries. Somewhere deep within is a seed of knowing that you are greater than your perceptions and that you are vast. If you sit within this possibility and allow yourselves to expand, you will touch the stars. The true and total knowledge and experience of this would be too much for you to handle so it is given to you in small doses… glimpses of the vastness of your being. We feel you wishing to remember, wishing for a deeper experience and these experiences can be found through creative processes, through interactions with one another and through the stillness within.

Those of you who are feeling the call to greater awareness have been the forerunners and the ones holding the energy for others. There are many who are still sleepwalking. There has been a change of plans. As the energies continue to upgrade, many of you are being given a break, as it were… moments of stillness. Allow yourself to experience these times of just letting go and being – on vacation, so to speak. And yet, deep within, you are gaining more and more clarity and consciousness during your day to day activities.

We know you are wishing to remain conscious at all times and more and more you are developing a deeper awareness of your purpose and place in the world. Not only in the world of the Earth, but extending outward into the galaxy. And you know as you expand outward further, there are galaxies, upon galaxies, upon galaxies. We invite you to play with connecting with the vastness of the universe. As you send your attention outward, you may feel a pulsation as it comes back in. A pulsation like a heartbeat. . . the pulse of life which extends far beyond the Earth. Out into the cosmos… you have many brothers and sisters longing to connect with you. Yes indeed. As you continue to expand and evolve, you are reaching out into the vastness of the All That Is. You are beginning to feel that vastness within you – that feeling of being pulled out of your body, or being stretched. You are limitless spirit poured into the physical body. Love is the energy of expansion, which is why it brings up that which is not love for release.

Now we speak of this month of August and we are scanning the energy of the entire earth. . . There is a deep stillness and there is much churning of thought as well. The quiet before the storm. Retreat from the sounds of the media… there will be much provocation of fear regarding disease. The possibilities of pandemics. We tell you all is of your own creation. And yet within the experience of the earth plane there is much release happening and much of what feels like tragedy. When you hear of tragic events in the world – with people you know, or out in the bigger picture of the larger world – you can be of great service by sending the energy of love outward to those in need, to those undergoing great tragedy and difficult changes.

Many people are experiencing extreme anxiety, panic, sleeplessness. For those, we wish for you to know that you are held within a sacred circle of love and you can call out in prayer for assistance to help carry you through those moments. Now, what happens in times like this is you must still undergo the process of feeling and it can be somewhat agonizing. This is part of the experience of the expansion. Much of your deepest fears may be washing through you or simply fear itself with no knowledge or understanding of where that fear is coming from. Indeed, in some ways it doesn’t matter, but that you are going through it just the same. As you expand there is much that is coming apart, falling away – inside and out. What is called for at times like this is allowance. Allow your feelings, allow yourself to be within the discomfort and reach out to others. If you can, be with friends, with harmonious groups, with people who pray or vision together, or gather at sacred fires. Participate in some group energy – it would be very comforting.

We want you to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Be with the earth energy, with nature in any form you can find. This will be very comforting to you. Other than that, the pain, the anguish, the fear that you go through is something that needs to be felt – it is washing through you. Bring your attention back into your heart. Do your best not to allow your mind to carry you away on thoughts that bring up despair. Bring yourself back to your heart through the breath. This will help you to sustain equilibrium. Be mindful of decisions you make to be certain you are coming from your deepest authenticity.

There is a feeling of events being put on hold. We are talking of grander earth events as if giving some people time to catch up and we are sensing a collective eye roll from those who have been working so hard and who are raring to go – to take their place as the great changes surge and move you all forward on your evolutionary path. Many are impatient for no further delays. Have no fear, your services will be required more and more in times to come.

There is golden light available to all of you. Sparkling golden light radiance shining down and shimmering all around you. Know that it is there for you and create moments of happiness and joy with one another. Celebrate your divinity as you feel the vastness of your being. We send you softness and nurturing love as you rise to meet the challenges that call you into being your authentic expression with integrity, clarity and steadfastness. Dwell within the center of your being and be conscious of the cosmic connection you have with the All That Is.

We hold you in highest esteem.

Many blessings,

Nancy Leilah Ward
Many of One

“That the Earth is alive, inspirited and even sentient, is one of the most ancient and universal of spiritual understandings.”  – Jesse Wolf Hardin


1. Joyce hambright - August 6, 2009

Your poem is just deeply beautiful. . beyond my words. It pulls me to where I want to go. Thank you, Leilah, for your loving, gentle, profound depth. I’m so glad I found you.

Have a restoring vacation and come back to us for more inspiration.
Love to you, Joyce

2. Ann Hollingsworth - August 6, 2009

I seldom read much of what is out there any more, relying on my inner knowing, but this passage is so beautiful and eloquent….so descriptive of the current energies. Thank-you , thank-you , thank-you. It elevates my heart!

3. erica - August 8, 2009

This is the most wonderful and best blogging I have ever read in a long time… I will tell you why, it all makes sense even when some of it doesn’t make sense too me. Truly a higher power is at work, ” Alive and Kickin”. Many of One, thank you!!! Your report explains why I cried uncontrollably one day last week at work, it was like things were being pushed out of me! I kinda knew why it was happening. Then this past week I had a terrible anxiety attack. I have other friends that are going thru some of the same as well! I believe that we truly all want to find our way, or destined path for the greater good! Sometimes it is just no so easy to get to, or to find.

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