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Soul Transitions September 2008 Vibe Report September 9, 2008

Posted by Leilah in Abundance Consciousness, Spiritual Development.

September 2008

Soul Transitions

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This month of September is a time of integration. Since the summer solstice, much of the past has come up to be released – lower frequencies have surfaced and been cleared. Higher, more refined energies are now being integrated into your being. As this process continues it would serve you well to surrender and allow a sense of being-ness to permeate your … being.


This is a time of finishing what has been stirred up, evaluating, rectifying and beginning to harvest the new energies – creating new pictures and feelings of what is your next step.

There is a relentless striving and doing that has been the way of many – as if there is a taskmaster or slave driver behind you with a whip. This is accompanied by a feeling of never being able to do “enough.” Allow yourself the freedom of doing “nothing.” Let go of the never ending list of tasks that need to be accomplished. Connect with a deeper, more subtle being-ness. There will always be the “to-do list” to maintain life in the third dimension. These “have-to-dos” are a distraction from a deeper reality. Make your list, then set it aside. For, again, this time of September is about integrating the new energies that have been growing inside you – nurture yourself – nurture the newness with peace and surrender. Time is speeding up and soon you will be busy with new projects as the energies begin to take off in October. For now, the ground of your being is fertile and this is a time to get clear on what it is you want your new life to feel like.


This is also a time to cease old habits, to let go of activities that no longer resonate with the higher energies. There will be people that you no longer feel in harmony with. It is time to gently let go of people, jobs and patterns that no longer serve your greatest good. It will not be difficult, the bonds have been loosening these many months. Resistance and persistent holding on to the past creates blocks and a feeling of rigidity. You may see examples of this in people in your world. Little can be done for those who are stubbornly clinging to the past – other than to pray for them that they find peace.


Nurture yourself, feed yourself with love. Feel your feelings – no matter what they are – honor all you feel. If something feels painful or uncomfortable, there’s usually a feeling of being stuck. When you allow yourself to respectfully be there in that place of discomfort, you will find that the acknowledgement will soon bring a softening and then the energy will begin to flow again. You can find the inner still point and breathe love into your being by focusing on loving memories or visions of beautiful earth moments – like a breeze rippling the calm water of a lake – find within you that which brings a feeling of space around the cacophony of life. This will help to lubricate and open your aura, to move you from fear into wholeness. Little by little, love and nurture yourselves.

So many who read these words are high vibrational beings living in the dense energies of Earth – this denseness has been created by the people living in the Earth realm, not of the Earth herself. Many have tried in this lifetime – without knowing it – to lower their frequency in order to “fit in.” This leads to depression and disempowerment as one’s true essence is repressed. It has been very difficult for so many of you to be here, but you are here to shift the balance and the time is now.


Remember, also, that this is not all there is! You are multidimensional and vast. You don’t vibrate to the energies that have been rampant on Earth for so many eons. You bring a higher tone to this experience and have suffered because of it – by trying to fit in and feeling you don’t belong. We tell you, if you didn’t belong here, you wouldn’t be here! There are so many of you now, who resonate with the Earth’s vibration. There is strength in numbers – find others that are of similar vibration and who want to “raise it up” through gatherings – sing, dance and drum together, prepare meals together, create rituals together. If you don’t find this within your community, you can create it, or you can move to a place that holds this kind of resonance, which is created by the people in collaboration with the energy of Earth herself.


Many people are expressing the desire to live in community with others – maintaining their own personal space, but within a greater, sustainable community. Many do not know what this will look like, but feel the desire within. This will unfold as you come together – collaborating with Earth and each other. So we say to you, find your spirit family. You are not alone.


You have heard that your thoughts become real. It is important to catch your thoughts when they move into the realm of fear. This relates to the dense energy that floats through the earth plane – the density of fear and poverty consciousness is a conglomeration of thought forms coming from the people of Earth. These thought forms become an entity – an etheric entity which multiplies and attaches to us when we are resonating with fear. This entity is a parasite that feeds on fear. It will whisper words of fear to exacerbate our feelings. Be aware of when this is happening to you. You can turn and say, “Enough! Be gone with you!”


Just as negative, fearful thoughts create negative, fearful experiences in our outer world, so will positive, loving thoughts create positive, loving experiences.


So many on Earth feed fear into themselves through movies, video games, music – many forms of entertainment. Most of you who read this already discern what you will and will not feed yourselves in this way; however you are still living on the earth where those negative energies waft through the energies. This negativity can be transmuted by you, through meditation and intention. Recently, as hurricane Gustav threatened New Orleans, many Lightworkers gathered in the etheric realms to consciously diffuse the energy of that storm. And it worked, for the storm’s force weakened and, although it was still devastating to many people, it was not nearly as strong as it had started out to be. There is power in our numbers – group conscious intention is powerful – you have always been living within this, but the intention has been more negative. It is time to turn it around!


A few symptoms to be mindful of – extreme fatigue and feeling as if your energy has been drained – also aches and pains. My upper back/shoulders, back of my head are very sore. I have been working with a wonderful friend who does cranio-sacral massage. She is an intuitive healer and is helping me release some very old energy that has been gripping me in this area, which is why it’s so sore now. I believe that letting go of that grip and relaxing the muscles is bringing on the soreness because so much has been held there for so long. I recommend some kind of body/energy work to help move the energy of the past that we’ve been releasing. For those who are local to the Hudson Valley, Deeber Burke lives in Olivebridge (near the Ashokan Reservoir). She does Swedish massage and reflexology in addition to cranio-sacral. She is very intuitive and can help you get to the center of what you need to release in order to step into your empowered self. Her telephone number is 845/657.7408.


In closing, September is a time for realigning with your authentic self. Take the time to do nothing! To relax – if you’re feeling drained – honor your feelings and get cozy with a good book or take a nap. We are integrating the new, higher vibrating energy that we have been making room for throughout the summer. October is waiting out there – humming – the engines are revving – we’re going to be building up to some fast traveling, so now is the time to get ready by being still – yes – and integrating all we’ve gathered.


For the Fall Equinox I will be doing a live FREE telecall with astrologer Kelly M. Beard (www.karmictools.com) on Wednesday, September 17 at 8:45 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. I will channel information from the Akashic records and will do a guided meditation and Kelly will talk about what is going on in the energies of the dance of the planets. It will be an empowering, grounding, loving experience, so do consider calling in. I will send the access telephone number when we get it set up.


With gratitude and love,


Nancy Leilah Ward


Many of One


“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness.”

– His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama






1. Lisa Wells - September 10, 2008

Many thanks, as usual, to Nancy and Many of One for a message which gives clarity to the current confusion I’m having.

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