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Soul Transitions Vibe Report for December 2008 December 10, 2008

Posted by Leilah in Spiritual Development.

December 2008

Soul Transitions


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Sometimes, when this vibe report looks like it’s going to come out “late,” I realize that I’m waiting for more information to come through, and it’s all in Divine Timing. In the last week it’s been difficult to focus on what needs to be done in “outer” life. There has been an element of inertia which Andrea Hess, teacher of Soul Realignment (www.empoweredsoul.com) described as difficulty in focusing on the third dimensional tasks, such as paying the bills, because we are in a dimensional shift – integrating 5th dimensional energies – and as we do this, the third dimensional activities seem less important. Of course, we all know we do need to pay those bills yet there’s a kind of disconnected feeling about it – like simply not caring (at least I’ve felt that). In a way, that is good because at least we’re not in worry mode. However, in actuality, taking care of 3rd dimensional business can help us stay grounded.


Accompanying the fifth dimensional energy is a shifting out of duality into being -ness. Duality, or polarity, is part of the old system that is falling away. We constantly judge if something is of the light or the dark, or if it’s good or bad, etc. I’m in the process of working out what this means and how to deal with it – it seems like acceptance is a big part of releasing duality. Acceptance of what is and staying in the moment of NOW. Many of us are undergoing extreme shifts in feeling – one moment feeling great and fully empowered, the next moment feeling like there’s no point to anything we’ve ever done! In the last week I had a few friends who needed to be talked down from “the ledge” and then in the next moment, I was up there crying out for help! Now we have a running joke about the ledge – being able to laugh at our process is a brilliant gift of being human.


Another feeling tone that is coming into play is the idea, which came to me through the work of Esther Hicks and Abraham – that this physical life is actually a vacation from the non-physical. What an empowering concept this is to consider. We can do anything with energy – our lives can go however we so desire. Alas, oftentimes it doesn’t feel that way. We need to remember that we have been clearing so many blockages and restrictions that have held us back from our deepest empowerment. Old beliefs, fears, even energies from other lifetimes are being cleansed from our energy field. So when we put an order in for something we want, we then need to get out of the way and let the energies of manifestation follow our command.


And now, it’s time to tell a new story. December is a month of coming into clear focus of what we want our new lives to be like. We have released so much old stuff and now is a potent time for creating a new picture of ourselves and rising above what we created in the past. This is a time to stop telling the same old story over and over, and maybe even re-write that story as a comedy! If, when we leave the physical, we have the experience of realizing what it was all about – and that it was supposed to be fun – and that it could have gone however we really wanted it to go, we will want to come back – to get back on the roller coaster and go for another crazy ride. So if that’s the case, then let’s start right now – having more fun and creating the life we want.


Meditation and prayer is helpful in moving through this transition, as well as asking for help from our spirit guides, angels and creator source. Body work which moves energy, shamanic modalities, reiki, polarity, cranio-sacral and Soul Realignment sessions help with clearing and balancing the energy fields of the body.


And now, I ask my non-physical friends, Many of One to comment on the 5th dimension and embracing the concept of non-duality.



Greetings, Dear Ones,


Fifth dimensionality is a vaster experience where you access feelings from the heart and communicate through feeling to one another – this is telepathic communication, but without words. Through the vibration of energetic frequencies – feeling tones – you send a beam out to whomever you wish to communicate with. This is done with respect and love. You can send out the feeling tone of your energetic signature – it’s like tapping someone on the shoulder – but really it’s tapping someone on the heart. And then they may send a feeling back to you. Feeling tones have different colors and vibrations, so we see you sending beams of multi colored light to one another. Have fun with this, see what happens. Along with feelings you can send pictures and images to one another. This will be an integral way of communicating in the future. Like anything else, you begin by practicing and as you become more adept at it; your communication will become more intricate.


Of course, you have already been communicating through thoughts and feelings – in fact, you do it all the time. However in the 5th dimension, it is a more refined, direct and elegant expression. In the third dimension, all thoughts forms are flying around – what you would call negative, as well as positive. Know that what you send out does return to you. The vibration that you are amplifying attracts like vibration to you – it looks like sending out a beam and this beam highlights all that is in vibrational harmony with it and then that vibration returns to you. So as you work on clearing your energy of that which doesn’t feel good, and as you focus your intention on bringing in that which does feel good, that good feeling amplifies.


Now, after we have just mentioned good feelings and not so good feelings, we wish to address the concept of non-duality, which is also part of the experience of the fifth dimension.


We know that from a 3rd dimensional point of view it is difficult to come to an understanding of what non duality is when we speak of good/bad, light/dark, happy/sad. All of these feelings seem to be at the opposite end of a see-saw. Many of you have been experiencing extreme highs and lows, it is also being pictured out in your weather patterns and in the economic situation. At the same time you are being filled with the higher vibrations that raise you above the third and even fourth dimension. This is similar to moving through the chakra systems. You are integrating the loving, opening and accepting energies of the fourth dimension up into the fifth dimension which takes you above the feelings of duality. So we invite you to breathe into that and experiment with yourselves as to what this feels like. It involves surrender and acceptance and an attitude of witnessing what is happening – becoming the witness to the feelings within you.


We understand these times of transition are provoking much fear in people. Fear tethers you to the third dimensional focus. There is an aspect to the extremity of conditions that can blow you into another dimension beyond fear. So it is as if you can use fear as a doorway to take you beyond fear itself. You come to a point where there is nothing you can do about what you fear. When you find acceptance – by allowing yourself to sit within the feeling, it actually begins to dissipate, and you can begin to rise above it – as if you are in a canal and the lock you are in is filling with acceptance, raising you up to the next level so you can move forward again. This is the shift you are transitioning through. Surrender into acceptance of the feeling. Often when you are in such moments of fear and despair you feel as if it will be this way forever and we wish to impress upon you that all is changing all the time.


