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Soul Transitions November 2008 Vibe Report November 3, 2008

Posted by Leilah in Abundance Consciousness, Meditation, Spiritual Development.

November 2008


Soul Transitions

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Hello everybody. We in the USA are poised on a moment of great change. A buzz of anxiety is in the air. One moment feels filled with hope, another despair. We are holding the highest vision for our country and the entire planet as we move into more and more of a heart centered consciousness of Global proportions. We are People of Earth. One way or another, love will always save the day.


Many of One and I collaborate on these messages. Here is what they have to say.


We wish to speak to you about the purge and release spin cycle that has been happening. As we have been saying for many months, that which is not in harmony with the high vibrational energies that are steadily increasing is continuing to come up for clearing. The purge has been getting stronger, and this was felt in the last weeks of October. That which is not in harmony with your heart’s resonance will make itself known in no uncertain terms. Relationships are leaving or changing and this is in accord with your true heart. New relationships are also being created. True friends and lovers are gravitating towards each other as if a great magnetization has been set in motion.


There are energetic triggers which are igniting on the grid of the golden web that surrounds the earth. The Golden Web is an energetic membrane consisting of sacred geometrical energy lines which surround the physical body of the Earth. Each intersection point where the energy lines cross is a point of possible activation of energies. The high vibrational energies that are pulsing through the galaxy trigger certain intersection points along the gridlines surrounding Earth. This activity is out-pictured in events happening in the world and, in turn, these triggers affect the golden webs that surround each individual being on earth. For each person also has an energetic golden web which surrounds their subtle energy bodies. As trigger points on the earth web are ignited, they correspond to points on each individual’s energetic web. This in turn creates changes in vibration, which pictures out as shifts and changes in the outer world.


Not every trigger or activation affects each individual, however you may sometimes feel as if something is different and yet all on the surface appears unchanged. Other times you will see the changes out-pictured in the relationships in your life, or in the greater world picture. Many may feel that they are emptying out. Jobs are ending, as are other relationship forms. Even beloved animal friends are leaving the earth plane. We understand these kinds of events happen all the time; however it is at a more accelerated rate at this time. Remember all these “losses” are making room for something new to enter into your life. This is a time to plant seeds. What are the new elements you want to grow in your life? Listen to your dreams and know that you can manifest your heart’s desire. Consciously connecting yourself to earth’s core will help you to stabilize as the energy swirls around you.


In the midst of the changes and chaos, it is essential to find stillness and to listen to your true heart to hear what your deepest desire is. You are being called to face yourself in the totality of your being – to let go of blame and anger regarding the changing situations and see all as an opportunity to create a new life. Embrace responsibility for your unique path. Certain situations, friendships and family members may no longer be available for you to lean on in the old ways. You always have your spirit guides and posse of angels to call on for help, but in another way you are essentially alone within yourself. There is a paradox here, in that you are also part of the whole of creation – the one-ness of the creative life force. However in this life on planet earth, you hold a unique energy signature that is like your fingerprints – one of a kind. Stand firm within your essence, breathe into the feeling that is you and draw upon the deep faith within. Your presence on earth is no accident. Your unique vibration is needed here. All is being brought down to the fundamental aspect of love. Love is God, Love is Spirit, Love is within all living beings. Love is within the Earth. Love is the foundation of creation. Love does not judge right or wrong. Love (God) is simply an is-ness of flowing energy. We call this the Divine Indifference of Spirit, for Spirit is a flow of being-ness, of love energy. It judges not right or wrong. You can draw this energy into your beings consciously. Do not judge yourselves, just be within the flow of love inside of you. Call upon it, enliven it, embody it, believe it is part of your essence. Love yourself and love one another.


Relationships of all kinds are where the magic lies – enjoy creating fun and happy times with one another. Laugh often. Human beings are amazing creatures. Their capacity for the embodiment of Light and Dark is something to behold. Much work is being done regarding embracing the shadow side of self. The shadow and the light that is within consciousness dance together, revealing themselves and creating movement and constant transformation. Many feel they should only focus on the Light. We say to you if all was light, it would be too blinding to see, just as if all was dark, you would be blind as well.


For November we see you rising to a new plateau after the first week – a place of assimilating the new energy you have been making room for. A feeling of renewal, more surges of high vibrational energies. We are seeing jubilation in some sectors – much applauding and cheering. Also, more collapsing of old structures that are based in fear. People rising to the occasion to assist one another. It is helpful to be spontaneous. Within chaos or fear, there is an opportunity for connecting to inner faith, turning your attention to your heart – the rhythm of your heart – and allowing it to guide the rhythm of your lives. The heart connection is where to focus your energies at this time. The grip of fear is weakening, even though there will be feelings of hitting bottom, it will have a different emotional color tone – it will carry with it a feeling of relief for some, because there is a vibration – a feeling tone of not being able to go on as things have been, for truth is surfacing. Some sectors will be rising in anger and fear, but many others, at the grass roots level will welcome the chance to bring more community into their lives and share their resources. This will open up the heart centers as well.


This is what you came here to participate in and to assist with. Rejoice! The times of miraculous change and magic are at hand.


Many Blessings to all,


Nancy Leilah Ward

and Many of One


“We are being ignited from above and below.”

The Voices of SourceSelf and aRa Miles






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