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Soul Transitions Vibe Report June 2008 June 7, 2008

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Soul Transitions

Small Sprite



June is opening up and spreading out into a vast field of opportunity which will be reaching into July. Many have been squeezed and pushed and pulled in the last two months. You may not have realized it but you have been following your tributaries of intentional energy and now this is flowing into the ocean, as it were, where your tributary of intention and energy will be drawn to others – where new beginnings and collaborations will be forming. We say rejoice, loved ones, for you are entering into new creative times. Yes there is a surge of creativity – another new wave of creator source energy coming forth to birth new ideas and visions in the form of stories, visual experiences, music dance and scientific breakthroughs. Many, young and old, are riding the energies and giving birth to new directions in thought. This is your evolution.


We, the ones who are non physical so love humanity for your resilience, for your ability to love after your heart has been broken, for your ability to find humor in the most bizarre and strange of circumstances. These abilities unite you and take you beyond cultural differences. Yes and these differences are melting, for do not all want the same things – to love and be loved?


Many people are finding their lives dissolving around them. However it is the past that is dissolving and you have a chance to create a new life. If your life has taken an upheaval you have an opportunity to let go into the infinite wonder of the unknown. Process the grief – see each tear as cleansing away the past, cleansing discordant energies and un-truths. Many are in states of confusion or release. Some look at their lives and wonder what it was all about. Many are leaving relationship structures they have been involved with for several years, leaving others to wonder what is happening to them. So many structures are falling away and we wish to caution some of you not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, so to speak. There are deep changes happening and it is important to hold your past, no matter what fills it, in a place of honor and respect, because it brought you to where you are right now, which for many of you is in a state of flux.


Flux, according to the dictionary means “continuous change, passage, or movement.” It also means “flow.” This is your state of being – it always has been the human state of being. If you could see a slightly different dimension of your lives, you would see that you are in a river of energy that is always moving. The humans have created structures that seem solid, relationships that seem unchanging, unions that they hope will last forever, and these elements are dissolving leaving many people bewildered, panicked or grieving. They also awaken a new sense of freedom if you will only be able to let go of everything – everything – let go of who you think you are and who you think others are and enter into a state of beingness. BE. Connect with the unnamable is-ness of all that is. This is what is happening. This is what is. The flow is continuing no matter what plans you make or what you think your life is about. Truly there is great joy and freedom in letting go. But how do you live in the world? Be in the world, not of the world. There is a joyful dance, it is happening all around you – it is happening within you. Participate! It is love, pure essential love.


All humans are connected in oneness, whether aware of it or not. Be mindful of the feelings that wash through you. There is much fear regarding economy and personal finances. There is much fear regarding partnerships – fear of being alone. Both of these examples are based in lack, however all around you is abundance. It is a matter of focus. Have you noticed how, when a seed of fear is allowed in, it takes root and grows quickly becoming larger and larger? Have you caught yourself getting sucked in to the negative aspects of fear? You are connecting with a collective thought/feeling vibration. You can shift that vibration into a feeling of love and acceptance for what is now. Ask your guides for help. They are always with you.


Take the time to sit with your breath. Focus on what it is you want your life to feel like – we repeat this every time – in every message – for it is important to remind you that this is how you create your life. You are the creators! We watch from another dimension. We tell you, you are so brave and courageous. Go for the deeper feeling of why you are here. Amplify love. Celebrate love.


Listen to the small inner voice of guidance – it will never steer you wrong.


So we tell you June is a time of expansion and connecting with new rivers of energy that swiftly carry you forward into the creative flow. Allow for the unknown, the unexpected to invite you forward into spontaneity – you will not be disappointed! There will be what we call “hairpin turns” in that you thought you were going somewhere to do something and suddenly all changes and something new appears – we say go with the flow. There is joy in spontaneity and you will find that if one avenue doesn’t work out the way you expected, there will be a gift hidden within the change – the result being that more is accomplished and new doorways open through the redirection of your energy. Go with what feels good and listen to the inner voice of guidance.


A dimensional doorway is opening for all. Leave your expectations behind, leave your judgments behind, leave your past behind and what you thought was ‘real.’ Find your way back to how you felt as a small child delighting in the newness of the world around you, for indeed a new day is being born and all are invited to cross the threshold.


Blessed be.


On wings of light and love,


Nancy Leilah Ward


Many of One





We are actually bringing about what seems to be happening to us! 

                                   – Thomas Mann






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