With duality there is judgment. In the state of acceptance, judgment disappears. Feeling tones move through you. The feelings of love, joy happiness – when you move into the shadow of these feelings, it is all the same thing and this is where acceptance comes in. It is the same thing, the other side of the coin – the light reveals the dark and the dark defines the light. See the image of the yin/yang symbol. This is an image of non duality – opposites exist within each other. Within fear is the seed of love. Within dark, is the seed of light, within light is the seed of dark.


Feeling tones are a way of amplifying what you want your life experience to be. Trust and faith is an integral part of this experience. As you clear away the belief systems that once served you but now hold you back, you may find yourself thinking that this intentionality doesn’t work. When you have a thought of doubt you will feel it pulling you down into a state of disempowerment. As you breathe into your heart chakra, you will begin to feel lighter – you will find a place of acceptance and love that feels childlike and free. This will help to raise your vibration.


You will probably be experiencing this up and down phenomena for awhile longer. If you have the intention of learning to rise up into a place of acceptance and the moment of now, it will help you to find inner stillness and a sense of stability.


We understand that you have the third dimensional tasks of “chopping wood and carrying water” – the tasks that you must attend to in order to support yourself in the physical. These tasks can serve to be very grounding and as your vibration rises, you will need the grounding. We understand that elements of survival are bringing up a lot of fear. You will notice that when you are able to come into your heart and raise the energy into the 5th dimensional place of non duality you can rest there and open to new possibilities. Know that you came here to participate at this time in this great adventure – when you bring the feeling tone of this truth into your being, you will find the fear loosening.


As you allow yourself to open up and experience your connection to Spirit, your life will change completely. You will deeply know that you are so much more than this body which you need so desperately to take care of. Open up to an allowing that the body does indeed care for itself quite well – as you have observed so many times – you receive a cut and within 3 or 4 days it is healed. This miraculous body that you are in can take care of itself if you would allow it to do so. Now we understand that we are moving into the territory of wellness/illness. How can you make wellness a focus if you are involved with illness? Within illness is the seed of wellness. Do you see the symbol of yin and yang?


Gratitude and acceptance for what is will help you to release into the flow where you can envision and create the feeling tone of what you wish to experience. Whether it is illness or wellness – having a home or being homeless – bringing yourselves into the place of stillness within and going from the mind into the heart and knowing that, whether you live or die, you still exist.


Transformation is happening all the time, which is another aspect to release into. You are never still and you are never finished – IT – existence, life – is a fractal – you just keep going in and in and in and each moment is a vista – an endless, infinite vista with patterns of feelings that create experiences. The flow is constant – always flowing, always changing. Life, the river of love – the river of creator source energy is forever moving. You are bringing more and more of this creator source energy into your energy stream – into your heart and out into your intentions along those energy lines that connect you to your world – the Innernet – the vast network of communication through feeling that you are evolving into. Yes it is a new beginning – a beginning pathway which has the potential to take you beyond the physical technology that seems so important right now. This physical technology is an example of what you can do within your own being-ness. Think on that as you rise into the 5th dimension and beyond. You are not stopping to rest anywhere. You are moving and expanding and growing all the time. And for every ending there is a beginning. So what is it, an ending or a beginning?


Dear ones, we send softness to your hearts. We wish for you to know about another resource that can assist you – in addition to reaching out to your spirit guides, angels and Creator Source energy, which are all there for you at any moment – the other resource you have that is the most beautiful and profound is each other. Sharing experiences, communication through meditation gatherings whether they be in the physical or inner dimensions – finding the community with which you resonate and having fun with one another by sharing meals and dancing, receiving and giving energy work and body work – these beautiful connections in love and friendship will help you on your journey.


As you rise and fall within this dimensional shift, have patience with yourselves. Be loving and kind to yourselves and each other.


We know that change can be very scary, causing fear and panic. When those feelings come upon you we remind you to draw upon one of your greatest gifts –your sense of humor – one of the greatest gifts humans have been given. This is your saving grace – it is the lubrication to get you through some tough, narrow places. Laughter and love will help you to rise above pain. We want you to know that, truly, all is well – and that, whatever is leaving your lives, know that you are a phoenix with the ability to rise up from the ashes of the past. There is help all around you in the non-physical and the physical. You can draw great strength and comfort from your interactions with each other. Go forth with a feeling of renewal and hope, with the assurance that, indeed, this great roller coaster ride called life is something you came here to experience. The abilities to manifest quickly are becoming stronger and stronger. Know that you have the power inside of you to create a brilliant life that is free and filled with love and creative potential.


These are indeed miraculous times to be alive in.


Many Blessings in Oneness and in Joy,

we are Many of One.




Please join me for my channeling telecall on Monday, December 15 at 8:30 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time). We will receive messages from Many of One and will experience a guided visualization meditation. Joining together as a group and amplifying the energy of love will bring clarity to us in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies. It will nurture us emotionally and connect us with each other as the soul family that we are. Many of One will speak to us about our multidimensionality and our purpose in being on Earth during this time of change.

A recording of the telecall will be emailed to all participants.

To register, please visit www.soultransitions.com and scroll down to the “Upcoming Events” box on the right side. The cost is $15 and you can pay through paypal by clicking on the “Buy Now” link. After you register, you will be sent the call-in telephone number and access code. If you wish to pay other than through paypal, please email me at Leilah.nward@gmail.com.


Many Blessings to all,


Nancy Leilah Ward

and Many of One


“Live your life filled with joy and thunder…”

              – R.E.M. “Sweetness Follows”

                from Automatic for the People





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