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Vibe Report for April April 4, 2009

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Self love is the most tender, sweet feeling we can have for ourselves. We are being called at this time to recognize how wonderful we are, what incredible creators we are and how loved we are. In the meditation/channeling telecall I did last week, Many of One guided us to go to a beautiful place on Earth where we felt at peace. In that place, a throne appeared – a radiant golden throne. This was our personal throne. As we each sat on our throne, beings of light and Earth Elementals danced all around us. They were celebrating us and sending us gratitude for coming to Earth and opening our hearts to love. A golden crown was placed upon our heads. We were being shown that we are respected and cherished here on Earth. We were being taught that we need to recognize Creator Source within ourselves by loving ourselves. We were being imbued with worthiness and shown that the love we feel within and amplify outward fills the aura of the Earth and spreads in waves of light all throughout the Earth plane, touching each and every person who lives on Earth. We are important and our resonance is essential to what happens here on Earth. And what happens here, affects the Galaxy and the Universe. We are being called to love ourselves unconditionally.


* * * * * *


Many of one is a vastness of being… many of one is a wise source of energy and information. You are our counterparts on earth and we resonate information to you. We wish to speak more broadly about the great changes upon the Earth. We see you bumping along, many going through personal shifts and changes – moving your living quarters, moving out of relationships that have long been held in a resonance of disharmony. No longer can the truth be obscured. Desires that are born out of fear hold no substance and cannot be sustained.


As you traverse the landscape of the unknown you are being called to be spontaneous, to dance within the ever changing energies, for as you rise into the fourth dimension all that is disharmonious to your soul, your inner being, will fall away. This is happening whether you plan on it or not. This is the shakeup of the higher consciousness that you are growing into. Whether you have made self awareness a focus or not, you are rising out of duality into a system of symbiosis… an organic system of harmonic co-creation. If you can begin to look at your life as such, you will find a new way of relating to the people who share your world. Even the ones with whom you perceive difficulty – as you each learn to gently set clear boundaries when needed, you will find yourselves thinking differently about the contrast that you experience with each other. Some may use the word “conflict” but we find the word “contrast” to be non-judging, enabling you to look at the circumstances in your lives with responsibility. This focus allows you to take ownership of your part in the play of contrast. For if someone is mirroring contrast to you, you are mirroring contrast to them as well.


For long upon this earth plane there has been strife and many humans have neglected their relationships to their souls. Humans have thought of what they ”should” do and how they “should” behave and how “things should be” and many have not known how to listen to the song of their souls. We tell you the good news is that you are free… you are free to love yourselves and through the act of loving yourselves and living with a healthy selfishness, you will learn to listen to your inner prompting and live spontaneously. Your inner guidance is like a homing beacon within each and every one of you. If you allow yourselves to live this way, you will love and accept yourselves and you will no longer find it necessary to judge anyone else or to want others to do what you want them to do. Nor will you feel you have to do something you don’t want to do in order to please another. You will find that you are moving within a tapestry that you are co-creating. You will all begin more and more to live in harmony with each other. When you follow your inner guidance and live spontaneously, you will find yourselves experiencing the joy of synchronicity and you will know that you are always in the right place at the right time.


You are the creators of your experience. No one else has power over you. You are so powerful that eons ago, other beings who wanted to gain control tricked you into feeling you had no power at all through fear and guilt, which blocked from your inner knowing. These are the elements that are falling away at this time. It is necessary in order for you to rise into your sovereign empowerment.


April is a month of contrasts. The happiness of moving into positive changes is accompanied by grief as you release the past. On and on you go. Feel every nuance of emotion that tumbles you around in the white water of the ocean of experience. Come up for air, rest on the beach and notice that you are on higher ground. Celebrate your lives – every decision you have ever made, every event that you have lived through. Release judgment and open up to the extraordinariness of the physical life experience. Many are held back by regrets, tugging and pulling them into the mud. We say honor every experience you have created for yourselves and consider all you have done to be compost from which a lovely lotus of wisdom will blossom.


Radiant Blessings,


Nancy Leilah Ward


Many of One


“Loving yourself means accepting yourself as you are right now.”

Sanaya Roman, Living With Joy


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