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The Power of Prayer in Times of Tragedy February 15, 2008

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Comments on the North Illinois University shooting

 I have asked Many of One to comment on the recent shooting at North Illinois University. I was touched deeply by this tragedy and began to wonder what’s up with all the school shootings? 

We wish for you to know that all people have a free will choice. The availability of guns is not the issue, it is the humanity that holds the gun. 

There are those who, out of pain, ignorance and fear choose a path of darkness and feel power in that choice. When they engage an act such as this shooting in the school, they feel a surge of power and know it can only be topped by shooting themselves in the ultimate explosion of power. Even though there is free will choice, individuals who choose the dark path give up their choice. The dark force has its tentacles deep in such individuals. It is as if this force is guiding them – they are no longer in control and the force is sucking in this powerful energy. The fear, grief and despair that follows is also food for this force. We do not wish to frighten anyone by this information – we are illustrating an aspect of the nature of energy. This dark force is being shaken off, as you all take in the higher energies that are pulsing through the Universe from Creator. The parasitic force of dark energy is activating such situations for its own fuel, as it were. 

This is difficult information.

Most of the ones who were killed in this incident were not prepared to die. They were not prepared at a soul level. It was not ordained from ‘on high’ “today you will die.” Although leaving the physical body could happen to anyone at any time, usually, the soul has a determination of experience in a chosen lifestream. In a situation like this, death is random. Death is random and it is a momentary… split second moment of truth for each individual.  

What happens to the ones who died so suddenly?

Many of them stayed, hovering around, they are shocked and do not know – some do not know they have left their physical body. The truth is that no spirit actually dies or ceases to exist in any way. When the physical body has been rendered uninhabitable, the spirit essence continues to exist. We see that there is one individual in this situation that is cognizant of what has happened to him and he is helping the others to gather together and open to the next experience of non physical being. This is his soul purpose at this time – he was prepared at a soul level for this probability. At first, those who were struck down in this tragedy were in disbelief, then as realization comes, they, too are in grief and are saying goodbye to their loved ones who are still in the physical.   
Now this is important for you all to hear – your prayers have value. Your prayers, your thoughts of mercy and grace go out to those who have left – your prayers that they be ‘rescued’ by their team of spirit guides and angels – do help immensely. And then you can extend your prayers for softness, grace and comfort to their families and friends. A great pool of grief is churning for those immediately touched by this tragedy. Your prayers are real – just like all your thoughts. All those sending energy through prayer to all those involved – all that loving energy comes together and is a powerful comfort for all. Perhaps this is one saving grace in a situation such as this – as human beings take on their power at an individual level and join together in the non physical realms to generate light, love and truth.   People, we tell you, you are powerful and you have a responsibility at the soul level to create a beautiful world of joy. You can be of assistance in these times as you hear the news of the world and send energy of love to the people that are in need.  For now, just as you feel the past coming up in your life to be released – or any negative energy you have that is coming up to be released – you can understand that on a larger scale this is happening in the world and even to the Earth herself. Do not use this information to be worried that there may be dark energy in you. Know that you have chosen the path of light. There may be fogs of grayness that are coming up for healing and release and this is being cleansed out of you, as it is your intention. There will always exist the Light and the Dark, the yin and the yang. There is a flowing balance between the two that is part of physical life on Earth. The scales tipped many centuries ago with the Dark prevailing. The Light has gotten stronger and stronger and a fluid balance is being formed. This can only be done with your awareness and intention, and it begins on a personal level in your individual lives. 

You have a choice as to what path you choose, trust yourself. And know the power of prayer. Just as you send help through prayer to those in need, you can ask for help for yourself when you are in need. And for good measure, on a daily basis in your meditation, you can send love, light, truth and comfort out to whomever in the world needs assistance on their light path. You have the power. And know this above all else, that Light is stronger than dark, because light is its own energy. The dark needs something to feed off of. Love is stronger than fear. There are legions of light workers in the non physical realm ready to assist you all on your journeys but the most important thing is that you have all the power you need and when you gather with others in the physical or non physical to generate love and send it out around the world, the power expands and grows. Believe in your true nature, your true gifts. Fear not, love is at hand.

 We send blessings to all, we are part of the legion of light here to assist when called upon. 



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