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Soul Transitions Vibe Report August 2008 August 3, 2008

Posted by Leilah in Abundance Consciousness, Spiritual Development.
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Many of you resonate with the energies of the faerie world. These are elemental, joyful earth spirits. Over the centuries these spirits receded deep into the Earth where they nurtured mother earth and kept her alive with love while devastating destruction was happening on her skin. The vibration of destruction wrought by human beings (influenced by the “puppeteers” of dark extraterrestrial forces) brought shadow into the Earth’s aura and destroyed most of the sacred places where the faeries and elementals dwelled. Love and innocence were sucked into the density of fear. These experiences were unbearable for the faeries and for Earth and created grief, loneliness and deep sadness. The disrespect and destruction of the Earth is reflected in the disrespect and suppression of feminine energy through the ages. (When we speak of feminine energy, we include the feminine energy that is within males as well as females.)


Many of you have felt this very grief, loneliness and sadness – feeling like you don’t belong in this world. Yet you came here to be part of the uplifting of the Earth by calling forth the feminine energy and amplifying it within your beings. You agreed to hold a space for the faerie energy here on Earth and it has been very hard for so many years to live within this density and to carry an innocent resonance that has not been respected or acknowledged. This is changing now – this is part of the great shift. Now is your time to arise! Now is your time to know that you do belong here and you are not alone. The healing is taking place within the earth and within men and women of the earth.


This energy is awakening and rising not just in the Earth and within her elementals and faeries, but within the human beings as well. So those who have felt unseen, who have felt somehow “wrong” for being the way they are – sensitive, empathic, innocent – those who may have accused themselves (and been accused) of not being “smart enough” or of being dreamers, idealistic or too sensitive — those who have always felt the possibility of magic in the world, and the mystical, magical feeling of the spirits of nature — you are the ones who resonate with the energies of the faerie realm. Believe in yourselves! This energy carries much joy within it, and playfulness and it is awakening within you. Open to allowing more of this magical energy into your vibration and invite the elementals to rise within you, co-creating the vibration of joy.


Dance with the earth energy; meditate on traveling deep within her core and radiating love. The past devastation is being released and removed from the Earth’s aura as the shadow of fear dissipates. Through this process, many human beings are leaving the physical. This is not a punishment or a sign that they have been wrong somehow, or haven’t carried “enough” of the high vibrational energies. This is their way of participating in the healing of Earth and of humanity. In the non-physical, they are concentrating energies of love into the Earth dimension. There are many facets to this. The grief left behind is part of this cleansing process. The cycle of endings and beginnings is constant on Earth and there is so much more going on behind the scenes. You will begin to realize on a deeper and deeper level that what is happening to someone on the other side of the planet is being felt by you. You will begin to reach out and communicate telepathically with each other. You will truly understand that you are not alone… you are all one. And those that leave suddenly are trying to communicate with their loved ones. We send energy to help facilitate this communication – to pour the love down through the grief – like a thin conduit of light going down through the crown into the heart. If they will pause for a moment and listen… they will hear the whisperings of love coming from their dear ones who have transitioned into the non-physical and they will know that no one truly “dies.” Each of you are a wave-form of energy, your energetic signature, which continues in and out of physicality.


Please take a moment to send waves of love and comfort to those around the world who have lost loved ones. May they receive love and a deeper connection to the spirit that flows through all of life, through all realities throughout the Universe. 


More and more you will realize how vast you are – how your consciousness transcends time and space.


The energies will continue to rise during August – many changes and re-routing opportunities will be spurred on by the eclipses (Total solar, new moon August 1, partial lunar, full moon August 16). What needs to be released will find its way – if you resist the changes, you will only make it more difficult to navigate. Many are experiencing memories and feelings from the past surfacing at this time. Remember: regrets will hold you back from moving forward – you cannot bring in new energies if you are regretting past decisions. Now is the time to honor all past choices you have made – to know that they brought you to where you are now and that in every moment you have a chance to begin again. Practice gratitude for what you have accomplished and what you have created and trust that Spirit has been guiding you all along.


In order to create your new life of joy and freedom, it is necessary to engage in activities that bring this feeling in. Do what you love to do – take steps, however small, in the direction of your goals. Listen to the whisperings of your soul – take measures to remove whatever restrictions are blocking the full expression of your soul – and embody your true power.


Look to the new — in modes of communication and collaboration — which includes collaboration with Mother Earth. The old structures are crumbling. Old structures built on competition, fear and consumption are collapsing from within. Look for what is founded and grounded in love and a focus on living in harmony. Place your bounty behind efforts that focus on creating a new earth of love, not fear. The new way of living on Earth is through love and collaboration instead of fear and competition.


We send you love and we see you melting into Mother Earth – what we mean by this is for you to spend time in nature and blend your energy with Earth – she has powerful healing for all. Look for the fairies dancing among the flowers, trees, rocks and flowing water. Allow the awakening to rise within you, dear ones.


Practice daily meditation – connecting to your soul essence, and connecting to the earth energies. It’s all about resonance. Know that your guides and angels are always with you – reach out to them, feel their presence. Go within, find the still point. You have the potential to carry so much joy – open to joy – you do not have to try, you will begin to feel it more and more if you ask for love and joy to rise within you.


Arising in love and freedom,


Nancy Leilah Ward


Many of One



“In the veils between the worlds, I remember the fairy folk who guard the ancient places. May we walk lightly and with courtesy upon the earth, may no being stay their progress or block their path, so that the hidden household of the earth may be peaceful.”

                                                                                    – Caitlín Matthews, Celtic Devotional







1. DURF - August 5, 2008

thank you NANCY…. I hope you are right,

Your thoughts and words are well recieved in my/’our’ world – the space is definately changing. Overdue, and hopefully enlightening/illuminating for those living in ‘dark times’

2. MEns - August 25, 2008

Dear Nancy,
Thanks. Yes things are shifting. Remembering that what we need is available if but we ask, thank you for strengthening my/our resolve to serve with our winning team.

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