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The wounded healer June 16, 2009

Posted by Leilah in Expansion and healing, Spiritual Development.

As you traverse the waters of your lives you have experienced the pain and joy of physical existence. You are undergoing yet another trial as the energies are amped up calling you to open and release. Wounds of the past are surfacing; feelings forgotten or feelings you thought you’d already cleared and released are coming up again. As the energy expands you, the wounds are stretched and opened. This experience is related to the retrograde dance of Chiron, Jupiter and Neptune that is occurring now. Know that your wounds are your greatest teachers and they come up as reminders for you to dive in and love yourself without defenses. The love you have for yourself is the purest healing balm and as you fill the wound with the nectar of love, pure love for yourself, you expand more and more into the fullness of your being. Tune in to your resonance, your unique energetic vibration. You are opening to receive your Higher Self, your Soul, the truth of your being. Have compassion for each other, for all are going through the expansion and feeling the opening of old wounds. It won’t always be this way, this is a chance to practice self love, which is the empowerment of your being.

For those in the place of stillness (some call it paralysis, inertia or suspension) – for those of you who don’t know where to go or what to do, breathe deeply and be still within the silence. The energy is filling you and raising you to a new platform of expression. Again, self love will help you to be within the stillness. You are being prepared for the great changes that are unfolding. Have faith, you are loved deeply, for you are the courageous ones who have chosen to go down into the trenches, as it were, to be part of the great turning, to assist with the acceleration and expansion. Much joy is coming to you. Prepare to receive the many gifts that will come in surprising packages. Take heart; celebrate love with one another, practice forgiveness and compassion.



1. Jules - June 18, 2009

Thank you, Nancy, for these inspiring and comforting words. It helps me to be reminded of the obvious (?) , that I’m hardly alone in my suffering – I seem to see many less alone people around me and in the media, living in a ( seemingly) very cheerful way with , for example , their children, closer family , grandchildren etc, saying how much they enjoy being Mums etc,( there seems to me to be a lot of flaunting going on, unless it’s just in my mind….and a lot of shallowness) which I’m not , haven’t chosen to be but still have pain around that, and also have some painful issues with my mother, some of which came up yet again recently. True self love seems very challenging and difficult…when we crave love and positive strokes from others. I hope joy is coming , it’s about time and i’m wondering when! although i do have ups and downs and more good times than i was having. a haircut and colour that made me feel a million dollars helped quite a lot !! thanks to Vanessa , my gorgeous and kind hairdresser who seems committed to making her clients feel good about themselves. Here’s to hope, faith and joy , and love …and kindness to ourselves

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