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Soul Realignment™

Are you at a crossroads in your life?
Do you feel unsure of which direction to take?

A Soul Realignment™ session will help you find the clarity you need to make decisions that will serve your higher path and purpose.

What is Soul Realignment™?

Soul Realignment™ is a psychic-spiritual modality that assists us in aligning fully with our Soul purpose by removing negative energetic blocks and restrictions that are limiting us from creating the life we want.

In a Soul Realignment™ session, I access my client’s Akashic Record and discover their Soul’s Archangelic Realm of training, the gifts they bring into this life, their primary life lesson and their Soul Group of Origination.  Many of us are Star Travelers. Our soul’s origin provides fascinating information that helps us know ourselves at a deeper level.

I then uncover and clear negative energies that are present so that my client may fully “realign” with who they truly are at Soul-level. Clients are given homework to facilitate their own realignment with their highest path and purpose.

*The Akashic records are a vast Library that records every event as it occurs throughout time and space. Each Soul has its own Akashic Record. So do properties, pets, events, businesses, etc. We can research the energetic history of practically anything in the Akashic Records.


I do my research in the Akashic Records and facilitate the clearing, which is done by your guides and the Akashic Record Guides. Once the blocks and restrictions in your soul record are cleared, they can never return, so this is a one-time only session which has life-changing results. After the clearing is complete, we have our one-hour telephone consultation, which is recorded and e-mailed to you in an mp3 format.

You will also receive homework, which is a prayer request for you to read to yourself once a day for 21 consecutive days. This is your participation in the clearing process which allows the clearing to take place at the physical level. It takes 21 days for the renewal of cells in our body to reach critical mass, where the new energy from the clearing becomes fully integrated into your physicality.

You will also receive a document which discusses the clearing process and possible shifts you may feel in your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical energy fields, and what you can do to help gently accelerate your transformation.

You may benefit from a Soul Realignment™ session if:

  • No matter how much work you’ve done on yourself, you find you are repeating the same patterns over and over.
  • You have persistent negative self talk.
  • You have doubts or lack of clarity about your true purpose.
  • You have a negative feeling inside that doesn’t go away and yet doesn’t fit with who you know yourself to be.
  • Your intuitive abilities are inconsistent and you don’t trust your inner wisdom.

What are energetic blocks and restrictions?

Think of yourself as a radio signal, constantly emitting a distinct energetic frequency. This is how you broadcast your intentions into the Universe, and the Law of Attraction ensures that experiences manifest themselves into your life accordingly. So if you are attracting unintended outcomes and experiences, there are unharmonious frequencies hidden in your energetic signature.

Most of us have been affected by the negative influences present on our planet at one time or another. Negativity that you encountered lifetimes ago may still be limiting you today, as well as vows, contracts and even karma that has been completed but for some reason is being held onto at a soul level.  A Soul Realignment session will clear such influences.

The Benefits of Soul Realignment™

  • Consciously create, without limitation, the life you desire for yourself. By clearing energetic blocks and restrictions at Soul level, you will find a lightness of being that will help you move towards your goals with greater ease and joy.
  • Know your life purpose and understand yourself and others from a spiritual perspective.
  • Tap into the wisdom of your Higher Self and your Spirit Guides. To understand yourself at a Soul level is empowering and validating.
  • Remove energetic frequencies that block the full expression of your unique Soul’s vibration, so that you can live your truth to your fullest.
For information or to schedule an appointment, please e-mail me at leilah.nward@gmail.com

Soul Profile and Realignment One hour reading plus a 15 minute support call a few weeks after the reading – $197 Buy Now

For those who cannot receive an e-mail recording and wish to have the recording e-mailed on a disc, there is a $10 Shipping and Handling charge.

Reading plus $5 shipping and handling – $207 Buy Now


Go to http://www.skype.com for the free download.

For information or to schedule an appointment, please e-mail me at leilah.nward@gmail.com


“There are some things that one does of a spiritual nature that blows your world wide open, this was one of those things!”  – S. Bailey, Canada
“The information you provided me regarding my energetic blocks and restrictions resonated with my inner knowing immediately. You provided that last little bit of spiritual ‘aha’ that I needed to fully accept, integrate and let go. The information on my soul origin and profile was not only fascinating but, again, resonated deeply with me. All of the guidance and information was relevant, specific and just what I needed at this time. Not only were you able to shine divine love and light on seemingly invisible blockages that I was deeply seeking clarity for, you were also a clear and loving channel for divine energies. I have no doubt you accessed my personal Akashic Records and I feel strongly that you have helped me move into alignment with my Soul’s highest purpose.”
– L. Randles, California
“I want you to know, since the Realignment, especially after having finished the 21 days of prayer, my life seems to have blossomed.  At least I feel like a different person, much more accepting and loving.  Thank you, and thank you to Many of One and all who are helping guide me.”  – J. Hambright, New York
“I want to give you some feedback on the soul realignment work you did with me. I feel great! I have learned to love myself, this has made a huge change in how I view the world. An awesome gift.  Thank you. ”  – K. Rapoport, New York

Additional Readings

Property Clearing

Does your home or office space not feel quite “right?” Are you trying to sell a property without much success? Have you recently moved and want to clear the energies of previous residents? Over time, places and objects accumulate energetic residue that can create negative influences. Property realignment can clear and harmonize your environment. This is a half hour telephone reading.

