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Giving and receiving are the same thing April 4, 2008

Posted by Leilah in Abundance Consciousness, Spiritual Development.

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Give with an open hand. When you pay the bill you owe for service, pay it with an openness within you – feel the flow of energy flowing from you to whomever receives the benefit of the money you give out. See it flowing in a circle back to you, for a dynamic is set up of giving and receiving. Do you see that the more you open to the flowing outward, the more you remain open to receiving the flow inward? Again we say, see it as a circle and keep the flow going.


If you feel tight when you are giving money that you owe, the tightness remains and the tightness flows outward in a cramped way and it continues and flows back to you in the very same way. Give openly and with gratitude — whatever it is you give in whatever way you give it — whether it be a service for money or whether it be money for a service. It is the same thing. Put the energy of receiving into the energy of giving.


Stop being stingy! Consider what ways you may be stingy with yourself. Or, if someone owes you money for what feels like a long time, where is the money flow clogged with you? Is there some outlet you resent giving money to? Do you need to take better care of your physical self? Perhaps your body feels clogged because you haven’t done any physical exercise.

Move the energy. Keep the energy flowing.

That means you must let it go. Let go into the flow.




1. Denise - April 13, 2008

ooo – this hits home for me! eek.

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