Property Clearing – $95 Buy Now

Understanding Your Child’s Soul

Understanding who your child is at Soul-level is invaluable. By seeing our children as spiritual beings, we can bring a greater degree of consciousness to our parenting. We can nurture our children’s spiritual gifts and assist them in seeing themselves as the Divinely created beings they truly are. By clearing any past or present-life negativity, we can often effectively resolve behavioral issues such as sleep issues, depression, disciplinary and social problems. For slightly older children, validating their experiences from a spiritual perspective can be an incredibly healing experience. This session is especially recommended for children who have been diagnosed with autism, ADD, ADHD, or other learning disabilities.

For children 16 years and younger.

This consultation is available as a one hour phone session or as a 45 minute phone session and a written report. It is up to you as a parent how much of the information you wish to share with your child. If your child is young, having this material in writing is often helpful so that your child may review it when they are ready.

Child’s Soul Realignment 60 minute telephone session – $197

Child’s Soul Realignment 45 minute telephone session and written report- $235 Buy Now
“My 17 year old son was not acting like himself and it was getting worse by the day. We couldn’t even have a conversation without him yelling at me or being rude. I had worked with Leilah in the past with great results and knew that she could work with me on behalf of my son. Within days after she did the Soul Realignment clearing, my son’s demeanor changed significantly. He is nice to me, smiling, laughing and even asked my advice on something! Having my son back has been the best Christmas present I could receive. I cannot thank Leilah enough!”
Lauren N., Pennsylvania

Life Situation Reading

This reading is a good follow-up for a Soul Realignment Reading.

The Soul Realignment clears the “first layer” of issues that are present within a Soul Record. In a life situation reading I focus on specific issues affecting my client at the present time. The client e-mails me the issues they want to focus on and clear. In the Akashic records, I check for chakra imbalances, programs, beliefs, imprints and patterns as well as illusions from collective consciousness, unjustified karma, life lessons, hooks, chords and environmental issues. Also addressed are physical issues, which are often the final defense mechanism of issues that we haven’t been able to address in our emotional, mental or spiritual energy bodies. This can include genetic issues which might be in our energy field as ancestral vows or genetic karma that we’ve inherited in our DNA, as well as other present life experiences that took hold at the physical level. This reading helps you to tune into and clear specific aspects or repeating patterns that are affecting you and obstructing your forward movement.

Life Situation Reading – $197 Buy Now

Spirit Guide Reading

We all are gifted with several spiritual helpers that are with us to offer guidance on a daily basis. This reading will assist you in connecting with your personal spirit guides. You will find out who they are, their Archangelic Realm, how they impulse you, what their specific role is on your guide team and what personal messages they may have for you.

This 45 minute telephone consultation comes with a written report for easy reference.

Spirit Guide Reading – $297 Buy Now

Relationship Reading

Discover your Soul’s history and karmic ties with your partner or others who you are in close relationship with (business partners, family members, friends). This reading can reveal and clear situations that are present in your Soul Records which may be negatively influencing your relationship. What will be revealed are the Soul-level agreements you have made with each other, what past life energies may still be affecting you and what life lessons you have agreed to learn together.

Relationship Reading – $375 Buy Now

If you are interested in becoming a Soul Realignment™ practitioner, click on the link below. You will be taken to the Soul Realignment website. Please indicate that Nancy Leilah Ward referred you!


1. Anna Conlan - March 6, 2008

I recently had a half hour intuitive reading with Leilah and found it to be very helpful. She began the reading by tuning into my energy and straight away picked up on something I was feeling quite strongly.

I am a fellow Soul Realignment practitioner and can usually tune into my own intuition without a problem, but felt the need for insight that comes through someone else, to gain some clarity around a certain situation that is happening in my life.

I could really feel that the insights that were being passed onto me through Leilah were coming from a place of love, understanding and non-judgement and this was a very uplifting experience.

The reading has given me a new perspective on a situation I couldn’t understand and plenty of things to think about for the future.

2. Linda Naturale - April 14, 2008

I recenty attended one of channeling/meditation groups in Woodstock. I found it to be extremely safe and relaxing. I would love to attend another and would like to be informed of any upcoming group meditations that I could attend.


3. Laura M. Randles - May 1, 2008

I recently had a Soul Realignment session with Leilah. The value and clarity I received from my reading is immense. Not only was Leilah able to shine divine love and light on seemingly invisible blockages that I was deeply seeking clarity for, she was also a clear and loving channel for divine energies. I have no doubt Leilah accessed my personal Akashic Records and I feel strongly that Leilah has helped me move into alignment with my Soul’s highest purpose.

The information Leilah provided me regarding my energetic blocks and restrictions resonated with my inner knowing immediately. She provided that last little bit of spiritual “aha” that I needed to fully accept, integrate and let go. The information on my soul origin and profile was not only fascinating but, again, resonated deeply with me. All of the guidance and information provided by Leilah was relevant, specific and just what I needed at this time.

I truly believe the clearing Leilah has done on my behalf has created a space for a profound shift in my life. By assisting me with removing negative energetic blocks and providing “homework,” Leilah has provided me with the tools I needed to move forward quickly and unimpeded by past struggles.

My Soul Realignment session was 100% positive and successful. Thank you Leilah!

4. Jory Beckker - March 10, 2009

I had a Soul Realignment session with Leilah and I was genuinely impressed. She presented my soul profile and gave me so much information. She named the blocks and limitations effortlessly and I know them all to be true. Afterwards I kept on thinking about all the information she has given me and all things she had told me, also about former lives and it all made perfectly sense.
I am enjoying the recording a lot and find out new things the whole time.
This reading has helped me enormeously now that I know where to put my attention and to do the homework to release all remaining blocks.

Thank you very much, Leilah!

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